Only Human

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At ten thirty-five Saturday morning twenty-two year old Todd Brooks sat nervously watching his surroundings as the cab driver swung onto the street his mother’s house was on, his pulse quickening with each passing second. Two years, four months and nineteen days. That was how long it had been since he’d last seen her. Technically that wasn’t true; he’d skyped with both her and his father several times. But this would be the first time he’d see her in the flesh after so long a period. The war in Afghanistan had consumed those two years and four months, along with a good portion of his soul. Because of his Marine units specialize nature their deployment had been extended over and over. He’d had opportunities to come home for visits, but for some reason he just couldn’t bring himself to leave his buddies there without him. Maybe it was some sort of big brother complex that had kept him there he reasoned, the desire to protect his comrades outweighing the desire to return home. Even with him being there his unit had lost men, but he knew of four that had made it home solely because he had stayed. That in itself had been worth it, at least to him anyway. Now, with his four-year enlistment over, and his unit rotated back to the world, he felt an unbridled sense of relief that his military service was over.

Mid-way down the block he had the cabbie pull to the curb. He sat there for a few moments taking in the neighborhood. Other than newer cars in some of the driveways it didn’t look like anything had changed. Glancing at his mother’s house he saw her five-year-old Honda parked outside of the double-car garage, completely blocked in by a pick-up with the logo of some fencing company on the tailgate. Looking around he didn’t see anyone that was having fence work done. Shrugging, he reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed the box of long-stemmed roses he’d bought for her and exited the car. After retrieving his duffel from the trunk he walked toward the front door, feeling a little guilty because he had told her that he wouldn’t be in for two more days. He really wanted to surprise her. Once he reached the door he started to knock but thought better of it; he knew she was home because her car was there. Reaching out he gently tried the doorknob and happily found it unlocked. A smile played on his lips as he envisioned the look on his mother’s face when she saw him.

Forty-three year old Janet Brooks lay face down bent over the center island in the kitchen, the cold granite top feeling good on her stiff nipples. Her wrists were held loosely together at the small of her back by the young man who was rapidly sliding his cock in and out of her wet pussy. The look on her face conveyed the pleasure coursing through her. She was close to having an orgasm; so close she could almost taste it. She felt him speed up and knew that he was close too, maybe too close. Pressing her ass backwards she felt one of his hands trail downward from her wrists, the tip of his thumb coming to rest nestled against her asshole. She knew exactly what he was planning to do the instant she felt the pressure on her sphincter increase.

“No,” she cried, bucking her hips trying to dislodge the guy’s thumb.

Luther Greene couldn’t believe his luck as he slammed his cock repeatedly into the hot cougar bent over in front of him. For three days she had come on to him while he installed the fencing around her back yard, and now he was fucking the shit out of her sweet hot cunt while pushing his thumb into her back door. When she squealed he took it as a sign that she liked what he was doing and sank more of his thumb into her butt. A few more strokes and he knew he’d bust his nut into this hot piece of ass.

“Stop! Take it out!” Janet screamed, her approaching orgasm derailed as the kid’s thumb sank deeper into her rectum.

Leaving his duffel on the stoop Todd opened the door and quietly slipped inside. As he entered there was a foyer that opened into the front room, and also housed the stairs leading to the upstairs portion of the house, while the kitchen and dinning room were through the living room and off to the right. Todd had stopped in the foyer and was looking around, amazed that everything seemed the same as the last time he’d been there when he heard his mother’s scream coming from the kitchen area. Dropping the box of roses he raced through the living room then turned the corner toward the kitchen only to stop dead in his tracks, his eyes at first refusing to believe what he was seeing.

Stretched face down across the island, her thick auburn hair in large rollers, was his mother. She was completely naked, her breasts flattened out underneath her chest, her lower half hanging over the side while a young looking guy with sandy blonde hair held her arms pinned behind her back as he hammered his cock into her. The guy was wearing a sweat stained t-shirt with the logo of the fencing company on it, his jeans bunched around his ankles almost hiding his dirty work boots from view. Todd also ataşehir escort bayan noticed that the guy’s thumb was jammed up his mother’s ass. The first thought that flooded Todd’s brain was his mother was being raped. He was consumed with a rage unlike any he’d ever felt.

