My Mother’s Entrapment

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Hi, my name is Tom, or Tommy as my mother calls me, I will be 19 in 2 months time, am a regular student living at home still because I didn’t want to leave my mother on her own, the main reason being is I want to seduce her, make love to her, and everything that a young man would with a mother who looks like mine does, I have always wanted to fuck her ever since I learned about wanking, and then later what fucking a woman means. I suppose that stems from a young age.

I have never known my father, never wanted to either, I was the product of my mother’s rape when she was 15 years old, she is the only daughter of two very rich parents, which was lucky for me in the long run, they are all stout Catholics so the idea of an abortion was a definite no. Which again I can assure you was lucky for me for obvious reasons.

So I appeared on planet Earth 2 months before my moms 16th birthday, she refused to have me adopted and brought me up mostly on her own but with great financial assistance from her very loving mom and dad, who in turn loved me for who I was, a little baby who needed, and got a loving environment. They bought her a house, and provided it, her and me with all we needed, including a monthly check into an account for her to bring me up on etc.

I went through school, growing into a well adjusted young man, with a loving mother, who never dated much although from time to time a babysitter was hired if Nana and Grandpa were not available, I realised as I got into my teens that mom did have intermittent boyfriends, but not a regular one, and even girlfriends, who sometimes stayed over, and even slept in my moms room, I can still remember going into her room on 2 or more different occasions and finding her in bed with a woman friend, but was assured by her that they were just friends, just like women are friends, so I never bothered about it, it wasn’t until I was older that I learned about lesbianism, but even then I was ok with it.

My mom is Michelle, lovely long blonde soft silky hair, beautiful face, 5ft 4″ and a good body, and because of my friends as I grew older making lewd comments, MILF etc, I started fancying her sexually, from about 16 years old to the present day.

I had tried a few times to let her know what I was feeling in several different ways, I tried the loving son approach, touching, hugging, kissing even a quick feel here and there and always got a gentle brush off.

I got to the point where I didn’t know what to do to seduce her in any way shape or form, I was lost as it were, then the strangest thing happened, let me say first my mom wasn’t my sole object of desire, I was reasonably successful with the girls, so I was aware of what to do when it came to being nice to the opposite sex, I have been told I am quite good looking, same blonde hair as my mom, maybe a bit darker, 6ft tall, but it wasn’t until I started going out with Stella that an idea was formed.

I must backtrack here a little, I met Stella in the dining hall one lunch time, I say met, I did know her, she is the same age as me, but all we had ever really said to each other was the odd hello, any way this particular lunch time I was at a table on my own eating an apple and staring into space somewhere when I heard a thump, I turned and there was Stella sitting down with an hello and a smile for me at my table, let me tell you, that when Stella smiles it dims the sun, its so bright, dazzling and captivating, she is about 5ft 8″ tall, beautiful, great to look at in every department, doesn’t walk, she floats, coffee coloured, and most of the lads in college fancied her like mad, including me, her hair is like thick black silk, her lips are African / Caribbean in shape and fullness. And her skin is satin smooth.

She was also known in college to swing both ways, but as I said previously I don’t have a problem with that. We chatted, I had always wanted to ask her on a date, but never really had the opportunity until now, but even then I was thinking I was out of her league. Anyway I plucked up courage to ask, and did so with a certain amount of nervousness, expecting a flat out no, sorry.

Can you imagine my surprise when she said yes immediately and also said that she had been waiting for months for me to do so, and that was the reason she had sat at my table, to try and push me into it. I was totally gob smacked, we had our first date that night, and 3 months later we are going strong, to the jealousy of lots of my mates and others.

Last month I took her home to meet my mom, who loved her right off, I had of course told her all about Stella, so there were no surprises, she became a regular visitor to my house, she lived in a bed sit so loved coming over, we had started having sex, and we couldn’t get enough of each other.

We had talked of her feelings for other women, I assured her it was okay with me if she wanted to keep up to speed in that department. As long as it didn’t affect our relationship, she said that, that would never happen.

Then one night we were talking, and it was one of those sessions where the truth has to be admitted for fear of spoiling what ortaköy escort we had together. She asked me what my utmost secret desire was.

I hesitantly told her of my feelings for my mother and desires a son shouldn’t have for his mom, and that given the chance if opportunity presented itself I was sure I would go ahead and have sex with her, I apologised immediately, thinking I had hurt her by saying such an awful thing, she had her hand over her mouth and was gaping at me, she couldn’t speak, such was the shock, when she did remove her hand, she kissed me lovingly and said that it was ok, she understood and that she thought it was normal for a boy to want to love his mother, especially one who looked as good as mine.

It was then that I got a greater shock; Stella told me she would like to bed my mom too, and have her way with her! That she thought she was just about the sexiest woman she had ever met, I was flabbergasted and turned on mightily although I wasn’t to know that until Stella grabbed my cock and after a few strokes I shot my load into my pants!

I said ‘Stella we’ve got to talk about this.’

‘I know’ she said. So we spent a long time discussing it, and much to my further surprise, Stella gave me her take on my mom, which mainly was, she thought my mom was a bit of a submissive, and would be susceptible to a dominant approach, although it was never obvious to me.

