Oedipus Awakens Ch. 05

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Of all the places to run to, why did he return to Rhona Gallaghers? He was pulling into her driveway as she was hurrying out the door. She met him at his car door, pulling him out almost before he had a chance to shut the motor off. Grabbing him by the arm she pulled him up the walk and shoved him through the door.

Almost hissing in anger she asked “What the fuck did you do?” continuing she added “Your mother called me hysterically crying over the phone and all I can make out is your name, cum, and she begins crying again.”

Jason started to speak but she threw up her hand ordering him to stop as she snapped, “Keep your ass in the house until I get back, and clean your self up.”

Rhona had just finished showering after her romp with Jason when Janie called. She threw on a sundress without bothering with bra or panties and slid her feet into sandals as she was pulling her hair in a pony tail as she was rushing out the door to go see what was wrong. That’s when she ran into Jason.

She got to the house quickly and knocked but let herself in at the same time. She heard sobbing coming from the living room and found her friend laying on the floor in a fetal position, Rhona tried to take the taller woman in her arms and rocked her quietly until the sobs began to fade. Rhona saw the clock while helping the woman to the couch and went over to the phone in the kitchen. She was right her friend had the number to the nursing supervisor written next to the phone. Calling the number Rhona explained that Janie had become very sick quickly to a not so amused supervisor but her friend was called is so missing work would be that much less of a concern. While she was in the kitchen Rhona dampened a towel and got her friend some cold water to sip in order to help her voice that had been cracked by the sobs.

Scooping up Janie’s head and shoulders Rhona slid under them placing the blondes head in her lap. Holding her earlier she had felt that Janie was naked under her robe, a thought that made Rhona moisten between her legs. She chided herself for thinking of such a thing while her friend was in distress. During the sobs Rhona had found out Janie wasn’t hurt physically so her first fear of Jason raping her was ruled out. But Rhona new the smell of sex and she swore she smelled it in the living room. Rhona gently dabbed at Janie’s tears and face with the damp towel before pulling her face into Rhona’s soft pillowy breasts.

As the shadow’s lengthened Janie’s sobs softened and finally she was able to whisper to her friend what had happened. She was daydreaming of her husband while masturbating in the chair when she opened her eyes and saw Jason standing there.

She cried harder as Janie explained “It wasn’t that he was standing there, that would have been horrible enough!” choking off another sob she went on, “He was standing there over me, his cock out, stroking wildly and the look in eyes was so animalistic, so foreign it was like he wasn’t my son.”

What she didn’t tell her friend is that was the same look Paul would get as he jacked off over her just before he hosed her in his sperm.

Janie explained she screamed at him but he didn’t stop but continued until he ejaculated on her. Another case of perception ignoring reality. While Janie believed she tried to stop Jason in reality their actions were so close together that her screaming and his coming happened in milliseconds. Janie recounted to her friend that Jason had ejaculated on her and then ran out the door. What she forgot to say was when she felt his come hit her fingers and nub it caused her slide the hot liquid over her clit throwing her into another orgasm.

Janie knew she was angry but even she really didn’t know why. There were so many things going on in her head. Angry at Jason for spying at her, angry at herself for letting herself get carried away and do something so private in a living room; Angry at Jason of looking at his mother as a sexual thing, this wasn’t incest was it? They never touched each other but her son must have wanted to or her wouldn’t have come. Janie was also angry that despite the embarrassment of being found with her fingers buried in her twat by her son and him spraying her with his third orgasm of the day, she was turned on by the thought and the act. She had another orgasm when mashing his semen into her clit. And she was really angry that she had to feel so guilty at something that gave her so much pleasure.

But right now she hadn’t sorted all that out.

So she laid, her face in her friends soft warm chest, and sobbed softly trying to make sense of it all. She was no stranger to guilty pleasures that society said was wrong. There was Mattie in college, Jung Hi, and now Rhona. If it had been anyone else but her son coming on her she wouldn’t be feeling this way. Why did it have to be Jason? At that thought she realized it was now dark outside and Jason wasn’t home. Despite her anger and embarrassment she was still his mother and she remembered ataşehir escort the look of fear on his face as he fled her rage and she was concerned for her son.