Luther felt his body tense up as the rising tide of his orgasm peaked. With his eyes tightly shut, his lips compressed, he slammed his cock forward one last time. Before he had a chance to finish his final thrust he felt himself being violently pulled away from his prize, his cock erupting, sending his sperm shooting out into space as he fell.

“What the…” he managed to yell before tripping over his bunched up jeans and sliding backwards on his bare ass, his head slamming into the wall.

“I’m gonna kill you!” Todd screamed as he advanced toward the stunned man.

Janet had caught the blur of movement, someone rushing forward, just before she felt Luther’s thumb and cock being yanked from her body. Leaping to her feet and turning she saw her son, his face a mask of fury, step toward Luther. Fear clutched her heart. She began shouting, “Stop Todd! Stop!” over and over.

Just as Todd drew back his fist ready to pulverize the guy, somewhere in the back of his mind he thought he heard his mother frantically calling his name. Reluctantly, his body trembling with rage, he turned toward the sound of her voice.

Janet saw him turn and rushed up to him, placing her hand gently on his arm.

“Stop baby,” she whispered soothingly, her soft brown eyes staring pleadingly into his.

“He was raping you Mom!” Todd growled, his face flush with anger.

“No honey, he wasn’t,” she softly said, reaching up and running her hand gently against his cheek.


She watched his face go through a range of emotions as it began to dawn on him what was really going on, his sharp grey eyes gazing questioningly at her.

While the two were distracted Luther took the opportunity to scramble to his feet and pull up his pants. Several blobs of his cum trickled down one leg of his jeans but he didn’t really notice; all he wanted to do was get the hell away from the guy in the uniform.

“I better finish up Mrs. Brooks,” he mumbled as he slid past the two and headed through the sliding glass door off the dining room out into the back yard. Once outside he wasted no time in gathering up the rest of his tools and rushing to his truck. In his hast to get out of there he realized that he’d forgotten to leave an invoice.

“What the fuck just happened?” he muttered to himself as he slammed the truck in gear and sped down the road, tires squealing on the asphalt.

Mother and son didn’t even know Luther had left. They stood together for several minutes just staring into each other’s eyes, afraid to look away. Janet was the first to break the silence.

“What are you doing here honey? I thought you weren’t due in until day after tomorrow,” she inquired, still gazing lovingly into her son’s eyes.

“I thought I’d surprise you,” Todd replied, before adding an animated, “Surprise!”

Laughing and throwing herself against him, her arms around his neck, Janet squealed, “Oh God baby, it’s so nice to have you home. I’ve missed you so much.”

“It’s nice to be home, Mom,” he replied, his arms automatically enveloping her naked body.

So caught up in what had happened Janet was completely oblivious to the fact that she was nude. Todd however wasn’t. As his hands touched his mother’s hot flesh an unsettling feeling spread through him.

“Uh…Mom?” he whispered into her ear.

“Yes sweetheart?” she whispered back.

“You do know that you don’t have anything on, right?”

“Oh shit! Oh fuck! I’m so sorry honey,” Janet croaked as she quickly jumped back, awkwardly trying to use her hands to cover her nudity while her eyes darted frantically around the room.

“Where’s my robe, where’s my robe?” she chanted as her eyes searched for her discarded silk robe.

“Mom! Mom!” Todd hollered, trying to get her attention without bothering to tell her that her robe was over by the stove.

“What?” she snapped, her eyes still searching the floor.

“Here,” Todd replied with a chuckle.

Janet glanced toward her son and her heart swelled with love. Todd stood a few feet away holding out his uniform jacket, his eyes averted upwards. Walking over to him she turned and slid her arms into the sleeves then gathered the front together to cover herself. The jacket was way too big for her, she felt lost in its confines, but she also felt warm and safe in it. Turning to face her son she couldn’t help but smile; he was still staring up at the ceiling.

“You can look now,” she told him.

Todd glanced toward his mother, a look of relief settling on his face. Knowing she was only two inches shorter than his five-ten, he’d worried that the jacket wouldn’t be long enough to cover her lower region adequately. To his surprise escort kadıköy it did, just barely. For a fleeting second he felt a sadness that it did, but at the same time he was thankful that the unsettling feeling he’d had was slowly going away.

