My Parent’s Neighbors Pt. 01

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Part One: Home for Thanksgiving

It’s been a year since this little story began. It was my final year at a large university on the East Coast. My home is in a small community outside a major city in central California. I majored in sports medicine and received my M.D. I assisted the medical staff with the various teams that made up the school’s sports programs; football, volleyball, swimming, track, baseball, softball, and basketball. I am a licensed masseuse as well as a physical therapist.

I joined a sorority my second year at college for the social and networking aspects during school and after graduation. My dad always says it doesn’t hurt to know people. Each year for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break, and Summer I flew home to visit my family. This past year something happened that changed my life. It started at Thanksgiving. We always have a lot of people over, and sometimes I feel like my dad invites the world over to impress them or make more business contacts. Last year was different. It was a small gathering of family and a couple of neighbors.

My parents invited the neighbors who lived on either side of us. One couple was older than my parents and had been neighbors for like twenty years. They had sold their house having become empty nesters. They were moving to an adult community so they could travel and enjoy their ‘golden years’. The other neighbor was Mrs. MacArthur; she was a bit younger than my parents. She lost her husband who was an Army officer in Iraq about three years ago. He was a kind man who doted over her and their daughter, Samantha whom I used to babysit.

Samantha is six years younger than me; I used to watch her when Mr. MacArthur would come home on leave so he and Mrs. MacArthur could go out to celebrate his return. I enjoyed watching her for them plus they paid well.

Since her husband’s death, Mrs. MacArthur has devoted herself to charity work helping ex-service members readjust to society. She does it by getting them involved in various sports and social activities in the community. She has been very successful having opened a small fitness studio in town to use as her base of operations.

On my visits back home from college, I rarely if ever talked to either of the neighbors. I’d wave and say hi but that was about it. I did notice over the years as Marion, Mrs. MacArthur became more buff due to having the gym as her office. Samantha took up soccer and swimming in high school turning herself into a very athletic young woman.

It was around four in the afternoon when Marion and Samantha arrived carrying a couple of desserts to add to our feast. They had made small individual pumpkin and apple pies from scratch.

Dressed very nicely, Marion wore a black turtleneck long sleeved sweater, a lovely plaid skirt which showed off her toned legs covered in black hose with some intricate design in them. Her heels were black slingbacks which accentuated her toned calves. The outfit contrasted with her blonde hair cut just off her shoulders.

Samantha dressed in a flowered print pencil skirt, no hose with beige pumps. Her buff legs seemed to shine since she wasn’t wearing any hose. Her top was a simple off-white long sleeve which made her look a lot older than eighteen. Her sandy blonde hair was done up in a tight bun showing off a multitude of piercings in her ears. Neither woman wore make-up and didn’t need to. They were stunning.

I usually don’t pay much attention to what people wear, but these two outfits were such a contrast to what I regularly saw the ladies in, I was impressed.

I was wearing flats which made both ladies taller than me by a couple of inches. My powder blue pleated skirt was topped off with a simple beige blouse.

I remained near the door waiting for our other neighbors when Marion walked up and began talking to me. She handed me a glass of my dad’s spiked Thanksgiving punch which I gladly took from her. We toasted the holiday then started catching up. She told me about her latest endeavors while I talked about college and my future medical plans. She noticed I was in pretty good shape, which I was. I believe in being fit and healthy. Working with a sports team, it lends to your credibility. As we sipped our drinks, Samantha stopped by to join the conversation.

When our other neighbors arrived, I greeted them and shut the door. Marion, Samantha, and I wandered to the back deck stopping to refresh our drinks along the way. In typical California fashion, the weather was perfect for an autumn afternoon. A slight breeze wafted through the trees, gently pushing pillow shaped clouds lazily across an azure blue sky.

We sipped and reminisced about the past few years recalling Mr. MacArthur and the good times they shared with him. Luckily, the conversation didn’t include tears or moments of sadness. I knew they both missed him, so we didn’t dwell on his memory.

We talked a bit about our personal lives. I didn’t have much to say beyond working and studying. My social life bursa escort was nil even in the sorority which was supposed to get me out meeting and networking. Both Marion and Samantha seemed to have very little time themselves with their charity work, working out and Samantha’s academics and high school sports. It seemed as if we were birds of a feather.

