Neighbourhood Watch Ch. 01

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This is a true story! I have changed the characters names for the usual reasons but belief in the content is entirely up to you. So please, read on and enjoy.

I am just an average kind of guy trying to make my way in the world for my family as well as myself. At 45 I keep myself in good shape and I often have people, usually females, express flattering shock, commenting that I look in my mid thirties. I have to laugh when males say that they are envious of my slight but athletic build and wish they had a flat stomach like me… I put down to metabolism and their over indulgence in the amber fluid. I am also blessed with a wonderful wife, three terrific children, a beautiful home in a leafy suburb of inner Sydney, and lucky enough to be able to work from home. It was because of this last aspect that the following events, detailed here and beyond, came about.

Michelle has been the object of my licentious mind ever since she and her family moved in next door some ten years ago. She is reasonably attractive; her features and figure do make you look twice if not a third time. Maybe it is her mousy-blonde shoulder length hair combined with her well looked after figure; one that measures 34d – 26 – 35 (I know because I measured it myself, but that gets ahead of the story). My wife even has to admit that after three children, Michelle does have a good figure and does not show any signs of her 43 years. I know from personal experience she is a regular swimmer, which accounts for the firmness of her muscles as well as the pertness of her breasts, but I get ahead of myself yet again. She also carry’s her 5′ 6″ frame with an air of quiet determination that, when combined with a body hugging top, leaves a male like myself quite disarmed.

I had noticed over a period of weeks that one of the brake lights on her four wheel drive were out, but every time I plucked up the resolve to go tell her she was either out, or I simply forgot, or both. Anyway, as the days slipped by, I dropped the notion thinking that her husband would have probably fixed it. However, to my surprise one sultry Monday morning, I saw that he had not. I was out the front yard retrieving the garbage bin when she drove off to the bus stop with her son. I watched as she drove off down the street and my heart jumped as I saw only one of the three stoplights activate. My mind ran wild causing a swell in my groin. “Yes!” I thought, “he has not fixed them.” I knew from recent observation that she would be home today, so about mid-morning I rang her doorbell. Once again my penis got restless as I stood there in sexually motivated anticipation.

“Oh, hi Michelle,” I barely managed, my words nearly catching in my throat, “I hope I have not disturbed you?”

“Oh, hi Ray. No not at all. Come in.,” she said with a sweep of her arm to indicate I was to enter.

“I… I do not want to keep you from …”

“Come in and have a tea.” She suggested. Cutting me off in mid sentence, much to my relief.

“Sit down and get yourself comfortable while I get the tea.”

She walked off into the kitchen, my eyes riveted to her beautifully rounded behind. The three quarter track pants clinging to her slightly tanned legs and hugging the taut roundness of her bottom. I could just see the outline of her knickers through the navy blue trousers. Her white, sleeveless top fitted the form of her body like a glove too, giving her breasts that upward, buoyant look popular in today’s fashion. I drank in every line of her form from head to toe and back again as she busied herself brewing the tea. She swung around smiling and the look in her eye seemed to indicate she knew exactly what I had been doing and thinking. I tried to swallow but my throat was too dry. She turned back to the sink and resumed her preparations. I sank back into the comfy beige coloured lounge and closed my eyes trying to suppress bahis firmaları the rampant thoughts invading my mind. The room was large and well decorated to make it feel light but cosy too.

She walked over to the small table between the two 2 seater lounge chairs and as she approached I watched, intently and as discreetly as I thought possible, the gentle sway of her curvaceous chest. Again she smiled as she bent to place the bowl and jug on the table, the V-neck of her top gapping just sufficiently enough to give glimpse her lacy pink bra which gently cradled and molded her luscious mounds.

“Do you like two?” she asked offering a spoon full on sugar suspended above my cup.

“Two would be ideal,” my mind racing with prospects fuelled by double meaning and wondering if she deliberately used that turn of phrase.


“Um, oh yes please.” I stumbled, brought out quickly from my sexy musings. “A little more, I prefer it a bit more milky.”

She sat directly opposite me and sipped her tea. I watch her over the rim of my cup as her pink lips pursed slightly to draw on the warm liquid.

“Now, what can I do for you,” she asked.

“Well, I hate to seem nosey, but I noticed that two of your brake lights are out on your car. In fact they have been for some time but I keep forgetting to say something.”

