My Secret Place Ch. 04

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My sister and I had enjoyed a perfect day out, ostensibly to go fishing but then, as lust overcame all else, the day became a thrilling fucking experience during which we’d both enjoyed each other immensely. We’d come to know one another in many more ways than we’d ever expected and realised that we’d make a perfect pair of lovers – our future prospects only blighted by the inevitable condemnation of our parents. But that was for later and as we’d continued to have sex on and off all day it seemed so such matters had slipped out of view. Soon however we would indeed need to face the music but not before the day was done…


I need hardly add that over the following couple of hours Sharon caught several more really good specimen fish while all I reeled in were some uninspiring tiddlers – I was far from impressed but it seemed that the harder I tried the more she caught. I used every trick I could think of to encourage more fish onto my bait but nothing worked apparently.

The redeeming aspect however was the sight of my delectable sister as she fought her captives while wearing only her skimpy little knickers; a sight which was almost worth the pain of knowing I’d been beaten at my own game. Sure, it was definitely a case of beginners luck but if my sister would insist on fishing in just her knickers then she could catch all the fish she wanted while I’d just sit back and watch her!

What was weird to me though was that although I’d seen her entire body naked, squirming and climaxing on the end of my cock she looked even more erotic with her knickers on somehow. It was the way her muscles strained and stretched; the way her hips and arse moved, even the way the fabric stretched over her arse, the way her breasts seemed to be that much larger and more arousing as she bent over and the excited look on her face once she’d completed her catch. I began to want to be able to watch her while I jerked off, such was my own degree of arousal but I decided to save that for the times when she wouldn’t be there except for in my mind. Nevertheless, my cock throbbed eagerly as I watched and my hand stroked my length steadily if languidly.

Eventually though, even Sharon had had enough. Each captive of hers had been photographed and I’d even taken a short video of her as she reeled one particular fish in, the quivering of her breasts (and her buttocks, for that matter), the triumphant look on her face and the way her lithe limbs braced and strained would be something to enjoy over and over again.

Then once she’d had enough of fishing I took a video of her as she reclined and slid her knickers off after which Sharon took a video of me from her viewpoint as I knelt with my erect cock poised between her legs and then took a video of me as I fished, the viewpoint such that my stiffened penis took pride of place. We chuckled together as we viewed the erotic results and did some quick and delicious smooching then managed some more fishing for a little while afterwards, our love and peace together almost a palpable thing.

As we’d fished dusk had begun to arrive and now, as Sharon finally put down her rod and settled back onto her towel I turned on my small but quite powerful lantern. Immediately the brightness turned our surrounds darker and Sharon hurriedly shuffled closer to me until our arms pressed side by side. It wasn’t much cooler as yet but it was enough for Sharon to don her knickers again and then she snuggled tightly against me, her body quivering occasionally.

“Scary isn’t it?” she said with a shudder, but I hushed her.

“Like we’re entirely alone in the world,” I breathed, loving the peace and solitude, “And we’re here together – you’re safe.”

“I know,” whispered Sharon against my shoulder, “With you I’m always safe, my darling big brother.”

We turned together and our lips met softly at first and then more ardently. I felt Sharon’s shuddering breath and felt her body surge and tremble as we kissed then embraced and felt the delicious smoothness of her breast against my arm. My other arm automatically rose and pulled her to me and a moment or two later we were lying down with Sharon partially underneath me as we made out together.

“Love you,” breathed Sharon, her arms stroking my back, “Stay with me forever Chris.”

“Hope I can,” I agreed contentedly, “Hope so.”

“I need you,” said Sharon as we kissed again, “Need you so much.”

“Yeah, I promise I’ll be there,” I answered but Sharon blew in my face before answering.

“No, I mean I need you now – in me – fucking me,” she said as her body began to squirm under me, “Anyway, you promised that if I beat you you’d fuck me.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect you to win,” I moaned, my body now highly aroused despite my complaint, “How many times is this?”

“Not enough yet,” she said softly as she pressed her hips up at me, “Just one more, please!”

Our intimacy and the way her body was moving was more than enough to raise both my ardour and my penis and turn şişli rus escort it into a solid bar of steel once again and with a slight adjustment I moved so that my cock now lay over her pussy. I could feel her prickly pubes even through her knickers, a garment that she quickly pushed off her hips.

