My Sister Jackie Ch. 02

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The morning sun reflected brightly on the bedroom wall at the other end of the room. I opened my eyes and quickly shut them to block out the painful glare. I felt the unsettling and momentary confusion of wondering where I was. Slowly my mind began to sort everything out. Bits and pieces began to come back to me as I began remembering what had taken place the evening before. I quickly sat up and looked at the empty bed beside me, then let my eyes search the still unfamiliar bedroom to see if she was still there.

“Jackie?” I called. There was only silence.

I fought the urge to lie back down. Forcing myself to become more awake I glanced over at the utilitarian, green block numbers on the clock radio that faced me from the bedside table – 8:03 am.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Taped to the mirror was a piece of notepaper that had several colorful butterflies printed across the top of it. There was a message printed in pencil from Jackie that read: Forgot about an early A.M. appt. – I let you sleep – call me.

“Butterflies!” I mumbled to myself after I re-read the note several times. I had the strange sensation of familiarity and I knew that it would be like her to choose this kind of notepaper.

As I washed my face I began to recall everything that had happened the night before. How we had talked for so long and so intimately; how Jackie was more like a lover than a sister. I thought about the sex we had, and how intensely satisfying it was. “Jesus.” I muttered to myself. I also thought about the very intense and erotic sex we had on the living room sofa. My mind kept thinking about how erotic Jackie looked, as she lay nude on the sofa, waiting for me to get undressed. And of course, how erotic it felt to make love to her and feel her give back so completely. I remembered how, after we made love, she led me to the bedroom where we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I didn’t remember her saying anything about any appointment this morning. I wondered if it was just an excuse, a way for her to leave before I woke up. I wondered if she was embarrassed?

I looked at myself in the mirror and vaguely remembered making love sometime during the night, several hours, I thought, after we had gone to bed. As I splashed warm water on my face the memory started to become clearer. Like an image appearing out of a fog I remembered more. The room was dark and I slowly awoke to the feeling of Jackie gently sucking my soft cock. I remembered being slightly confused as to whether I was dreaming or not. But her naked body hovered over mine as I felt her warm lips. Her tongue was velvety-soft and I remembered how her warm breath felt on my loins as my cock hardened with anticipation and desire. I remembered that she sucked my cock for several minutes before I gently rolled her over and moved into place between her legs. I was inside her vagina almost without realizing it and, there in the darkness, we possessed each other, each in our own way. Her soft cries of pleasure still played in my mind as I looked at myself in the mirror.

I glanced at the note again looking for some vague hint in her message. I saw nothing and I went back into her bedroom to get dressed. I stood in the middle of her room looking for my clothes before I remembered that they were still in the living room where I had taken them off the night before. I started toward the living room and passed by several unpacked boxes that had been set against the wall near the bedroom door. One box that was open at the top contained some books and various small picture frames. As I walked by the box a small-framed picture that was on the top caught my eye. It was a picture that obviously had been taken several years earlier of Jackie standing on a sandy beach that I assumed was somewhere in Mexico. She had on an orange bikini, with one of those para-sail harness strapped tightly to her body. The harness was pressing her luscious tits together and the two straps that came from behind and up between her legs made the material of her bikini, covering her pussy, stand out. I wondered as I looked at the photograph if anyone else at the time noticed how erotic she looked.

I placed the picture back and was tempted to see what else I could find in the box. A wave of embarrassment came over me for even considering it yet this was the sister that I really never knew. And even more than that, this was a woman who, at this very moment, wherever she was, was carrying traces of my cum inside her warm vagina. I needed to know something about this woman. I needed to see if I could glimpse something that had been denied me for so şişli üniversiteli escort long. As I sat on the floor searching through the items in the box I felt as if I was beginning to understand a little about her. In a way, her life was in here, at least her past life and in the photographs I could see the progression – the maturation – of the girl into a woman. I had the strong sense that she, like all of us, was vulnerable in some ways. It was as if I was seeing something of myself in these scattered trinkets and photographs. Something like a sort of parallel life is the best way to describe it.

At the bottom of the box was a sealed envelope that was stuffed with letters and more photographs. On the outside of the envelope the word Personal was written in ink in what I assumed was her handwriting. I held the envelope in my hands for a moment then placed it back in the box without looking inside. This was too personal, I thought. I felt that taking a look inside was just going too far. I put everything back in the box and stood up. I glanced back at the bed and remembered how good it felt as Jackie and I fucked each other the night before. I wanted to fuck her again and I hoped she wanted the same. I did feel slightly unsettled about the way she left this morning without waking me. Perhaps it meant nothing. Maybe she did have an appointment and she had just forgotten to mention it. I hoped that that was the case and that her departure didn’t mean she regretted what we had done.

