One Last Winter Snow Ch. 01

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Meeting on the internet made it very easy to go slowly, to really get to know each other. Living only 50 miles apart made meeting in person possible, but still left them with the option of not seeing each other until they were both ready. Neither wanted to be pushed, they both wanted to be sure this time. They were still using their screen names, and the anonymity was a heady sensation.

They began to fall in love, and decided to take it to the next level. After weeks of only seeing each other online, they exchanged more personal information, and he was finally able to call her. He had been daydreaming about her voice, wondering how it would sound. For a few seconds, he worried that she would have a high, squeaky voice that would grate on his ears, or perhaps a very deep voice he would have to strain to hear. He hesitated before he called, taking deep breaths to calm himself.

He had liked everything about her so far, but then again, so far it was only words on a screen. Of course, she was having the same reservations about him, wondering what she had gotten herself into this time!

When the phone rang, she jumped and then just stared at it. She finally gathered her wits about her and answered it on the fourth ring. She caught it just in time, because he was about the hang up. She sounded a little breathless when she first tried to speak; she had been holding her breath the whole time the phone was ringing.

At the sound of her voice, he melted. It was wonderful, just like he had hoped it would be. He made up his mind very quickly that he could indeed spend the rest of his life listening to her speak. His voice belied his inner most feeling at that moment. To her ears, he sounded confident and in control of himself. She would have laughed if she could have seen his face or his knees right then!

They talked for hours, never realizing the night was slipping away. It all seemed so right that they made their first real date before hanging up. As she was standing there, the phone rang again. When she picked it up, he said, “I just had to make sure you were real. Good night, sweetheart.”

Several minutes later, her mind cleared, and she realized she was still holding the receiver in her hand, and was barely breathing. She put the phone down, took a deep breath, and let go with a squeal that startled even her!

She had 3 days to decide what to wear, and it didn’t seem like enough time. Everything she took out of the closet went right back in. Nothing seems right, nothing fit the way she wanted it to, or it wasn’t the right color. In the end, she decided that he was going to see her as she really was.

She pulled out her favorite blue jeans, and a beautiful bulky turtleneck sweater in pale yellow. She felt great in them, and she looked great in them. When Saturday night finally came, she was going to be very ready.

She took a long time getting dressed that early Saturday evening. She was very excited and wanted to look her best for their first rendezvous’. She had sent him a recent picture, but pictures never do anybody justice, for good or bad. She longed to see admiration and lust in his eyes, at the first site of her.

She was proud of how she had kept her shape, though her curves had rounded with age. She wasn’t a young girl, but she wasn’t an old lady either! Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, she wanted him to really like what he saw.

She took a long hot shower, using the time to take stock of herself. She lathered up her scrunchie, and took mental notes as she washed herself. She had always liked her slender neck, even though it ended at shoulders that were a tad bit too wide. She never needed the help of shoulder pads in her clothes. Her ample breasts were well shaped with large nipples, which were quick to respond to stimulation. She cupped her left breast in her left hand and was satisfied at the weight and size. It was bigger then her hand, but would fit nicely into the strong hands of a man. She smiled to herself at the thought.

She was thick through the waist, but then she always had been. She didn’t have love handles; it just didn’t angle in like an hourglass. Her hips were rounded from giving birth to 3 children, all grown now, but were not overly large. As she was not a very tall woman, her legs were not long, but they were very shapely. When taken as a complete package, it all fit together very nicely.

50 miles away, he was taking the same inventory. He very carefully trimmed his full beard and moustache, glad that she had mentioned she liked a man with a beard. He really didn’t want to shave it off. It had been a good friend for many years. As he looked at himself in the mirror, he was happy that he hadn’t gone to flab as many of his same aged friends had. He was, by no stretch of the imagination, the Greek god type, but he was still in good shape for his age.

He wasn’t sporting a six pack, but neither did his belly hide his belt buckle. He flexed his arms, and looked for the muscle that was supposed to pop bakırköy escort up. It didn’t exactly pop, but it was still there. He decided that she was just going to have to take him as he was, because it had been this way a very long time.

