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First submission, go easy on me… This isn’t an attempt a real “story” but just an attempt at a vivid and realistic description of a fantasy of mine. Written for a friend, names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.


“OK.. let me see, If we were to meet in person, what would we do???”

If it were totally up to me? Well, that’s all I can really answer, being that I can’t read your mind and I’m sure you would have ideas of your own. But left up to me to decide, here’s what we would do…

We’d meet secretly at my apartment, with my roommates conveniently out of town. I’d invite you inside, and then immediately kiss you once, twice, thee times, very softly on your lips. I then take your hand and lead you to the couch, and sit down next to you, and kiss you once more, this time deeply, passionately, until we are both a bit out of breath. You admonish me to slow down, secretly hoping I won’t. I smirk and agree, then lounge back onto the couch, and instruct you to stretch out on your back and lie your head in my lap. I say that I know you are a little afraid, and that it’s ok.

“Tell me.” I’d ask.

“Tell you what?” you reply, a little confused.


With that we would talk about our hopes, our fears, our dreams lost, achieved and still to be realized. All the while I continue to admire you, caressing your face and stroking your gorgeous hair. More and more hungry to touch you I let my hands wander, first to your neck, and my fingertips, ever so lightly on your throat, to feel it move and hum while you speak to me. Then your shoulders and back of your neck, massaging you. Closing your eyes, you tell me how good it feels. I tell you to come with me, and I will give you a real massage.

Taking your hand I lead you to my bed, I tell you to lie on your stomach and cover up with a towel that I hand you. I close the door to give you time to undress while I get the massage oil and a couple of candles. Returning, I quickly strip off my shirt and light the candles. Without a word I spread some oil, first on my hands then onto your back. Rubbing slowly, firmly and deeply I would start where I left off, on the back of your neck, down to your shoulders across your back. I fold the towel down, almost agonizingly slow. When my hands reach the top of your bra, I lean up over you to whisper for you to unhook it, so I don’t get oil on it. You do, discarding it to the floor, giving me a tantalizing first peak at your breasts in the process. And I continue down, folding the towel as I go, working slowly toward your buttocks, pausing on occasion to plant a gentle kiss on your newly oiled places on your back.

Then just as you are beginning to wonder if I’m going to discard the towel entirely, I start to work my way back up, along your sides, causing the muscles in your stomach to give the ticklish quiver that they sometimes can. When you giggle in response, I rub deeper, and the quiver turns to pure pleasure, and your giggle becomes a soft moan. I continue up, across your ribs, climbing up to straddle you as I do. As I reach the exposed sides of your breasts I slow down even more, savoring the feeling just as much as you. I lean down to shower light kisses up your spine as I move up your body, still rubbing the light oil onto you, farther inward until I’m completely cupping your breasts, feeling the nipples harden against my palms as I rub is intoxicating, and you let out low mmmmmm… sound of pleasure from somewhere in your throat. As my mouth reaches the delicate spot on the back of your neck where your hairline begins, I alternately kiss and lick my way across your neck and shoulder. You turn to embrace me and I pull away, saying that I haven’t even started on your legs yet. You feign outrage at being teased in such brutal fashion, but your smile and sensual tone of voice betray your true feelings.

I take your feet individually into my hands, one at a time, cupping them with my fingers and using my thumbs, to massage them, deeply at first to chase bakırköy escort away the tickle, then lighter. From toes to heel, at the bottoms of your feet get a once over, then back again. I move up to your calves, pushing my fingertips from your Achilles tendon upwards to the back of your knee, then I lean down and kiss you there softly and I again spread oil on my palms. I start going back over your your calves, one at a time and slowly this time, using both hands to knead and massage them. As I finish your calves I put one hand on each, and spread your legs. As you turn to look back I climb up into a kneeling position in the spot between them I made for myself just a moment before. Pouring a line of oil down one leg, I reach up and fold the towel up to the bottom of your cheeks. This gives me my first look at the panties you have on, and comment to you on how naughty they are, and tell you to remind me later that I owe you a spanking for being such a naughty girl, but first, I must continue your massage. I start rubbing the oil in little semi-circles up your thigh, then massage you in alternating up-down strokes along the length of your leg, then in-out around it. I start low and work up back first, then outside of your thigh, then inside. As I go higher on the inside I spread my knees a bit, which in turn forces your legs apart, little by little, to give me better access to the sensitive areas I’m working on, progressively closer to your butt and panties.