“Hang on a mo while I get rid of these, then get it inside me please,” urged my sister, her hips pressing her pussy up at my hardened cock while at the same time she flipped her knickers off her feet, “Make me feel better – I know you’re ready.”

“Are you ready too?” I asked as I lifted myself into position above her, “I bet you are!”

“Of course I am!” she answered eagerly, “Hot, wet and so ready – always ready for your lovely cock!”

It was the work of a moment to adjust myself and to press my straining penis into her flesh. There was the merest hint of pressure as we met and then I was sliding quickly and easily into my sister’s delicious and welcoming vagina yet again.

“Ohh Chris,” she sighed, her body adjusting to my cock, “Every time we make love I feel closer to you and every time you’re inside me feels better too.”

“Getting used to each other,” I murmured as I got into my stride, “I already know what you like and how best to make you happy.”

I paused as I too adjusted my angle of insertion, so I could press my knob against her g-spot, then I continued.

“The only trouble with that is that we could get too complacent and instead of making love we’ll just go through the motions every so often,” I said, keeping my strokes even and steady, “Not only that, if we do it all the time we’ll end up getting caught.”

“Ohhhhh, the way you turn me on I doubt it!” said Sharon as she writhed under me, “Anyway I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with your cock!”

“Yeah, but what about getting caught?” I asked since Sharon had simply glossed over that important issue, “If we do this at home I don’t reckon we’d last a week before Mum or Dad find out.”

“All the more important to get our own place,” said Sharon as she pushed her hips up to meet my thrusts, “Oh fuck – forget all that, just fuck me hard right now!”

I chuckled at the way she was being led by her sexual desire but allowed the subject matter to stay where it was for now as I powered my cock into her pussy. By now the aroma of our activity was strong in the warm still evening air with heavy pheromone-laden scents drifting around us along with the heated scent of copious sexual juices being pulverised and atomized. Every breath I took seemed to urge me onwards, making my cock feel stiffer and stronger. The pair of us were both grunting now as our activity level increased and when I looked into Sharon’s eyes all I could see was her extreme sexual happiness.

“Ohhhh Chris, I’m going to cummmm!” she moaned, screwing up her eyes now as I continued to thrust steadily, “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, yesss, here it cums, here it cums!”

A moment or two later and she cried out and went rigid, holding me in a death grip – and then she was crying out again with excitement.

“Yesss, yesss, wonderful!” she cried as she lost control of her body, “Cumming, cumming so fuckin’ hard!!”

I slowed my thrusting now to allow her to feel her own responses and to enjoy the climactic moments as her body seemed to ripple and flow beneath and around me.

“Was that good?” I enquired, knowing full well what the answer would be.

“Incredible!” she sighed as her arms reached up and enfolded me, “You make me cum so easily, so quickly.”

“Because I know you, I know your body and what you like the best,” I repeated, “And also because I enjoy seeing you so happy and excited too.”

“I’m certainly happy,” she whispered, “And I love you so much.”

“Mmmm, and you, sweetheart,” I murmured into her ear.

I paused my movements as I pressed down gently on top of my lovely sister, feeling the warm stickiness of her sweat-clad body against mine and the firmness of her lovely tits while I absorbing the heated scents which were enveloping us both. We lay together contentedly for a while and then I felt her lips on my cheek and I turned my head – to be greeted by her soft open mouth. Our mouths met, our lips slippery with sweat, our tongues twisting and exploring, our breath sharing and I felt my relaxing cock beginning to stir again.

We kissed with wide open mouths until eventually our lips locked together and the kiss evolved into yet another sexual activity as we smooched lovingly and before I knew it I was sliding my renewed hardness faster and more energetically in and out of her sexy little hole again.

At that moment however I sensed another smell, one far more pungent and wild – and my eye caught a fleeting glimpse of rufous red. I lifted my head higher, just in time to see the last flick of a fox’s brush as it disappeared among the trees.

I chuckled at the sighting, while wishing that Sharon had seen it too.

“What was that?” she asked, her şişli türbanlı escort nose wrinkling having now realised that we’d had a visitor.

“Fox,” I said, “Must have come to have a nose around – I often see them when I’m fishing although that’s the first one I’ve seen here.”

“It won’t bite me will it?” asked Sharon in alarm as she tried to sit up, but I calmed her and pushed her down again.