They had decided on casual attire, so he put on his good blue jeans, favorite western shirt, and his best rodeo sized belt buckle. With his boots polished and his hat brushed, he cut a dashing cowboy figure. He sure did hope she liked cowboys.

She stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her red hair was shiny and soft, and combed so that a lock of it fell over her shoulder and curled up just above the peak of her breast. It looked stunning against the light yellow sweater she had chosen to wear. Her jeans fit perfectly, not too snug, but not baggy either. Her boots were more of a concession to the weather then to fashion, but still looked good with her jeans. She spritzed herself with her favorite perfume, did a little touch up on her lipstick and grabbed her coat. She was as ready as she was ever going to be.

They decided on a neutral meeting place, not only for safety but “just in case” it really didn’t work out. Even though everything seemed to be going so well, they both knew they couldn’t take any chances just yet. They really were still strangers to each other.

He reached the restaurant before she did, and secured a table off to the side, out of the flow of traffic. It wasn’t a fancy place, but there were real table clothes and fresh flowers on each table. He thought about ordering a beer while he was waiting, but he didn’t want her first impression of him to be beer breath! He ordered iced tea instead, put his hat on the seat next to him, and then sat back to wait for her arrival. He didn’t have to wait long.

When the door opened, he looked up, holding his breath until she stepped out of the cold and into the light. From his vantage point, she couldn’t see him yet, so he was able to stare at her without being rude. She was beautiful! Her red hair had been blown into a wild flirty mess that she was attempting to subdue with her hands. The waitress at the door must have said something to her, because she flashed her a smile that dazzled him clear across the room. She took off her coat and turned to survey the room.

Many heads turned to look at her standing there, but her gaze didn’t stop until it landed on him. She recognized him immediately and began to walk towards him. When she was close enough, their eyes locked as he slowly stood up. Everyone in the room felt the electricity that passed between them. Her breath caught in her throat as his eyes bore into hers. For a few seconds, she thought she might pass out, right then and there.

He reached for her hand and brought it to his lips, his eyes never leaving hers. He turned it over and kissed the palm of her hand and said “Hello, Sweetheart”. She stared at him, mesmerized by his gaze, until her knees started to buckle. She mental shook herself and sat down, still locked in his gaze. The consensus in the restaurant was that they were lovers, reunited but discrete after a long separation. Little did they know this was the first time they had met.

They sat for hours, barely touching the dinner they had ordered. There were so many things to talk about, so much to say. The restaurant clientele had had been replaced several times over, and now the waitress was bringing them the bill. Looking at his watch, he was surprised to see that it was 11:00 and they had been sitting there for 5 hours!

He paid the bill, helped her on with her coat and opened the door. Instantly, he was pushed back inside, a blast of artic air whistling around him. While they had been sitting there, enjoying the fascinating company, a blizzard had blown in from the north. It had not been expected by the weather man, so no one was prepared for it. This was not a good sign.

They went to the window and looked out. There were only two vehicles in the parking lot in the front, because the employee parking lot was out back. Her little car was almost buried under a mound of snow. His truck, by virtue of big tires was at least accessible. He made a quick decision, and took her hand.

Before he opened the door again, he explained his plan to her. “I will go warm up the truck, and then pick you up at the door. I will drive you home, and we can pick up your car tomorrow. Stay inside until I get back, ok?” She nodded her head, and he hesitated, just for a second, before he leaned in and gently kissed her lips. The thrill they both felt gave him the warmth to stand the cold, and rooted her in the spot he left her.

The roads were very icy, the black ice as treacherous as any he had ever seen. Hitting a patch of the ice, they careened off the side of the road into a snow bank. They were physically ok, although very shaken and the truck was not hurt, but it was definitely stuck. It started snowing again, slowly covering the windows, surrounding them in beşiktaş escort a silent blanket of white.

