Part 03: Marla’s Offer

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I awoke in her bed, alone.

Looking around for a moment to remember where I was, I breathed in Marla’s lingering scent and stretched luxuriously on her expansive bed. Stirring to wakefulness, I shook off the fog in my head from sleep, sex, and the mimosas we had shared earlier, and wondered where my lover had gone.

I rose and retrieved my boxers that lay near the threshold of her bedroom. Moving to the top of stairs, I surveyed the spacious layout below. There was the fireplace downstairs, in front of which she had dropped to her knees and beautifully sucked me, almost getting me off until I stopped her. Descending the stairs, the large dining room table came into view, where I had drilled into her with her legs held high, again almost to the point of no return. What followed after breakfast was the stuff dreams are made of and our morning together had me feeling rested and refreshed.

Rounding the corner at the bottom of the stairs, I looked into her kitchen and there she was, perched on a chair at the breakfast counter, peering intently at her laptop. She had given herself an up do that emphasized her graceful neck and she had adorned her shapely figure with a silk robe, making her look sexier than ever.

She noticed me and said brightly, “Morning, I mean, afternoon sleepy head!”

“Mornin’,” I replied brightly.

I sidled up behind where she sat and enfolded her in my arms. She leaned back into my embrace and moved her hands from her keyboard to my legs. She sighed contentedly and leisurely caressed my leg muscles. I slid my hands inside her silk robe and fondled her soft breasts as she softly stroked the hair on my legs.

She purred and lolled her head to the side, enticing me to plant soft kisses at the base of her neck. She moaned in pleasure as my hands coaxed her nipples to tautness and my kisses traveled the length of her arching neck to her graceful jawline.

“Does this mean you want more?” she asked quietly.

“Not just yet,” I replied. “I just wanted to make sure you’re real.”

“Mmm,” she purred. “That’s sweet.”

She spun her chair around to the side and reached up, pulling me down to her as she breathed, “I’m real.”

Entwining her hands in my hair, she urged me down to her parted lips. Drawing me toward her delicious mouth, she explored my mouth with hers. She traced my lips with her tongue, warming me, arousing me. After the long, languorous kiss, she gently pulled her lips from mine and asked, “Hungry, baby?”

I considered her question and realized that the calories provided by the quiche she had served for breakfast had long since been burned off by our activities earlier that morning, and I replied, “Actually, I am.”

“I thought you might be,” she said, and gestured to a nearby tray, laden with charcuterie of all kinds. She asked, “You like finger food?”

“I do. Thank you.”

“Please, enjoy sweet lover,” she said, and slid the tray over in front of the empty chair next to her. She pulled it out and motioned for me to sit. I sat beside her and examined the bountiful meal as she absently rubbed my thigh. I delved into the array of delectable treats and savored the meats, cheese, crackers, olives, fruit and nuts she had laid out while I was napping upstairs. Her gaze alternated between watching me eat and looking at her laptop screen.

“God, Marla,” I remarked during bites. “You are the most amazing, sexy and attentive lover I’ve ever had.”

She smiled and said, “I certainly hope so. You’re not too bad yourself.” Her hand strayed to my sleeping cock and gently caressed it through my boxers. While I sampled each item, she told me, “When you’re satisfied here, I’ll run you a nice, hot bath.” My cock plumped from her soft stroking as I ate. Her caress made it thicken and stretch, causing the head to poke out past the hem of my shorts.

“Sweet,” she murmured.

“My God,” was all I could say and continued eating.

Soon, she rose and gracefully ascended the stairs, calling over her shoulder, “I’ll be right back!”

As she receded from my view, I admired her striking figure, seductively obscured by the silk robe cinched at her waist. It did little to hide, but rather accentuated, her beautiful ass as it swayed with each step. Soon, I heard the sound of running water filling a tub upstairs.

Returning to me and scooting back into her seat, she exclaimed, “You’re bath will be ready in a bit. In the meantime, I’m planning a gourmet meal for tonight. Will you join me for dinner?”

“I’d be happy to,” I said, amazed at my good fortune.

“Okay, what do you have a taste for?” Noticing my quizzical expression, she explained, “I’m in this chef of the month club, you see. And there are lots of choices on the menu for tonight. Take a look!”

