Party Time

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Daddy Daughter

Leaving the liquor store with my gift bag in hand I walked towards my car, eagerly anticipating the night ahead. My pants were clean, my nails were trimmed and I was hoping that the night would work out well.

Two weeks before I had been invited to a party through a friend of mine. The hostess was a former client of my friends’, a striking forty-two year woman who ran her own design firm. She had been invited to parties of ours in the past and the few times she showed she always owned the room with her dark Italian features and seductive laugh. This party was to celebrate her new home that was apt to be very well put together as it was what she did for a living. I was more looking forward to getting to know her and her friends. When she invited me to the party she mentioned that she might have some friends that would be interested in meeting me. Little did she know that the only person I was interested in getting to know better was the hostess. I was dressed in clothes designed to show off my physique but still look classy because the crowd was supposed to be older and considering it was the design community, more sophisticated than your average keg party. The theme was martinis and jazz, which sounded very mellow.

Driving there, I remembered back to the last time that I had seen Maria. It was at a party hosted by our mutual friend for his birthday, and she showed up later in the evening. She had been training for a fitness competition and was tanned and toned, looking absolutely incredible. Her outfit was black both top and bottom, and her top showed off her flat belly but accentuated her gorgeous full breasts at the same time. It was made even more striking by her dark eyes and flowing reddish brown hair that came just past her shoulders. Her ass was the best part of her, round and full with no hint of any panty line. For some reason she was single, and when I inquired about that fact to my friend he indicated that she had never been married and didn’t date a lot, but he had no idea why. Hopefully tonight was going to be a chance to get to know her better. I had often had visions of sucking on her large breasts while she ground her pussy onto my cock with passion.

Driving through the suburb I located the street through my directions and parked my car. As I walked towards the address, I heard the sounds of steel drum music and lots of people. Finding the house with the door wide open, I walked in to a large group of people and a house that was absolutely breathtaking. Hardwood everywhere and beautiful paint and pictures, with a marble kitchen complete with stainless steel. Spotting my friends quickly, I made my way over to them to say hello. One of my first questions was where the hostess was, and they indicated she was upstairs showing people around. At that moment I heard her voice traveling down the stairs and she came to the landing. Her hair was put up above her shoulders and she wore an off the shoulder top that made her sexy shoulders stand out. Her black pants as always hugged her firm ass and her navel ring stood out on her flat belly. She looked incredible. As she walked down the stairs I made eye contact with her and a smile broke out on her face.

“Dave! I’m so glad you could come!” she said as she leaned in and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me lightly on both cheeks. Her sweet perfume drifted into my nose and I had the resist the urge to bury my face in her hair.

“I brought this for you – I hope you can put it to good use” I said, handing her the gift bag I had just purchased. It was Italian liquor, appropriate considering her heritage.

“Oh, thank you. You are too sweet! The bar is in the garage and there’s lots of food. I’m afraid that I’m running around too much to talk for long, but I’ll catch up with you later.” And with that she was suddenly gone. Damn. I never realized that as the hostess she probably wouldn’t be available for any one on one time, at least until the evening was over. Looking around however, I noticed that there were a lot of attractive younger women in the room. I looked at my friends.

“What’s the deal? I figured all the people here would be older.”

“They are all either work people or friends from the gym.” My friend James said. “It’s a weird crowd. The bar is back there if you want a drink”.

Scanning the room I walked out of the back door into a beautiful garden with a tent erected and quite a spread of food. The garage at the back was lit with small lights and decorated with bows, and the steel drum noise had obviously come from there as there was a single drum being played as entertainment. I grabbed a martini and quickly surveyed the room. Lots of very cute girls surrounded by lots of pretty looking guys. I made eye contact with a brunette and smiled until I saw the cigarette in her hand. Drinking back the first martini quickly to calm my nerves I got another and rejoined my friends. We chatted about small talk until they decided to quiz me about my bakırköy escort love life.

“So you’re on the prowl tonight I would assume?” said my friend Derek. “There are a lot of cute girls here tonight.”

