Obedient Muslim Wives

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Stop fighting what’s inside you and give in, my wife Halima Suleiman said as she gently eased the shiny blue strap-on dildo into my ass. Lucky for me we used plenty of lubricant to facilitate its entry. Be gentle, I grunted while stroking my dick. Here I am, lying on my back, legs in the air as my petite wife pumped her dildo into my ass. I’m six-foot-four, dark-skinned and muscular, and I’ve never felt helpless before today. Kind of an odd position for the revered Imam of the largest mosque in metropolitan Ottawa to find himself in, don’t you think?

My name is Abdullah Suleiman, and I am a Muslim brother of Somali descent exploring the world of kink and BDSM with my eager wife. Pegging is halal according to the most sacred rules of Islam. It must be because I can’t find anything banning the practice in our holy book. Therefore it’s okay for me to ride my wife’s strap-on. Even as I explore the world of BDSM with my darling wife I must follow the rules of my faith. For I am not only a pious Muslim man but I am an Imam, he who leads others in prayer.

I’ve been dreaming of fucking your ass for ages, my sweet wife Halima said gleefully as she thrust the dildo deep into my ass. I simply groaned and said nothing. This was her show. Tonight she was Mistress Maleficent, Lady of All Things Haram and Punisher of Wicked Men. Without warning Halima/Mistress Maleficent smacked me hard across the face. Answer me when I’m talking to you, she shrieked. I looked at her, stunned. My face stung and my eyes warmed a bit. Yes mistress, I said meekly. Good halkalı escort bitch, she said mockingly as she continued fucking my ass.

Prior to trying this stuff together, Halima and I had discussed just about every aspect of the whole thing at great length. For me, my curiosity about dominant women and male submission started when I came across certain websites. I found myself checking out videos at such locations like Men in Pain, Divine Bitches and Strap-on Moms Fuck Guys. The last one is a particularly hot site, at least to me, but it’s been a while since it got updated. Watching sexy older women sucking dick and getting fucked by younger men and then these same hot older women wear the strap-on and give their younger male lovers a taste of their own medicine. What a hot twist. Got me hard every frigging time.

A lot of Muslims of both sexes watch porn. Does that surprise you? Honestly, it really shouldn’t. I am a human being with sexual needs and desires like everyone else. It’s just my religion and culture that mark me as different. I was born in the town of Mogadishu, Somalia, and raised in the town of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. I studied Islamic scholarship at the prestigious Riyadh College under the tutelage of the greatest Islamic scholars in the world. When my family moved to Canada in 1999, I was twenty five years old. In spite of the difficulties I encountered, I quickly immersed myself into Canadian culture, mastering English and French and getting a taksim escort job. Eventually I returned to school, and ended up acquiring an MBA from Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I went on to work in real estate for a number of years.

I heard the Call of the Preacher and resumed my Islamic studies, eventually becoming a Hafiz ( someone who knows the Koran by heart ) and then an Imam. At the first mosque where I was called to preach, I met the lovely woman destined to become my wife. Halima Hassan, a tall and curvaceous, absolutely gorgeous sister of Somali and Pakistani descent. She was born and raised in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Halima’s father Imran Hassan is from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and her mother Adara Hassan is Somali. Rare mix, don’t you think?

Exotic biracial sisters like her tend to seek non-Somali men ( or converts from other races and cultures ) as their mates but fate brought the lovely Halima to me. We got married, and have two lovely daughters, Fatima and Khadija, and a son, Khalid. I love my wife and the wonderful family that she’s given me. After more than a decade of marriage, the passion has started to wane. We decided to spice things up, hence our venture into the realm of BDSM. Even the most passionate and devoted couple will experience bedroom ennui after a while, and that’s perfectly normal. Still, you’ve got to bring back the passion otherwise what’s the point?

Anyhow, back to the present. Too much backstory and not enough ‘backdoor story’ şişli escort is never a good thing in such a tale. I’m going to make you cry, Halima said, grabbing my cock and balls and twisting them. I looked at my wife, and for a moment I felt sheer panic. She’s got my balls in her hands, man. My family jewels. The bearers of the seed of the Suleiman line. Squeezing my balls tightly, Halima glared at me. Scream for me, she barked. No, I said. Fuck you, Halima spat, grabbing my throat and causing me to gasp as she suddenly added pressure on my balls.

An agonized yelp escaped my lips. Please don’t, I begged. Laughing, Halima smacked my face repeatedly, and slammed the dildo so far up my ass that I felt like I was being split in half. I surrender to your power Mistress Maleficent, I said, as tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore. The bitch broke me. Yes, I am a Muslim man and I admit that women are superior to men. In a way, that’s like the ultimate sin for a Muslim man to commit, since our religion is all about male power and female submission. Good bitch, Halima said patronizingly while rubbing my head.

A little while later, Halima and I lay in bed side by side. Just a happy couple enjoying our Saturday night. I’ve got a lot to do these days. I’ve got my real estate firm to run and being a black male professional in Ottawa is definitely not easy. This town isn’t as ethnically diverse or progressive as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. There’s a lot of anti-minority sentiment in every echelon of Ottawa society. I don’t let it get to me, though. As a Muslim I am a member of the fastest-growing community in the world. I fear no one. As Halima fell asleep with her head on my chest, I kissed her forehead and thanked Allah for His blessings. I’ve got a great job, an amazing wife, a wonderful family and a roof over my head. Life is good. Peace be upon you.

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