No Rain, No Flowers

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All of my stories are a mixture of sex, plot and romance, so if that doesn’t suit your particular taste, you may wish to keep searching 🙂


The blissful warmth of the Mauritius sun radiated down on Tom’s well-muscled shoulders as he powered back through the crystal-clear waters towards the shore. His occupation as a professional equestrian demanded that he rigorously maintain high levels of fitness. However, he was also on the holiday of a lifetime, so he’d been compromising by taking a swim each day in the Indian Ocean, coupled with an hour in the gym each morning. Although, smiled Tom to himself as he neared the shallows, he needn’t have worried; he certainly hadn’t suffered from an absence of aerobic exercise over the past two weeks.

As he emerged dripping from the aqua-marine waves and rose to his full six foot three in height, Tom gazed in wonder around him. The location was simply idyllic; wide, white sandy beaches bordered by palm trees waving in the light sea breeze. Only the occasional cotton-wool cloud interrupted an otherwise pristine cyan-blue sky. Standing upright, Tom was self-consciously aware of a number of covert glances heading his way, as beachgoers made the most of drinking in the further improved view. Tom cut a handsome figure, by anyone’s standards. Thirty-six years of age and at the peak of physical fitness, his exceptional body, now perfectly bronzed, was rippling with muscle. Coupled with sandy blond hair, kind blue eyes and a generous smile, it was no surprise that female admiration was an increasingly common theme in his life recently.

Smiling politely at the occasional coy glance from the sun-worshipers, Tom strode resolutely away from the sparkling sea and up the beach. Of course, he mused, if he wanted to be a kept man and live in easy street for the rest of his life, it wouldn’t be difficult to find a woman here capable of making that happen. The island on which he had the privilege of currently residing was one of the most exclusive locations in the world, favoured by the rich jetset. At first, he admitted to not feeling entirely comfortable with the level of wealth being bandied around; having been brought up in a normal, middle-class British family, he felt like a true pauper in comparison. But as time had passed, Tom had learnt to relax and just kick back. Besides, he’d been making some enviable contacts in the process.

The offer of this holiday had come about in a flurry of activity, immediately following his incredible win at the prestigious Puissance show-jumping competition at London Olympia’s Christmas show. Looking back, it felt like a very long time ago but had, in fact, only happened three weeks previously. Immediately vowing to splash his prize money on a holiday, Tom’s future brother-in-law, Eddie, had instead gifted him the most incredible vacation of his life. Being titled, hugely wealthy and one of the nicest guys Tom had the fortune to know, Eddie had also included the use of his private jet as transport. Unaccompanied, Tom would never have accepted such a generous offer but, he thought to himself, unable to hide the huge grin spreading across his face, he wasn’t alone.

Nearing his sunbed situated under a traditional thatched beach parasol, Tom felt a thrilling jolt of desire travel down through his abdomen and terminate in his groin, as he drank in the incredible sight of his girlfriend. Laying on her front, Abby was dressed only in a small black bikini with the strap undone at the back. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he could happily gaze all day at the sight of her long, willowy body rising and falling with each breath as she dozed peacefully, long black hair splayed out around her. Grabbing his towel, he patted dry his well-defined six-pack which had a lot less to do with his visits to the gym and were more thanks to the excessively high levels of extra-curricular activities in which he’d recently been participating.

Under his wet swimming shorts, Tom could feel the blood start to pump to his already semi-erect cock and consequently secured the towel more tightly around his waist in an attempt to hide any evidence from public view. He had simply never felt this way about a woman before and yet Abby’s gorgeous body was merely the icing on the cake; her physical attributes were certainly not what he valued most.

Tom’s ex-wife Kimberley had been extremely pretty, but that beauty had turned out to only be skin deep. As a result, for a while, the only thing that stunning women aroused in Tom were his suspicions; so much so that, when he’d first met Abby, her astonishing good looks had actually hampered his attraction. It was only once he’d experienced Abby’s kind, generous nature and gentle, slightly shy disposition that Tom had really fallen hard. She was almost the complete opposite to his ex-wife, who could certainly never be accused of being shy or gentle. Although, of course, Kimberley wasn’t actually his ex-anything yet as divorce proceedings had not commenced. English law required a couple to be married for a full year, before applying for divorce kartal escort and that milestone had not yet been reached. Tom suddenly scrunched his brow in irritation; the very last thing he wanted to be thinking about on their perfect holiday was her.

