My Night In

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It all began one day last summer. I had been seeing Steve for about three months but as yet nothing had really happened. This weekend, however, I knew would be different because I finally had the flat to myself.

I had been excited all day especially since I got home from work just after five. When I got home I was in such a state I just threw myself on to my bed and started to play with myself.

I undid the buttons of my blouse and began stroking my tits through the material of my bra. My tits are very sensitive and I can often bring myself off just playing with them. I eased my bra up over my tits and then took my nipples between my thumb and forefingers and began to squeeze.

I could feel myself beginning to get wet so I undid my jeans and pulled them and my knickers down over my bum. Slowly, I ran a finger through my curls and then started to push it into the folds below. I was absolutely soaking now as I started to caress my clit with long, slow, deliberate strokes. The tension was building in my groin as I rubbed my self, stopping only occasionally to rub some of my juice into my nipples or to lick my fingers.

I could feel my climax approaching as I furiously wanked my clit. I was having those strange little spasms when I stuck, first one and then another finger into my dripping cunt. Now I was fucking myself with my fingers faster and faster. My breath was coming in shallow gasps until finally, with a shuddering climax I came.

By the time I’d recovered it must have been about seven. Steve would be arriving sometime after eight so I just about had time to get myself tidied up, have a shower and a bite to eat before he came.

At about five to eight I decided it was time to set the mood. I put on some soft music, lit a few candles, had a quick smoke and another glass of wine. When the doorbell went a few minutes later the feeling inside me was electric.

I opened the door. Before it was shut Steve had his mouth pressed against mine. There was a slight taste of lager on his breath that always turned me on. As his tongue explored the inside of my mouth his fethiye escort hand strayed to my chest. I was only wearing a short silk dressing gown with a lacy camisole underneath. My tits strained against the fabric of my camisole as he continued to kiss me. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

When I managed to disengage his mouth I took him by the hand and lead him to the living room. Once he had sat down I poured him a large glass of wine. As he took a sip from it I knelt down in front of him and undid his belt and trousers. I reached up and kissed him on the lips as my hand pulled his cock from his boxers. I took a quick sip from my own drink before concentrating my attention on this throbbing specimen of manhood that was in front of me.

I began by licking the end of his shaft. Then slowly I ran my tongue up and down his length. When I had got him wet all over and he was as hard as he could be I opened my mouth wide and took him inside. Slowly at first, I slid my mouth up and down his length. Each stroke taking more and more of him in until I could fit no more of his eight inches inside my mouth. When I reached the top of my stroke I would tease his end with my tongue. As I slid my lipsticked lips up and down this glorious example of cock meat I’d start wanking him with my hands; my hands keeping the opposite beat from my mouth.

After about five minutes of this I stopped to kiss him again. Then I lowered the straps that held my top in place and began to fuck him with my tits. As I pressed them into him I’d lick the tip of his end and squeeze my nipples. Up and down I rubbed my tits. Steve’s breath was beginning to come in gasps now.

I stopped fucking him with my tits and concentrated on using my hands. I’ve always been proud of my handjobs. A small drop of pre-cum formed on his end. Steve was moaning and letting me know that he couldn’t take much more.

I felt his cock twitch in my hand. I dropped my head and took him in my mouth just as he couldn’t take any more. With a groan of pleasure Steve unloaded himself into my mouth. I took two spurts of that warm, escort fethiye salty mixture into my mouth, which I greedily swallowed down; another hit me in the face while two smaller ones landed on my tits.

I must have looked a right whore as I rubbed his cum into my tits while more of his cum dribbled off my chin. I had another quick drink and lit a cigarette while I waited for Steve to recover a bit. The evening was still young and there would definitely be more to come.

I put on some music and began to dance. While I danced I continued to rub Steve’s cum into my tits. I slowly began to undress in time to the music. First my dressing gown fell to the ground then I removed each of my stockings. As I let my camisole slip of I could see he was beginning to regain interest. I lit another cigarette and blew rings at him as I danced around the room in just my flimsy little G-string.

Steve loves to watch me smoke. I don’t do it very often, only during sex. It makes me feel deliciously sluttish. I inhale then kiss him. He loves the taste on my breath.

As Steve lies back on the couch I straddle him. He buries his face between my tits and teases my nipples with his tongue. He licks my tits; first one then the other making them deliciously wet. As he rubs his saliva into them I reach down and start to finger myself through the front of my G-string. Then I grab his cock, which is now lovely and hard again, and tease my clit with his end. This soon has me worked up into a frenzy. While Steve sucks furiously on my left tit I feel my self begin to cum. It’s just a small one for now, that’s all I’ll let myself have!!

As Steve continues to maul my tits I begin to rub the end of his cock up and down my dripping slit. My cunt feels like it’s on fire. Finally when I can take no more I push aside the thread of my G-string and introduce his cock to my hole. I whisper “Go ahead and fuck me” in his ear as I slowly slide myself down his length gripping him with the walls of my cunt as we start to move together.

We begin to move together at a steady pace. As I slide up and down on his fethiye escort bayan thick cock he thrusts to meet me on each stoke. He grabs my bum and begins to lift me up and down. As he fucks me from below with ever-stronger thrusts he reaches up with his mouth to tease my tits as they swing in front of his face.

I get off him and remove my soaking G-string. I stand leaning against the arm of the couch as Steve moves round to take me from behind. He grabs my hips and thrusts deep inside me. As he pounds my cunt from behind I take my weight with one arm and reach down to play with my cunt. My hips are bucking furiously as he rams into me with all his force. Slowly he pulls back until he has almost completely withdrawn. Then without warning he plunges back inside me. He pulls out again and repeats this over and over. With each thrust I can feel his balls slap against me. I can hardly breath as I stand there frigging my clit whilst he fucks my cunt for all that he’s worth.

I feel my self beginning to slip over the edge into a huge orgasm when suddenly he pulls his cock out of me. I hold my breath hardly daring to think of what will come next. Steve starts rubbing the end of his cock up my crack until he gets to my arsehole. I’ve never ever done it this way before and my knees go weak just at the thought.

His cock is completely lubricated with my juices as he starts to push into my arsehole. It’s very tight and it hurts as he slowly forces his way in. He begins to slowly thrust in and out. I can no longer contain myself as I experience this new sensation. As he thrusts his cock backwards and forwards into my arse I wank myself even harder. I hear my self screaming “Yes! Yes! Fuck my arse. Oh FUCK MY ARSE!”

Finally unable to bear any more I let myself go. My orgasm pours over me like a tidal wave and I can hardly keep my knees from collapsing. Suddenly with a grunt Steve pulls himself free and I feel a warm sticky sensation trickling down my back. Another wad of cum hits me and then a final smaller one. We both collapse exhausted and I lit a well-deserved cigarette.

When we recover we have a shower and then a few drinks as we cuddle up to watch the movie on TV. There WAS more to come later that evening and the following day before Steve left on Sunday evening but those are stories for another time.

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