Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 01

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I am a 28 year old successful engineer for a large corporation. I am a good looking athletic white male. Life was great until my fiance broke off the engagement. Apparently she was seduced by her boss who is 20 years older than her and filthy rich with a lake house and constantly traveling.

Man I missed her. She was almost as tall as me blond slim and just so hauntingly WASPy.

After the break-up I started going to this dive bar on a regular basis. It was close to my house so I could walk, not worry about DUIs, and drink as much as I wanted.

One night a group of black ghetto bitches came in and played pool. They were all really fat, loud, obnoxious and totally classless.

I was sitting at the bar drinking when the fattest one came up to the bar to order drinks. I made some snide witty comment to her that any intelligent person would understand as derogatory but she laughed. After ordering her drinks and bringing them over to her herd of buffalo she came back to the bar to talk with me.

I was amazed but thought I would just have a little condescending fun with her. The funny thing is the more snide and sarcastic I got the more she laughed and started play slapping me and grabbing onto my arm. Before I realized it her hand was resting on my upper inner thigh and I was getting hard! (I guess not having sex for two weeks since my break-up was having an effect on me.)

By this time the bar was almost closing and all of the regulars that I had gotten to know had left.

Sholanda, my ghetto bison made it very obvious to me in her crude way that she was willing to go back to my place with me. I figured why not? No one that I know is around to see us leaving together and by this time all of my neighbors will be asleep, so I can probably get away with this.

At my place we both drank quite a bit more and Sholanda would not stop giggling and acting stupid but I had to admit that kissing her fat lips was really fun. My ex-fiance’s lips were so thin and I had to be careful not to bang teeth with her. With Sholanda half of my face just halkalı escort seemed to melt into her fat lips, and they were so soft!

Sholanda really knew what she was doing because here hands kept grabbing my ass and her thigh kept rubbing my crotch ever so lightly driving me wild! At this point I kept my eyes closed because I was pretty revolted by her appearance. This revulsionand profanity was doubled when she undressed. No strip teasing or trying to hide, but just ripping her clothes off in the full light and falling over as she did so. When she stood back up I couldn’t believe that this landmass of rolling blubber was in my apartment!

In addition to all of the rolls of fat, Sholanda had a number of tattoos. Across the front of her right thigh in 4 inch tall block letters was written BAD. Across her left thigh in the same size block letters was the word BITCH. I had no idea at the time how much of a bad bitch she would turn out to be. Across her upper chest, ribs, shoulders and upper arms she had various guns, knives, pit-bulls and profanity tattooed all over. I couldn’t see her back at this point but imagined it to be just as profane.

As soon as she regained her balance, Sholanda attacked me with a vengeance! She almost sucked half of my face into her huge lips and she had me in a huge tight bear hug with her fat thigh wedged between my legs rubbing my balls. I could feel her passion and it was great! I just melted into her flesh and enjoyed the feeling.

Sholanda knew what she wanted and was not ashamed of demanding it in her crude way. After a minute or so of making out she just plopped down on my sofa and pushed me down saying “eat my crack, white boy!” “If you want to fuck it you better make me cum at least three times.”

I was so horny at this point that I just closed my eyes and dove into her rolls of blubber. She was so obese that I had to pull her thighs apart with my hands to gain access to her gash. Her huge thighs then squeezed shut on my head and ears capturing me in place nişantaşı escort when I let them go.

She actually smelled and tasted pretty good so I opened my eyes and noticed how kinky her pubic hair was and how her pussy had a purple color to it, unlike all of the pink white pussy I had.

I started lightly licking her lower labia teasing her. This caused her to squeeze her thighs around my head much tighter mashing my face into her gash. I actually reveled in the captivity remembering a national geographic show on how cattle like to be held tightly in a body stanchion. The enclosing stanchion apparently calms and gives them a secure feeling.

Her large gash was now my whole world and I went to work lightly licking, nibbling and scooping my tongue in as far as it would go. I couldn’t hear her moans but I felt the vibrations in my ears through her thighs.

She was really enjoying herself wiggling around like a hooked worm, twisting my head all over the place. At this point I moved up to her clit which was about the size of the last two joints of my pinky. At first I just teased it lightly licking across it but then I started digging my tongue into the hood covering and actually sucking on it. This drove her nuts and her wiggling increased. Soon I thought she would crush my head like an egg for her thighs clamped around my head like a vice and she shook in the throes of an orgasm unlike anything any of my previous prudish WASPy girlfriends or fiance ever had!

Man was I proud of myself! I never had such a feeling of accomplishment from eating pussy before but her unmistakable enjoyment just turned me on! I doubled my effort on her clit licking faster, sucking harder and gently scraping my teeth up and down it. In the next few minutes I counted and additional three orgasms each as powerful as the first! It was so easy to tell when she orgasmed because she would almost crush my head and convulse like an epileptic! Not to mention the copious amounts of wetness that appeared simultaneously.

When şişli escort she finished her fourth orgasm she pushed my head away from her snatch almost ripping my ears off due to the friction of her heavy thighs. She took a few minutes to calm down and said, “Your tongue is better than a bit-bull’s by far! I can get used t a white boy like you! Now mount me and fuck me as good as you just ate me!”

I told Sholanda that I did not have any condoms. She laughed and showed me a little scar on her upper arm saying, “I have a birth control implant that is good for three years.” “We don’t need Condoms!”

I mounted her missionary style. I actually had to pry her fat thighs apart once more in order to wiggle my torso in towards her crotch. Once there my cock was just swallowed right up in her large sopping gash. I knew that the size of my cock wasn’t going to stretch her cunt so I concentrated on grinding into her clit with my pelvic bone and teasing her with a rhythm of three shallow penetrations followed by a fourth deep one. Sholanda really enjoyed this wrapping her meaty legs around the back of my thighs and hugging me tightly.

I had never felt anything like it before. It felt like I just melted into her flesh! I was enveloped in her meaty thighs and heavy arms. I felt like I was riding a water bed floating back and forth across her ample stomach and huge tits. The best was her snatch. It was not tight. It just kind of loosely tickled the sides of my cock!

It only took a few minutes for Sholanda to cum. Once again she nearly crushed my torso in her bearlike grip. I was loving it. I was feeling so accomplished. I could tell for sure that she was having great orgasms and this put me over the edge! I came so hard and continued grinding my pelvic bone into here clit even after my orgasm subsided. This caused Sholanda to orgasm yet again.

When her orgasm subsided I rolled off of Sholanda and rested on the sofa. After a bit she rolled over onto me pinning me and started kiving me big wet smooching kisses. She said, “You really did great!” and continued to kiss my mouth.

Strangely I felt like this is where I belonged trapped under a ton of a black woman! It was humiliating that I had not just fucked but eaten out this behemoth but yet I found pleasure in the humiliation itself. Not to mention that my orgasm was great and I felt so secure and protected in her arms.

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