“Very much doubt it,” I said as I gently fucked her worries away, “And anyway, we don’t have rabies here so a bite won’t do any lasting damage. Well, it would hurt of course but they’ve never bothered to bite me – it’s only those urban foxes that seem to get aggressive.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen those in the town at night,” Sharon answered, “Always keep well clear of them.”

“Out here in the wild they’re just nosy; they’re looking for things to eat usually,” I said, “Anyway it’s gone now.”

“Good, it’s not that I don’t like them but we’re in the middle of having sex!” she pointed out, “And we haven’t finished ‘cos you haven’t cum yet, have you?”

“Huh, we’ve been in the middle of having sex all day it seems!” I added, feeling a chuckle rising as I spoke, “And I suppose you want me to fill you up again!”

“You’d better!” said my sister, “I love feeling you squirt inside me; makes me feel so close to you.”

“I don’t know if I’ve got any more left to squirt,” I muttered but Sharon ignored me.

Her body had begin to squirm beneath me once more and as she moved and caressed my cock so my rigidity returned and with it my desire to continue. I pressed my cock in and drew it almost out to test the conditions, finding that Sharon was now even wetter than before and yet just as tight somehow and it wasn’t long before I was pumping my cock faster in and out of her hole again, feeling the way her vagina stroked me, stirred me and encouraged me.

“Feels wonderful again,” sighed Sharon as we got into a good quick rhythm, “You’re gonna make me cum twice – I can feel it in there already.”

I didn’t answer because I was concentrating on my own level of arousal, feeling it rising too, holding my own climax in control until I knew that Sharon was ready for me. We fucked on, the smacking together of our flesh loud in my ears now, my sensitivity rising and rising.

“I’m nearly there,” I admitted by way of a warning, “Tell me when you want me to cum.”

“Any minute,” moaned my sister as her hands closed over her tits, her fingers squeezing her nipples tightly, “Ohhh fuck, yesss, keep going – little more – keep going!”

I slid my own hand down until I found her clit, then I strummed it quickly with my fingers, with immediate results.

“Ohhh Chrisssss!” she cried, “I’m there – I’m cumming!”

Suddenly she lost control; suddenly her body threw itself everywhere; suddenly her back arched and thrust her pussy at my teasing fingers and my pile-driving cock – suddenly she climaxed.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh!” she howled as her vagina tried to squeeze the life out of my cock, “Chris, Chris – cummming!”

Just as suddenly I knew that I’d reached my own climax and with a thrust that drove Sharon’s body back to the ground I pressed my cock as deeply into her as I could and erupted. To me my spasms as I pumped my cum into her welcoming hole felt like huge, fire-bucket sized eruptions sufficient to put out her fire. Instead of that I was aware that they comprised no more than a little spoonful of cum but nevertheless, it was enough for some of it to squelch wetly from around my cock, the overflowing emissions enough to chill my balls and for Sharon to shudder.

“Oh Chris, you’ve filled me again,” she breathed as her hand explored down there, “I’m absolutely soaked again!”

I had no answer – I’d expelled all my energy and my senses through my cock and now all I could do was to manage to hold myself above my sister’s body as I recovered.

Somehow Sharon now made me roll sideways and a moment later we were side by side, my cock still enveloped inside her pussy.

“You were wonderful,” she breathed as she kissed me, “That was absolutely perfect!”

“Was good, wasn’t it,” I agreed, “And now I’m completely fuckin’ knackered.”

“I bet you are,” she answered, “And I’m full and wet and happy – let’s have a break.”

She pushed me away gently and I felt my softening penis slip from her grasp just as I heard a gasp from Sharon too.

“Uhhh, it’s running everywhere again!” she said as she dragged the towel into place over her pussy, “You don’t half cum a lot, don’t you.”

“It’s you, you make me do that, like you suck it from me,” I said as I lay on my back, “You’ve sucked every drop from me.”

Sharon slid the towel from under her arse and refolded it so she could apply a drier section to her leaking pussy, then turned to me again.

“Mmmm, I bet if I sucked you off right now you’d still manage to fill my mouth,” said Sharon as her hand found me and stroked my exhausted cock gently, “All şişli ucuz escort that lovely warm sexy spunk!”

“Oh shut up – give it a rest for a bit will you,” I moaned with a weak smile, “Anyway, I want to get a drink, I’m parched.”

I sat up and reaching out I rummaged in my bag until I found my water bottle – it was still over half full. Gratefully I glugged down several mouthfuls, feeling immediately refreshed as I did so and while I was refreshing myself so Sharon sat up too.