I leaned in and put my arm around her to better view her screen as she continued, “This is a site I joined a few months ago, where featured chefs prepare fresh meals that are delivered, hot and fresh to your door. It helps local restaurants stay afloat while indoor dining is closed, sarıyer escort and tonight is my night! What do you have a taste for?”

I pondered my choices while absently stroking the soft skin of her smooth thighs, and replied, “Well, let’s see. We’re having steak in the morning, right?” She nodded and I went on, “Okay then, do they have seafood on the menu?” As I said this, my hand strayed closer to her mound, just hidden beyond the hem of her robe. I could feel the heat emanating from her on my fingertips.

She cooed at my touch and squirmed slightly, then exclaimed, “Do they? That’s exactly what I had a taste for. Do you like seafood of all kinds?” I nodded yes while my fingers brushed her fluffy mound. She clasped her hands together and cried, “Great! One of my favorite chefs is in the rotation tonight, and her restaurant has some of the freshest seafood in town. Leave it to me!”

Then she arched her neck and purred as I explored her opening with my fingertips. She unconsciously spread her legs to grant me access. She hung her head back and murmured, “Unless you want to do me right here, you should let me get this order in and go and enjoy your bath. I’ll come and join you in a little bit.”

I drew my hand back, my fingertips moist with her new wetness. I licked her juices from them and said, “Mmm, finger food.” Then, I smiled and kissed her softly, and bounded upstairs.

Slipping off my boxers, I hung them on a hook and and slid into the warm, inviting water. Turning off the faucets, I basked in contented silence, feeling the warmth soak into me. I stretched out in the spacious tub and lay my head back, watching the steam play over the surface, breathing it in, and sighed.

In a short while, she appeared at the threshold and remarked, “You look very comfortable there.” Untying the cinch and letting her robe drop to the floor, she asked demurely, “May I join you?”

“By all means,” I welcomed her and held out my hand to steady her as she lowered herself into the roomy tub across from me. Settling in, she lay back and sighed her own contentment.

We lay in the soothing warmth, lightly brushing our legs under the water. Across the surface, I admired her beauty and looked lovingly at her half-submerged breasts, her delectable nipples right at the water line. After a while, I inquired, “So what did you pick for dinner tonight?”

“You’ll see,” was all she said with eyes closed and a peaceful expression on her face. We bathed in the warmth for a long while, alternately rubbing each other’s feet under the water.

When I began to stir to exit the tub, she said, “Before you get out, come her and let me clean you up.”

I rose to my knees before her. She reached out and grabbed my butt, pulling me closer to her. She lathered her hands with fragrant soap and proceeded to rub it all over my languid member that hung just above the surface. All along its length and under and behind my balls, she gently cleansed me, her slippery hands causing me to plump. She reached back between my legs and rubbed my butt cheeks with the slippery suds.

Returning her soapy hands to my firming member, she smiled as her rubbing caused it to swell within her grasp. I gazed down at her and smiled. She increased her lathering, thrilled at her ability to manipulate me like that. I looked down at her swiftly moving, soapy hands, twisting over my reaching pole and said, “God, woman, you are hot.”

“You are,” she replied and gave my rod a few quick jerks, adding, “Okay, fully hard, just like I like. You can rinse off now.” I lowered myself back into the water. She ran her hands all over my groin under the surface, rinsing off the soap, and then said, “There. All clean and ready for me whenever I want!”

“Naughty,” I said as I rose and exited the tub. She laughed, her breasts sending ripples over the surface as she giggled.

A little while later, when she rose from her own luxurious soak, she returned to the bedroom where I had stretched out on the bed. With hands behind my head, I lay there, naked and relaxed, waiting for her.

“Hi,” I said as she entered the bedroom, wrapped in a towel.

“Hey,” she responded, letting the towel slip from her as she as she crossed the room toward me.

She crawled onto the bed and into my arms, and softly kissed me. After a series of passionate kisses, she moved down my neck and over my chest, dotting my body all over with little nibbles and kisses along the way. My cock pulsed at her approach, sensing her lips were near. Kissing her way down my abdomen, she inhaled deeply of my tuft of pubic hair.

“Mmm,” she murmured into my mound, “God I love your man smell.” Then she ran her lips and tongue along my length. When she reached the tip, she gently sucked my head lovingly into her mouth and caressed it with her tongue, smiling around it as she felt it swell between her lips.

I was just beginning to get heated up again, when she stopped and said, “This is so nice, esenyurt escort but I’m sorry. I have to log into the office soon, and,” she laughed, “I’m afraid I have to have clothes on when I do, and I also need to be able to think when I’m on the zoom!”

