Need a Ride?

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PT 1

Lightening crashing in sounds surround and rain the size of quarters beat upon the windshield…he was standing by his car getting completely soaked to the skin.

The hood of his car was up and it was going nowhere anytime soon…I pulled over. I am not one to take risks but damn the guy was soaked. I am human and i feel for others , especially in a situation like this.

I pulled over and hollered through my window if he needed a ride. He nodded and climbed into the passenger seat. His somewhat long hair was dripping down his face and was plastered down in other places. I grabbed a sweater from the back seat and handed it to him and told him if he wanted to dry with it or just remove his top at least he be a lil warmer than he was.

He agreed and pulled off his t-shirt.

The car light up with the lightening as i finally took a good look at my passenger. He was early 30’s and had hair past his shoulders…it looked like liquid ink on his now bare shoulders. He had a shy smile and smooth of chest…he looked at me with the greenest of eyes and thanked me.

Oh how I wanted to thank him, he was incredible looking and he was in MY car…*smiles*

Well , I asked where he would like to be dropped off at and he gave an address close to my so close and not even know it.

I tried not to look like i was stunned by this man and yet his presence stirred a desire within me. But being somewhat shy and not very forward I made small talk as i pulled out onto the drive to the address.

I can get carried away in chattering especially if nervous and he made me so very nervous in a good way…and not to mention a most aroused way. I kept my eyes on the road and listened to his warm dark voice and saw from the corner of my eye that he had turned in his seat to look my way.

I blushed as we stopped at a red light and looked at him and laughed nervously. He had asked if I had ever picked up a stranger before and I said oh no…not me…that would not be a smart move on my part. He laughed and said he was nothing to fear as he was as shy and nervous as I looked…we both laughed.

I cringed with each flash of lightening and he noticed , I am sure my knuckles turning white each time on the steering wheel.

He tried to make light of it and make me relax, but could see it wasn’t working as the hail began.

It was then that i felt his hand on my thigh. I sear i almost turned to melted goo on the seat. It took me by surprise as a soft little moan escaped my lips. He asked if that would make me more nervous and I shyly said no. Oh my but it did. I could feel the warmth of his hand through m jeans and even the slight tremor in his touch as well.

In my head I begged him to move his hand higher. I so wanted to feel more of this man but damn fear and properness kept me from voicing what i wanted.

Goddess help me he moved it and he splayed his fingers as well covering more of my thigh and spreading the warm feeling from my thigh to the very core of me. His hand slid down my inner thigh and i almost hit the guardrail. I corrected the car and he giggled “Oops” and slid it further till it cupped my ever moistening mound.

I clenched my hands tighter on the steering wheel and he neared me and whispered along my neck…”Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh hell no ” I whispered in response and he pressed his hand against me. I didn’t know nor did i care if i made it home in one piece. The feeling was incredible and he knew exactly what measure of pressure to apply and where to get the maximum effect.

Pulling his hand out from under me slowly, he raised it slowly and stroked my cheek. He let his hand drop to my now gently heaving breast and i gasped aloud. My nipples had harden from his first touch and now they strained against the silk bra , wanting to be molested by this stranger.

His hands made quick work of reaching in to squeeze the tip between his thumb and forefinger. I was either going to begin to speed or get into an accident. Either way…it felt so good and i wanted more….

PT 2

His hands made quick work of reaching in to squeeze the tip between his thumb and forefinger. I was either going to begin to speed or get into an accident. Either way…it felt so good and i wanted more….

Try as I might to keep my eyes focused on the road and my foot on the pedal as it was supposed sarıyer escort to be, he was making it more difficult with each tantalizing movement of his fingertips.

His touch was electric and sent waves of incredible pleasure throughout me. Yes it was only my breast after all but, it had been so long since being touched by someone other than myself that, it made it all that more intensified.

Between his thumb and fore finger my hardened tips felt ready to explode as he manipulated them in just the right way that made my soft murmurings escape from me without me noticing.

The rain was worsening and the hail grew, almost in competition with my arousal. I was getting worried and he noticed it on my face and in the way I slowed the car down.

“Pull over to the side”, he uttered quietly, “We’ll wait out the worst of it, no sense taking any chances.”

Nodding I agreed and pulled to the side of the road. The noise of the hail and the deluge of rain, made it impossible to make out much in ways of alerts or music on the radio.

He had sat back in his seat as I pulled over and I hadn’t really noticed as I was trying hard not to let my fear of the storm get to me. I put the car in park and turned off the engine…who knows how long this would last.

I had my hand still clutching the steering wheel when his closed over top of mine. It enveloped mine almost completely and was so very warm.

“Why do you tremble?”, he asked, “Your safe and not alone.”

His words calmed me some and I turned to look at him and smiled.

