Our First Time Ch. 03

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Although I love lingerie and panties in particular, at this point I decided they were just getting in the way of “business”. So I pulled them down from the sides, over her thighs and getting the message Miss O wiggled her knees and helped me slide them all the way off her feet, all the while continuing to suck on my cock. Mmmm, I just love a girl who can multi-task…

Now, for the first time, her completely bare ass and pussy were bouncing around in front of my face. I slid my hands up her thighs and then gently pulled her ass onto my face burying my nose as deeply as I could into her engorged pussy. Her heavenly scent flooded into my nostrils and made my cock throb harder than ever. As I extended my tongue to lick her Miss O responded by grinding back into me and moaning softly. Her grinding got harder as my tongue danced circles around her clit which in this position was not hard to find, in fact she pretty much steered her ass to plant it directly on my tongue and started to ride it back and forth in short strokes.

Since Miss O had now taken control of moving her ass I slipped my hands underneath her body and found her breasts then cupped them from underneath. She seemed to enjoy that and momentarily paused from her tongue riding to press her chest into my hands. I wet my fingers and then let her erect nipples slip between my fingers so I could milk them like small erections, squeezing them now and then to Miss O’s moaning delight.

Returning from her distraction Miss O then started sliding her clit back and forth across my tongue with greater amplitude until my tongue was starting to dive into her hot pussy and my nose was starting depart from her pussy and slid towards her taint. The first time it got there she flinched pendik escort and paused briefly, as if uncertain if she should continue, then ground her ass back again planting my face even deeper into her pussy, soaking it with her juices. Then she slid her ass forwards until my now slick nose reached her anus. Taking the hint I circled my head so the tip of my nose traced a circle around her sphincter. Although not fresh from the shower she did not smell at all bad, just the usual pleasant odor any regular visitor of the area would expect and besides my nostrils were now flooded with the sweet scent of her pussy – pretty much anything would have smelt good at that point. So I moved my tongue from her pussy and traced a path over her oh so short taint, and then proceeded to lick her ass.

As I did Miss O broke from the previous few minutes of just moaning and groaning to exclaim, “Oh yeeeees! Lick my ass… I’m a dirty girl, I want you to lick me!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, and pausing from my ministrations I told her, “Well not that dirty I’m glad to say, but I certainly won’t turn down your request”.

“Good!” Miss O replied, “Now get back to work,” and thrust her ass right back in my face as if to punctuate the request.

I kind of liked her assertiveness, there was definitely no need to be pussy-footing around any more so I got right back to lick her asshole. After a minute or so of licking around her ass I centered my tongue right on its middle and pushed firmly against it. Then I moved one of my hands from her breasts to her pussy and as I probed her ass with my tongue I probed my finger into her pussy. After a couple of times I felt her sphincter dilate slightly and my tongue touched new virgin ass as it teased the outer tuzla escort limits of her rectum. Pretty quickly after than her sphincter clenched tight again. But after a few more times she was able to keep her ass dilated and I was able to push my tongue deeper and deeper into it. In reality it wasn’t going that far but in terms of excitement I could tell we were reaching new heights.

Then eventually the repeated burying of my tongue in her ass and my fingers in her pussy obviously got to be too much of a tease. Abruptly Miss O scooted her ass off my face and turned around to face me, flush in the face.

“Fuck it,” she said smiling, “I just want your cock inside me!”

And with that she reached back for my cock which was soaked with her saliva, paused briefly to position the tip on her pussy and then slid down on top of it taking it all the way down to my balls in one go.

“Oh yes!” I exclaimed, suddenly embraced with the heat of her pussy.

She beamed from ear to ear with a gorgeous smile.

“Welcome to my home!” she replied, and wiggled her hips to feel my cock stirring inside her.

She leaned forward over me and putting her hands either side to steady herself as she started to ride her ass up and down so her pussy began to pump the whole length of my cock. Looking down between her thighs I could enjoy a view that I so love – that of her labia wrapping around my shaft and sliding up and down leaving it slick with her juices. Her face now seemed concentrated as if she was focusing on extracting every last millimeter of pleasure from my cock. I started to raise my ass up off the bed to meet her strokes and slam harder against her pussy.

“I love… your big… dick…. inside me… it feels… so… kartal escort gooood!” she grunted out between bounces on my cock.

As our bouncing got more emphatic I cupped her breasts again which had been swinging in front of me since she assumed the cowgirl position. Raising my head towards one I sucked on her nipple enthusiastically and she clearly enjoyed the simultaneously stimulation.

“Ahhhhh! That’s a… whole… new… level…. suck them…. hard!” she ordered.

And then she directed the other breast to my mouth and I gave it the same treatment while fondling the other nipple between my finger tips.

“Yesssss! Squeeze it!” she almost screamed.

“Oh yes!” she actually screamed, and after a few more bounces she slammed down onto my cock and ground her pelvis into mine and flopped forwards burying my face in her breasts as she did.

Then as she panted and moaned loudly she slid her ass back and forwards, around and around milking every ounce of pressure and pleasure from our pelvic contact. Then abruptly she stopped moving and fixed her gaze on me, half open mouthed, flushed in the face. I could feel it – her pussy contracting and pulsating oh so tightly around my cock as she trembled still panting.

“Arrrrgh, arrrrgh, arrrrrgh!” she moaned in a loud and nasal way that surely echoed up and down the hallways.

I moved my hands to hug her and pull her towards me.

“Yes baby, cum for me,” I encouraged her, stroking her back softly as I did.

Then with a gasp and a final load moan she exhaled, grinned at me again, and planted a big kiss on my mouth clearly oblivious of where it had been just a few minutes ago.

“Damn I needed that!” she exclaimed.

“Glad to be of service,” I told her smiling back.

And at that she relaxed and lay on top of me. I wrapped my arms and legs around her and hugged her tight. She virtually purred with pleasure as we rested again on her now not too fresh sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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