As I reach the top of first thigh I go around the outside of your hip first, finally removing the towel altogether, then along the back of your thigh, just below the line of your panties. Back to the inside close, so close to your pussy. My fingertips touch the edge of your panties, then I sense it, for the first time I know what I had suspected for a while, you are wet already; very wet. I reach under between your legs with my fingers, all the way up and cup your entire mound with my hand, and you instinctively arch your back pressing up against me as you let out the deep breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. I drag my hand up lightly pressing my middle finger on the center of your panties as I do, pushing them slightly into your slit. You moan your approval and for the first time I seriously consider cutting my teasing massage short, and fucking your right then, but as hard as my cock is, my willpower is still stronger. I grasp the waistband of your panties with my fingertips then slowly pull them down, you lift your hips to assist me as I slide them down, and I lift your legs, scooting back to remove them the rest of the way. Without being told to do so you quickly spread your legs back to the position they were in moments before giving me a perfect view of the treasure between your legs. Resisting the temptation to dive for it I force my hands to go back to your other thigh, and repeat the procedure I used on the other. Slowly I ascend, making you wait for it and you moan lightly in response.

When I finally reach the apex again, you arch upwards at me again, and I can at this point smell your arousal, nearly driving me crazy with lust. I reapply the oil to my hands and begin to massage your butt cheeks, firmly, up and down, then in circles causing a delicious friction to build between your legs. I reach under you with one hand, like before only without the panties to obstruct this time. I drag my fingers back up, stopping when middle fingertip is just over the hood of your clit, and I slowly start to move it in a light circle there. This causes you grab up the pillow you have your head on, and bury your face into it, moaning loudly, but then I stop. As before I drag my middle finger through the center of your sex, pushing lightly into your slit as I do, gathering some of the wetness there. This time I bring it up to lips to taste you for the first time. First with my tongue, then the whole of my finger goes into my mouth to suck off what I just drew out of you. I moan in pleasure and jump back off the bed, and start stripping beşiktaş escort off my pants and boxers.

“Turn over.” I say in a voice hoarse with lust as I climb back onto the bed. I crawl up till we are face to face, covering your body with mine. You can feel my hard cock against your body as I begin kissing you. Your hands reach down to find it, to guide it into you. “Not yet.” I say between deep tongue kisses, my hands roaming over your whole body as I begin to kiss down your neck. Finally my right hand comes to rest on your mound again after exploring your breasts, side, belly and butt. I start to rub you there as I imagine you would yourself, still kissing and licking my way around your breasts, and reflexively bucking my hips, slowly grinding my cock on your writhing legs. After as long as I can stand to wait I move my mouth away from your hardened nipples down your breasts and over your belly, still kissing and tounging the whole way, and still rubbing your pussy from your flowering opening up to your clit again. Then my kiss on the space between your hips and your mound makes you shiver again, but without the giggle this time. You are too aroused. I look up and smile as look down at me, and I drag my tongue toward the burning center of your lust.

I start slowly, with just the tip of my tongue, with the most gently of pressure over your clit. Not directly on it, not yet, but just moving it back and forth in it’s cute little hood. I hear your sharp intake of breath as the sensation hits you, causing you to arch your back and throw your hands over your head to grasp the headboard of my bed. As I continue, ever so slightly increasing the pressure, you pull your knees up and spread yourself even wider, desperate make it easier for me to give you this pleasure. I wrap my left arm around your left thigh and bring my right hand to your pussy lips, spreading them wide open, and I start working my tongue down your sweet cunt lips, lightly this time down your inner lips to the bottom of your opening, now flushed and wet with your arousal. I work back up, deeper this time, dragging my tongue up your pussy slit toward your clit. I linger there until you moan again, more pressure than ever this time. As you start bucking your hips I move down again, taking away the intense stimulation from your clit, I don’t want to you to cum just yet. I go deeper this time, loving your unique taste, on the way down I teasing your pee hole slightly with the tip of my tongue, before I bury it in your cunt, pushing it in as far as it will go. tongue-fucking you.

