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He looked up at the knock on the door.

A woman entered his office. He looked her over carefully. She wore a short black skirt. Her silk blouse was see-through. He could clearly see the outline of her breasts. Her nipples stood on end. He looked to her face. She smiled mischievously at him. He saw a gleam in her green eyes.

Silently she came towards him. He pushed himself away from his desk. She came to stand between his desk and his chair. She learnt forward and silently they shared a kiss. A lingering exploration of the mouth as her lips met his. His hands came to rest on the silk of her blouse. He felt her nipples beneath the fabric straining for release. He ran his hands over her breasts, heard the low moan that escaped from her as he toyed with her nipples. Her kiss became more passionate, more insistent.

He continued to toy with her breasts, felt her body moving into his hands in response to his touch. He felt her hands start to wander over his own body. She slid her hands across his chest, he felt the touch brush across his nipples. She slowly outlined his nipples with her touch, her mouth still warm and responsive under his own. He felt her hands start to undo the buttons of his shirt. Felt her mouth detach from his and begin to lightly kiss him. She kissed his neck, her hands still playing with his nipples. Her mouth moved further down his body. She took his nipple into her mouth, running her tongue around the erect node. She sucked in, using her tongue and mouth to send shards of pleasure coursing through his body. She transferred her mouth to the other side, slowing sending her tongue seeking, pulling, sliding across his skin. Her hand wandered downwards. He felt it outline his hard cock. He heard her moan as she took its firmness into her hand. She leant forward further, her mouth went on a downward trail that followed the path of her hand. She undressed him slowly, looking up to see him intently watching her every move.

He felt her hand slowly trace the outline of his cock. Watched as her mouth lowered to enclose the shaft within her warmth. He closed his eyes, just letting the sensation wash over him. Her mouth moved up and down the shaft with slow strokes. He felt her tongue run around the head, then slowly run the length of his shaft. She knelt down before him.

Her hand came to caress his cock, he felt the upward stroke of her hand, the downward plunge of her mouth. She pushed down and down, trying to get as much of him as possible within her mouth. She drew back again, ran her tongue along the head, down the shaft, her fingers slowly stroked his balls, he felt her tongue slowly outline his balls. She drew one into her mouth. He felt the pleasure/pain of sensation run through him. She slowly caressed one ball as the other was drawn into her mouth. Her hand moved to enclose his shaft again. He felt the caressing hand move up and down. Her mouth moved back up the length of his cock, her tongue leaving a wet trail. He heard her moan as she encased his length in her mouth again. He felt the wetness surround him, felt the sucking tension at the end anadolu yakası escort of each stroke of her mouth. Her hand came to stroke his shaft again. He felt the twin pleasure of her hand and her mouth playing him….

He felt her mouth lower itself further and further down his length, felt the back of her mouth, felt her throat open and take the length so all of him was inside her mouth, filling her. He felt her deep throating his cock, felt her hands playing with his balls, felt the rush of cum starting. He held back, trying to make the moment last. He felt her begin to quiver. He felt her orgasm as she devoured his cock in her mouth. It pushed him to the edge. He grabbed her red hair, pushed himself into her face felt her fucking his cock with her mouth. Felt the exquisiteness of her touch….

Afterwards she smiled mischievously with a twinkle in her green eye. She winked once then left…

“I’ll be back…” she whispered.

He looked up at the knock on the door.

A woman entered his office. She wore a short black skirt and see-through silk blouse. He could see the outline of her breasts through the sheer fabric. See the nipples’ hardness against the soft folds. He looked up to see a mischievous twinkle in her green eyes.

She came towards him around his desk. She leant forward to kiss him as he sat in his chair. He felt the brush of her breasts across his own. Closed his eyes, breathed her warmth in and wondered what she had in store for him today.

She continued her kiss. Her body slid against his own. Her hands ran an exploratory venture across his chest and down. He smiled hearing her in drawn breath as she found his rock-hard cock beneath the fabric of his trousers. She ran her hand over it, caressing it from base to tip. She broke off their kiss leaning right forward, she kissed his rock-hard cock through the fabric of his trousers. He moaned remembering their last encounter. He looked down at her wry smile. She had thought of the same thing. But today she had other ways she wanted to arouse him…

She stood up and moved back slightly, the desk caught the back of her legs, and she sat on the wooden expanse. He moved his chair forward. He ran his hands up her stockinged legs, up to the short, black skirt. He pushed his hand under the hem of the skirt. He felt her pussy in his hand. She breathed in sharply, pushed herself against him. His fingers found her wetness, he plunged them into her. She rode his strokes until the first shivers came over her. He fed her orgasm feeling the warmth of her response. He lifted her skirt to see her red-haired pussy. He leant forward to taste. He pulled his chair forward, wrapping his arms around her legs and buried his face in her sweetness.

She felt his tongue lap at her pussy, felt it work her clit. She started to quiver once more. He felt her wetness increase, heard her as she called his name. She started to whimper, not sure she could contain her ecstasy much longer.

“I want you.” Her voice was husky and low.

He needed no further invitation. ataşehir escort He released his cock from his trousers. He stood between her legs. He slowly outlined her pussy with its tip.

“Give it to me, lover.” She whispered, pushing towards him.

