Our Family Pt. 03

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The next morning Lisa and I were having breakfast when Jacob came into the kitchen wearing his sister’s thong and his mother bra padded with his socks, Lisa shook her head at her son and screamed, “That’s my fucking bra your wearing and it doesn’t even fit you properly… as soon as you finish having your breakfast, I’m taking you shopping.”

An hour later I watched my wife and my son walking out of the house to her car to go shopping. Four hours later when I heard Lisa’s car pull into our driveway I went and opened the front door for them and stood there in shock. Lisa was holding hands with who I suspected was our son, Jacob, except that he was dressed up as a gorgeous young girl.

Jacob was wearing a floral print short sleeve v-neck front button dress, with the top few buttons undone to expose the pink lace bra that he was wearing. When he stepped into the house and the door was closed, he turned around in a full circle, let me look at him and then lifted the hem of the dress up to his waist to expose his pink lace thong and then turned to show me his bare ass-cheeks.

“What do you think of our daughter, Jackie,” giggled Lisa.

“Dad, do you like my outfit?” Jacob excitedly blurted.

“Yes I sure do, you look amazing,” I replied, as I slipped my hand under the dress to feel his cock.

I then looked at Lisa and asked, “How much did this cost?”

Lisa giggling replied, “The dress and underwear cost nothing.”

“What, how come?” I asked.

I took Jacob to a dress shop that one of my friends owns… and when I told him what we wanted he was happy to help,” Lisa explained.

“The dress shop Owner is a man… why didn’t you have to pay?” I asked.

“Dad, I let the owner fuck me in his shop… and he watched mom sucking my cock,” giggled Jacob.

“Is the shop owner gay?” I asked.

“No, he is bi and has a wife and daughter and they’re also bi,” replied Lisa.

“Dad, he has invited us all over to their house tonight… can we all go?”

I looked at Lisa, she had a large smile on her face, and asked, “You want us to go over there, don’t you?”

“Yes, it will be fun to play with someone else for a change,” giggled Lisa.

The idea of being with another mother and her daughter excited me and I replied, “okay we can go.”

“Go where?” asked Hope as she walked into the house from the back door.

“We have been invited over to mom’s friend’s house,” replied Jacob.

Hope, just stood there opened mouthed for a minute, looking at how her brother was dressed, before giggling, “Who is this slut?”

“This is Jackie, your new sister,” I chuckled.

“Where did you get the sexy clothes from?” asked Hope.

“Mom’s friend Albert owns a dress shop,” replied Jacob.

“If you let Albert fuck you… he might give you a new dress as well,” I chuckled.

Hope stared at her brother, and asked, “Did you let him fuck you?”

Jacob giggled, “Yes I did, I loved having his cock in my ass.”

“Jacob, I’m mean Jackie saved nearly two hundred dollars,” blurted Lisa.

I could see that Hope was thinking on what she should do, then said, “I could do with some new clothes… do you think Albert would be interested in fucking me for a new dress?”

“Why don’t you come with us tonight and ask him yourself?” I replied.

I then reached out and pulled my daughter bostancı escort into a tight embrace and slipped my hand under her dress and into her panties and said, “I would love to watch you fucking someone else for a change.”

Hope giggled, “Daddy, you just like watching me being fucked don’t you?”

“Only if I get to fuck you first,” I chuckled.

Hope closed her eyes and let out a soft moan as I pushed my finger into her wet cunt. Then when we heard a loud groan, Hope opened her eyes and I turned to see Lisa on her knees with her head under Jackie’s dress sucking on our son’s cock.

When I undid my pants, letting them fall to the floor, Hope giggled as she knelt down and slipped my underpants down to around my ankles. She then wrapped her hand around my cock as she began to lick all over and around the knob of my cock. When I placed my hand on the back of her head Hope took my cock into her mouth and began sucking my cock like the slut she was.