“Good idea,” she said as she tipped her own bottle up over her mouth, then she spluttered and blew liquid everywhere.

“Damn, forgot that’s booze!” she said, “Could I have some of your water, please.”

I didn’t mind sharing, especially with my wonderful erotic loving sister and I quickly handed her what was left which she drank quickly and gratefully.

“Thanks, my lovely brother,” she said as she handed back the empty bottle, “Where would I be without you.”

It was a rhetorical question and yet it was one I could answer.

“You’d be stuck at home getting your beauty sleep,” I said, “Don’t forget, you’re grounded and only out because you’re with me.”

“Oh damn, so I am,” she said, “And there was me imagining that I’d be out on the town getting my pussy filled.”

I looked hard at her and frowned firmly, feeling somewhat miffed and put out but Sharon smiled widely and stroked my cheek.

“Just kidding!” she said, “No-one else is going to enjoy my pussy ever again, except you, ‘cos you’ve been simply fantastic and as for getting my pussy filled, you’ve certainly done that!”

“Yeah, I reckon that even you couldn’t have got yourself screwed as often as we’ve done it today,” I said, “Been a busy old day, hasn’t it.”

“Brilliant day!” enthused my sister, “All those lovely wriggly little sperms, billions of them now, all searching and searching.”

“You’re not on about that again, are you?” I asked, “Getting pregnant and having babies and so on.”

“I told you earlier, it’s the wrong time of the month, but alright, I promise I’ll go on the pill as soon as I can,” she answered, “But only for a while.”

My frown returned with her last few words.

“What I mean is until we can get our own place,” she said, “Can’t go having babies while Mum and Dad are around, can we?”

“Shouldn’t really think of babies at all,” I said, “I said before, it’s a step too far. I like the idea of us living together but babies – no way!”

“Oh well, it’s a dream,” said Sharon with a far away look in her eyes, “One day perhaps.”

We sat and listened to the sounds of the woodlands around us – the distant hoot of an early owl, splashing sounds in the lake, a few little squeaking sounds from near by and the occasional crack of twigs.

“Plenty of life out there,” I said quietly, “I wonder if we’ll see the fox again.”

“Wish I’d seen it too,” said Sharon from very close beside me, “Ohhh, feel that breeze – I think I’m going to get dressed again in a minute.”

“Yeah, guess we’d better think of getting away soon,” I said, “Mind you we could always do some more fishing.”

“No, done enough of that,” Sharon said, “Anyway, now it’s starting to get a bit chilly and we’ve run out of water and food, haven’t we?”

“No thanks to you,” I muttered, “You who brought booze instead of water, didn’t you! And as for getting chilly, if you will sit there in just your knickers…”

“I’m sorry,” said my sister softly, “I won’t do it again – unless you want me to.”

“So you do want to come here again?” I asked, surprised that she was showing continued interest in the countryside and Sharon nodded eagerly.

“Especially if we can do what we did today!” she said, “Well, ONLY if we can do that all again!”

“Shut up and get dressed,” I said with a laugh as I patted her naked hip, “I’ll start getting all the fishing stuff put away.”

With no complaints from Sharon I began gathering all the fishing tackle together, folding down the rods, tidying everything away diligently, releasing our captives from the keep net, ensuring that I hadn’t left any line or hooks for wildlife to find and storing each and every box in it’s place in my rucksack.

“Where’s my knickers?” asked Sharon just as I’d finished, “I’ve got my skirt and everything else but not my knickers – you haven’t put them in your bag, have you?”

“Don’t think so,” I said, “Hang on, I’ll check.”

A thorough search of my bag revealed nothing at all out of place and even when we’d gathered all my clothes and the towel and the groundsheet we still couldn’t find them.

“What have you done with them,” moaned Sharon, “I bet you’ve hidden them, haven’t you.”

“I have not; I’m not like that,” I said as our search continued, “You didn’t leave them up by the waterfall by any chance?”

“How could I – I wore them back here didn’t I,” said a peeved and knicker-less Sharon, “So what am I supposed to do now?”

“Wrap the towel around you,” I suggested but Sharon threw me a look of almost hatred.

“No way – it’s all covered in goo; it’s all sticky and wet from everything you’ve pumped up me,” she said, “Oh Chris, they were my favourite knickers too.”

Suddenly a thought struck me.

“That fox,” I said, “I bet he took them – you flipped them off didn’t you?”

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