Dropping to his knees and very purposefully erasing all negative thoughts from his mind, he grabbed the bottle of sun lotion. Commencing at a sleeping Abby’s feet he slowly and methodically started to work his way upwards, thoroughly applying the oily liquid to her warm body, revelling in the feel of her soft skin. By the time he’d reached her inner thighs, Abby was groaning pleasurably at the delicious feeling of her lover’s suggestively caressing hands.

‘Mmmm,’ she sighed, utter contentment seeping from every pore as the winter sunshine warmed her body and soul. ‘Is it lunchtime already?’

She stretched luxuriously but didn’t bother to open her eyes. She knew it was Tom because this was the routine they had gone through every day since their arrival; as ruts went, it wasn’t a bad one to be stuck in she thought, smiling secretly to herself. Soon, with fingers intertwined, they would stroll over to the bar for a cocktail and snack before retiring to bed to make love for the rest of the afternoon. After a brief siesta, a Michelin-star meal would await them, followed by a romantic stroll along the moonlit beach and night after night of the most incredible sex Abby had ever known.

Although they’d been acquainted for six months, much of that time had been spent carefully tiptoeing around each other. As a result, they had only really been a couple for the last few months, during which time Tom had proven himself to be an enviable lover. Whilst tender and utterly unselfish, his high energy and strength ensured Abby was always fully satisfied. Indeed, the last fortnight had been more like a honeymoon on speed as, still learning about each other’s bodies, they revelled in exploring their wants and needs. Unbelievably, the sex had been improving exponentially each day.

Despite her best efforts not to succumb though, Abby couldn’t fight the uncomfortable apprehensive flutter that had started to dart through her chest with increasing regularity. She simply couldn’t avoid the sad knowledge that today marked their last full day upon an island on which she’d fallen even more deeply in love with Tom than she’d ever thought possible. Tomorrow, they would fly back home to the South of England, each to their separate homes. Their magical holiday would officially be at an end. She would no longer exclusively be spending every moment with the extraordinary man beside her. Instead, reality would once more take a firm grip on both of their lives.

‘Actually, do you mind if we delay lunch for a little while, Sweetheart?’ queried Tom, his slippery, exploring fingers moving up to stroke the edge of her bikini bottoms before sliding beneath the material towards her hot pool of arousal.

‘Tom!’ gasped Abby, her previously relaxed body clenching hard in response. ‘You can’t do that here!’ she squeaked, as his wicked finger began to slide inside her wanton body. Twisting around, she flashed her dark brown eyes in his direction, only to be met by Tom’s wide, lazy smile.

‘Believe me,’ he sighed, leaning slightly over her and encouraging her shoulders back down to the bed with his spare hand. ‘I could do this anywhere.’

‘But you mustn’t!’ she panted, feeling her body’s responses start to ramp up. ‘You know I’m incapable of being quiet. There are other people around!’

‘Mmm, but I’m only playing,’ argued Tom, rotating his wrist to produce a different set of sensations inside her. He cast a quick glance around, just to be sure their activities couldn’t be observed. ‘There’s no-one nearby and besides, I promise I won’t make you come.’

‘Fuck,’ gasped Abby, as she gave up the fight and simply sank back into the delicious feelings that Tom’s fingers were so capable of generating.

A trembling Abby became aware of Tom’s spare hand migrating from her shoulders into her hair, where he playfully grasped a large handful and pulled back gently. At the same time, he pushed a second finger inside her, starting to prepare her slippery, wanton body for what would imminently follow when he dragged her back to their hotel room and drove her out of her rational mind.

‘No,’ she panted through her parched mouth, her hips starting to buck as Tom increased the pressure.

‘Why?’ he teased, his fingers inching further inside her body whilst his spare digits started to nudge along either side of her swollen, wet clit. Unable to respond, Abby bit down hard into the towel beneath her face. Outside of her control, her fists clenched painfully as she began to grind herself closer to an inevitable climax.

‘You said you wouldn’t make me come,’ she groaned through a mouthful of fabric.

‘Sorry baby,’ whispered Tom. ‘I lied.’

Never once breaking the tempo, his very capable fingers continued to drive her forwards as Abby’s hips rocked bostancı escort rhythmically against him. Suddenly, her entire body started to spasm. All of her concentration was funnelled into the impossible task of orgasming quietly under the knowing touch of Tom’s talented hands. Whilst she groaned noisily into the towel, he guided her through her pleasure, only ceasing once the final sigh of contentment had been accounted for.

‘Come back to our hotel room?’ he murmured. ‘Please. We can have lunch later.’

‘Why?’ grinned an exhilarated Abby, her chest still heaving.

