My Name is Jake Ch. 04

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Well Mom and I had spent the next several weeks settling into our new roles as lovers. We slept together and grew more comfortable, there was less stress to perform for each other. I wasn’t trying to impress her, nor she I. There was more of a focus on pleasing our partner. The whole novelty of incest was wearing off and the simple loving relationship was growing. Mom was prone to strip down as soon as possible each day after work. She said that it was so much nicer to not have to worry about propriety or decency, comfort was what mattered. Sometimes she went naked but mostly it was a teddy and panties. We didn’t have sex every night, but weekends were spent screwing as much as possible. We had discovered what turned each other on and what didn’t. We knew how to fuck intensely for urgent needs and how to make love for a long and slow pleasure session. We were very happy. I know that this is hard for you to believe, but we truly were. But life has a way of surprising you.

We had decided to go out on a date as a couple. No one would know we were related, it would be nice to see a movie and have dinner together. And, yeah, it was nice. Really nice. I treated Mom as my girlfriend and called her Deni. She liked that. Then after dinner Mom suggested that we go to a club for some music and drinks. Hell yeah! We stopped at this place she loved, a small dark, intimate basement joint with a great house band playing Jazz. We sat in a little corner booth and were really enjoying ourselves. It was easy to be intimate in the shadows and we did a lot of kissing and caressing. But I kept noticing another woman watching us. I didn’t know her but she was starting to bug me when, after about 20 to 30 minutes of this, she got up and came over.


“Oh my god! Hi Cheryl, how are you?” Mom replied. However I did catch a look of shock and dread on Mom’s face.

“Teddy, this is Cheryl. She works in I.T. She’s the one who keeps my system up and running.”

Cheryl smiled and slid into the booth next to Mom without an invitation. “I saw you come in and I was thinking how lucky you were to have such a handsome young date, And from the way you two are carrying on I get the impression you are probably lovers too…”

Mom winced and I looked away.

“But the thing is Denise, that I recognize Teddy from his picture on your desk… Teddy is your son! And unless I missed the memo, a mother and son having sex is still incest!”

Mom hung her head in shame, then reached for her drink and my temper was rising when she waved me down and leaned in conspiratorially, “So my question is how the fuck did you do it? I mean how can I get my son into my bed?” My jaw hung open and Mom spewed her rum & coke.

Cheryl grinned and patted mom’s arm. “Relax Denise,I’m not gonna tell. Hell he looks like he could fuck all night long… Damn you are lucky!” I blushed. I was not used to this.

“Well?” Cheryl held her hands out, palms up. “How did you become lovers? How long has it been going on? And like I said, how do I get Philip to put down his game controller and play with me?”

Mom gaped. “You’re serious!?”

“Damn straight I am.” she replied.

“Mom had a bad date, she needed comforting and I was there for her.” I said matter of factly. “Of course her being naked under a skimpy robe that she couldn’t keep closed helped.” Now it was Mom’s turn to blush.

“Really?” Cheryl asked. “Just like that? A mix of peekaboo and crying on his shoulder?”

“Why not?” I said. “Give him time to see you as a woman. Show him some skin, accidentally of course, for a few days and then go crying to him about your day and ask for a hug.”

“Then what?” she asked.

“Then you ‘discover’ his hard-on, I guarantee he will have one, and suggest that you help each other. Most guys secretly want to screw their moms. He probably does.”

“Oh I know he does!” Cheryl said. “I was in too big a hurry and spilled coffee on my laptop a few weeks ago. Since Philip was gone I went to his room to use his and I got curious. I am in I.T., so I snooped. You know I wanted to make sure he had no viruses or malware, and that he wasn’t buying drugs or anything, and I found some files he had hidden, or thought he had… ” she smiled and winked. “It was a collection of fantasies about me and he had some pics he had taken of me as I slept. It was quite a shock at first and I was upset. But the more I thought about it, the more I was flattered. So I sent copies of the file to myself and I kept going back and reading them over and over.”

“Can you make any of those fantasies come true?” Mom asked.

“No, they don’t have any basis in fact. They are just his musings on how pretty and sexy I am and how he wants to make love to me. Ever since Frank and I divorced, he hasn’t had anyone as a role model and I guess he senses a vacuum that he wishes to fill.”

“It makes sense,” Mom said. “He loves you and wants to protect you and provide for you. That includes sexual fulfillment.”

“Okay, next question…” Cheryl said. “After the first lustful night of sex, how do I keep him? And how do we make it work?”