We were lost in conversation when my mom called us into dinner. We refilled our glasses as we headed to the dinner table, I set mine down to help mom bring in all the food she had prepared. As always it looked and smelled delicious; I felt like I could gain five pounds inhaling the aromas.

The seven of us took our seats with dad at the head of the table. He said a few words about being grateful for such kind family and friends then commenced carving the turkey. We passed each plate around until each of us had a few slices. Then the passing of all the fantastic side dishes began. Plates seemed to float over people’s heads, in front of them, and also behind as we parceled out the delicious trimmings.

We momentarily sat in silence as we began eating, the only sounds were the expressions of delight as we tasted each dish along with silverware clanging. As we ate, I thought I felt something touch the top part of my foot. We don’t have any pets so I know it wasn’t that. It was soft, warm and felt nice, but I couldn’t figure out what it might be except for Marion’s foot. She was next to me, but that would be weird. I ignored the feeling and kept eating and conversing with the rest of the table. Then, it happened again. I looked over at Marion who was busy talking to our other neighbor, sitting beside her. She wasn’t even looking at me which made me wonder again who or what it might be. The table was too broad to be our other neighbor’s wife who sat across from me. She was shorter than me, and there’s no way she could have reached me. Again, it had to be Marion. Then for the third time it happened, I closed my eyes to try and focus. This time I did feel the distinct touch of fine hosiery on the top of my foot as it gently glided from my now bare toes to my ankle. I briefly shivered then looked once more at Marion. This time she was smiling as she turned to look at me.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Is that your foot? I’m sorry. I was wondering what it was. I slipped my heels off and was looking for them.”

I whispered back, “Yes, it is. It’s okay. I was trying to figure out who it was.”

Then we went back to the celebration, passing more food around until we were all stuffed. I felt Marion’s foot a couple more times, but I remained silent. I found my shoes which I’d slipped off then got up to help clear the table with my mom. Marion, having brought dessert also helped, smiling and laughing as we took the dishes to the kitchen. We rinsed them off before loading the dishwasher then turned it on.

We left the kitchen, refilled our glasses, returning to the deck to resume our talks. The first couple of drinks had left me with a slight buzz which may have added to my not caring about Marion’s foot caressing mine. Since eating, my mind had cleared a bit, but with the refilled glass my warm fuzzy feeling had returned. We’d just finished our drinks when my dad stuck his head outside asking if we were ready for dessert. Since Marion and Samantha had brought dessert, Marion mentioned she should get into the kitchen and help. Samantha and I followed her, stopping by the punch bowl to top off once more.

We entered the kitchen where mom was getting the little pies from the fridge. She was about to add the whipped cream to some and ice cream to others when Marion shooed her out insisting she sit and let the three of us take care of them.

Mom didn’t put up much of an argument; she left us alone with the cute little pies ready for their toppings. Samantha and I doled out whipped cream and ice cream while Marion delivered each to the proper recipient. Since they brought two cans of whipped cream which was way too much and Samantha and I were feeling silly due to my father’s punch, we began squirting the rich foam into each other’s mouths while her mom was delivering the pies. The first couple of times Marion left us we maintained our composure but the third and fourth we were caught giggling with whipped cream in small dabs at the corners of our mouths.

When Marion saw this, she smiled. Samantha and I stood blushing a deep red; we’d been caught being silly. Marion just walked over and with her forefinger removed the whipped cream from Samantha’s face. She then turned to me, her back to Samantha, and did the same thing. With me, Marion wiped very slowly, tracing my lips with the tip of her finger. When she’d collected all of the creamy foam, she placed her whipped cream covered finger between her lips, brazenly sucking on it. When she’d finished, she licked what little remained on her finger while I watched wide-eyed.

I’ve never been a sexual person. I’ve dated from time to time and I’ve even gone bursa escort bayan out with a sorority sister or two, but I’ve never had the tingly feeling between my legs until that moment. The way she touched me coupled with watching her consume that dollop of whipped cream made my vagina tingle in a new and thrilling way.