After getting dressed I left Jackie’s apartment and drove home. My apartment seemed colder and quieter than usual and for several hours I puttered around, getting little accomplished but at least keeping busy. I didn’t want to slow down for fear that I would have to come to terms with the unanswered question of what Jackie really felt about what we had done. Constantly I found myself reliving many of the small moments we shared and how good it felt to feel her naked body pressing against mine as we both struggled – together – toward our orgasms. I reflected back on the vision of her lovely face as she slowly sucked on my cock, and how her hair, erotically, kept falling down on my abdomen. She would use one hand to fold it back behind her head and in moments it would fall down again.

I found myself standing at the window of my apartment as it began to rain and I stood there watching the gray streets below turn dark, then shiny. People scurried about dashing from awning to doorways; some with umbrella’s some not. As I watched them I wondered if many of them had ever felt the soul-deep satisfaction and completeness that I had felt after having fucked Jackie. I doubted it. Suddenly the phone rang and I hesitated, I almost didn’t want to answer it for fear that it would be her, telling me that what we had done was some sort of mistake or a moment of weakness that should have never happened.

“Hello?” I said. And before she said a word I knew it was Jackie on the line.

“Hi…you left before I came back. Was I that bad?” She said with a soft laugh in her voice.

The frankness of her question took me off guard for a second. “Well uh, no…I had to get back to get some things done here at home,” I said unconvincingly. “I saw your note, how was your appointment?”

“Oh, good, I think it went very well. Listen, sorry that I forgot to tell you about it last night,” she said. “We had so many other things going on I guess I just kind of forgot.” She laughed softly again and after pausing slightly she asked, “Are you OK with…you know…everything that happened?”

“Sure!” I said quickly. “I’m fine with everything…in fact…I’m more than fine.” I tried to think of the right thing to say. “It was a very special night…it…it was more than special.” I stammered thinking as soon as I said it that it sounded dumb and I wished I could take it back.

“That’s the same way I felt,” She said. “If your not doing anything…well, would you like to come over again this afternoon?”

“Sure, what time.” I said trying to sound calm.

“Anytime,” She laughed. “I’m just still trying to get unpacked and moved-in. I’ll be here all day.”

After hanging up the phone I walked back to the window and stood there watching the rain as it continued to fall. I felt the feelings of excitement, and relief come over me. I was relieved that Jackie didn’t seem to be uncomfortable about what had happened between us and I felt excited at the thought that we would be spending more time together. As I stood there I thought again about the envelope and wondered what was in taksim anal yapan escort it. I wished I had looked – but at the same time glad I hadn’t. Some things need to be private.

On my way over to her place I stopped and bought a bottle of wine that Jackie had mentioned was one of her favorites and when I got to her place she answered the door wearing almost the same outfit she had on the evening before, tight fitting Jeans, and a pale blue mans dress shirt that was un-tucked. Her feet were bare and as she hugged me I could fee that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hair was pulled back away from her face making her look much younger. Her make-up looked fresh. I could tell that she was genuinely glad to see me.

“I hope you don’t mind the way I look,” she said as I came in her apartment. “Ever since I got back I’ve been unpacking and trying to get moved-in.”

“You look great.” I said, and meant it.

We made small talk and I followed her around the apartment as she continued to unpacked boxes. I tried not to be too obvious but I couldn’t help but watch her as she moved around the apartment. There was something about her that was familiar yet I realized that, to a certain extent, she was still, in part, a stranger even though we were so closely related. I was definitely captivated by her femininity. And the longer I was around her the more aroused I got. I wanted to take her by the hand, lead her to the bed, strip her clothes off of her lovely body, and make love to her for hours. I sensed that she felt the same way but I couldn’t be completely sure so I did nothing for the moment.

“There’s supposed to be a good little neighborhood Italian restaurant down the street, would you like to try it for dinner?” She said as she went toward the bedroom.

“Sure.” I nodded.

“Ok, let me get a quick shower.”

Jackie went into the bathroom without closing the door completely and I could see her reflection in the mirror as she took off her clothes and stood facing the mirror as she pinned her hair up. Her breasts were even lovelier than I had remembered. I knew that she knew I was watching her, that’s why she left the bathroom door partially open. Suddenly she was gone. I heard the shower being turned on and the shower door close as she stepped in.

Taking my clothes off I laid them on a chair in the bedroom and moved toward the bathroom. My cock was already hard at the thought of fucking Jackie again. I pushed the bathroom door open all the way and could see Jackie behind the blurred glass of the shower door as she rubbed soap over her wet body. For a moment I simply stood in the bathroom looking at her. Suddenly she opened the shower door and looked at me, the portions of her body that was not being sprayed by the showerhead were covered by soft white swirls of the soap. We simply held each other’s eyes for a long moment before she held out her hand to me and motioned me into the shower with her.

I hardly noticed the warm water on my back as I took her into my arms and kissed her. My cock was pressed against her belly and she reached down and took it in her hand. As I moved closer to her she pressed herself harder against me almost as if she were trying to force our bodies to become one. She began to whisper words that were more like primal sounds than complete words.

For the longest moment I simply held her, the water running down our bodies, I nibbled and kissed her shoulder as I held her ass cheeks in my hands.