Mom smiled, “Tell him that you know that he will find other girls and that that is okay, but that you want to teach him how to be şişli grup yapan escort the best lover a girl could want. Tell him that you want to cherish the time you get to spend together and if that is having sex or going out together, that is fine by you. That he is the most important person in the world to you and that he will always be your little boy, even though he is also your lover.” Mom said all of this while holding my hand and tears were brimming in her eyes.

“It’s not about the sex anymore,” I added. “It’s about loving one another.”

Cheryl wiped her eyes and thanked us. She promised secrecy and also to let us know how her efforts played out. After she had gone I held Mom for a little while and then suggested that we go home. “And Monday morning, you replace that picture of me on your desk with one from when I was a kid!”

We went home and stripped each other. I really liked taking Mom’s clothes off of her. She had been wearing a simple blouse and skirt, but under it I found stockings, a girdle with garters, and a matching bra and panty set. The panties were the first to go and I kissed her thighs above her stocking and then her pussy. Mom had shaven and her labia were silky smooth and oh so soft. She was already wet in anticipation and I inhaled her scent as I licked her juices. I loved the feeling of Mom’s stocking clad legs against my bare skin. Her needs were too strong though and she had no patience for a long session of cunniligis.

“Fuck me Jake, I need your sweet cock…” she moaned “I need it inside of me!”

I mounted her and slid my stiff member into her. After a little slow stroking Mom wrapped her legs around me and locked her ankles. That portion of her massive tits not contained by her bra were bouncing with every thrust. The sight was so amazing and such a turn on that I had no desire to free them. I made a game of it, trying to see if I could make them bounce enough to escape the black lace and nylon (or whatever the hell they’re made of!) Soon they were heaving up enough to show her areola and finally her left nipple was free! I bent forward and seized it on my mouth and sucked. I sucked hard. Most of the time Mom told me when I was too rough, but tonight she only panted and grunted and I kept right on sucking. When I did let it slip free I was surprised to see how big and red it was. Mom freed the other and I gave it the same treatment. I watched as she bore all of this more or less silently. No coaching, begging or sexy talk. She closed her eyes and grimaced and then she grabbed both of her tits and started squeezing them tightly. I just focused on driving my cock in and out of her.

Mom’s pussy was making those wet noises with every stroke. I pulled her legs from around me and held onto her ankles as I forced them apart… wide apart. I held this for a bit and then put them on my shoulders and pushed her knees up towards her chest. Mom’s ass lifted and I was driving deeper into her. I slowed my pace slightly but increased the force of my pounding. Our bodies were slamming together and I wanted to hold off until Mom came, but hell, when you’re fucking you super sexy mom and watching her massive F cup titties bouncing wildly, well a fellow can only endure so much… I came. I slammed it in as deep as I could and held it there as I spurted. Mom started materbating as I was coming. She groaned and begged me not to stop. Clearly she was having a hard time. Eager to help I decided to take control. I pulled my wet dick out of her and straddled her face I slapped her lips with it a time or two.

“Open your mouth, Open up! Take it! That’s it, suck it, suck it good.” I let her suck it a minute or two and then rolled off of her. Mom cried in frustration. “Roll over!” I commanded. “On your hands and knees, come on hurry!”

Mom complied and I shoved my cock back inside of her and fucked her from behind for a while. She had one hand supporting her as she masturbated with the other. I could feel her fingertips on my shaft. I gripped her broad hips and watched them jiggle and wiggle as we screwed. Then I started watching her anus. I thrust my thumbs one at a time into my mouth and then shoved them into her ass. Mom moaned in pleasure!

“Yes! Oh god yes! Do it Jake! Fuck my ass!”

I spread her ass open and shoved my wet cock in. Mom squealed!

“Ahhhh damn it hurts!” I said. “You got any lube?”

“Spit!” Mom said. “Spit on it Jake!”

It took a lot of spit before it was lubed enough but finally I was fucking Mom’s ass. Still she wasn’t coming…

“Come for me Mom! I know you need to! Come for me! Come for your boy! Come Mommy, come mommy… You feel your boy’s cock in your ass? Huh? You feel your boy fucking your ass? How does that make you feel? Huh? How many mommies get to feel their boy’s cocks in their asses? Look at yourself, on your knees with my cock up your ass and your fingers in your own pussy! Oh… yeah you’re a greedy cunt of a mommy, aren’t you? Yes you are, you know it! A greedy cunt of a mommy. You take all of my cum in your pussy and then I get to fuck your ass. Damn your ass is so fuckin’ tight too!” I pulled back a little too far and popped out. When I shoved it back in Mom cried out. I pulled out again şişli masöz escort and thrust in again and Mom cried out again. I kept it up. Each time I would thrust into her ass Mom would cry out. I gotta say it was thrilling for me to feel the tight ass resist me for a moment and then surrender. I also felt a bit of a thrill hearing Mom crying out like that. I didn’t know if I was truly hurting her, but then she hadn’t told me to stop either.