“I’m so sorry you saw that,” she stated, her face turning bright red.

“I guess I should’ve called first,” he replied blushing himself.

“That’s okay honey. Actually you probably did me a favor by showing up when you did,” Janet said, remembering the guy’s thumb up her butt.

“How so?” Todd asked, unsure why she’d said what she had.

“Never mind sweetie, it’s not important. What’s important is you’re home,” she replied, before stepping into him once more and wrapping her arms around his waist.

His heart swelled with love for this woman as he wrapped his arms around her and crushed her body to his, her hair tickling his nose. For several long minutes they stood that way, neither wanting to end their blissful embrace.

“I love you Mom,” Todd whispered.

Janet stepped back and gazed up at her son, her eyes misty, and said, “I love you too honey.”

Unable to figure out what to do with his hands he jammed them into his pants pockets and asked, “So, is my old room available?”

Smiling, Janet replied, “It’ll always be available for you sweetheart.”

“Well, I guess I’ll take my stuff up and put it away,” he said.

“Okay. I guess I’d better go put some clothes on,” she said, a blush rising on her cheeks.

“I suppose,” Todd said, unsure why he added, “But I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to run around naked.”

Janet gave him a quizzical look and said, “Oh really?”

“Really. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a hot woman in the buff,” he chuckled.

Knitting her eyebrows together she gazed into his eyes and asked, “You think I’m hot?”

“Speaking as an outside observer, not as a son, I’d have to say that you’re about the hottest woman I’ve ever seen before,” he told her.

“Well, thank you for the compliment, but you weren’t suppose to see what you saw. Not as an outside observer or anything else,” she chuckled before walking away, Todd following close behind.

As they entered the foyer Janet spotted the elongated box on the floor.

“I forgot about those,” Todd said as he bent down and picked the box up. Opening it he took out the dozen roses and handed them to her and said, “I got these for you.”

Janet could feel her eyes mist over again as she took the flowers from her son’s hand. Once again she felt the love she had for him swell up inside. Glancing up at his beaming face she couldn’t help herself. Spreading her arms wide, the flowers clutched tightly in one hand, she flung herself against him, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck while small sobs seeped from her throat.

“I missed you so much,” she whispered between sobs.

Todd saw the jacket spread apart briefly as his mother flung herself toward him. Automatically his arms went around her waist and pulled her tight against his chest, his left hand accidentally sliding down enough to dip past the hem of the jacket. With her arms reaching upwards the bottom of the jacket had risen enough to expose her ass. As soon as his fingers touched her bare skin the unsettling feeling returned. He felt the blood flowing into his cock and was powerless to stop it. As if the touch of her smooth warm flesh were a hot iron he jerked his hand away and placed it higher on her back, hoping desperately that she hadn’t felt him touch her naked ass.

Janet had felt it. She also felt the bulge pressing into her lower abdomen as she clung to her son. For reasons she was helpless to understand, the idea that her son was getting aroused because of her caused her pussy to grow moist. Desperately she tried to convince herself that the wetness seeping into her pussy was the result of having just had sex. Her son’s voice interrupted her train of thought just as her brain told her that that was a lie.

“Why are you crying Mom?” Todd asked, his arms pulling her even tighter against him.

“I’ve been so worried about you honey…and now that you’re home I can’t help it,” she replied, resting her face against his broad chest.

Gently breaking away from her he stood straight up then reached out and pulled the jacket closed around her. He could see her watching as he did, a look of curiosity in her eyes.

Smiling, jamming his hands into his pants pockets, he said, “Well, I’m home now, so you can stop worrying.”

“I’m your Mother baby, I’ll never stop worrying about you,” she replied, her free hand loosely holding the jacket closed while the other brought the roses up to her nose so she could smell them.

“I guess I should, um, get my stuff,” he stammered, slowly turning toward the front door.

“Yeah, and I should get dressed,” she replied, turning and slowly walking up the stairs, sniffing the flowers as she went.

Todd turned to say how happy bostancı escort he was to be home but the words died in his throat as he watched her climb the stairs. The higher she went, the more he could see of the bottom swell of her ass. Shame washed over him as he watched until she was out of sight, his swelling cock creating a huge bulge in the front of his pants. With a groan he stepped outside and snatched up his bag.