“Are they?” she exclaimed calmly. “I’ll have to get my husband to have a look at them, thank you very much for telling me.” She smiled warmly.

“It is one of my pet hates. You know, like seeing a crooked picture, I just feel the urge to go up and straighten it.”

“Not to mention the safety aspect.” She chimed in.

“Nice tea.” I remarked, trying to sound casual. “If you like, I can fix them for you, it is no trouble In fact I have to go up the street myself,” I lied.

“Oh that would be wonderful of you if you could. My husband is away until the weekend so it would be great to get them replaced sooner rather than later.”

“It would be a pleasure.” I said in a casual manner, which belied my feeling of apprehension because of what I was going to say next. “I don’t know if you remember but the last time had tea like this we were in the middle of renovating our house, like we are right now.”

“Really? No, I did not remember.”

“The only difference is last time your daughter was home sick from school and just after we sat down to tea she came down from her room and curled up beside you.”

“What made you remember that?” She asked. “I would not remember a small thing like that. Ah! I bet there must be more to it than just that.” She laughed half asking a question and half just commenting.

“Oh, it sticks in my mind because…” I took a sip of my tea at this stage because I was not sure what her reaction would be to what I was about to add. “Last time, your daughter curled up next to you as we chatted and then she started to lift the waist-band of the top you were wearing. You calmly stopped her hand as the top rose revealing your midriff and you said, ‘he does not what to see up there’.” I took another sip of tea. My heart pounding in my ears, hoping Michelle would react in a positive way, but trying to be realistic enough to know it there was a strong possibility that she may not.

“I see! So there was more to the recollection!” she exclaimed with a warm smile. “And what did you say?”

“At the time I said nothing. I shyly looked away”

“And you have relived that moment over and over ever since?” she challenged quietly in a hushed voice.

“Well, um… yes. To be honest, I have.” I said with my eyes slightly downcast trying not to reveal my embracement.

“What would you have said if, say, that situation played out right now?”

“I think I should be the judge of that.” I said immediately.

“I see.” She responded and with her clear blue eyes looking kaçak iddaa straight at me as she raised her top to reveal her glorious breasts. Her pink bra was pulling tight across her chest, deepening her cleavage dramatically. The bra was a delicate light pink with lacy edging, through which I could just make out the deeper pink of her areolas. “Is this what you really came here for, to see my breasts?” she challenged.

“Very perceptive of you,” I remarked as casually I could.

She raised her hands to cup and mould her breasts in an astonishing display of open sexuality. My throat went dry as I sat, my eyes glued to her hands as her fingers idled over the noticeably hardened nipples. She looked down at her movements then at me from under her down turned head.

“Tell me what to do, Ray, just let your pent up thoughts go wild.”

“Remove your top and bra!” I commanded not stopping to ponder on the consequences of a refusal.

“Yes my master.” She answered playfully.

Michelle quietly removed her top, then shook her hair back and arched her back as she unclasped the hooks of her bra, then silently let the two garments slip to the floor.

“Play with your breasts again for me again.” I command. “Show me how you like them to touched.” My mind was racing trying to comprehend how my dreams of this revisited past were now becoming reality. I watched intently as she gently caressed her breasts from beneath, softly squeezing the pale flesh. Her nipples had hardened very noticeably and the areolas had darkened and swelled slightly as well. With supple moves, her fingers toyed with her nipples, rolling them firmly between thumb and forefinger, pulling the hard nubs away from her chest. Her breath was becoming discernibly quicker as I watched her. My cock now rock hard as well.

I stood and quickly removed my clothes. Standing across from this beautiful woman now playing with her own breasts for my (our) pleasure and me with my hard cock standing out from my loins, my hand clasped about its thickness stroking along the lengthened shaft.

“Holy shit!” Michelle exclaimed seeing my penis for the first time. “Is that all you?”

“Yep. Ever inch me.” I replied smiling. “I have to ask, just how big is that cock of yours? For a slim built guy you have quite a surprise hidden inside your trousers.”

Without waiting for me to answer she suddenly reached for the sewing basket she had on the floor beside the lounge and pulled out a tape measure.

“Lets see shall we?” she said, quickly sitting on the table in front of me.

She placed the end of the white plastic tape measure at the base of my rod and ran it along the shaft. “Wow. Your are a big boy… 8 inches of thick hardness and all this time living next door hidden away. And at least 2 inches thick.” She smiles up at me as her hand playfully toyed with my shaft.