Lightening flashed and roared beside us and I jumped and he held my hand tighter. Once my breathing continued I was so glad that I wasn’t alone and yet he was still a stranger. I laughed and he moved closer and whispered, “Tell me..”

Tilting my head a little and thankful that in the dark of the storm that my blushing was not visible I told him how nature was making it possible for me to feel comfort with him…a stranger. He laughed softly and leaned towards me and kissed my cheek. I smiled and he said “Your face is flushed” and then slid his hand slowly behind my neck and tangling his fingers in my hair, pulled me closer to him and whispering a breath away from my lips, “Let me?”

Before I could utter a word, let alone a breath, his lips touched mine. A flash lit up the car and the roar of thunder pressed me against him. The warmth and softness of his lips was wonderful. Nothing felt so soft and warm and i looked into his eyes and my own desires were reflected back at me and I was lost. Sinking quickly into the emerald glow of such overwhelming passion that, I heard nothing of the storm as it raged around us. I saw nothing but him, his face near to mine. Fear faded and a hunger grew.

The tip of his tongue traced my lips and then it gently prodded and gained entry into the wet warmth of my mouth. Caressing my tongue, playing with it and then taking hold of it pulling mine back into his mouth, such a sweet journey.

His hand held my head as the other slid along my waist undoing my seat belt and releasing me into his arms. Pulling me closer into his safe warm embrace, allowing me to feel the growing urgency within the both of us.

He took hold of my hand and guided it to his lap. I shivered, as it was bolder than anything that I had done before. Oh, the taut fabric of his jeans hardly concealed his toned muscular thighs and the dampness from his earlier soaking from the elements had plastered the material tightly to his form. I slid my hand slowly up his thigh. His mouth held mine captive as we hungrily tasted, played and explored, one another.

He whispered hoarsely into my mouth, “Go ahead”

Upwards my hand slid and as my hand reached his hard form, a gasp escaped him. He shifted in the seat and pressed up against my hand as my small hand felt along the length of him. I moaned slightly and pressed my hand a little firmer against him.

His hand found its way to my breasts again and he cupped one then the other molding them in his hands …squeezing and pressing them alternating as he deftly unbuttoned my shirt to avail them to more of his touch. His fingers nimbly open the front clasp of my bra and released the firm mounds into his awaiting hand.

He left my mouth with the gentlest of kisses, then placed a trail of feathery light touches, over my chin esenyurt escort down my neck to the top of my breasts. He leaned back a little and moved his hands to take hold of them both at the same time and held them firmly and …admired them and looking into my eyes finally he breathlessly whispered, “Wow”

Leaning forward he pressed them together and buried his face between them inhaling deeply my scent filling himself in all senses and I felt his mouth open as he rubbed his face amidst them and sliding his tongue in little circles where ever his mouth opened. Between licks and kisses he whispered, “Thank you”.

Massaging them within his hands, molding them, grabbing, and shaping them to his will. His hot breath tickled against the nipple as he encircled it with his tongue and flicking gently before his mouth covered and swallowed it into his warm wet mouth. I gasped aloud as a surge of heat rushed throughout me. My hand found his shoulder and then the back of his neck and I raked my fingers through his damp hair. Keeping his head in place as he ministered to my firm mounds.

The storm forgotten about, the outside world no longer existed, only sheer pleasure at the hands and mouth of a Man.

PT 3

Was it the storm raging outside or was it the awakening of the long dormant sexuality of a woman long denied? Either or both it mattered not as a flash lit up the car and I felt a shudder envelope me. He peered up at me from between my breasts, strands of dampened hair obscuring his eyes and the hunger that was filling him. I felt like prey to his desires and …I so wanted to be taken.

His hands took hold of my face on either side and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss. If it were possible he tasted my long forgotten and buried needs. He was determined to arouse and devour them. His touch on my body was slowly dissolving my inhibitions and

stirring the embers to spark a blaze inside my very core.

Half clothed , in a wicked storm and in the embrace of a stranger. Could I ask for anything more? Oh yes I wanted this…I needed this and I was going to get …it.

My breathing ragged and mingled together with his murmurings and my soft moans the windows fooged over. Droplets of condensation weaved little paths down the glass, as our own sweat beaded and rolled off our bodies. Arms and legs entangled amid such a small space . No notice was taken as to the cramped quarters , nothing was focused on but the sheer need to fulfill the lust that dared to consume us.

His hand snaked its way down to my jean covered mound and as he cupped and pressed against it , my hips thrust up on their own accord. I gasped against his neck and gently bit his soft flesh between his neck and shoulder. He moaned deeply and pressed harder squeezing as if to feel the growing moisture that was awaiting him. Sliding his hand deeper between my thighs he grabbed hold of my ass from underneath and growled against my ear, “This is mine”. I whimpered softly as a trembling surge went through me.