She gave my firm cock a final suck, then rose abruptly from the bed and went over to her drawers. Pulling out fresh underwear, she began dressing. My towering rod waved slowly in the air as I admired her grace and beauty.

Before my eyes, she transformed herself from naked vixen into dignified business executive. Once she started applying makeup, I rose from the bed and mentioned that I should probably go check on my dog. I retrieved my clothes from various parts of the house and got dressed.

I waited downstairs while she finished getting herself ready. Finally, she descended the curving staircase, looking very much the sophisticated business professional. She stepped toward me and placed her hands into mine.

“You look unbelievably beautiful,” I said. “I would follow you wherever you lead.” Then signaled my departure by adding, “Thank you for the breakfast and lunch and everything in between.”

“You’re very welcome kind sir, and thank you!” she said, smoothing her hands over my rumpled t-shirt. She pulled me down toward her and gave me a sweet parting kiss, then said, “Dinner is at seven. Be here at six. And don’t be late!”

“I won’t,” I laughed, squeezing her butt through her tight skirt and giving it a pat on my way out the door. “What a woman,” I mused to myself during the short walk home.

My dog, Buster, was happy to see me when I returned. We had a few hours to kill so I threw on a sweatshirt and took him for an extra long hike around the surrounding hills. He bounded happily and sniffed every animal trail he found. I loved watching Buster in his own element like this, a dog truly getting to be a dog.

After a several mile hike, we wound our way back home together. Buster plopped into his doggy bed and watched me contentedly as I prepared his evening meal. While he ate heartily, I got myself dressed for the evening. Deciding to pull out my best for a fancy dinner with Marla, I donned a white dress shirt, black slacks and a sport coat.

Completing the look with shiny black loafers, I strode to her house and knocked at six on the dot. Opening the door, her eyes widened in joyful surprise at the sight of me in my dapper outfit. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “Look at you!”

“Yeah? Wow, look at you, too!” I replied, taking in her striking appearance. From my last view of her as a business professional preparing for an executive meeting, she had transformed herself again, this time into an elegant dinner date.

She wore a bare shouldered evening dress of dark red, adorned with black sequins, their delicate patterns flowing over her breasts and waist. Her hair was piled up on top of her head, accentuating the graceful curve of her neckline.

“You look stunning!” I said.

“Thank you, sir,” she said demurely. “Please, come in.” I stepped into her foyer and we shared a long exploratory kiss. As our tongues massaged each other’s, her breaths became shorter and I felt the heat rising from her chest. Pulling away to catch her breath, she smiled and said, “Whew! Welcome! Can I fix you a drink?”

“What are you having?” I asked.

“I was thinking of an old fashioned.”

“Sounds perfect.”

As she deftly mixed the drinks, I moved up behind her at the bar. My hands strayed to her hips. She leaned back into me and slowly swayed, her butt brushing against my plumping member and she cooed in pleasure.

She added the the final garnish and I picked up our drinks, following her into the living room. Gracefully lowering herself onto the sofa, she patted the cushion next to her and I joined her there. Silently, we clinked tumblers and sipped our old fashions while gazing into each other’s eyes. After a few sips, we set them on the coffee table and embraced in a long, delicious kiss that tasted of brandy, bitters and cherry juice.

“Refreshing,” I said while I licked her tongue and her hand strayed to my crotch. She began to idly stroke my length through the thin material of my slacks, feeling it swell and grow under her touch.

“Mmm,” she purred. “Somebody’s getting nice and hard for me.”

“Always,” I said as she traced my growing hardness through the fabric of my slacks. I added softly, “I was hoping to keep these pants on for a little while tonight, though, at least until dinner.”

She laughed and reassured me, “You can keep them on for now, I guess.”

She slid off the couch to the floor and moved between my legs to face me. Kneeling before me, she reached behind her for our drinks. She handed mine to me and picked up her own. We clinked glasses while gazing into each other’s eyes and took a long sip, before I handed mine back and she set them both down.

Watching me for any objections, she peered into my eyes as she slowly lowered my zipper. I gave avrupa yakası escort no sign that she should do anything different than exactly what she was doing.

Reaching in, she caressed my hardening member and remarked, “I like these dress pants way better than your tight jeans.” Then she added, “Much easier to do this!” as she pulled my erection free of its confines.