“Lick each of your nipples.” I snapped.

“Yes my master, I shall try.” She bent her head and snaked out her tongue while pushing the breast upward to meet it. I heard her gasp as she made contact, the wetness of her saliva coating the rosy pink bud. She moved to the other nipple, eagerly licking and lashing at it with quick movements of her tongue. I moved toward her and pressed my shaft into her cleavage. She instantly knew what to do and enveloped my cock in her breasts. I bent my knees slightly and started to move my cock up and down against the swell of her breasts. Every upward thrust greeted with her tongue and wet mouth. I grasped her head as I thrust upward trying to get her mouth onto my cock but she had me firmly locked between her breasts. Suddenly she released my cock and inhaled me deeply into her hot wet mouth. She sucked me hard, almost completely swallowing my cock and rubbing her nose against the wiry hair. My whole body went ridged as she sucked me deep and hard, then just as suddenly kaçak bahis as she had engulfed me, she pulled away.

Swiftly, Michelle stood and in a desperate flurry, had removed her lower garments and positioned herself on all fours, her arms resting on the sofa back.

“Please eat me!” she cried, wiggling her bottom. I dropped to my knees only quickly looking at her sparsely cover mound. I slammed my face against her rump, burying my tongue into her sopping pussy.

“Argghhhhhhhhh,” yessssssss! Fuck me Ray. Fuck me quickly with your tongue then with your wonderful cock.”

I was driven to plunge my tongue as hard and fast into her as I could, tasting for the first time the liquid honey of her essence. I was lost in her scent, her juices coating my chin and face as I pushed her over the edge as quickly as possible. I felt compelled to give her as much pleasure as I could as quickly as I could, believing that this may well be the one and only time I might have her. I listened to her cries of intense pleasure, as I drank down her juices feeling her body quiver as she came on my tongue. I licked her with swift tongue movements from her rock hard clit to her musky anus until her orgasm subsided.

Now I needed to fuck her soaking vagina. I stood behind her eyeing her cream covered nethers but my own need drove me to quickly plunge my hard cock deep inside her. Her eyes flew open at the sudden force of my entering her slippery channel pushing her clenched muscles apart. At first I used her hips to lever my thrusts, slow but forceful, burying myself fully inside her. She grunted her approval with each impact of our bodies. I slammed my groin hard against her, fucking her harder and faster, my own need for orgasm building quickly.

“Yessssssssssss, harder now master. Fill me. Spread me wide with your gorgeous thick dick.”

I grabbed a hand full of hair as I fucked her, pulling her head firmly back exposing her full lust swollen breasts. They giggled wantonly as we each used our bodies on the other straining to gain orgasm. She groaned loudly as I felt her body tense then release, driven my her own hand now wildly whipping at her swollen clit. Her vagina clenched around my swelling cock as my own come crashed in around me.

“Oh my god… Michelle” I yelled through a strained throat, “going to come…”

“Fuck me lover… please!” she yelled in reply. “Getting close too… lets come together.”

I thrust powerfully forward filling her. Her body convulsed and spasmed as her won climax racked her torso. I pumped her full with my seed, her clutching ribbed channel draining every last drop. Again and again her body shook with the waves of her orgasm, ever ripple dancing along my slowly softening cock.

I dropped to sit on the floor while Michelle curled up on the lounge, her hair looking very disheveled and my come glistening on her thigh. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes both of us enjoying the sudden quiet and stillness of this post-coital moment. I leant over and kiss her softly on the cheek. She smiled sweetly and gently caressed my face then kissed me full on the mouth. Our lips and tongues meet in a soft and tender joining conveying a depth of feeling we had just discovered for each other yet could not communicate verbally just yet. We looked longingly into each others eyes as I languidly stroked her back with the barest of touches.

“Mmmmm, that feels so nice, Ray.” She murmured.

We stayed like that for close to 30 minutes the quietness and serenity swallowing us both and the rest of the world had disappeared somewhere into the distance.

“I think you volunteered to do me favour, did you not”? she whispered then kissed my cheek.

“I guess I had better uphold my offer.” I said, slowly rising to my feet and putting my clothes back on. Michelle laid there on the lounge eyeing me dreamily, the soft light coming from the window transforming her face from beautiful to drop dead gorgeous. I put on m shoes and then with an exaggerated flourish I bowed to her, “As my lady commands,” and turned and left.

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