His hand slid upwards back to the button of my jeans and deftly opened it and began to very slowly slide the zipper down. Tooth by tooth agonizingly slow …it was all I could do to barely breath. Wanting to grab his hand and push it faster and wanting it to tease me more.

I could feel the warm tips of his fingers as the came near my skin and as they followed the lace around my waist I felt as though my heart had stopped. Such an exquisite feeling and yet he was not nearly done…with me. Moving me sideways in my seat he placed one of my legs, on either side of himself. Running his hands up my legs , over my thighs and then swiftly grabbing hold of my jeans and pulling them down to the tops of my thighs.

Watching his every movement , staring into his eyes which had not left mine for a moment, a look that held all the intensity of a needed fix …a craving for lust that wanted to be satisfied.

He was as much my fix, as I was his.

Leaning over my body he did not touch me with his mouth, instead I felt only his breath and the warmth from his face. Slowly moving over my stomach and onto my exposed and shakily heaving breasts his face passed over me. I yearned for his lips ….his mouth…his tongue to touch me but he did not give that to me. Just his breath,and his hair slowly caressing my skin …driving me wild with avrupa yakası escort want. I wanted to grab him and pull him tightly against me and yet I did not want it to stop, not yet.

Suddenly both his hands grabbed handfulls of my breasts and at the same time I felt his mouth n my pubic bone. His feathery light kisses and his molding of my breasts made me shudder and gasp aloud.

He snaked his tongue out to touch me then. Like an electric shock it sent a surge through my body, causing my hips to thrust upwards to meet his face and my hands to grab hold of the seat and cry out.

Like a Man denied a meal for way to long, he devoured me. His face face pressed against me, his mouth opened tasting that which he created and he was making sure not to allow a single drop be wasted.

He looked up at me as I writhed on the seat and grinned.

Before I could utter a word, a noise…. He was back licking and sucking along the moist lips that anxiously awaited his return. So eager were they that they spread like a blossoming lotus flower craving attention from the sun. His teeth nipped at the velvety folds and the little nub that screamed for his ministering. He eagerly obliged by licking in one very long and agonizingly slow lick from one end of my sex to the top and gently suckled on the point of all pleasure. I clawed at the seat as my body convulsed for him. Then I felt his finger enter me coating itself in the ever growing moisture and slide even deeper into me. Slowing pistoning and soon joined by another eager finger to explore my depths. I had heard a noise but did not attribute it to anything more than either a moan or the creaking of the seat or car. A flash of light blinded me and the fingers were gone and the sudden cooling made me aware that the car door was open and he was standing outside. As I leaned up , my ankles were grabbed and pulled roughly across the seat and out in the pouring rain into his embrace.

He shut the car door, kissed me deeply and turned me, pressed me against the car and whispered in my ear,

“Ready luv?”

Before I could moan a reply I felt him, as he pressed his hardness against the small of my back. Grinding against me and sliding between the smooth crease of my ass, he was thick so smooth and very hard. He rubbed himself up and down the crease…the rain slicking down wetting us both so that there was more than enough moisture to slide against my body.

Cupping my breasts with both hands I had no choice but to move with him as he moved me to the trunk of the carpushing against me leaning me over he pinched and pulled at my hardened nipples and moved his hips so that his velvety hardness was poised just at my heated entrance.

Lightening crashed above us and he thrust hard and fast ..taking me.

My cry was not heard with the thunder and it didnt matter. He slid one arm around just above my breasts and the other hand grabbed a handful of my now soaked hair and pulled it back sharply as he thrust, again…and again.

Wind and rain pelted us and made our bodies slick as they slammed together over and over …getting faster and harder, as he sought to find the deepest part of my inner core. His mouth found the tender flesh between my neck and shoulder and he bite down growling and sent me over the edge. His moans were so loud and so intoxicating as i felt him tense up and slam into me even harder , bottoming out deep within and spreading the heat of his molten seed in to my heated depths. He pressed against me weakly trying to thrust the last bit of his heat into me but instead just held me tightly shuddering against my own quivering body.

Thunder rumbled above us and I felt him slowly slip out of me,.. I moaned softly.

Turning to face him I smiled and he weakly smiled back a grin. I pressed him up against the car where he had held me and I knelt before him and grabbing hold of his thighs I leaned in and slowly licked our mixture from him . Long slow licks up him and down again..tasting our combined moisture and slipped my hand around him to hold his still hard member up a little as I found the under lying sacs and took each one into my mouth , swirling my tongue around them and kissing them gently making sure he was cleaned thoroughly from our lust. Slipping his length into my mouth his hands found my hair and grabbed it and pulled me deeper onto his hardness and I took him in. He released my hair as he was spent and I kissed along the shaft and the suckled his head and kissed it softly and standing up slowly, sliding my hands up his body and kissed his chest and then up around his neck and as I neared his ear…I whispered softly…

“Still want that… ride?”

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