“Come for me Mom! Come for me and I’ll stop, come for me Mom! Come for me!”

“Gaawwwddddammmmitttt I’m cuuuuummmmmminnnngggggg” she finally grunted out.

I slowly pulled out and Mom sank forward exhausted. I lay there a few minutes catching my breath and them went into the bathroom I washed my cock good and clean and them brought a hot washcloth out and washed Mom’s ass really well. I threw the cloth into the hamper and came back to the bed to find Mom had rolled onto her back. The bed where she had been was stained with our mingled juices and I started to lay on the other side of her when she stopped me.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I pointed and she shook her head. “Nope. not until you finish cleaning me up. My pussy and legs are still streaked and sticky. You are going to clean them up… with your tongue!”

I froze. But the look in Mom’s eye was unmistakeable. This was not a request. The idea of being her slave was alien to me. I had never considered it. I did however want to please her and show her how much I loved her. So even though the idea was weird, I felt compelled to do as she said. I started on her inner thighs above her stocking and tongue washed her. Mom’s flesh was so wonderful! Her skin was warm and oh so soft. The dried juices were hardly noticeable. I worked my way up to her labia and then her mound. Mom sighed.When I looked up she was smiling and watching me. I rose and kissed her sweetly. I helped her to take off the rest of her lingerie and pulled the sheet up over us as I lay next to her. Mom turned off the lamp and rolled over to cuddle me.

“Thank you Jake.”

“No problem Mom. You had a really hard time.”

Yeah, that scene with Cheryl had me nervous. My emotions were all over the place tonight.” After a few minutes she added, “We will need to be careful. I really don’t now how many people might recognize us…”

“Yeah, that could have turned ugly.”

I lay there for a while thinking about what could happen if we were exposed. A damn shame. Why does it have to be anybody’s business what two consenting adults do? I mean yes, I understand about the dangers of incestuous pregnancies, but fuck, we didn’t have to worry about tat. Mom was on the pill and had already planned on an ablation in the very near future. I was so upset that I could not sleep and finally got up and went to get a glass of milk. I decided on a 50/50 with some Baileys and went to check my email. I eventually crawled back in bed and got a few hours of sleep.

Well a few days went by and Mom relaxed enough that pleasing her was much easier. She continued to educate me and my performance continued to improve. Mom was an excellent teacher and I would do almost anything for her. Then on Wednesday she and I were talking over dinner.

“I wonder how much of your skill as a lover is just because I am your partner, and how much is … well, transferable… to another lover.” Mom said.

“Well geez, yeah, it probably is better with you, ya know, because I really do love you.” I said.

“I wish… I wish there was some way to see how well you do with another woman.”

“Shit Mom, I can’t exactly have you sitting in the room judging things as I screw some girl can I?”

“No, but maybe you could shoot a video…” she offered.

“Yeah, but how many cameras and angles would it take? Besides the only girls willing to get videoed while the fuck are probably gonna be pros and they would just fake it and say anything to get paid.”

Mom laughed and dropped the subject. Then Friday afternoon she called me from work.

“Hey sweetie, could you change the sheets on my bed when you get home? I noticed they were kinda smelly and it would really make me happy to not have to do it myself. Also don’t eat anything, I’m bringing home some fried chicken for dinner.”

“Cool! Chicken sounds good… and okra?”

“Of course!”

Well as we were finishing dinner the doorbell rang. Mom answered it and then brought Cheryl into the living room. I started to excuse myself but Mom told me to stay. Mom and Cheryl sat on the sofa and I sat in the recliner.

“So,” Mom started, “how is it going with Philip?”

Cheryl blushed a little but I guessed from her grin that the subject was exciting to her. “Nothing yet, but I am seeing a response of sorts.” she said. “I started dressing a little sloppier, to show some skin without being obvious, you know? Like wearing too small a T-shirt with no bra, or tank tops that are too large so that they sag and hang open as I bend over; and I bought some new short running shorts. I usually wear them without any underwear and I’ve found a couple of new fantasies on his computer so I know he’s getting an eyeful… but as thrilling as all this is for me, I haven’t found şişli otele gelen escort the courage to make my move…”

Mom turned to me, “Any suggestions Jake?”