It was getting colder inside the truck, the cold from the window glass seeping into their bones. Reaching behind the seat, he grabbed blanket from the back, and pulled it around his shoulders. He maneuvered himself between the seats and pushed the front seat forward as far as it would go. She climbed over the console, and sat on her hip, facing him, her head upon his chest and he wrapped his arms around her in the small back seat, enveloping them both in what little warmth the blanket could provide.

For a few minutes it felt good, but the warmth was short-lived. As she looked up at him, her lips quivered with the cold, and she shivered. Pulling her closer to him, he lowered his head, and kissed her cold lips softly, then harder as the warmth returned. He cradled her in his arms, and tried to comfort her, saying “We will be ok. I will take care of you.”

She smiled at him a trifle sadly, and he kissed her again. Slowly, he deepened the kiss as the heat started to spread, and she returned the growing passion without hesitation. His tongue slipped between her lips, probing her mouth, and she sucked on it, while sliding her hands up under his shirt. His hand felt around under the layers of clothing until it touched her soft, warm bare skin.

He reached around behind her, unhooked her bra and pushed it and her sweater up to cup her bare breast, rolling the nipple gently between his thumb and finger. She sucked in her breath as the cold air hit her skin, and then moaned as his warm hand covered it.

He relaxed the arm holding her and his mouth left a trail of kisses down her throat, until his lips found that nipple and he sucked on it like a starving baby. She gasped as his lips enveloped her heaving breast, taking most of it in his mouth, and her back arched up with pleasure. His hand slid down over her pants, and went straight to her crotch, rubbing her through the fabric before reaching for the zipper.

When he hesitated, her hand slid up his arm, her fingers going to the back of his head, curling in his hair and pulling his head up. He opened his eyes and found her staring into them, the passion clearly visible in hers. Without words, she not only gave him permission, but willing surrendered to him. He quietly asked, “Are you sure?” She gave him a Mona Lisa smile and nodded. Their first time together had finally begun.

Their romantic evening together was not at all what he had planned, but they were certainly alone!

He gently kissed her lips, in complete awe of the prize he has won. Her arms tightened around his neck, and the kiss moved beyond lips joining, to the edge of bodies and souls becoming one. They were not kids, but the feelings of being together for the first time have not changed. The urge to hurry was controlled only by the need to nurture and satisfy. There is something to be said for growing up.

Cradling her in his arms, kissing her lips slowly, he lit a fire in them both that warmed them to their very cores. His hand slid down her back and cupped her butt, pulling her closer to him. His fingers followed the line of her jeans down to her knee and back up, finally reaching the waistband and the button that kept her from him.

She whimpered as his lips left hers, then sighed and turned her head to feel them move down her throat, around to her ear. His warm breath sent shivers down her spine and her arms tightened to hold him closer. He nibbled on her ear lobe and neck as his fingers worked the button and zipper on her pants. It had been a long time since he had been in this position, and his skills were a bit rusty.

But it really was like riding a bike….

Almost without thought, his hand worked the zipper down and he opened the front of her pants, exposing her belly to the cold air. He covered her skin with his warm hand when she gasped at the cold, and she moaned softly.

Slipping the tips of his fingers under the elastic band of her panties, he marveled at the softness under his hand, as he slid it down over her rounded hip. She had the body of a mature woman, with all the curves in all the right places. He had learned through experience that some well placed womanly plumpness is a wonderful thing! He had no desire for the pencil thin waifs so much in style today. That was one of the reasons he had been alone for so long.

She didn’t have time to think. As his hands worked their magic on her skin, she couldn’t have stopped him, not that she wanted to. She was completely under his spell, not realizing that she was in control and could have stopped him at any time. Not that it would have been easy, but he would have reigned himself in if she had asked him to.

Glorious warmth was spreading through her body, and a tantalizing tingle was had begun between her legs. She shifted her weight enough to ease the tightness of her jeans across her hips, and settled more comfortably beylikdüzü escort in the crook of his arm. His mouth found hers again, as his hand came back up to rest in the small of her back. He pulled her closer and she melted into him.

