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You walk into the hotel room. It’s empty and you wonder if I’ve stood you up. You wonder what to do then you notice a note on the bed.

There is a blindfold under the pillow. Undress, put the blindfold on and wait…

For a second you are frightened but excitement and curiosity drives you to slowly peel your clothes off. When you get down to your panties you are suddenly shy, looking around to see if a bunch of people are going to jump out and reveal a cruel joke on you. You get under the sheets and remove your panties. You find that despite your trepidation your pussy is wet and you give your clit a few quick strokes without realising it. You stop yourself before stopping would be impossible. You put the blindfold on and feel your heart quicken. Total darkness envelopes you, violent thoughts enter your mind, you imagine all the bad things that could happen. You wonder how long you will have to wait. It feels like a long time, it feels like three hours but it could have been as little as three minutes. You grow weary from the tension of not knowing, you suddenly relax your body realising it has been coiled like a spring and a small wave of exhaustion hits you. It is almost like an orgasm in itself.

You wait a bit more, you wait a bit more and your mind is drifting over a million different places but never landing anywhere halkalı escort specific. Concentration seems impossible. You wait and you do not hear me enter.

It might have been your imagination but did something just touch your hand? Suddenly you are there, not drifting over far away lands and you make to rip off your blindfold thinking “how stupid am I to get myself into this situation?”. You try to take your blindfold off, but I had already tied your hands to the bed. You try to scream but my hand covers your mouth tight.

“It’s ok,” I say. “It’s me.” And then I whisper in your ear the word we had agreed upon earlier, the safety word. “Osiris.”

You are ok. Your heart returns to your chest, but you have to admit to being a little disappointed that the illusion was shattered. My hand parts your thighs and makes long inaccurate, rough strokes over your pussy. I’m surprised to find you sopping wet. My pointer finger hones in on your button and I flick it before moving down to your hole where I slide it in a few centremetres. Your legs spread, desperate for a deeper, fuller penetration, but my finger moves back to your clit where I start rubbing it in that way you like, the way you showed me last week. I’m a little too eager and I do it just a touch too hard taksim escort too early and you feel a little pain. I collect myself and find a more pleasant pacing.

Tingles run through your body and I continue the ministrations on your pussy while taking your nipple in my mouth, licking and nibbling. I can tell by the tumescence on your chest that is spreading like a rash that you are close to climaxing already. I wanted it to last a longer but fuck it, I increase my pace and ardor and in almost no time you are bursting beneath me like a dying star reaching nova. Your light is blinding.

Your arms instinctively try and reach up to hold me, you love to hold on to someone after reaching orgasm. You strain against the bindings. I laugh a little and slide a few fingers in you and swirl them around. Your legs are wide apart and your cunt is sopping, my cock aches painfully to be inside you. I rub it up and down against your wetness, wanting to prolong the moment but filled with such an urgent, impatient desire that I almost feel drunk on sex. You moan but for a second I am lost in my own mind, possessed by some dark spirit that commands me to… there are not even words to describe it but I must have you and make you scream.

I slide it in, reveling in the wonderful feelings of first penetration. You feel şişli escort the entire length of my cock, you are impaled, it’s as if your whole body is your pussy and I am filling every part of you. I start with long, slow strokes and you move your hips up against me, trying to meet me but I am stronger and I soon quicken and find a pace that you can’t match and you have to lie back and take it.

I change my angle, coming from further above and the base of my cock rubs against your clit which drives you wild and you feel the embers of another orgasm start to flame. I start to fuck you harder, trying to hit every part of your insides that I can. Your head moves side to side, I notice that you are moaning very loudly, I had been too lost in it up till then. I am close to orgasming but I want it to last a little longer so I slow myself down. I take long, slow strokes again and untie your hands. I take your hands in mine and stretch them above your head, fucking you while I bite your nipples. You are my hole, you are mine to use, your muscles are for my pleasure, your skin is my pleasure, your cunt is for my pleasure.

We are both close to orgasm, my first, your second. I take your hand and place it on your clit and you start to rub it while I fuck you as hard as I can, holding off coming until you do. When I feel your pussy start to contract and pulsate around my cock and your moans become almost unbearably loud I take that as my cue to unleash my semen as deep into you as I can.

I fall on the bed beside you, exhausted and not wanting to move. You take off the blindfold and catch your breathe. There is nothing to say so we just laugh with joy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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