Our Fourth Encounter: The Taxicab

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For Mrs. TempInsanity, my muse

I left my office a little before noon today, because I had an appointment on the other side of town. As I flagged down a cab, I was bumped by someone coming up from my blind side. I turned, and it was you. I smiled. You smiled. I held the door, and you climbed in. As you swung around on the seat, I caught a glimpse of your panties, black and lacy this time. I immediately began to get hard at the thought of what treasures lay hidden behind that thin wisp of silken fabric.

I took my seat beside you, and you slid over next to me as I gave the driver instructions. I assumed that we were going to the same place, but I did not ask, and you did not complain. With you seated so close, I could smell the fresh, delicate perfume of your hair, and I could feel your warmth against my arm. I turned to you, and your lips met mine, tender and caressing at first, and then more fervent, demanding. Our tongues met, twirled together, thrust and parried, teased and tantalized. Breathing became more difficult as our kisses grew more passionate.

After several minutes of this, you pulled away and leaned against the door. Raising your ass off of the seat, you slowly slid your panties down your legs and tossed them to me. The flash of black silk across the backseat caught the attention of the driver, and I could now see him watching us in the rearview mirror. Even when he saw me looking at him, he did not avert his eyes. This was his cab, and he that gave him license to watch whatever occurred in it.

With your panties gone, you slowly spread you legs and began rubbing your hairless pussy. Up and down your fingers went, caressing your swelling lips, teasing your clit, stroking your now seeping slit. I watched for a moment, then leaned forward to replace your fingers with my tongue. I licked slowly, moving my tongue from side to side, tasting your warm juices and smelling your pussy scent, that slightly musty, sensual, arousing smell emanating from somewhere deep inside you. As I licked, you grabbed my head, pulling my tongue more firmly against you. I focused on your clit, gently licking, stroking, carefully nibbling, istanbul escort as it became engorged and protruded more prominently with every lick. My tongue moved easily over your shaved cunt, and I sought out every fold and crevice.

By now your ass was wriggling on the seat, and a small pool of juices was forming between your splayed thighs. As your movements became more animated, I began thrusting my tongue deep inside of you, fucking you harder with my tongue. You moaned, then moaned again, your eyes closed, and then you came, pressing your wet cunt against my face, bathing it in your savory juices, sucking my tongue deeper inside you with the pulsations of your pussy. We stayed that way for a minute, and then I sat up realizing that we were nearly across town and nearing my destination. I gave the driver new instructions, requesting that he drive around on the edge of town for a while. The gleam in his eye told me he would be glad to comply so long as he got to see and hear the show going on in his back seat.

I felt your hand on my lap as you recovered, and soon your hand, your warm delicate hand, was inside my pants and pulling gently on my erect cock as you pulled it out into the open air. As you lowered your head and began gently licking my erection, I slid down on the seat to provide you with better access, and your mouth slid down over my shaft, and I felt your lips pressed against my pubic hairs. You rose back up, then glided down again, swirling your tongue and using it to caress my cock along its entire length. My hand moved to your pussy, and I slid my fingers slowly back and forth along its slippery length, teasing you, caressing you, loving the wet slippery sensation of stroking you adoringly.

As I felt the sensations building in my body, I pulled your head up, kissing you lustfully, letting you know that it is time. I gently lifted you up off of the seat and set you on my lap. You lifted your ass, positioned yourself, then slowly lowered your glistening pussy over my waiting cock. Because you were so wet and slippery, you glided easily downward avcılar escort until your ass was resting firmly on my upper thighs. We rested that way, savoring the feeling of being connected, of my being buried deep inside you, of the juices trickling out of you and running down my cock. Our eyes closed and you leaned back against me.

Soon, you raised yourself up, then slowly lowered yourself back down, caressing my cock with your pussy walls. We went on like this for a while, slow and easy, enjoying every sensation of our first unhurried fuck.

At some point, you opened your eyes and found that you were looking directly into the eyes of our driver reflected in the rear view mirror. I felt you tense up, and I was uncertain how you would react. Then, I knew you were okay with the situation when you begin unbuttoning your blouse. After the last button was undone, you unclasped your front-fastening bra, and your luscious tits were fully exposed to the driver. He slowed down so he could concentrate on watching us as you begin to massage your tits. You resumed your fucking motion, although now your actions were quicker and sharper with the driver watching. Occasional moans escaped from your lips, and your head rocked from side to side as you rode me harder, causing my cock to plunge more deeply inside you with every stroke.

You moved from side to side, causing my prick to massage different parts of your cunt, probing into all your recesses and hollows, whipping your juices into a froth that gathers in my pubic hairs. And then, suddenly, you were cuming. You pumped up and down harder still, riding me like a bronco, taking everything I had to give inside you, squeezing me with your pulsating pussy. Oh, what ecstasy! When you cum, you cum hard. A load moan escaped your tightly clenched lips, your head bounced on your shoulders, and juices poured from your oozing pussy. The flowing juices and sharp pulsations around my cock caused me to cum, and I raised my ass off of the seat so I could deposit my cum deep inside you as a memento of our mutual satisfaction. I noticed as I was shooting my cum deep inside you, şirinevler escort that you had again made eye contact with our driver as you enjoyed the final throes of your orgasm. Your hands were still at your breasts, pulling on your nipples, your tongue was licking your luscious lips, and with your eyes you were fucking the driver.

Finally, you slumped back against me, unmoving. I reached around and cradled your breasts, massaging them softly as you slowly came down from the clouds of your orgasm. I felt our commingled juices seeping from you and wetting the front of my pants and drooling down onto the seat. I wanted to stay connected like this for longer, but I realized that our driver had come back into the edge of crowded downtown, and there were people all around as we moved through the streets. I whispered in your ear how much I enjoy being with you, how soft and silky your cunt feels wrapped around my cock, how much I enjoyed having the driver watch as we fucked, how much I want to be able to spend more than a few stolen moments with you. And then, reluctantly, I slowly lifted you off of my now shriveling cock and set you back on the seat. You again leaned against the door with your legs still splayed apart, and I watched as gobs of cum oozed into the crack of your ass. The cab was filled with the warm hot smells of a good fuck, and I knew that the driver must be savoring your scent just as I was.

There was no way that I could go to my appointment with our juices smeared over the front of my clothing, so I instructed the driver to take me to my house. I asked if you could join me, but you said no, you had somewhere you must be. You gave the driver the address, and in the short drive there you recovered your composure, straightened your clothing, ran your fingers through your hair, and gave me the most delicious kiss I have ever had—a kiss with hints of adventures still to come.

Then the trip ended. The cab pulled over, and you slid across me to get out on the curb side, and as you did you rubbed your hand across my still exposed cock. You smiled warmly and said you would see me again soon. Just before you closed the door, you handed me your panties, and then you were gone. As the cab pulled away, I looked back to wave, but you were already gone. I returned my cock to its usual place, and as the cab continued on its way, I sniffed your panties and smelled a deep, powerful scent of you that was filled with the promise of things to come.

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