One Duty Night Many Years Ago

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While stationed at a submarine training center many years ago, we had a very good softball team: 23-3 two years in a row. During the 3rd season, and my last year at the center, we picked up several very good female players. One in particular won the right to play second base. Kathie K. Boy did she have nice very shapely ass that I couldn’t help but notice. After all, playing right field, I stood out behind her for many hours during practice and the games. Of course as I young submarine sailor I had to get to know her better.

Because I was one of the more senior First Class Petty Officers at the center, I was appointed as a duty section leader for one of the 15 duty sections. The duty sections were responsible for the security and safety of the building after working hours. After she had been at the center for several months, she was transferred into my duty section – found out later she had requested it. Back in the late 70’s we didn’t have female sleeping quarters or shower facilities, so a little improvisation was in order. If she wanted to take a shower, I would run all the males out of the locker room and “stand Guard” at the door.

One night, when she was in the shower, she called asking me to come in because she had forgotten her towel. Just as I was about to hand it to her though the curtain, she threw it aside. Let me tell you, she had a very well-shaped medium sized set of tits. Nice nipples sitting right out in front – looked nice and hard too. She smiled at me, while turning her back to me. I am telling you I was completely correct about her ass. The view of her bear ass so much anadolu yakası escort better then out on the ball field. Oh, I will never forget just how soft and pretty her blonde cunt hair looked. I’m telling you, a world class body.

Right than I wanted her more than I ever did while looking at her ass on the ball field. But…there is always a “but.” But, I knew that if I stepped into that shower, we would have been caught or at least some very big rumors would have gotten started. And that wouldn’t have been a good thing. So I told her to get dressed in her jogging shorts and meet me on the 4th deck of the old missile compartment. She was always running in the wall-ways of this very big building, so I knew no one in the duty section would think anything of it.

Walking out of the locker room, I found and told my assistant that I would be in the lower level of the old missile compartment doing some PMs and cleaning. So I headed that way…for the upper level, not lower. She was already there when I got there…with nothing on but blonde hair. Man oh man she was so good looking that my tongue got so hard I couldn’t hardly talk. Of course as a young sailor, my dick got so hard, I couldn’t hardly walk ether. Before I could get to her, she stepped over to me dropping to her knees. In no time at all she had my dick out, mumbling something about nice size and in her mouth it went. Damn she as good, because in no time flat, she had me ready to blow a load in her mouth. I wanted to put that load up her very good looking pussy, so I stopped her by ataşehir escort telling her I wanted to taste her sweetness. That brought a smile to her face. I backed her up to the old missile tube access door which was open, picking her up and placed her lying down partially inside the dummy training bird. Immediately placing her knees over my shoulders, I stuck my face in her pussy. Man did she taste good and I just couldn’t get enough. Chewing and sucking, sucking and chewing on her clit, while running several fingers in and out of her creamy pussy. Making sure I was rubbing her g spot with each stoke. Damn she got real wet, real quick. And I loved it!

After she had creamed on my face several times coating my mustache with a very tasty glaze, I knew I had to have a taste of her with my dick. Pulled her out of the bird, placing her on her knees. I started rubbing my dick head up and down her slit. In no time I had her whimpering wanting me to fuck her. Don’t get me wrong, I badly wanted to just ram it home all the hilt, but I also wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible. I very slowly eased my super hard dick into the smoothest pussy I had never been in. God it was nice. Soft and silky but firm as it could be. Slowly I started working it in and out. She felt so good on my dick that I had to work really hard on not busting a nut in her too soon. Man oh man I was enjoying this pussy.

After a few minutes, I noticed her pussy tighten up and then here came her frothily white cream around my dick. Well as hard as I was trying not to bust a nut, here it came. ümraniye escort Between the two of us, boy did we made a mess on the floor. She stayed not moving on her knees and elbows for a few minutes and then turned a round. Boy was she smiling at me. Next thing I know, she had me down her throat again. She told me later that she loved the taste of her juices and my come. With my dick in her mouth, it didn’t take me long to get back hard as a rock.

This time she lay down on her back, pulling me by my dick towards her and into her divine tunnel of hot steamy love. It felt just as good the second time. After stroking her wonderful pussy for a while, I put her knees over my shoulders, telling her to hold on to the backs of my biceps, I really begin to pound it hard. First her eyes got really big and then smiling, she closed her eyes and really started meeting my thrusting. Stoke for stoke, thrust for thrust, she was right there with me. Boy did I think the first nut was good. But when the second one came, it was nothing short of phenomenal. I think it rolled both of our eyes back in our heads. After “WE” finished, I lay on her for few minutes, dick still up inside that wonderful pussy, never wanting to move from her.

We finally came back down to earth to the realization that we would be missed if we didn’t get up off the floor and get back to keeping the building safe and secure.

No, it didn’t happen again the building. But I did try to wear it out many times after that. And she still rolled my eyes back 2 years later. I got to work that thing for just over 2 years before she was transferred to the West Coast, Man that was the best 2 years ever. The ironic part of all this. I was also getting all the pussy I wanted from my wife. But it was never as good as it was with Kathy K. The asshole in me even had the wife fuck, suck and fuck my unwashed dick not too long after dropping a load into the best pussy ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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