‘Because I’ve built up a real appetite since this morning…and I’m really, really hungry. Like, famished…’

‘Surely having lunch would be a sensible, then,’ chuckled Abby, playing along.

‘Mmm, I’m not that type of hungry,’ growled Tom, grabbing her hand and their room key.


‘Excuse me, Mr Williams, Sir?’ said the highly efficient hotel manager as he observed Tom and Abby strolling hand in hand through the lobby later that evening away from the dining room.

‘Hi Patrice,’ smiled Abby. ‘How are you?’

‘Very well, thank you Miss Abigail,’ he replied with a small nod. ‘I have an urgent message for you, regarding your travel arrangements.’

‘Yes?’ responded Tom kindly.

‘I’ve received reports that an air traffic control strike over France is impacting all European flights. I’m afraid to inform you that your flight, due to leave tomorrow, has been postponed for twenty-four hours.’ Patrice looked somewhat confused when wide grins spread across both of their faces.

‘That’s brilliant news!’ laughed Tom, glancing across at Abby. ‘Can you talk them into continuing the industrial action for the rest of the week, please?’

‘Ah, I’ll certainly do my best, Sir,’ smiled Patrice, catching on.

‘Thank goodness,’ breathed Abby, watching the highly efficient manager disappear into the shadows once more. ‘I was dreading having to leave tomorrow.’

‘We still have to go home at some point,’ said Tom gently, rubbing her shoulders. ‘But I’m definitely not complaining about the delay. I should probably just let Daniel know though,’ he added, pulling out his mobile phone. ‘After all, he’s holding the fort back home.’

‘Sure,’ nodded Abby thoughtfully. ‘The other day, Carrie invited us to spend tomorrow with them. They’re taking their boat to the mainland for a stroll around the markets and lunch on a private beach. Now we’re going to be around, might we accept their invitation? I’d really like to go.’

‘When you say Carrie, do you mean Princess Caroline?’ Abby nodded in response; over the past week, the two women had become great mates. ‘You do know how ridiculous this is, don’t you?’ sighed Tom, shaking his head. ‘The kind of people we’re mixing with… the level of wealth?’

‘Stop being such an old grump,’ teased Abby, playfully pinching his side. ‘I think I saw them in the restaurant. Can I go and accept? Please!’

‘Of course,’ chuckled Tom, shaking his head. ‘How could I ever refuse you anything.’

‘See you back here in a couple of minutes then,’ grinned Abby. ‘Say hi to Daniel, Emma and William from me.’ With a rush of affection, Tom watched Abby striding confidently towards the dining room, as he migrated towards the seating area to make his call. He was still smiling broadly when his best friend, who also happened to be one of England’s showjumping legends, picked up.

‘Hey mate!’

‘Tommy boy!’ exclaimed a clearly delighted Daniel down the line. ‘How’s it hanging?’

‘Really good, thanks,’ grinned Tom.

‘Lots of sun, sex, sea, sex, sand, surf and sex?’ asked Daniel, laughing at himself for trying to say such a tongue-twister.

‘Occasionally,’ agreed Tom good-humouredly. ‘Look mate, apparently French air traffic control are screwing up flights across Europe. So we’re heading home a day later than scheduled.’

‘Oh, how truly awful for you, being stranded on a luxury, all-inclusive private island with the woman of your dreams!’ murmured Daniel sympathetically, his voice dripping with sarcasm. ‘Especially as you’re missing the best a British January has to offer; temperatures of minus three, gales and sleet.’

‘I know, it’s a real bastard,’ laughed Tom. ‘But seriously, I don’t mean to leave you any longer than we agreed. I know it’s a lot of work to run the whole yard on your own.’

‘It’s fine,’ replied Daniel, breaking up slightly. ‘Since you’ve been away, I’ve employed a new groom. His name’s Paul Anderson. We’re still showing him the ropes but along with good old Jake, there have been three of us to help keep things ticking over. In fact, we’ve barely missed you,’ he added, the amusement evident in his voice. ‘Why don’t you stay there a bit longer? Oh, you already are…’

‘Thanks a lot!’ complained Tom, just as he was meant to. ‘And everything’s okay? Stardust and Kintana?’

‘Your horses are fighting fit,’ smiled Daniel. ‘Now, stop worrying and enjoy the time you have left there. Don’t waste maltepe escort a single moment. What are you going to do with your day of reprieve?’

‘Abby’s made a hit with some minor European royalty,’ admitted Tom in slightly hushed tones. ‘They’ve got this amazing boat so we’re probably going to the mainland with them.’

‘Yeah, it really is a tough life, isn’t it?’ groaned Daniel. ‘You poor, poor thing!’