Kneeling before me, she gripped the base of my erection and lowered her mouth over it. I leaned back and closed my eyes, feeling the suction of her lips as she explored my cock head with her talented tongue. I gently massaged the tops of her bare shoulders as her head moved up and down in my lap.

She paused from her reverie long enough to breathe, “God, I love this, Will.” Then she returned her focus to my thickening shaft and expertly brought me to full, throbbing hardness. Her expert mouth lavished my cock with kisses and licks. Her delicate lips and tongue sucked on my engorged helmet, gradually drawing me to the brink of ecstasy.

She kept me right there on the edge, murmuring her encouragement when she felt me spasm involuntarily. I clenched my loins to stave off the release that I could feel building. I forced my gaze to travel the length of the wooden beams suspended below the vaulted ceiling.

Following the intricate wood grain, I tried to ignore the exquisite feelings and sounds of her slurping and sucking. Instead, I concentrated on anything else, just to hold off the urge to cum in her mouth right then and there. Staring at the ceiling, however, gave me no respite from the tingling sensations building in my loins. All I could think of my was own very hard wood being sucked excruciatingly in and out of her mouth, its thick shaft dripping with her saliva. I decided that before I exploded in her mouth, I needed to feel my cock inside her hot pussy again.

Pulling lightly on the sides of her head, I coaxed her up onto my lap. “Come sit on me, baby,” I breathed hoarsely.

She let my cock slip from her lips and said, “Okay, baby.” She crawled back up onto the couch, giving my straining cock a much needed reprieve from her talented mouth.

Hiking up her dress, she straddled my lap. Draping her arms over my shoulders, she peered into my eyes and began to move around, just above my rigid pole, seeking my hardness. As my engorged head pressed against her tight opening, she gasped slightly and smiled mischievously. “Feel that?” she asked. “No panties!”

Lowering herself over me, her moist pussy lips began to spread to accept my hard meat. She kissed me deeply as she haltingly lowered herself over my stiff rod, sighing at the pleasure, gasping at the pain. Rocking front to back, she gradually guided her wetness onto my hardness. I supported her butt cheeks under her gown and helped ease her onto my hard cock. Occasionally, I bucked upward, driving deeper into her. Each time I did, she threw her head back and cried in ecstasy, “Oh, Will!” or, “Oh God!” or, “Oh yeah!”

Once fully impaled, she began to glide her slippery, tight inner walls over the length of my manhood. Her breasts bounced as she pumped up and down on me, nearly falling out of dress. With her evening gown bunched up around her waist. I grasped her butt firmly and guided her up and down over my throbbing member.

A feral look of sexual abandon overtook her and she picked up her pace, slamming into me relentlessly. The room filled with sounds of our wet flesh slapping and her short gasps for breathe.

Then, gripping my shoulders firmly, she slowed down and kissed me deeply, grinding her mound against me tortuously, before slowly raising herself up again.

At the height of her upward stroke, with my cock head poised just inside her entrance, I kissed the tops of her heaving breasts. With my mouth, I held the bra line of her gown softly between my teeth, deeply inhaling the delicious scent emanating from her cleavage.

Raising herself just a bit higher, I kept the material clasped between my teeth, causing her sweet breasts to come free of their confines. She paused there with my cock head just inside her opening, allowing me to delve between and all around her exposed globes, slathering them with kisses and licking her taut nipples while she purred into my ear.

Meanwhile, she gyrated over my lap smearing my cock head around her opening and inner walls. Then she slid down my pole to its base, her nipples grazing my shirt as she went. I needed to feel those erect nipples against my own, so I tore my open my shirt, sending buttons flying.

“Ooh, that’s hot,” she said breathlessly and touched her sensitive nipples to mine, sending electrical shocks through both of us while our pubic mounds ground together.

She loosened her hair pins and shook her head, letting her silky raven hair cascade over her creamy shoulders. Flinging her hair about in sexual bliss, she clung to me, alternating between gliding back and forth over my hardness and luxuriously grinding against the base of my rod. She picked up speed and soon began to pant with each thrust.

The exquisite feelings of her nipples against my chest and the glorious sensations of her tight pussy stroking my manhood stirred me down deep and brought me close to the edge. Slipping and sliding over my hardness, I felt my cock head swell inside her. Gripping her butt, I thrust up into her forcefully and held her tightly.

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