My Niece Needed a Loan Ch. 02

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(While it is not necessary to read part one of this saga first, the author recommends that you do to provide context and clarity. Enjoy.)

There’s something nice, really nice, about having the goods on someone. Solid, no questions asked goods. It is especially nice when that someone is your pretty niece.

My young niece Jessica was in dire straits until I stepped in with a $5,000 loan. I’m not proud of what I did, I admit I didn’t do it to help her. I did it because I got to see her pretty bare ass. I got to fondle it, spank it, and rub it. I got to take suggestive photos of her. I got to do things no man should do to his niece, and all for the low low price of a $5,000 loan.

Such a bargain!

She promised to pay me back the money, with interest. After all, it was only a loan. Besides, it was money I really couldn’t afford to lose. So it was what it was, a loan secured by some tawdry behavior.

Apparently, she didn’t get that message. Or maybe I didn’t understand the old adage: don’t do business with family.

But I am jumping ahead of myself.

In the weeks that followed that wonderful day when I got to play all kinds of games with my beautiful niece Jessica things went on as normal. I went to work, played a little golf, begged my wife for sex…all the usual. But in my spare time I’d look over the photos I secreted away of young Jessica.

My wife never let up about how Jessica and her husband Daryl were losers, and that she was happy we hadn’t helped them out of their financial nightmare. Tough love, she said.

Only all of a sudden their car was fixed and the mortgage paid to date.

“I can’t believe it,” said my wife. “They hit the lottery. They won $5,000. Doesn’t it figure? So much for tough love.”

I smiled to myself. I know all about THAT lottery, it came in the form of payment from savings bonds from my youth. If my wife Cheryl had found out I had lent the money to Jessica and Daryl I would have been shot, and if she found out about our little deal, the naughty photos and the bare ass spankings, I would have been castrated too.

In the back of my head I justified the actions by saying it was all for the sake of embarrassing the girl, that I didn’t get any sexual pleasure from it, and so forth. But the fact that I regularly jacked off looking at the photos burst that bubble of thought. I’d see Jessica from time to time, we’d make small talk, but words about the loan were never spoken. It was almost as if I had a desire to see her fail to repay me so that I could have more of her luscious body.

About a month after the money was exchanged we met at a family outing. After being shunned for months, Jessica and her family were back in the big family fold. When the coast was clear she thanked me for helping her out, and promised she’d keep her end of the bargain. She was working part-time, Daryl was doing odds and ends, and they were back on track. She’d be sending payments as agreed.

The sad part is that I believed her. While only she and I knew about the loan, I knew I had the photos and the memory of spanking her pretty behind. Weeks went by, and we didn’t have much interaction, but from time to time I’d take out the photos and pleasure myself with the memory of that wonderful hotel meeting with my niece.

The bottom line, I told myself, was that I knew about the loan, she knew what she had to do to repay it and that was all that mattered. At least until the first interest payment was due. Since I had heard nothing but good things about what Jessica and Daryl had been doing — apparently they were able to get work and so forth — I assumed I’d start getting some of my money back as promised.

You know what happens when you assume.

At first I was going to call Jessica before the first payment was to come. Heck, I even thought of telling her to forget about it, and I’d wait for payment as etiler otele gelen escort they got back onto their feet. But something told me to hold off calling. When I hadn’t heard from her on the scheduled date I began to worry, but the next day Jessica called and said she hadn’t forgotten and that only she’s been very busy and wondered if we could meet the following Saturday. Sure, why not?

Saturday came, I drove to Philly and we met at Gino’s, and I was hit with a shocker. No money. Sorry. There were more bills to pay, a car needed more work, this and that. It would only take a week or two, though.

I explained our deal, and there was no negotiation. She replied she just didn’t have the money. I told her to get it, and we made a date to meet the following week. This time, I was prepared for the worst.

That night Cheryl informed me that Daryl had been caught in a DUI trap and had to be bailed out. Now I knew where my loan payment had gone. I was furious.

On my second drive to Philly I wondered why the girl hadn’t just told me of Daryl’s bout with the law. Heck, I would have understood. At our meeting at the Bucks County Coffee Show at 30th Street Amtrak Station she quietly told me the entire story.

