One Night Stand

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Lisa and James were boyfriend and girlfriend and they weren’t afraid to show it.

She had long, flowing black hair and brown eyes, a tanned figure and was sexy in every shape and form, every guys dream.

James had rugged black hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned skin and a great body, he worked out at the gym 6 days a week and made every girl week at the knees.

They’d both decided to go to Joanne’s party (a disco at her house) together and Joanne wouldn’t shut up about Michael, her new boyfriend and flaunted him at every turn, he was kind of cute…

At the night of the party

James and Lisa showed up looking fabulous, Lisa in a silky white gown and James in a clean pair of jeans and a white shirt, looking as handsome as ever. Michael wasn’t far behind. They said hello to Joanne and danced for a little while, until a slow song came on, Destiny’s Child.

James couldn’t take it anymore, he took Lisa’s hand and led her away from the dance-floor, and led her upstairs into the guest bedroom, and he guided her to the bed and took off his shirt. His muscles rippled like the ocean, it made Lisa swoon, and she knew what he wanted, she wanted it too…

James slid Lisa’s long white gown off her slender body and threw it over a chair, Lisa started to un-button his sarıyer escort jeans. James couldn’t believe it, there she was, the girl she loved the most, sitting there in a white thong and bra, undoing his jeans. He smiled, he was in heaven.

Lisa saw as she took off his jeans that James’ cock was hard, she could she it through his boxers. It was large, and it made her so horny. She pulled down his jeans and he un-clasped her bra, fingering her slowly as he went. She pulled down his boxers and there it was, right in front of her, it was so big, she couldn’t wait for him to stick it into her, it almost made her faint with the excitement. She laid back against the bed as he pulled off her thong. He looked at her again, her breasts rippling and firm, just waiting for his touch. He eased himself slowly onto her, he started to play with her breasts, making them protrude, they were hard, and he had to have a taste. He started to lick tenderly and watch as they jumped with anticipation.

He sucked for a second, before starting to lick her all over he fingered her hips and licked the lips of her pussy, darting around, from her hips to her thighs,

“Oh, James stop teasing me! Take me now!” Lisa cried, almost esenyurt escort being crushed with the passion.

“Baby, you know you like it like this, baby,” he said, as they rolled off the bed, and onto the floor, Lisa stood on all fours as James banged harder and harder on her pussy, both of them almost at climax. He sped up, faster and faster, while Lisa panted and groaned, trying to cope with the pleasure and pain that James was bringing her.

He pinched her ass hard as he pumped harder and harder, it was almost un-bearable, she couldn’t hold it in, she orgasmed and an electric feeling shot through her body, when the door opened, Joanne and Michael were standing at the door.

Michael and Joanne just stood, staring at Lisa and James.

“What are you doing in here?!” Joanne cried, even though it was obvious what they were doing,

“Well,” Lisa was determined to come out on top of this argument, considering she was stark naked and missing James touch, “What are you doing in here?!”

Joanne stopped she looked like she was about to say something in defence, but instead she clasped Michaels hand and looked at him with a loving smile.

Lisa didn’t need telling twice, “Well, don’t let us stop you,” she sighed, going to sit avrupa yakası escort on the edge of the bed where James had moved to, getting out of the limelight and area of view.

Joanne left the room and entered the en suite bathroom to put on a condom. Michael was desperately trying to control his throbbing cock at the sight of Lisa, naked ,sitting right in front of him. But he smacked himself mentally. “Come on, Michael,” he thought to himself “Her guy is sitting right next to her,”

James was also nude, but his girl was right there, so he gestured to her and like clockwork, she got up and placed herself in his lap, which almost pushed Michael over the top there and then.

Just before Michael couldn’t stop himself, Joanne came back and her red, open-backed dress was clinging to her body, showing every curve. One of the straps on her shoulder was slid off, lying on her forearm, baring her supple, tanned skin.

Michael didn’t waste the opportunity, slid over to her and began to nibble at her earlobe. Joanne let out a little giggle and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it on his body, but revealing his rippling muscles.

James didn’t hold back either, he picked Lisa up easily and carried her to the other end of the bed, placing her gently down he began to massage her pulsating body, her pussy was sore from the last experience and her breasts were tender and hard, waiting for more.

Joanne’s dress was now hanging at her waist, balancing on her graceful hips and Michael was determined to catch up with James.

Joanne kissed him tenderly, this was a night none of them would forget.

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