“Well… you could wait for a night when he is out and pretend to fall asleep on the couch, and make sure that your robe or clothes are open or scrunched up to give him a better view. You know like you fell asleep sitting up but as you squirmed they climbed up to expose you. Then when he is standing there masterbating you could ‘wake up’ and discover him. Then you could offer to help him if he helps you.”

“Sure!” Mom agreed, “That would work. You could also leave an empty bottle of booze on the floor.”

“Why?” Cheryl asked.

“So that he thinks it less likely you’ll wake up and catch him!” Mom said.

“Okay, but why do you think he’ll stand there and masterbate?”

“Cuz that’s what I’d do if I was in his place.” I answered. Cheryl blushed.

“That brings me to another point I want to discus Cheryl, are you prepared for sex with Philip? I mean, you know he is possibly going to be nervous, scared and clumsy and you need to understand that he will need encouragement and guidance. And the sex might not be all that great at first. You need to be prepared to work through any difficulties if you truly want this.”

“Oh I do want this! And yes I understand about it being awkward and stuff. I was in college when I had sex with a virgin, he was so excited and nervous that he came before he could get it in!”

Mom laughed and I caught a look on her face that made me wonder if she had a similar story… “Cheryl there is another thing to consider, are you safe?”

Cheryl nodded, “Oh yes! I had my tubes tied ages ago!”

“Good!” Mom said. “Cheryl, listen, I said the other night that one of my goals wa to teach Jake to be the best lover a woman could ask for, and I think he has progressed very well so far… but I am prejudiced. I can’t risk anyone else knowing about us but I need to watch him make love to another woman, and then I need her opinion and advice afterwards.” Cheryl’s mouth hung open. “I want you to make love to Jake… please?”

Cheryl looked at Mom and then at me and then she blushed and looked down at her hands. “I-I…can’t believe you, you’re offering your son to me! You’re serious? You want to watch him… and me…”


“Oh god… uhm, when?”

“Right now, before you either chicken out or start screwing Philip, because then you won’t have time. Besides, don’t you want to practice before you start with your son?”

Cheryl looked at me and bit her lower lip. “Are you okay with this Jake?”

“If Mom says I can, and if you want me to, then I would very much like to make love to you.”

Cheryl took a deep breath, “Okay then, let’s do it before I lose my nerve.”

We went into Mom’s bedroom and Mom turned the lights down and sat in the chair she kept by her dresser. “Cheryl, let Jake undress you, Jake take your time and don’t rush. You need to please her completely, not just make her come.”

I composed myself and looked at Cheryl. She was probably 39 or 40, about my height but much slimmer than Mom. She had sandy colored hair that had probably been blonde once, warm brown eyes, and a very nice but nervous smile. I stepped forward and hugged her. “Just relax, and focus on enjoying yourself.” I said and then I kissed her. I was gentle and kissed her several times from different angles. I focused on her lower lip and then her upper lip and I used just the barest tip of my tongue to tease her. Soon Cheryl was into it and our mouths were moving together. I lifter her top by the hem and helped her out of it. Then I smiled at her pretty baby blue bra and kissed her chest, working slowly down to her bra. I unfastened her pants and eased them off over her hips and down to the floor, squatting as I helped her to step out of them. She had matching panties too! I kissed her flat stomach and caressed her waist and hips. Standing I placed my hands on each side of her face and kissed her deeper and more seductively. Now I used ore of my tongue and she accepted it. I reached around and unfastened her bra and helped her out of it. Before tossing it aside I glanced at the tag,

“Thirty six C? You look bigger than a 36 C!” I said, and Cheryl smiled.

I caressed her breasts starting at her collarbone and slowly working my way down to her areola where my fingertips traced little circles around her nipples before actually touching them. Goosebumps raced across her skin. Cheryl had small button nipples sitting in little areola slightly larger than a quarter. Cupping her breasts I toyed with em and gently kneaded them before finally bending to kiss them and lick her nipples. Cheryl sighed deeply as she ran her fingers through my hair. I eased my hands around to her back and caressed her from her shoulders down to her hips.The fourth time I traced this path I hooked my fingers into her panties and continued down to the floor. As I went, my kissed drifted lower, until I was gazing at her mound. Cheryl’s mons venus (yeah Mom taught me this was what it’s correctly called) was crowned with a strip of her sandy hair, but the rest of her was flawlessly smooth. I planted a long lingering kiss on her mound and inhaled deeply several times. Cheryl’s scent was softer and more subtle than Mom’s but very pleasing none-the-less. As I did so I caressed her long slender legs and fought the urge to taste her. All through this, Cheryl was still sighing and toying with my hair. I stood and kissed her again before guiding her to sit on the bed.

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