Slowly he glided his cock into her. He felt the warm silken embrace of her pussy engulf him. He pulled out and pushed in again. He felt her quivering warmth beneath him. He felt her hand reach down to caress his cum-laden balls. He felt the pressure mounting. He gave into luxury, taking his time as he felt his cock wrapped in silk again and again. He heard her cries of joy as she too gave into the sensations, the sensual sliding, the soul-drenching climax that drove all thought from her mind. Except him. She wanted him, wanted to feel his cum inside her. She wanted to have him share the ecstasy with her. Her low moans came with his name. They filled his ears. He felt the warmth of her enclosing him tighter and tighter. Felt the low surge as her hands continued to caress his balls. Felt his head beginning to burst. He felt the cum begin to shoot its way up his shaft. He held back for a few glorious seconds before burying himself into the warm vibrancy of her. Felt the orgasm that engulfed them both shatter across his senses. He heard her cries of joy again and again. He began marvelling that she could respond so fully. She leant forward and kissed him passionately.

Her lips were sweet, her tongue inviting exploration. He sat back in his chair, bringing her to sit still straddling him. He returned her kiss, savouring the sensations. Her hands ran across his chest. He felt them through the fabric of his shirt. She began to undo the buttons of his shirt. He relaxed, he was sated but curious. She kissed his lips, kissed the outline of his jaw. She kissed his neck. He felt her take his skin into his mouth and exert pressure. She pulled away playfully, examining her handicraft. “Your mine, now.” She whispered.

She kissed his neck again tenderly, running her hands across his chest, feeling his nipples each in turn. She played her fingers around them, circling them. She lowered her head, taking one of his nipples into her mouth, slowly drawing it into her mouth, playing it with her tongue.

He closed his eyes and let the sensation wash over him. He felt the other nipple receive the same treatment, aware of other stirrings. She came to kiss his lips again. She smiled mischievously having felt his response. She slipped from his lap. She stood before him. Slowly she unbuttoned her own blouse. She let the silk slip from her shoulders. He watched as she brought her hands to caress her breasts. Her fingers were sent on spirals around the nipples. They stood erectly under her touch.

“Suck my nipples,” she commanded softly.

He needed no bidding. He leaned towards her, pulled her closer. He brought his mouth to her magnificent breasts. She moaned as his mouth touched her sensitive flesh. She pushed against him, shivering once again as her fire was re-ignited. He took his time, suckling, ümraniye escort pressuring her erect nipples with his tongue. She luxuriated in the sensations, felt herself writhing beneath his wonderful touch. She pulled herself back. She smiled at him. She took his hands in hers and guided them to cup her breasts again. He obliged, taking them and caressing them. She leaned towards him. He felt his own nipples meet her mouth again. Felt her mouth trail further down. Saw her appreciative smile and heard a loan moan. She dropped to her knees. Her mouth was warm against his flesh. Her tongue led itself on a downward trail. Her hand had already found its treasure. He felt her mouth then. It sunk itself around his reawakening cock.

She felt the hard warmth of him in her hands. She felt him slide into her mouth.

For a time she just luxuriated in the feel. The sweet sensation of silken hardness was slowly filling her mouth with its heat. She ran her tongue up and down it, around and around the head, took the head into her mouth, sucking, fucking, getting off on the taste, and the smell and the feel of him. He felt her quivering beneath him. Felt his cock wrapped in the fire of her frenzy. Closed his eyes and grinned. He felt her intensity waning. She stood up turned around to unzip her skirt. He helped her remove the black fabric watching intently as it slipped to the floor. She stood naked before him, but for the black suspenders that held the stockings that wrapped her legs. She came to sit on his lap again. Her warm pussy slowly took his cock in as she straddled him. She rode him with abandon, coming again and again in the space of a few minutes. He waited for the intensity to wane. He sent his hands down to the wetness between them. He scooped up juices. He Dipped his fingers in the wetness that engulfed them. His hands cupped her buttock, his fingers explored, finally found their goal. He pushed his finger slowly into her ass. Felt her quiver intensely again. She rode them both his cock and his finger until finally she could take it no more.

“Fuck my ass” she commanded, her voice urgent. He needed no more invitation. He picked her up and placed her on the table. He took his cock from her wetness, pushing it into her tight ass. His fingers played with her clit, pushing into her pussy. He felt his cock in her ass through the wall, felt his cum rising.

“Fuck me.” She urged him. He pushed deeper. The tightness embraced him. He withdrew, pushed in again, he felt her begin to quiver again, sucking and fucking his cock with her ass. He felt himself cumming. She cried out his name again and again. He drove his cock into her. Felt himself begin to explode. He pushed deep into the warm tightness one more time.

Her breath came in ragged gasps. A smile that transcended happiness lit her face, She shone with perspiration absolutely sated to the core. His weight lay upon her. He couldn’t move, never wanted to leave her warm embrace.

After a time they disengaged. She kissed him again with lingering sweetness. She helped him redress before letting him put her clothes back on.

She kissed his eyelids, kissed his mouth, gave his body one last feel, close to her own.

“Let me know when you want me again.” She whispered softly.

She smiled at him, her red hair fell around her shoulders, her green eyes shone with remembered ecstasy.

“I’m yours whenever you want me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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