“I need to be made love to…I need to be fucked!” She whispered. “I need to be caressed and I need to have a man who cares. I need a man who will eat my pussy because he wants, for that moment, to be doing nothing more in the world. I want to pamper a man, and spoil him, by sucking his cock and letting him fuck me anywhere and anytime he wants…is that so much to ask for?”

I looked into her eyes and softly shook my head no.

“I need a man to want me more than any woman in the world. I need to feel his cock deep inside my vagina…I need a man who is thinking only of me when he’s fucking me…I don’t care if he has fucked hundreds of other women before me. When he’s inside me I want there to be something very, very special between us. I never had that with my ex-husband Roger – or any other man. I’ve been made love to and I’ve been fucked a lot in my life –.” Her voice softened and I held her against me under the warm shower. I felt her shudder slightly and I wasn’t sure if she was crying. ” I know it seems crazy but last night, when we were fucking…it was the first time I ever felt that taksim bdsm escort emotion from another person…I think that what happened last night made me realize what I have been missing…ever since then I can’t get it out of my mind…and in a way I’m so afraid I will never feel it again.”

I kissed her deeply and let my kiss move down her body and let my tongue circle the areola of her breast before gently sucking her hard nipple. Her breath was coming harder in shorter gasps as I dropped to my knees and kissed her belly just above her pussy. Without words I urged her to sit on the small shelf that was at the rear of the shower stall where she leaned back against the cool tiles on the walls and spread her legs – offering me her cunt. As the water continued to wash over our naked bodies I gently probed her swollen clitoris with my tongue. I could feel her clit responding to my even rhythm and Jackie was beginning to whimper from the pleasure she was feeling between her legs.

As I continued to eat her pussy I slowly inserted two fingers into her vagina and started to finger-fuck her at the same speed that I was caressing her orally – paying close attention to the position of my fingers against her G-spot.

I lost track of time but suddenly Jackie’s whole body began to shudder and tighten as her orgasm was overtaking her. She clamped her thighs against my shoulders and arched her back as she let out a long muffled scream of pleasure that came from deep within her. After the peak of her orgasm passed her whole body was occasionally jolted with waves of pleasure.

I moved up and began to kiss her, even though we were both completely wet, I could see that she was crying softly. I stood her up and held her against me again as I turned the shower off. I knew that the tears were from all of the years of loneliness, un-fulfillment, and need that she kept bottled up inside her. Her orgasm had finally touched a secret place within her and it was finally safe to let it all out.

I stood her in the middle of the bathroom and ran a towel over her beautiful body to dry her. When I was finished I took her hand and led her to the bed where she lay down on her back. I sat on the edge of the bed facing her with my hand resting on her thigh. Her hand reached over and gently fondled my hard cock; not like she was jacking me off, but simply as if she just enjoyed touching it. I moved my hand to her pussy and very lightly began to caress her clit. Jackie spread her legs as wide as she could as if giving me complete access not only to her body but also to her emotions and her soul.

After a few moments I moved between her legs and positioned my throbbing cock at the entrance of her vagina. Her clitoris and cunt lips were swollen and a deep crimson red from the erotic excitement that coursed through her body. Our eyes locked on each other’s as I moved my hips forward, parting her labia with my penis and entering her wet vagina. Jackie let out a cry as she rocked her hips up toward mine. “Oh fuck!” She moaned. “Fuck me…I need to be fucked now…now…Fuck me!”

Jackie was whispering and moaning softly as we fucked. I could tell when she was getting close to another orgasm, as she would get louder and more verbal. I was holding my own orgasm back until I knew it was time to cum in her – when she was ready to have her strongest orgasm of the evening. We continued to fuck in several different positions, at one point, when she was on her hands and knees and I was fucking her from behind I was tempted to fuck her in her anus (she admitted she enjoyed anal sex) but decided to wait until a later time.

We had sex for a couple of hours and I could tell that Jackie was building toward another strong orgasm and I knew how to make it better than any other she had. I slowly built my tempo and began fucking her cunt with long, slow, deep strokes where I withdrew my cock almost completely out of her cunt before thrusting back inside her again. I could tell that her pleasure was intense and as she started to cum I thrust hard into her and let my own orgasm begin. My cock swelled as I ejaculated into her vagina. I could feel her cunt walls contracting around my hard cock as if trying to milk every drop of fuck-juice out of my balls. Jackie bit my shoulder and cried-out as my cock spewed hot cum into her throbbing fuck hole. We lay together for a long time with my softening cock still being held by her cunt simply enjoying the pleasure we shared. For a long time after we had cum she would seem to have mini-orgasm that would continue to roll over her.

Jackie lay sleeping beside me as I looked out into the dark room. My mind was going over the important issues that needed to be dealt with, but I knew that I wasn’t quite ready to face them yet. I just couldn’t help feeling that I needed more time with this incredible woman – who, up until a few days ago, was a complete stranger to me.

Tomorrow we can talk, I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

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