With my wife and daughter on their knees sucking our cocks I couldn’t have wished for a better family. My son might have been effeminate but he still liked having sex with females, especially with his mother and sister. As Hope bobbed her head up and down on my cock I started thinking about how exciting it would be to see my son being fucked by Albert.

When I started to cum, I pulled Hope’s mouth down onto my cock filling her mouth with my hot cum. On the other side of the room was Jacob fucking his mother’s face, when Lisa lifted her head up from under our son’s dress and stood up, I saw that her face was covered in our son’s hot cum.

As I pulled up my pants and underwear, I watched Hope stand up and move over to her mother and give her a passionate kiss. My wife and daughter began kissing each other passionately and then I watched as Hope began licking the cum from her mother’s face.

When my new daughter, Jackie moved over beside me I wrapped my arm around her waist and led her towards the bedroom and quickly undressed. I then sat on the edge of the bed and watched Jackie undo the buttons on the front of her dress and remove her new dress.

When she started to remove her underwear, I yelled, “Don’t take your bra and panties off just yet, let me get a good look at you first.”

I stared at my gorgeous new daughter, Jackie, standing there in her panties and bra, her smooth soft skin look amazing, she no longer had any body hair.

“Jackie, how long have you been shaving your pubic hair for?” I asked.

“For the last few months,” she replied.

I turned Jackie around and bent her over the edge off the bed and then holding her by her hips I pulled her thong to the side and pressed the head of my hard cock against his boy cunt. Jackie let out a low pitched moan as my cock penetrated her boy cunt and slipped all the way inside her ass.

When I pulled my cock partly back out of her boy cunt, she buried her head in a pillow and let out a muffled scream as her hands gripped the edge of the bed. With a quick hard thrust, I drove my cock back into her boy cunt, causing Jackie to lift her head and screamed out.

As I began to fuck her boy cunt faster and harder, she started to moan softly and tried to push her ass back against my forward thrusts.

It didn’t take long before I was filling her boy cunt with my hot cum, she laid ümraniye escort bayan there bent over the edge of the bed gasping for breath for several minutes. Only rolling over when she heard her mother and sister come into the room when Hope saw her brother’s hard cock she leaned down and hungry sucked his cock into her mouth and began moving her mouth up and down on his cock at a furious pace.

After he had cum and Hope had swallowed all of his cum we decided that we should shower and get dressed to visit our new friends. I was eager to go over to their house and meet them and to find out what they were like, after everything that I had heard about families that played together stayed together. I knew we were in for a long night.

We had decided to go out for dinner before going to Albert’s house, my wife and daughter had applied makeup and nail polish to Jackie’s toes and fingernails. Hope had loaned Jackie one of her short dresses and a pair of her silk panties that would be seen as soon as Jackie moved or bent down. She was also wearing one of Hope’s near see-thru blouses and one of Hope’s thin bras that showed of Jackie’s nipples.

Lisa had decided not to wear a bra and her dress had a low v-cut front that showed the sides of her breasts. It would be easier to describe what Hope wasn’t wearing, she wasn’t wearing a bra and had on the smallest thong she owned, with a dress that was nearly fully transparent.

As soon as we sat down at the restaurant, we attracted the stares of the other customers. Hope was already flirting with several of the men much to the annoyance of their wife. Jackie had attracted the attention of a couple of the men and had started to blush.

When I went to use the toilet several men comment and congratulated me and told me how gorgeous my daughter’s looked. I enjoyed running my hands over Hope and Jackie’s thighs to expose their panties to the approval of the men staring at them. Lisa was getting a bit annoyed at not being given any attention and she deliberately started rubbing her cunt under her dress.

If we hadn’t been going to her friend’s house we could have had a party at the restaurant. By the time we had finished our dinner and a few drinks it was time for us to leave and drive over to Albert’s house. When we arrived, Albert opened the front door and invited us inside.

“Albert this is my husband, Mark and our daughter Hope, and of course you know Jackie,” giggled Lisa.