Sitting up rapidly she gasped out, “Jason, I have to find him, I need to know he is safe.”

Without thinking Rhona guided Janie’s head back to her breasts and replied softly, “He’s safe, he is at my house,”

As soon as she had said it Rhona felt panic clutch at her heart. There was no reason that Janie would know of for Jason to be at her house. As Janie settled her head back onto her friends chest Rhona thought she had dodged a bullet for now. Janie heard her friend and understood what she said but after the shock of earlier she needed to process it a little more.

“Rho?”, Janie whispered.

“Yes my love?” murmured Rhona.

“How did Jason get to your house?” she whispered.

Trying to rush past the question Rhona replied, “He drove dear, he drove up just as I was leaving and I told him to stay there until I sorted this all out”.

Sitting back up again, Janie sought out her friends face in the darkened room before asking again, “No I mean why would he go to your house”?

Sighing deeply Rhona was not in any hurry to tell her dear friend and lover that she has just fucked Janie’s son earlier that day. But she knew she had to tell her some of it.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, she took her friend’s hands and started, “He was at my house earlier today.”

Pausing slightly she went one, “He needed to talk, and he came to me.”

Still confused and rushing for answers Janie asked, “But why you?”

Sighing again Rhona whispered out, “He knows about us Jay, he saw us together yesterday, he had come by earlier today to talk about it.”

Rhona’s new the shock of their secret being out would stun her friend and buy her time but hopefully not push her over the edge.

Janie gasped out, “Oh My God, Oh No!”, as she sobbed some more.

Rhona pulled her back into her chest and rubbed her back as she told her, “It’s OK, I think he’s OK with it.”

Sniffling Laurie asked “Wha-what do you mean?”

Rhona watered down the version of events and told her that Jason had shown up at her house confused and that they had talked. She told Janie that she thought Jason realized she was a woman with human needs.

That jarred a thought in Janie that Jason was also an adult male with human needs. She could only imagine what he saw. He knew her friend and lover was beautiful with her long copper hair hanging in soft loops framing her face. Her pale skin was freckled lightly and her toned body carried very large D cup breasts followed by a flat stomach with an hour glass waist and full round hips that carried a round ass. Janie knee she was attractive although older than her friend and a different shape. Janie was taller by 9 inches. At 5′ 9″ she was taller than a lot of women she knew. Her body was toned due to yoga which she got into as way to relive the stress of work. Her stomach not quite as flat as her lovers but was still only slightly rounded and her C cup breasts were still standing on their own. Her ass a little wider than she would have liked but Rhona loved to grind her pussy against that ass as if she was taking her dogging style. They both turned heads when dressed and she could only imagine what they looked like together naked. She would have to look at them together in the mirror.

Janie blushed a little as she remembered the voracity of their session yesterday. Some days are soft slow and tender but yesterday both she and Rhona were horny and animalistic. She blushed as she remembered her little friend grinding her pussy against Janie’s. Janie remembered the look on Rhona’s face as she grabber her tit and milked her nipple. Oh my God, if Jason had seen that no wonder he jacked off over her.

Janie wondered how he could have not wanted to have sex with Rhona as well. She was by far the sexier and had the most voracious sexual appetite of the two women. It was because of a wine soaked bemoaning the lack of a good cock attached to a decent man in this town that lead to their first kissing session and then sexual exploration together. Those petting session soon expanded into full blown fuck fests. In a few of the more raucous ones after multiple orgasms from her friends fingers and tongue she had managed to take the little redheads entire hand into her cunt. Fortunately her son hadn’t seen that but seeing your mother being fucked by another women must have been traumatizing.

A memory crossed her mind from earlier today. After Jason went to work she called Rhona who had told her she was already warming up for their session by fingering her pussy and ass in the shower. Janie knew once her friend was worked up only frothy muscle straining sex would ease her stress.

Janie asked, “Rho, did you fuck Jason today?”

Her friends pause was all the answer she needed. avcılar escort

Jumping up she turned to her friend and yelled , “You fucking slut, how could you fuck my little boy?”

Rhona looked at her lover standing there in the shadows of the living room with her light blue robe gaped open exposing her breast and lightly furred pussy. She wasn’t really sure if she was upset that she had fucked Jason, fucked someone else, or both.