When she finished, we quickly topped our pies then went to eat with the rest of the household. As we were eating Samantha asked me what I was doing the rest of the holiday. I told her I was hanging out and maybe some shopping. She asked if I wanted to join them working out at the studio. I told her I’d enjoy that. I hadn’t worked out since arriving the previous weekend. I hiked the hills behind the house but hadn’t worked up a good burn. While Samantha and I were talking, Marion kept smiling at me. The foot thing coupled with the lick had me wondering about her and myself.

We finished dessert without further incident. Our guests said their good-byes around seven. I helped mom clean up thinking about Marion the entire time. Around seven-thirty Samantha called the home phone to set a time for the gym. I told mom I’d rather not brave the insane shopping even though the Black Friday crowds in our little neck of the woods didn’t amount to much. She let me off the hook which made me smile.

I went to bed reasonably early since Samantha mentioned being at the gym by seven. I laid awake wondering what Marion had been doing. Why would she be flirting with me? Were they flirtations or was Marion feeling silly from the punch? I thought she was straight, but you never know.

Friday morning came too soon. I heard mom getting up to beat the crowds; she opened my door and wished me a good day. I got out of bed a few minutes after she left, got my gym stuff together then dressed. I filled a water bottle and added my electrolytes just as the doorbell rang. It was Samantha, dressed in a sports bra covered by a white tank top with ‘strong is sexy’ in red blazoned across the front, grey short shorts and tennis shoes. I wasn’t dressed in my gym clothes and thought maybe I should have been. My grubby looking tee shirt and shorts looked more functional than her outfit, while sexy and cute I wondered if she always worked out in that or was it something special.

Marion was in the driver’s seat of their SUV, the engine running in our driveway. I yelled goodbye to dad as I slipped out the front door following Samantha to the car. I got in the back seat forgetting about Marion’s flirtations the day before. She acted as if nothing happened, said hello and that it was great I could join them. I thanked them for inviting me as we drove the fifteen minutes to their small but well-equipped business. The studio wasn’t open, so we’d have it all to ourselves. Marion was dressed more modestly than Samantha in sweats and a tee shirt which covered a sports bra.

When we exited the car, Marion opened the trunk. Inside were their gym bags which carried their workout clothes. She grabbed the bags before we headed inside to break a sweat.

Samantha gave me a brief tour of the club. I heard the background music come on as we finished up the guided tour. Samantha asked if I had any questions. I didn’t so we went our separate ways to do our workouts. Both Marion and Samantha warmed up on ellipticals. I started on a treadmill next to Samantha.

We warmed up for about ten minutes then they went about their routines while I did a modified version of mine. Their gym wasn’t as big as the one on campus so I skipped a few things figuring since I’d be back to school Monday; this was just a refresher to keep me limber.

After about an hour both ladies had finished and were sweating, I was close to being finished with the muscles I wanted to work on when they both came over to talk. They asked how I liked their little gym since I was majoring in sports medicine; they were curious what I thought. I told them it was great, that I loved the layout and variety of machines, plus the area for free weights was clear of clutter and of course there was a multitude of mirrors which were great for checking your form. They both smiled as I finished my last set. We talked for a bit more, I polished off my water and was getting ready to go when they asked if I’d like to try the sauna.

At first, I was apprehensive recalling Marion’s actions the day before. Being naked with her seemed like a bad idea, but with Samantha there I was sure nothing would happen.

I agreed, following them to the locker room. Samantha retrieved towels to cover and sit on while Marion and I undressed. I snuck glances at the older woman mainly to see if she was stealing glances at me. Then it dawned on me, I was paranoid. I did notice Marion’s body as she undressed. For a woman about twice my age, she looked fantastic. She didn’t have six pack abs, but she was toned. Her breasts from what little I really could see, looked as firm as some of the thirty-year-olds I’ve dealt with at school. I was very impressed.

When escort bursa Samantha returned with the towels, Marion and I were ready to go. I sat on the locker room bench while Marion went to switch the sauna on. As I waited, I stole glances of Samantha as she undressed. I wondered again, what was I doing?