“Yes, but you know which one I’m interested in most.” I had made no secret about my thoughts of Maria. Derek had invited me specifically because he knew how I thought about her. However I didn’t have my hopes up, at this point I hadn’t even seen her for the past twenty minutes. After another hour and three more martinis I was starting to get a little bit antsy. I didn’t want boredom to set in, but I could tell my friends were getting tired and would leave soon. I had to take some initiative with someone soon otherwise I’d be left at the party by myself. No sense in not taking chances tonight because it was going to be all or nothing anyway. Little did I know what the night would bring. I spotted Maria out of the corner of my eye chatting with some friends and slowly walked up behind her. Her bare shoulders called out to me and I reached out to massage her shoulders lightly. She turned suddenly but when she saw me she smiled and relaxed. I kept my hands moving without saying a word and she turned around again, backing into me so that our bodies were pressed suddenly together. I leaned a little closer and grazed my nose across her hair, rubbing her shoulders lightly. Her smell was overwhelming and I felt my cock begin to stir in my pants. I could tell that one of the guys she was talking to was a little annoyed. It made me feel good to know that she wanted me to touch her.

Just then my friends tapped me on the shoulder to indicate that they were leaving and said their goodbyes to Maria. She looked at me and took my hand.

“But you’re not leaving yet, are you?” with a smile. All I could do was nod and tighten my grip on her hand. She proceeded to introduce me to just about everyone at the party, so many people that the names became a blur. Seeing her in her element only made her even more attractive. Her smile and laugh, the way she made all the people in the room light up when she spoke only made me want her more. We also consumed several more martinis each, which made me much more bold. Flirtatious touches soon became blatant grazing of fingers across parts of her that I knew were sensitive. Her neck, her stomach and her hands were all sensitive and I took advantage of that, making her shiver more than once. I was surprised that she was being as receptive as she was, but it was a pleasant surprise and it felt very natural. A couple more hours passed and by now my cock was hard in my pants constantly. I made sure Maria was aware of it by pressing it against her ass at every opportunity. She never pulled away but would often simply tighten her grip on my hand and smile. The crowd began to thin out and suddenly I realized how late it had become and that I wouldn’t be able to drive home. I asked Maria where there was a phone I could use to call a cab. She took my hand and led me up the stairs away from the crowds. All of a sudden we were finally alone.

She led me through a door into what was obviously her office and indicated a phone on the desk.

“You can use that to call your cab, but I hope you’re not thinking of leaving just yet.”

“I’m starting to get kind of tired but I’m still enjoying myself. I just wish I had a chance to talk to you alone.” I said, hoping she would take the bait. She moved closer to me.

“We’re alone now, aren’t we?” she said.

“Yes.” I moved closer still so that we were inches apart. The anticipation around us was thick in the air. “And I’m hoping to take advantage of that.” giving her one more chance to turn away before I stepped over the line.

“Well then you had better take me.” she said with that gorgeous smile, moving right into my body with hers.

That was all that I needed. I stepped into her and wrapped my arms around her, leaning down to kiss her full red lips. She moaned under her breath and parted her lips slightly, allowing her tongue to slide into my mouth as we kissed, gently at first and then more urgently as the kiss progressed. I pushed her back with my body until her ass hit the edge of the desk and plunged my hands into her hair, parting her legs with mine and pressing into her even closer. I wanted this woman so badly, and now our tongues were dancing together and our hands were clutching and grabbing. She started to give little mewls of pleasure as our kiss intensified. Our lips smashed together in a violent release of pent up sexuality. I think if we hadn’t heard people coming up the stairs I would have fucked her right there and then on her desk. We split apart and she composed herself. I wiped her lipstick off my lips quickly as two guests poked their heads into the room to say they were leaving. She smiled but before heading back downstairs she whispered into my ear.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

I beşiktaş escort moved my hard cock into a more comfortable and less obvious position, used the washroom and headed back downstairs, noticing that there were only maybe a dozen guests left. The bar had closed down and it was obvious that the party was basically over. I managed to hide myself in the kitchen looking busy rearranging food on a plate as the last guests trickled out. The caterers were still there, but Maria indicated to them that she would finish cleaning up the following day. She tipped them and they also walked out. All of a sudden we were alone and the house was quiet except for the soft jazz music playing in the background. She looked at me with hunger in her eyes. She walked towards me and I took her into my arms, swaying slowly to the music. My cock began to stiffen again as she swayed against me, pressing her large breasts against my chest.