Rhona quipped, “He’s not so little he stretched me good?”

Janie usually liked her friends quirky sense of humor but not at the moment and snapped back, “What could possible make you think it was OK to fuck my son?”

Rhona looked at her friend and flatly said, “He said he was going to tell someone about us but didn’t say who, I guess survival just took over and I did what I knew to do in order to get men to do what I want.”

Janie was confused, “Who was he going to tell?”

Noticing Rhona was eying her naked breasts and pussy, she snapped her robe closed angrily, damn that woman. Even as angry as she was she made her shiver. In the back of her mind Janie realized she wasn’t just angry the Rhona has fucked her son, it was that she had fucked anyone else at all.

But still taking advantage of a little boy, Janie said, “So you take advantage of a child? “

Rhona was now loosing patience with her friend and snapped back, “Damn it Jay, he is 18, and he was no virgin and he’s found his way around a woman or two.” Sighing she went on, “He needs a little polishing but he has energy and knows the basics, if you had felt the way he used that cock you wouldn’t have condemn me.”

For a moment a flash of thought of Jason putting that cock in her this afternoon instead f coming on her pulsed through her mind. That send a shiver up her spine and added tot he growing moisture in her pussy. Until she angrily pushed it aside. She had noticed that Rhona had stood and was slowly directing her back into that chair. She felt the back of her knees hit the chair and she slid down into it. Rhona began kissing her exposed chest and neck. Janie was angry, jealous, and aroused. Just as she wondered what she and Rhona looked like together in their sexual dance she began to wonder what Jason looked like mounting the little redhead. She knew he would tower over her and would cover Rhona completely because he towered over her. Part of Janie’s mind want to see that, wanted watch her young muscular son pound her little friend into the mattress. It would put the little slut in her place, With them Rhona wanted to be the one on top.

Janie’s mind flashed to her redheaded lover grinding over her as she felt the wet sweeps of her tongue across her exposed flesh. She felt the edges of the robe being pushed back over her breast and nipple followed by the hot wetness. It reminded her of an earlier wetness that had landed on her nipple and breast, It was hotter, stickier and smelled faintly like chlorine. She remembered the other splatterings of hot wetness across her body. She tried t deny the pleasure she had gotten from it. The orgasm that came as her sons hot slimy cum was rubbed over her clit. She shook her head as if to try and clear the thought and past from her head. Janie’s mind was gone, it was in a total sexual fog and her body took over reacting on it’s on.

Rhona felt the body under her change, the tense muscles were going away and she could feel the compliance and sexual arousal. As her tongue crossed the nipple she tasted a difference, not the perspiration of her lover, it was the dried cum of Janie’s son. Cum she had tasted earlier herself. But now dried on his mothers tit it was as much of a gourmet treat as she had ever tasted. Rhona couldn’t help herself, the forbiddeness of the scene that played out in that room that afternoon was to intoxicating. She knew how beautiful and how fucking hot Janie looked when she had her legs over the arms of that chair and masturbated. Rhona had seen it herself on more than a few occasions. She mentally congratulated Jason for just jacking off to the scene instead of mounting the willowy blonde. She knew she didn’t have that self control.

Sliding her hand down into the matted dark blonde curls she felt the wetness seeping out. Rhona had no idea what was causing her lover to ooze her cream but she knew she needed to get off. Slipping off her sandals she pulled up the front of her sundress above her waist and took the moistened fingers and rubbed her clit for a few minutes as she alternated between nursing on the nipple and searching the tit for more of the dried cum to lap up. Grabbing her friend by the hips the little redhead eased her across the chair until Janie’s ass hung over the edge. Holding the front of her her dress up she raised herself up enough to place her pulsing pussy over the blondes seeping gash and began to rub.