I continue and allow myself to become more and more wild with my desire for you, my cock leaking so much precum it has it’s own little puddle near the foot of my bed. I get even wilder going down on you, licking you all over. As I slip my first two fingers into your cunt, you are so wet that it makes an audible sound as they slide in, your juices run down my hand and down the crack of your ass. I go back to lavishing your clit with my tongue as I start to finger fuck you. We are both moaning as I assault your clit with the whole flat of my tongue, moving my fingers first just back and forth, then curving up inside you, seeking out your Gspot, that I hope will set you off like a firecracker. I hear your moan change as a result of the unexpected new sensation from inside your pussy, and I home in on that spot, increasing the firm but gentle pressure of my strokes. I change from just licking your clit to sucking it, increasing the pressure as I feel you nearing your well deserved release. I unwrap my other arm and move my left hand down over the space between your cunt and your asshole, and as you start to come I push there with the back of my hand, in a firm rhythmic pressure trying to time it with the contractions of your pussy. You start bucking almost wildly as you cum, so much so that I have to hold you down to continue sucking furiously on your clit. I want to you feel it all, more than ever before as you scream my name.

I finally abate my beylikdüzü escort sucking as your orgasm wanes, your legs drawing up tight from the sensitivity of your clit. I withdraw my fingers from your pussy put them straight into my mouth, hungrily sucking on them. My needs are at their peak, maybe more than ever before as I rise to my knees above you, my cock standing out angrily as a bead of precum drips from the swollen head. I look down at you, arms and legs still clenched to your body from the powerful release you just felt, face and chest flushed from cumming so hard, your nipples erect and standing out. You look overwhelmed with sensation, a broad smile on your lips and a dreamy look in your eyes. You look so happy and yet so incredibly vulnerable. Looming over you I feel so powerful and masculine, more than ever before. “I need you… Now.” I say, while you half sit up, reaching for my throbbing cock. You grasp it, smearing the leaking swollen head with your fingers and thumb, you take a taste back up to your mouth, smile, and lean towards it.

“No, I need to be in you, I need… I want to fuck you.” And you realize, all this time that I was teasing you, tormenting you, that I was also tormenting myself. You see me overwhelmed with the ache for release you felt so strongly only moments ago. In my eyes you see pure animal lust. I see you lie back with a look of wonder on your face, moving your arms above your head and spreading your legs instinctively. Presenting yourself to me, to be taken. I lean over you lining my cock up with your pussy opening, still soaking wet. I push forward into you, bearing down with some of my weight onto you, and my cock slides home. The feeling is indescribable, tight and warm, a perfect fit, like a tailored silk glove accepting the hand it was made for. “Oh God… Sarah…” I moan as I begin to move my hips.

I won’t last long, we both know it after that incredible bout of foreplay, I’m just too far gone to hold back. My pace intensifies quickly as you start to moan. I lift up a little, hooking my arms under your knees and lift up to get a better angle. The effect is intensified for us both, and I close my eyes to savor it. You reach down to your clit with one hand and turn your head to the side as you begin to pant. “Oh… Sarah… fuck….. uhhhh….” I say as I continue to fuck you, harder.

“Cum for me Jack…. cum… in… me…” you half whisper, half gasp to me as I pound your cunt with my cock for all I’m worth. You wrap your legs around behind my ass, hooking them together as if you were trying to force all of me into you. Suddenly my hips lock, bottoming my cock out inside you, holding it there for a moment; then a quick half-stroke back out then in to the hilt again, and you know I’m cumming. You reach up to my shoulders and pull me down to you, to kiss the hair on my chest frantically as you buck your hips with me, grinding your clit on the base of my shaft, and to your surprise you feel yourself cumming yet again. The sensation is overwhelming for both of us. As my orgasm slows I feel you in the midst of your own and force myself to resume stroking, hoping to make it better for you; I go as long as I can until the sensitivity on my dick becomes to much and I have to stop.

Both of us spent and breathing hard, we start to laugh from the pure joy of the powerful love making we had just shared. I start to move and you stop me, saying “No, please let’s just stay like this for a little while.” I turn your leg down, cock still inside you and softening quickly, and lay behind you, arms wrapped around you, into the spoon position. Pressed together with one of my hands on your breast and the other nestled in your pubic hair, with your hands on top of mine, we both sigh, and rest. Savoring the afterglow together. After a few minutes you begin to notice my hands aren’t sitting still, I’m caressing you yet again.

Wiggling your butt against me you moan, “What are you doing now? Already?”

I lean up and suck your earlobe for a second, and say “Not quite yet, but soon. You know Sarah, baby, there’s something you can do for me that will have me hard even faster…”

You turn to me smiling a devilish grin. “I never thought you’d ask.” you say as you slide down my body, throwing the blanket over you shyly as you prepare to go down, and suck my cock back to life.

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