Janet entered her bedroom and softly closed the door behind her. She made her way over to the dresser and laid the flowers down on top of it, then slowly removed her son’s uniform jacket. Naked, she stood there gazing at the cluster of ribbons that adorned the breast of it, then slowly brought it up to her nose and breathed in deeply. The scent of her son sparked something inside her. More moisture seeped into her already wet pussy. Without even realizing she was doing it, her left hand slid slowly down the front of her body until her fingertips were pressing against her clit. Taking another whiff of the jacket she pushed her middle finger between her pussy lips and sank it up to the second knuckle into her dripping hole. A shudder coursed violently through her, shocking her to her very core.

“Oh my God! What the hell am I doing?” she thought, then gently laid the jacket on her bed.

Shaking her head in disbelief that she’d even entertain the idea of doing something with her son, she went into her bathroom and started the shower going. As she soaped her body, careful not to get her hair wet, her mind drifted back to the feeling of her son’s bulge pressed into her. Before rationality could talk her out of it she began to masturbate furiously, her back pressed against the shower stall as her fingers plunged expertly into her quivering cunt. The sudden explosion of her orgasm caught her off-guard, buckling her knees causing her to slide down the stall wall until she was sitting on the floor, her eyes wide.

Todd stood staring blankly down at his bag on the full sized bed in his old room. Once again he felt like he’d stepped back in time. The room was just the way he’d left it when he’d went into the Marines. His mind wasn’t dwelling on that however. Instead, it was focused solely on how his mother had looked downstairs. Naked. He’d never seen her that way before. Growing up there had been the occasional time when he saw her in bra and panties, but never in the buff. Even her swimsuits had been on the conservative side. But now all he could see was an image of her standing there, hair in rollers, her c-cup sized breasts hanging slightly down on her chest, the small brown areolas crinkled, the eraser sized nipples hard. Further down, past the smooth flat tummy with just a hint of a swell, was her pubic bush, slightly reddish in color and neatly trimmed. Idly he began to run a hand over the bulge in the front of his pants, oblivious to the sound of his mother’s door opening.

“Here’s your jacket…” Janet started but stopped, her eyes gravitating down toward her son’s hand rubbing his crotch.

Todd turned and saw her standing in the doorway holding out his jacket, her eyes clearly looking at his crotch, the rollers in her hair looking a little disheveled. Disgust flooded through him for what he’d been thinking as he stepped forward and took the jacket from her outstretched hand, his face as red as her’s.

“I’ll uh…I’ll see you downstairs. Do you want some coffee?” Janet stammered, turning before he could answer.

“That sounds good Mom. I’ll be down in a minute, I want to change first,” he managed to mumble.

By the time he got downstairs, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers, there were two cups of coffee sitting on the dining table but his mother was nowhere in sight. Sitting he took a sip, his eyes looking out the sliding glass door at the new wooden fence. His mother had replaced the old chain-link one with what appeared to be cedar that was at least six feet high. He noticed the grass needed to be mowed.

“So, how do you like the fence?” he heard his mom ask as she came out of the laundry room just off the kitchen.

“It’s certainly tall enough,” he replied, turning in his chair and watching as she walked over and took a seat next to him. The outfit she was wearing had that unsettling feeling returning. Her white shorts were so tight it gave her a camel-toe and the soft yellow tube top did very little in hiding the brown circles of her areolas.

“That’s to keep old man Oglethorpe from spying on me when I try to get some sun,” she said after taking a sip of her coffee.

A smile crept to his lips as he recalled how Mr. Oglethorpe used to sit out in his back yard on a rickety lawn chair every time his mother would go out to take a dip in the pool, or catch some rays. After what he’d seen today he didn’t blame the old pervert. The realization that his mom was a very sexy woman was something new to him, something he’d just have to come to terms with.

“Still being a perv, huh?” he asked unnecessarily.

“That’s an understatement. The older that man gets, the more perverted he gets. I swear, I think I saw him drooling the last time I laid out there sunbathing,” Janet chuckled.

“Well Mom, from what I’ve seen, I can’t blame him,” Todd laughed.

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