“I can’t believe we’re alone together” She said. “I’m really glad you came to this party because I wanted to see you again.”

“I’m glad too. I think you’re an incredible woman. This house is amazing. You’re amazing.” I kissed her again lightly, tracing her lips with my tongue.

“You haven’t seen the best part yet.” She said, taking me by the hand and again leading me up the wooden stairs to the upper floor. We walked to the end of the hall and she opened the door into her bedroom, which was breathtaking. The dark red paint on the walls matched the dark red bedspread on the four poster bed. A partially nude mounted photograph of herself was on the wall. The carpet was thick and lush. It was absolutely the perfect room for seduction, which is what I hoped she had in mind. I wanted to make this woman feel as sexy as this room was. Taking her into my arms again I lowered my mouth to her neck and started to kiss it gently. She moaned softly and pushed me away, walking around the room and lighting candles as she went. Soon the room was transformed into a haze of soft candlelight reflected in her eyes as she returned to me. There was a lot of desire in her eyes.

“How long has it been since you’ve had a really good orgasm?” I asked, knowing it had probably been a while. “Because I’m planning on making you feel really good tonight.” I went to wrap my arms around her again but she stopped me and moved her hands to my shirt, unbuttoning the front slowly.

“Why don’t you just be quiet and just let me handle this from now on.” She said. That’s one thing I always loved about older women. They knew exactly what they wanted and didn’t mind saying so. My cock was making a hard tent in my pants. I decided to let her take control of the situation because it felt like she wanted to. Finishing unbuttoning my shirt, it slid off my shoulders onto the floor. She lightly ran her hands along my chest complete with her fingernails lightly grazing my chest, which made me shiver with anticipation. Quickly undoing my belt, she lowered my pants around my ankles and dropped to her knees in front of me. Reaching into my shorts she pulled out my cock and looked into my eyes while stoking it gently.

“Mmm…I’m going to suck this cock of yours. I’m going to lick it and suck it and I want you to come hard. Do you think you can handle that?” She inquired. I couldn’t speak at this point so I just moaned my assent. She held my cock up and ran her tongue along the underside slowly, stroking it up and down. “Oh yes…I really need a good cock in my mouth right now.” She slid my cock into her mouth and held it there. I could feel her tongue still stroking it inside her mouth. It felt like a warm, wet glove wrapped around me. Slowly sliding my cock in and out of her mouth she started to moan softly and move her mouth faster. Her hand wrapped around me and a light stroking motion joined her mouth moving up and down my shaft. This woman was an expert at sucking cock. It is always better when you’re with someone who really enjoys it, and she obviously did. I ran my hands through her hair and massaged her shoulders while she kept sucking and licking my shaft. I wanted to start to please her too so I pulled away.

Taking her by the hand I lifted her up onto her feet and pulled her in for a kiss, which she responded to hungrily, again sliding her tongue into my mouth and grinding against me with her body. But when I reached for her straps to begin taking her clothes off she pushed me back against the wall.

“I said be quiet and let me handle this. I’m going to suck your cock as much as I want until I say that we stop. Shut up and just stand there.” She said, more forcefully this time. I could tell from the look in her eyes she was consumed with lust and was more than happy to just let her go to town. She dropped to her knees and again engulfed my cock in her mouth, harder and faster this time. Little moaning noises again came from her throat while she stroked my shaft with her tongue and beylikdüzü escort lips. She reached a hand underneath me and began stroking my asshole, probing it with her finger. Not many women had ever done that to me and it made my body go crazy. I felt myself approaching the point of no return and through clenched teeth let her know I was going to come soon. If anything she began to suck harder, waiting for my seed to shoot into her mouth. As my body tightened up I gave a gasp and felt my cock begin to shoot my cream into her mouth. Hours of pent up frustration made my load larger than usual and she opened her mouth to let it dribble out across her lips and slowly down to her chin. Looking down I had never seen anything so sexy as those beautiful lips with my come slowly draining down them.