‘She sends her love by the way, to Emma, William and to you too, I suppose…’

‘I thought we agreed that would be our little secret. Abby promised me she wouldn’t tell you.’

‘Fuck off,’ complained Tom as delighted laughter echoed in his ear.

‘See you soon, mate,’ said Daniel affectionately. ‘And travel safe.’

‘Thanks mate. See you in a couple of days.’

Tom ended the call, shaking his head at the antics of his best friend. He wasn’t afraid to admit that he’d missed Daniel over the past two weeks. He’d missed a lot of things actually; his sister, his friends, his occupation, his normal, everyday life spent with the horses he loved. And yeah, maybe even the British weather a little bit. This holiday had been amazing but a small part of him would feel relief when he finally touched back down in England and could continue on with his life, with Abby by his side. Speaking of which, thought Tom as he caught sight of his beautiful girlfriend wending her way back from the restaurant. She really was phenomenal and Tom felt his heart expand painfully in his chest at the thought that she chose to be with him. She made him want to climb to the top of the highest mountain and shout her name over and over, or something equally, ridiculously demonstrative. Instead, he stood up and walked towards her with a broad smile.

‘Everything okay?’ he murmured, as her body naturally curved into his and they held each other.

‘Fine,’ she murmured into his shoulder. ‘We’re leaving from the beach at ten o’clock tomorrow morning. Daniel alright?’

‘Yeah,’ chuckled Tom, kissing her on the head. ‘He’s on horribly good form. Shall we take a walk?’

Being so exclusive, there were very few people on the island’s beaches at the best of times, but by late evening, it was practically deserted. As Tom and Abby walked with fingers intertwined along the soft sands, shoes held aloft in their spare hands, the only sound was the graceful lapping of the gentle waves as they broke along the beach before retreating once more. Abby inhaled an enormous breath which seemed to last forever, before exhaling with satisfaction.

‘Tom,’ she said, turning her face to look at him, whilst they continued to walk.

‘Yes, Sweetheart,’ he breathed.

‘Thank you so much for the past two weeks. I’ve had the best time ever.’

‘Me too,’ he agreed, squeezing her hand. ‘The best.’ They continued to amble for a while in silence before Tom spoke once more. ‘Part of me will be pleased to go home though,’ he admitted.


‘Yeah. The last two weeks have been perfect, but they have effectively been time out from reality. We’ve got so much to look forward to. I can’t wait for us to get on with our normal lives…together.’

‘I can,’ sighed Abby. ‘Once we get home, we’re back to sleeping apart; me in my little house and you at Daniel and Emma’s.’

‘It won’t be forever.’

‘Won’t it? I really hope not,’ she sighed despondently.

‘I’m working on something. Leave it with me,’ said Tom mysteriously.

‘What the hell does that mean?’ smiled Abby, experiencing a bubble of excitement in her tummy.

‘I said, leave it with me, Miss Impatience,’ joked Tom, his hands sliding down Abby’s sides as he started to tickle her. She shrieked in response and started to run up the beach but was no match for Tom. Amidst much playful laughter, Tom easily caught up and manhandled her into one of the luxury linen hammocks. Despite being tied between two palm trees, they were the height of luxury, even sporting Bluetooth speakers which were mounted in the frame.

‘Get off!’ she giggled, as he continued to tickle her. ‘Tom! Stop it! I’m serious!’ she squealed, failing to adequately fight him off.

‘I’ll only stop if you make love to me,’ he murmured, stilling his hands. ‘Right here.’

‘Tom! I…’ breathed Abby.

‘Your choice,’ he grinned, increasing the pressure of his fingers around her slender waist.

‘Okay! Okay!’ she squeaked. ‘You win.’

‘I win every single day I spend with you,’ he groaned, dropping his soft, generous lips to hers whilst his hands slipped upwards to cup her petite breasts. Abby moaned into Tom’s mouth at the feel of his thumbs caressing her hard nipples through the thin material of her dress.

The hammock swayed in response to their gentle movements, as any extraneous clothing was quickly pushed away, leaving them both in their underwear.

‘Do you really think we should,’ breathed Abby, as Tom’s mouth left hers and kissed a path slowly down her throat and chest.

‘Absolutely,’ he sighed, unhooking her bra strap and sliding the unwanted garment away from her body. ‘No doubt whatsoever.’ Abby’s response was immediately silenced as his teeth gently clasped one taut nipple whilst his wet thumb and forefinger trapped the other. Lovingly, he applied an even, strong and unyielding pressure that a recent, extremely thorough investigation of her body had demonstrated she loved.

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