They both knew that the confines of the back seat of a pickup was no place to truly consummate a relationship, but neither was ready to stop what they had started either.

His hand slowly traversed the silken skin of her abdomen, stopping only when his fingers encountered the soft hair covering her mound. When his hand stopped, the arm around his neck slid down his shoulder and she pulled on his arm, above his elbow, making his hand move farther down to the vee between her legs. She shifted her weight again, and parted her knees, giving him space to maneuver.

He kissed her harder, as if to thank her for being there with him. When he pushed his fingers down between her legs, his heart skipped a beat and he thought it was going to stop. It took every ounce of his control to keep himself from reacting like a school boy getting his first chance at sex.

Lying across his lap as she was, she was very aware of the passion that was building in him. What had started out as a bump in his pants was now the full grown evidence of his need. She almost giggled at the thought of it being just for her! She felt like a school girl necking in the back seat of a car after a football game. The only difference was, now she knew what to do with it!

He raised his head and looked at her, lying in his lap. An overwhelming need washed over him, the need to satisfy her and make her happy. He was staring into her eyes when his fingers found her woman’s button, and he pushed it. As the sensations enveloped her, her eyes glazed over and closed, and he knew he had found the right spot.

He gently massaged her clit until her hips began to move under his fingers. She moaned and her hand found its way down to cover his. She pushed his hand down, until his fingers were at the wet entrance of her, and then put her hand around his neck to pull his mouth down to meet hers. As his fingers slid effortlessly inside her, he groaned into her mouth as he tried to devour her.

The knot building in her stomach began to expand and spread until it had taken over her entire body. She was a trembling mass of flesh, begging for release. Her hips were gyrating against his hand, pushing her clit up to meet the palm of his hand. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, timing the thrusting in and out with that of his fingers. Her muscles tightened and he knew she was on the very edge of an orgasm.

He raised his head and opened his eyes, waiting for her to open hers. When she did, he looked into them and plunged his fingers into her as far as he could, to reach her inner most passion. As he did, she exploded. Her pupils dilated and then her eyes squeezed shut, as her hips bucked against his hand. Her head thrashed back and forth and she moaned, pushing up to meet his still thrusting fingers. Her muscles tried to grasp his fingers, squeezing them with each thrust.

When the spasms slowed, he removed his hand and wrapped her in his arms again, as if to protect her while she was most vulnerable. She had never had such a long orgasm, never felt it so strongly, or been so satisfied. This was a new sensation and she liked it!

As he held her close, she could feel his rock hard member throbbing against her stomach.

She raised her head for him to kiss her again, and then she took over. Kissing him with the same passion he had shown her, she worked at his belt buckle, then the button on his pants. When she pulled the zipper down, he moaned and then gasped as her fingers wrapped around his manhood. Her fingers were so warm and strong that he knew it wouldn’t take long for him to reach his peak.

She slid her hand up and down the length of his shaft, feeling it throb against her fingers.

She knew all he was hoping for was a hand job, but she had something more in mind.

She dragged her lips away from his and looked down at the treasure in her hand. It seemed to wink at her and she smiled. Lowering her head, she kissed the tip of his manhood, and then circled the head with her tongue. His legs stiffened out in front of him, and his breath came in ragged gasps. He watched her, fascinated by her movements; much like a cobra watches the charmer. She had him mesmerized.

She ran her tongue down the throbbing vessel on the underside of his shaft before covering the tip with her lips. He watched as most his manhood disappeared into the warmth of her mouth, and then out again, where the cold air made him shiver. She gently sucked on him, until he was unable to control himself any longer. He tried to warn her, but she already knew what was coming. As his organism began, his hips bucked up toward her, and she took him all in, as she felt his hot stream flow from him to her.

When he could no long stand the attention she was giving him, she released his deflated member and looked up at him. What she saw in his eyes made her heart stop. She had not seen that much passion in a man’s eyes in her life, and it almost scared her. He gently took her in his arms and held her, kissing her temple and murmuring in her ear until she completely relaxed and finally fell asleep.

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