Lost in in the confusion of it all Janie just let her body react to the redheads licking, sucking and avrupa yakası escort now rubbing. First opening her eyes to see her son standing over her while she was nearly naked and fingering herself in this chair. Seeing the thickness of that dark red cock slick with slime being whacked in a frenzy and his eyes on fire just like his late father would do sent stabs of electricity to her cunt. Then when she realized he was coming on her just like his father and she loved to do she felt her pussy locking up and then feeling the hot wetness splash across her body and finally hit her clit and pussy lips she climaxed harder than she had in years, despite yelling for him to stop between her gasps. Then to find out her lover had in turn fucked her son just prior to him coming on her added to her sexual confusion.

Now with Rhona licking her nipples and grinding their cunts together her body and mind were a roaring inferno of lust. Her mind alternated between Rhona riding her and the thought of her son riding the redheaded slut just a few hours before. Janie’s mind flashed a thought, did he come in Rhona’s cunt, was there any left in her as they rubbed their clits together? Janie wanted to watch her son fuck her friend, it was only fair he got to watch her fuck the English teacher. The vision in her mind of her son rocking over the redhead and watching her tits lolling in half circles as the rocked and her legs around his waist pulling him in with each thrust had her mimicking the motion against Rhona’s grinding cut. Janie wrapped her longer legs around the redheads hips pulling her tighter.

Rhona didn’t miss a beat, this was the first way she learned to cum and it was her favorite, she was an expert if one existed. The women moaned and panted in the dark as the old chair creaked with the motion. Raising her face from the tits in front of her Rhona placed her hands on the arm of the chair and angled her body to get a better angle. As her passion built she felt her cunt losing contact with the one under her and began thrusting harder pounding into Janie’s cunt.

The rocking, the thumping Janie felt against her cunt melded with the daydream of watching her son over her lover fucking her like the whore she was. As Jason fucked Rhona in time with the thumps she felt against her own cunt the fire built. As her nipples tightened even tighter and the electricity built in the small of her back she saw her daydream changing. Instead of the seeing her son over her friend Jason was now over her, her face looking down between them watching the dark angry meat she had seen a few hours ago now pound her pussy. Janie with her eyes still closed shook her head in a no motion to clear her fantasy now run rampant and to tell her self no she couldn’t fuck him he was her son. But Rhona’s faster pounding and then biting her nipple pushed her over the edge. Rapidly opening her eyes to clear the fantasy didn’t work. It wasn’t the top of Rhona’s head latched onto her tit she saw, it was the face of her son with those demon possessed eyes and open mouth looking back at her as she felt the arcs of electricity fire through her body.She didn’t realize that as she bucked and gasped the name “Jason” came out of her mouth before she fell into numb sleep of emotional and sexual exhaustion.

Rhona had heard it, with her lips and teeth wrapped around Janie’s nipple and her hips jack hammering the blondes pussy trying to make it into a soggy pulp. Yes she heard her friend call her son’s name and her body reacted as she did. The image of Jason being here pounding his mother the way she was pushed Rhona over the edge. Her pussy pulsed and asshole clamped so tight it would have cut rebar as the electrical bolts shot through her body. Rhona slapped her hips against the girl once, twice, a third time in spasm before collapsing on the now unconscious mother and lover. Exhausted but still conscious Rhona let herself slide down the blondes body, placing kisses and little licks as she went. Laying her face on her friend lower stomach she felt the wisps of pubic hair rubbing against her chin. Reaching her tongue out she swiped it lazily into Janie’s belly button tasting a bit of a surprise. Yes more cum but this glob wasn’t totally dried yet, there was a bit of wetness left.

Realizing he had gone that low on her body she wondered where else he had glazed her with his sperm.

Sitting up she turned on the chair side lamp, causing her to blink in it brightness. It really wasn’t that bright but compared to the dim shadows she had been working in before it made her squint. Lookimg down the still sleeping mothers long lithe frame she saw a bit of glazing on her tit she missed and she looked more closely. Her hip was splattered, as well as the inside of her thigh. She thought she saw flakes of dried cum on the dark blonde hair but after their activity it was hard to tell. A new wetness concealed the evidence. Looking down at the partially closed flower of her friends vulva Rhona had an idea. She knew what Janie tasted like and she would know if anything was added. Bending her head down she ran her tongue along the lips of the flower. The wetness she tasted was a mixture of her own and her sleeping friend. Digging her tongue in deeper she felt the bulge of her lovers clit and tasted a slightly bitter taste as well.

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