“Hello Albert, it’s nice to meet you… thanks for looking after Lisa and Jackie,” I said as we shook hands.

After Albert gave Lisa a lingering kiss, he looked at me for my reaction and then said, “I’m glad you could come for a visit.”

He then gave Hope a quick kiss on her mouth and then turned and then held Jackie’s head as he gave her a tongue kiss that was a lot more sexual than a hello kiss.

“They all wanted to dress up and impress you seeing that you own a dress shop,” I chuckled, and then gave Hope’s breast a squeeze.

Albert grinned and said, “Let me take you through and introduce you to my wife and daughter.”

We followed Albert into a large lounge room with several couches and a large screen television. Sitting on one of the couches was a young woman who looked half Albert’s age and a young girl who looked much younger than what Lisa had told me, they were both wearing kartal escort similar dresses that showed they weren’t wearing any underwear.

“Sharon, this is Mark and his wife Lisa and their daughter’s Hope and Jackie,” said Albert.

Sharon stood up and said, “It’s lovely to meet you,” Sharon then turned to her daughter and said, “This is our daughter Kathy… she turned eighteen last week.”

Jackie is nineteen and Hope is eighteen,” I replied.

“Is it true that Jackie is your son?” asked Sharon.

“Yes, Jackie is really is our son Jacob,” replied Lisa lifting the hem of Jackie’s dress up and running her hand over his cock.

Sharon smiled as she moved closer to Jackie and said, “Jackie, you look so lovely and sexy, I would never have guessed that you’re a boy.”

Lisa held Jackie’s dress up letting Sharon have a good look at Jackie’s cock, which was growing bigger by the second.

“Hope is definitely a girl,” I chuckled lifting her dress up to expose her small see-thru thong to Albert’s gaze.

“Hope, you have a very good taste in underwear, the thong you’re wearing looks fantastic on you,” said Albert.

“She looks a lot better not wearing a thong,” I laughing said, then opened the front of Hope’s dress to show her bare breasts and said, “Lisa and Hope decided to impress you by not wearing a bra.”

“I’m impressed… and seeing that I have already seen Lisa’s breasts today, it’s only fair that you see Sharon’s breasts,” chuckled Albert.

I watched Albert pull down the zipper on the back of his wife’s dress and helped her slip her dress off. Sharon stood there completely naked letting us gaze upon her breasts and bald cunt.

When I started removing Hope’s dress, she giggled like a young school girl doing something naughty as she helped me remove her dress, I turned and said to Albert, “Would you like the honor of removing Hope’s thong?”

Albert chuckled and replied, “I sure would,” he then leaned down and slipped Hope’s thong to her ankles. Hope placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of her thong.

Albert’s face was that close to Hope’s bald cunt that he could smell her aroma. Sharon and Lisa were both undressing Jackie and took turns at fondling his hard cock. I reached out my hand to Kathy and when she placed her hand into mine I helped her to her feet and began to remove her dress.

Kathy’s eyes were closed as her dress fell to the floor and when I reached out and squeezed her small breast, she gasped and took a deep breath. Her young cunt was just as bald and smooth as her mother’s cunt. I turned to look for approval from Albert only to see that Hope was pressing his face against her cunt.

When I ran my finger over Kathy’s mouth, she took my finger into her mouth and sucked on my finger as if it was a small cock. I removed my wet finger and ran it over the lips of her bald cunt and then pushed my finger deep inside her. She pulled my finger out of her cunt and lifted my hand up to her mouth and sucked on my finger making my finger nice and wet.

I returned my finger to her cunt and pushed it back deep inside her and gave my finger a few pumps, Kathy closed her eyes and started to moan and then started to collapse. After I had helped her sit back down on the couch I returned to finger fucking her.

Kathy gasped and opened her legs further apart, letting me bury my face between her legs. As I licked up and down her cunt, her body started to shake and when I started stabbing my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt, again and again, she began shaking and moaning loudly as her juices began to flow.

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