I’ve never consciously gawked at other females before. Now here I was checking out my parent’s neighbors. One I used to babysit! Samantha had a fantastic body, defined abs, toned legs, tight ass, and small firm breasts that barely jiggled when she moved.

We heard Marion announce the sauna was ready. As I was quickly turning my head from a more protracted glance at Samantha, she caught me!

She smiled, “So, what do you think, doctor?”

I swallowed a bit, “You have a great body. It looks like you balance nutrition and working out very nicely.”

“Thanks, mom got me into it after dad died. I’m shooting for an IFBB Pro Bikini competition soon. It’s a long story, someday I’ll tell you. Let’s go get sweatier.” She giggled.

She grabbed the towels swishing by me on her way to the sauna. I caught mine and followed her to a waiting Marion watching those firm butt cheeks jiggle as she walked.

“Oh, Samantha would you grab us each a bottled water? Casey and I will be waiting inside.”

“Sure mom, be right back.”

She wrapped a towel around her trim torso and jogged off. I couldn’t help but watch. Marion noticed and commented, “Samantha has a great body doesn’t she?”

“Yes, she does. How many sports does she participate in?”

“Just two, she balances that with a 4.0 GPA, plus helping me with our charity along with training for that competition. She placed first in her age group when she was in the sixteen-year-old grouping. The competition is tougher now that she’s eighteen. I think she’ll slow down a bit once she gets to college.” Marion grinned sarcastically.

“I wish her luck; I’ve sacrificed my social life for studying and volunteering. I’m hoping it pays off in the long run. You look great too, Marion.”

“Thank you; it’s been a long road but worth it. Strange, the things that hurt you can end up helping you.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yes, unfortunately, life works like that at times.”

“Maybe if you have time now or at Christmas break you and Samantha could get together and talk colleges. I think she’s made up her mind, but you never know.”

Interrupting our talk, Samantha opened the door to the sauna bearing gifts. Her slim frame silhouetted against the light of the locker room looked terrific. I squirmed a bit as I reached for the bottle with Samantha not two feet in front of me. Her perky firm breasts jiggled as she handed it to me while I tried not to stare at them. I was tempted to look down but decided that would be too much and too obvious. I think Marion may have noticed my gaze as she sat further down on the bench.

Samantha handed her mom one of the bottles then took a seat between us. She then proceeded to open hers taking a long slow gulp. I watched as Samantha lifted it to her lips, back arched showing off her breasts. She paused then took another long sip. She set the bottle on the bench near her almost half empty. Sitting back against the wall, she sat with one leg propped on the space next to her the other on the floor. Closing her eyes, she just sat there sweating as Marion, and I continued our conversation.

Samantha’s angle allowed me the visual I had thought about earlier. She wasn’t showing off, but I could see she was bare down there. My heart began to flutter as I sat back and took a long slow drink from my water bottle.

Marion peeked around Samantha to continue talking to me as I did the same after finishing my drink. We talked about working out, a bit about college, my plans for the future, and her ideas for the gym. I’d glance at Sam as I now called her from time to time, watching her breasts rise and fall. Not to the extent that I was staring but occasionally as they rose to get in the way of Marion and I. Marion noticed this and would wait until I stopped looking to continue the conversation. Those moments weren’t long, and she didn’t say anything. When our twenty minute sauna was up, we grabbed the towels along with the water bottles then hit the showers.

It felt a bit odd being between them, Marion still conversing with me as Sam soaped herself down not missing a single spot on her exquisitely toned body. I’ve worked with both men and women athletes at college not paying any attention to their fitness, but Sam was something to behold. I couldn’t get her out of my mind for some weird reason. I’m not a lesbian, but all I could think about were my hands all over her, discovering her curves and the firm feel of her eighteen-year-old flesh.

Finally, Marion took a break from gossiping with me to soap herself down. It seemed like she did it in ultra slo-mo. Her hands were seductively soaping her toned body from head to toe, turning slightly to allow some intimate views of her mound with the rectangular patch of fine hairs growing there. She turned her back to Sam and me and from what I could tell spent longer than she should have to lather up her nether region then rinsing it off.

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