Knowing that for now it was my turn to impress her, I pulled her quickly to her feet and we changed positions as I pushed her up against the same wall. Her blouse buttons came apart slowly revealing her ample chest. I leaned in and began to lightly kiss the tops of her breasts and in between her cleavage, sliding my tongue around and up towards the sides of her neck. Her hips pushed against me in a subtle movement. Reaching around and unhooking her bra revealed finally her gorgeous breasts. They were truly impressive, large, yet solid from constant working out with large brown nipples that were indicating just how excited she was. As I stroked one breast with my thumb and finger, grazing it across her nipple I bent down, took the other into my mouth, and began to lightly suck. Her moans increased in intensity and she pushed her breasts towards me. I began alternating between the two, making sure to get her nipples hard on one side and then move to the other, licking the deep cleavage in between. Reaching down with one hand I slid it slowly down her flat stomach, teasing her with my touch. Lightly tracing my fingers across her bikini line, I kept swirling my hand deeper until I felt her satin panties underneath my hand. She began to really moan and cry out by now and had her hands firmly entwined in my hair. I figured it was time to take things further.

Turning her around I led her to the bed, pushing the many pillows onto the floor and lying her down. As I climbed slowly on top of her she purred and pushed her hips into mine. I bent down and kissed her deeply, sliding our tongues together and began to gently undo her pants. As I kissed her she slid her hips up and began to claw at her pants to remove them. As they fell to the floor, I could see her panties were already damp. It made me want to bury my face inside her pussy. I kissed my way slowly down her body paying special attention to her breasts and traced a line down to her bikini line, which I slid my tongue back and forth upon until she arched her back, moaning even deeper than before. Her scent began to move into my nose. It made my cock stiffen with anticipation, even after the incredible orgasm I had just ten minutes previous. I dipped my tongue lower and grazed it across her wet panties and she shot up, crying out softly and clutching at her sheets. It was time to make her come harder than she thought possible.

Gently pulling her panties to one side her full pussy lips were exposed. Her pubic hair was trimmed and her pussy was already dripping wet. I slid my tongue into it slowly and began to scoop her juices out with my tongue, tracing lines up and down each side and across the bottom. Every movement of my tongue seemed to make her cry out more. Wanting her torture to be over quickly I found her hard clit and began to stroke it with my tongue, gently sliding one of my fingers into her pussy. It immediately began to clench at my finger and pulsed again and again. This showed me exactly how tight that her treasure was going to be after not having sex for so many months. Just then she began to wail loudly and clutch again at the sheets around her indicating she was ready. I took hold of her clit with my mouth and began to suck on it while sliding my finger faster in and out of her gushing hole. I felt her body arch and her clit get harder as she tensed up in anticipation of her orgasm. That is my favourite moment with a woman, feeling them ready to just let go and explode with desire. Which is what she promptly did. Her cry was loud enough to worry me that the neighbours would wonder what was going on. She began to writhe in exquisite torture as I kept up the pressure on her clit as her orgasm continued. Her juices began to flow around my finger, which I licked up greedily. As her moans quieted I raised my head to see her lying on her back breathing hard, with a gorgeous smile on her face. She opened her eyes, looking into mine and finally spoke.

“That was…unbelievable…”. Closing her eyes she began to run her hands all over her body, even touching her pussy lightly as if she couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. I stood up in front of her and began to stroke my cock into full hardness, anticipating sliding it into the pussy I had just lubricated so nicely. She opened her eyes and her smile grew larger. I had a feeling she knew exactly what I wanted and I was not mistaken. Pulling her knees up, she slowly turned herself over and positioned herself in front of me on all fours.

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