Yes, Daryl had been nabbed at a DUI checkpoint. But it was worse. He had a bag of meth on him. The police not only threw him in the pokey, but impounded the car. Jessica had to rent a junker to get to work, and between bail, the rental and past due bills she didn’t have the money to pay me.

Reminding her of our deal, I had given her two extra weeks to produce some cash…or else.

“So, Jessica, are you ready to comply with the terms of the loan?”

The girl looked at me in disbelief? “No way…I’m not sucking your cock,” said the girl within earshot of several guys at a table nearby who turned and looked our way. Seconds before there was all kind of background noise, but when she spoke there seemed to be a dead silence in the room and judging from the head turns and looks apparently everyone heard her reluctance.

Smiling, first at the guys and then at the girl young enough to be my daughter, I quietly reminded her of our signed and sealed deal. No repayment according to schedule, and I got to have my cock sucked.

She looked at the floor, as if considering her options. “Uncle Rob, we are related. The other stuff, well, that wasn’t sex. This is so wrong.”

I wasn’t going to disagree with her, so I merely stared before speaking.

“Is it as wrong as you screwing a neighbor and getting caught by his wife,” I firmly replied, reminding her of that embarrassing situation. “Or your getting drunk and hauled in by the cops? As bad as your nearly losing your house? Remember, I’ve done everything to help you and you repay this kindness by your lack of payment. What’s with that? Besides, a deal is a deal.”

A look of resignation came over her and then my young niece stood and started out of the shop, me following a little behind.

“Where are you parked?” she asked, and while she didn’t agree to what we’d be doing, I had impression she had come to grips with it.

We strode to the elevators and while waiting she asked if there was anything she could short of sucking my cock to comply with our agreement. “Uncle Rob, I have no problem sucking your dick. I deserve it, I know I agreed to it. But you are my uncle. Couldn’t we do the spanking thing or something else instead?”

I reminded Jessica of our deal, about how I was on the hook for college savings money (I lied), on how most people left her in the lurch and would have liked for them to lose their house. I reminded her that she wasn’t a virgin. Then I pulled out the show stopper. “Look, Jess, I don’t get any at home, and I have fantasized about your mouth for years.”

The girl bought it. She actually smiled and etiler rus escort told me it would be fun. Go figure. Good thing we were done negotiating because a guy who appeared to be homeless shuffled his liqueur laced body into the elevator on the third floor, greeting us with a burp. We left the drunk in the elevator on the fourth floor of the parking garage and walked to my car. We talked for a minute as I surveyed the area and found the coast to be clear.

I told my niece it was time, and she looked at be in disbelief. I wasn’t going to be swayed from making her hold up her end of the agreement.

“How do you want to do this?” asked the sexy young girl.

Words to smile to! I unzipped my pants and thought of how to accomplish things. I was afraid of lowering my pants and underwear as someone could walk by and catch us and it would be obvious what was going on. So I unzipped the pants then slid my cock out through the slit in my boxers.

My cock immediately sprung to attention.

“Do you like it jerked a while before sucking or should I just suck on it,” asked Jessica. I have to admit I never had been asked that question before.

“Uh, jerk it first for a little,” I replied, thinking that I would be able to watch the area while she and I were upright. Had she bent over onto my dick it might have been obvious to onlookers what was going on in the front seat of the Honda.

She circled the base of my cock with her left hand and gradually began jerking me off, moving her fingers slowly up and down my now-hard manhood. The feeling was marvelous. She started slowly, and then gradually increased speed. After a bit she reached over with her other hand and began a tantalizing hand tandem that made my cock quiver.

Her left hand worked the base of my cock up and down as she concentrated on the lower part of my cock. The right hand milked the tip, acting as a pair of lips on my throbbing meat. The feelings were intense, and I felt my cum start to boil.

I attempted to get my mind going elsewhere because her hands were on the brink of getting me to shoot. That would have been great, but I wanted her to suffer a little and I wanted to savor the sensations of my dick in her mouth.

Thinking of anything but young Jessica, I desperately attempted to hold off shooting my load. I thought of the teacher in school who gave me nothing but grief and my first boss, who was a complete asshole. Somehow my mind shifted to a night when my friends were playing poker. Somewhere along the line we began a beer-induced discussion of blow jobs.

