Old Flame

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The parking lot was, as it always was, full and disorganized. Luckily, I was able to get into a very convenient spot, which assured that my wait time to leave would be minimal. As I checked to ensure that I had all my food, reading material and valuables, I heard a familiar voice, rather close to me. As I looked around it was an ex girlfriend of mine, Elizabeth.

“Hey you, I should have known you would have been here,” was her greeting with a wide grin. I hugged her, as was our standard greeting, but I prolonged the squeeze to maximize the impact of her well-endowed bust.

“What do you expect? It remains as it always was,” I responded as we ended our embrace. She was looking as fit as she always did and as I stared at her she knew I was assessing all the fine lines that made her so adorable. Even though she was with a few friends, she slowed her walk to engage in some light chat as we walked to the entrances.

“I am sure you are in the hospitality boxes with all your VIP friends,” I joked as we got to the first entrance. “So, it is not likely I am going to see you again for today, but I should say that you look great and I hope this nice surprise sets the pace for my entire day.”

“You never change, I suppose that is …. , ” she started and quickly trailed off as her friend beckoned her to come along. Not wanting to be too long with me, she quickly scribbled on a bit of paper, tucked it in my pocket and ran off. It was nice watching her poetic motions as she hurried to catch her friends. My databank was instantly engaged remembering all the good times we had and the silly reasons for ending our relationship. We never made an effort to get back together. Sad, I thought.

The game was great, the action pulsating and there was a lot to cheer. I was, however, a little restless. I wanted to talk to her. It was not hard to appreciate that as soon as was possible, after the game, I as on my cell phone chatting with Elizabeth. My hour-long drive home seemed much shorter; we had been having this energetic exchange about the game, work and a range of the other subjects. I had reached home; she was home and ready to have a shower.

“Well, I cannot shower with the phone at my ear so ..,” she began, when I started to laugh, which broke her sentence.

“That must be a lovely sight, if my recollection serves me right.” I teased as I opened the door to my apartment. She was a picture of beauty, about five feet ten, well-toned body, about 140 lbs, with wide hips and an upright bust line.

“Don’t start.” she continued with an attempt at sounding serious. “You had your chance.”

It had been over three years since we had been together and on many occasions I had been forced to remember the pleasure of having her body in my hands. The images were fresh in my mind.

“What are you talking about?” I asked innocently as I tried to prolong the issue.

“You are trying to get me started and honestly while I would love some passionate action, I cannot be bothered with all the baggage, so lets not go there. istanbul escort OK.” There was a mixture of flavors in her voice, desire, anger, hope, which I was ready to respond to. I knew we had different life plans and were both in relationships, even if they were at different levels of development, but I was ready for a plunge.

“Elizabeth, I would love to come over there and wash your body, every detail, every inch. You know what’s in my head.” I eagerly, yet calmly, spouted. My head was full ideas, images and inclinations.

“Anyway, I will give you a call Mr. Hotshot, you have too much in your head.” she said as the sound of water rushing into her bathtub caused her voice to fade.

She did not call back as planned. I was not surprised. A week later my phone rang near midnight and it was Elizabeth, which for a moment was somewhat shocking.

“Are you gone to bed?” she started.

“Naw, just giving some more free labour to the boss. What’s up?” was my initial response, trying to sound comfortable with the fact that she had called.

“I know you must be surprised at me calling, granted last time we spoke I did promise to call you back but …. I suppose you could say I did not say when,” she started, her tone making it clear that there was something behind the call. I was willing to wait; after all she was my friend, irrespective of what had happened between us. There was a strange tone that I could not identify.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, not willing to wait anymore.

“Why do you think that something is wrong?” she quickly responded. “Honestly, nothing is wrong, I just felt.” she hesitated, “felt like calling you and I thought it would be crazy to call you at this hour and I just did. There is really nothing to it. So now that I have called you, I can go have my midnight pills and go to bed … take care.” she said and wished me a goodnight.

It did seem a little crazy, although I was sure that there was a deeper reason to it all. I never tried to prolong the call; I wished her a goodnight and went back to doing my work. Elizabeth had always been an adventurous, fun-loving type who was always eager to try everything once which led to fireworks whenever we had sex, as there was something new that she always wanted to try. Even at the risk of a broken limb, I was always willing to participate. It was not easy to resist her and after a few encounters I was not willing to miss a chapter. As I closed my files in preparation for bed, my phone rang again.

“I want you to come over and fuck me, that’s why I called. I am in the mood for your type of loving tonight.” was her greeting with the faint strains of music from Teddy Pendergrass in the background. “So you can either do it or not, my door will be open for another hour, if you are so inclined.”

Without waiting for a response she cradled the handset.

The smell of scented candles greeted me, the dim living room was indicative of the mood she was in. I had made avcılar escort it just in time. Candles were lit all the way to her bedroom where Elizabeth was sprawled across her bed wearing a thin, red and black lacy negligee. I quickly removed my clothes and joined her on the bed and soon we were locked in a deep kiss. My hands began to explore her body, squeezing her ass, pinching her nipples and quickly getting a feel of her mound. As the momentum grew Elizabeth suddenly got up.

