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It should be a foggy night — I do enjoy the sound of the foghorns singing their slow melancholy dirge — when I meet her for a stroll along the water. It’s pretty quiet at night, except for the night spots which are quite raucous on the weekend. As we near one I mention that my office is just underneath. Very quiet during the day, but late at night on the weekend with the dance music going it’s quite loud in the office. Not a whole lot of fun working late in the evenings on these nights — aside from the distraction of the noise there’s the thought that so many people are having fun upstairs while I’m working. Every now and then I think that it would be nice to have even more fun than they’re having…

Inside the office, only dim indirect lights giving a warm relaxing glow, I lead her to my corner where I have a leather couch –I bought it a few years back as a comfort for my office. It is very cozy. We sit down together and talk quietly, but the noise from above makes it a little difficult. It’s not a completely romantic setting — we are after all in an office and the music is dance music, not my first choice for the bedroom. But that leads to a playfully naughty mood, and discussions bakırköy escort about noises to drown out the music. Somehow the conversation turns to sex noises… including the famous orgasm-in-a-restaurant scene from “When Harry Met Sally”. We taking turns making our best efforts to mimic our own orgasm sounds but I don’t think either of us have quite what it takes to really fake it. On her third attempt I suggest that she might need a little inspiration… and slowly reach over to caress her breast while she tries again. I observe that the result is a significant improvement and suggest she try one more time… with my mouth on her nipple. I can feel her breathing quicken this time, can feel my own lust surging as her vocalization includes more real pleasure and less imagined. Once more? With a little more feeling?

I slip down to my knees and reach up under her skirt to slip her panties off. I gently kiss up her leg, from her knee just above her boot to the top of her stocking, then hesitating slightly as I reach my hand up to find her breast and listen to her first audible moans. More kisses inside her thighs, followed by a much higher pitched gasp beşiktaş escort as my lips find her mons. Her legs relax and spread just a little and as my tongue slips gently down through her pubic hair, moving from side to side to feel the outline of her clitoral shaft, I hear a far different sound than her previous attempts. As my tongue reaches her clitoris her body starts writhing with each progressively louder moan. My tongue dives deep inside, then runs up again to tease her clit, her legs squeezing me tightly now, hands clutched around my wrist holding it to her breast, finally a nearly deafening cry thunders through the room as her whole body convulses with pleasure.

“That was convincing,” I compliment as I climb up from between her legs.

“I want to hear your best attempt,” she smirks as she pulls open my pants and slip down to her knees in front of me.

My moans are gentle as she runs her tongue around my shaft, flicking it lightly. Louder as she closes her lips around me, licking and gently sliding her lips up and down. Louder and deeper as she closes one hand tightly around me, teasing my balls with her other hand while sliding her beylikdüzü escort lips up and down faster. The louder I get the faster she moves, her hands moving much more quickly now. I let out a deep bellowing moan but she slowly slips her lips from me, squeezing tightly and sending shivers through my body but then shakes her our head slowly.

“Not very convincing at all… perhaps we should try that together?”

She steps up onto the couch and holding her skirt up she lowers herself slowly onto my shaft, both of us together moaning loudly at the overwhelming pleasure. Slowly her hips start moving, my lips finding her nipples through her open blouse. As my hands guide her hips I hear those same sounds coming once more… my moans muffled into her breast as she squeezes me and cries out…

“Now together…” she says to me once she catches her breath.

I pick her up and put her down on the couch on her back, my hands on her breasts as I start voicing my pleasure for real. Her fingers squeezing my nipples as I pump madly into the couch, my own screams this time complimenting her as she comes and squeezes me until I explode too, the cacophony of our voices seeming to echo through the office as we collapse into each others’ arms.

“That sounded just about right…”

The quiet of the fog is incredible once we leave the office and the dance beat from upstairs. Just the fog horn once again sounding sad. But we’re filled with an incredible joy… if just a little hoarse in the throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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