We came to the conclusion there were two types of women who give them: organized and unorganized. The organized ones were generally a bit more experienced, they knew what men liked and they took their time to provide that service. They would say they didn’t like giving them, that it really was a “job,” but they did the deed. They followed a tried and true methodology, motivated by the knowledge that the guy was almost surprised they were performing with such intimacy. Deep inside, these women had a need to control the action and the guy they were doing.

Then there were the unorganized women, generally younger with less experience at fellatio. They do it because they liked doing it, that it was so much of a turn on they sometimes even got them off in the act. They are very active and tend to twirl their head, sending hair from side to side, and move their head with a purpose. Generally speaking, they were younger girls.

Of course, any woman who does the deed is perfect in a guy’s eyes, no question. Organized or unorganized, the receiver didn’t care as long as she didn’t look as if they were going to die in the process. All of us agreed those women, the ones who do it while complaining and pulling off at the wrong time and so forth, were the worst.

The thoughts of these etiler türbanlı escort other thoughts allowed me to hold off my orgasm, but not for long. I couldn’t help savoring Jessica’s actions.

“You need to suck it, girl, you need to suck it fast,” I demanded, knowing my orgasm was approaching and she had yet to place her pretty red lips on my dick. I mean, what’s a blow job without lips?

Jessica stopped her hand action, looked into my eyes, and smiled. She scooted onto the passenger seat, kissed my cheek, and then lowered her head toward the bulging missile that was her sole objective. I gave one look around and saw nobody, so I put my hand on the back of her head to help guide it to my cock.

I felt her breath as her head approached my cock. I think she slowed, either because she really didn’t want to suck me or, as I believed, she merely wanted to tease me more. I thought to myself she had done this before — a lot — because the entire act was timed perfectly. I was throbbing, I was nearly begging her to continue, and still she moved deliberately to my dick.

She stopped an inch or so away from her objective, but I couldn’t take it any more and pulled her head down to make contact.

She ovaled her lips and slid them down my cock, holding it in her mouth tightly. She had about half of my six inches firmly in her moist mouth hole and was working her lips on my dick. Then she lowered her head a little more onto the cock before lifting her head and teasing me with her lovely wet lips.

Up and down she moved her head on my cock like a master. She was obviously an experienced fellatrix as each movement was orchestrated for my satisfaction. She worked my cock slowly, faster, then slowly again. She couldn’t have been sucking more than a couple minutes before I began to lose control.

“Oh my god I’m cumming,” was about all I could manage. She attempted to pull her head of my dick and jerk the cum out but I held her lovely hair firmly in place on my cock so she could sample the full thrust and spurting of my cock. And spurt I did, blasting her mouth with five copious doses of man sauce.

She was forced to swallow some cum, but some also leaked out onto her lips and chin, and I had to smile as she didn’t know whether to wipe it off or rub it in.

Coming down from my orgasm I looked at the girl, reached into the back seat and presented her with a tee shirt to wipe her face.

“You are so bad, Uncle Bob, that was so wrong of you. You shouldn’t have cum in my mouth and made me swallow. We’re family!”

I laughed a little at her morals, and then apologized. “We’ll Jessica, we had a deal, so if I didn’t I’d have broken my own agreement, no?”

She shook her head. I had thought after finishing there were two types of ways women react after a blow job. Some pull back to clean off and move away from the mess, while others stay with the cock which had spurted on and in them.

Now I knew a third way, as Jessica did wipe off my cum but didn’t pull away. She didn’t hunker down and continue to love my cock. She was sort of suspected in between, as if wondering what to do next.

So I told her. “Clean me off, Jess, kiss it a little more before someone comes by.”

The girl followed directions without a whimper, lowering her head once more onto my dick, cleaning it with her mouth. I took that opportunity to feel her ass under her jeans and panties. Hum, that was a wonderful ass.

This was well worth the danger of having her not repay her loan on time, I thought, although I did wonder what I would do if my wife asked about the bonds. Still, she hadn’t for years, so why would she start now.

Jessica made herself presentable while I zipped up. She looked great in her jeans and tight top, and I couldn’t believe she had just minutes before given me her mouth.

“That was wonderful, girl, wonderful,” I complimented the girl for her work. “I am proud of you for living up to your end of the bargain.”

She asked if it meant she didn’t owe the $500 in interest any more. Smiling, I said she did, but that it was only $250 given her actions of the day.

She nodded.

I wondered if they next payment would be late as well.

I hoped it was.

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