“Close your eyes.” she said in a stern voice. “In fact, I know you won’t, so let me make sure.” She grabbed a scarf, which was on a stool nearby and blindfolded me. It did feel a little weird but, I sensed some excitement and I was open for the game.

She opened a drawer, shortly returning to the bed where she pushed me into a lying position. She had some ice which she rubbed all over my face before placing it in my mouth, I attempted to caress her but she grabbed my arms and in a sultry tone, she told me that I was not going to be able to touch her until she told me to.

“You are going to like this,” she teased in a low tone as she slithered up my body.

“These are new and I thought you would look so good in them,” was her statement as she clicked something on my wrist.

“What are you doing?” I asked, still playing along. Without a word, she did the same to my other wrist and in a flash I was handcuffed to her bed.

There was a thrill to being handcuffed and although there was some frustration, I went with the tingle of my senses, it was different and pleasurable. Elizabeth traced my body with some wine, then topped my nipples and dick with whip cream. She licked, kissed and decorated my body with all that she wanted to eat. In the sexiest ways, I was aroused as she ate her way across my torso, around my nipples to my cock, where she licked and sucked me to a huge orgasm. The restrictions made the pleasure somewhat deeper as I ached with the desire to grab her and sink my cock deep inside her hot pussy. She was in control, had her script all planned and was taking it nice and slow. Intermittently, she would whisper in my ear how much she knew I wanted to fuck her but that she wanted to use her scented oil to massage me all over except for my cock, which she had other plans for. I had to wait. It was painful pleasure.

Slowly my cock was rekindled, and as if that was a signal, Elizabeth unlocked the cuffs and removed my blindfold. She had the widest grin as she asked me how I felt. After a few glasses of wine, some strawberries from the tray of fruits that was part of the decor and she sat beside me. I told her how awesome the sensations were and that I was ready for more. She reached for a cube of ice and started the kissing procedure again. Thinking that she was going to cuff me again I stretched my arms to her. She pulled me on top of her.

I reached for another ice cube and started rubbing it all over her shoulders all the way to her nipple. They were so warm, even with the ice. I şirinevler escort circled her nipples with the ice in my mouth and slid all the way down her body, spread her legs and started to lick her clit, softly at first and then started nibbling on it. She screamed, almost with control and moaned my name as the strokes on her clit became longer and deeper. I freed my hand to massage her breasts. My cock was really hard and ready, but I wanted her to wait.

For another twenty minutes, my tongue led my mind all over her body, her legs were jerking as the sensations from sucking her clit challenged her stability. As her pussy got wetter and her moaning got deeper, I was finally ready to slide a finger inside her as I licked at her clitoris. Her eyes were closed, as if deep in concentration. I slowly licked my way up her body and whispered in her ear.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked rhetorically. Without waiting for a response. I went back to sucking her nipples and move all the way to her toes.

“I can’t wait anymore.” she gasped “I want you to fuck me now!!!”

I knew she was frustrated that I was delaying and as she pulled me to her, I resisted. I turned her onto her stomach, which allowed me even more control.

“I want to feel your big hard cock … please, stop teasing me!!!” she growled.

Once again I whispered in her ear “How do you want it?”

It was time. As Elizabeth raised her body in an attempt to release my hold on her I placed my cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. Almost, as if it lunged, my cock was inside Elizabeth. The effects of the juices streaming onto my member were sensational. I could not fight it anymore, I pushed deep inside and in immediate reaction, her pussy contracted; it felt so fucking tight and warm. I started grinding deep and slow as the collision of our juices made a wonderful sound commingled with our moans of pleasure. I began to pump harder and deeper as my cock was crying out to be fucked and her body responded. I flipped her over, opened her legs wider, one on my shoulder, and drilled deeper.

“Fuck, this is sweet,” she moaned as I continued to wallow in the sweetness of the moment. Elizabeth raised her body, demonstrating her fitness, while we continued to pump. She reached under to massage my balls. With every stroke she called my name, I was getting ready to dump a huge load of cum in her, she was ready to receive it. When the loud grunt came, the deep plunge and freeze motion followed. Every centimeter of my cock was inside of her and on my second plunge and hold, she erupted as well. Her arms were swaying all over as she tried to take back the loud scream of my name, punctuated by an extended shriek of “fuuccckkk”.

As I drove home, I had to admit that it was one of the most fulfilling sexual experiences of my life. It was a command performance, which had no equal. Elizabeth was special, I had to admit. My phone rang, and as I expected, it was her wondering if I had reached home safely.

“Thanks for coming over. I hope you did not mind,” she said in a sultry, tired voice.

I could not but laugh at her comment.

“Well, lets say it was cool and deeply satisfying. Feel free to call anytime.” I said, reaching for my garage opener. “I can see that there is still a lot of fire there, so please do not keep it hidden from me. Please keep in touch.”

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