It was after that, and much further discussion mainly after making love to each other, we started formulating a plan to seduce her into a loving relationship with both Stella and I.

I had explained my futile attempts to Stella to seduce or even get close to mom in that way, I said I was sure she knew what I had attempted to do, all this before I took up with her.

Then Stella said, ‘well it’s going to have to be me that does it, that seduces her into readiness for us.’

We knew we would only ever have one chance, and if it failed it would never ever materialise.

Stella started coming round more often, I would leave them alone for periods of time so she could get to know her more intimately, and as a friend, they even went out together, and mom started confiding in her, to the point where Stella refused to tell me some of mom’s confidences. I accepted there were things I didn’t need know, then came the day Stella said she had a plan, we discussed it, I agreed that her plan had a really good chance of succeeding if her thoughts of mom being a bit submissive were correct, so we fine tuned it, and planned it for the following Saturday.

It was this, and I will reiterate it only this once because this is what actually happened.

Stella was to arrive mid morning; I was to receive a phone call from a friend asking me for assistance. So I made excuses and left saying I would be back later in the day, and if things went to plan, I would receive a text saying, Mission accomplished!

After I left Stella was chatting with mom in the kitchen, mom was wearing a blouse, skirt and flat shoes, hair up held by a clip, Stella had arrived in a lovely sexy short black summer type dress, little straps over her shoulders, low cut, plenty of long legs on show, leaving nothing to the imagination, high heels, but flat shoes in her bag to change if necessary to maintain her height differential, during one of their many chats in the past, Stella had told mom she had swung both ways on occasions, and mom had admitted the same herself in the past.

It was then she asked mom if she had ever been blacked, Mom asked her what being blacked was, Stella stood up and walked over to where she was stood in the corner of the units of the kitchen, half turned to Stella and half turned to look out of the window into the garden

‘Just look at you,’ Stella said, ‘blonde beautiful, sexy, and a woman who looks as good as you must have had thoughts of going black?’

Mom, again naively asked ‘what do you mean, going black?’

Stella surprised, said, ‘being fucked by a black man, having a big black cock inside your hot pussy, Black on Blonde!’

Mom was more than taken aback, ‘no;’ she admitted that it had never crossed her mind.

‘I do know black men look at me,’ she said, ‘but so do most men.’

Stella sensing a thought passing through my mom, moved in closer now, right in front of her, her left arm up against her right side but not pressing, and her hand flat on the work top,

‘What about a black woman Michelle,’ Stella asked, a look of surprise came over moms face, Stella being 4″ taller was now right in Moms space in an intimidating way, and knowing Stella’s orientation, a Bi, mom now flustered, and looking both ways, as if searching for an escape route.

Said, ‘no, it hadn’t crossed my mind.’

Stella replied, ‘yes it has, you look at me Michele, I’ve seen you glancing at me when you think I’m looking away, checking me out, you’ve thought about me haven’t you?’

‘My smooth black skin against yours, feeling my black hair is sliding down around your body!’

Stella continued, ‘wondering what I would be like, what I otele gelen escort would feel like, wondering what it would be like to be taken by me.’

Now Stella, going for broke and sensing mom’s uncertainty,

Said, ‘not until now Michelle, hmmm, you want me to seduce and take you don’t you?’

Pressing her advantage now ‘that’s what you want isn’t it?’

Placing her arm around moms back she pulled her body into her own, and pressed herself into mom.

Mom whimpered, ‘Stella please, what are you doing?’

Taking hold of moms right wrist, she pushed it behind her and captured it in her left hand therefore preventing her from pushing Stella away, this also freed up Stella’s right hand, which she placed into moms soft silky hair, told her how beautiful it, and she was, and took out the clip holding it up.

running her fingers through mom’s hair and lightly massaging her scalp, moms eyes closed, Stella thought to herself, she’s like a rabbit caught in headlight’s now, it was then that she moved in and kissed her, her eyes popped open in wonderment but closed again as Stella’s kiss and tongue worked their magic, then dropping her hand she took hold of moms left breast, found her nipple, squeezed, tweaked and rolled it in her fingers, this brought moms first moan into Stella’s mouth.

Moving mom into position and bending her backwards a little to cement her control over her, where she could rub her hot body against her, and further her seduction, mom sank deeper and deeper into a world of love and lust for Stella.

She dropped her mouth on to mom’s soft neck and began to feed on it, especially that tender area between neck and shoulder, moms moans were now leaving her mouth in short gasps

Stella feeling moms submission, worked her way with her hand and fingers until mom was moaning freely into Stella’s luscious mouth, because Stella had learned just how devastating her kiss was, I can vouch for that, you don’t stop kissing until she decides to stop, feeling fingers under her skirt mom stiffened as if to try and reject it, then relaxed again and wiggling her hips urged the same fingers to feel her red hot, wet and slippy pussy that wanted what ever was going to happen, her resistance gone, Stella now knew it was time for the coup de grace.

She broke the kiss, took hold of a handful of mom’s hair, pulled her away from the units and bent her over at the waist, mom squealed and had to grab Stella’s wrists to prevent her self from falling over, she pulled mom and led her out of the kitchen, and toward the stairs.

Mom coming a little to her senses whimpered, ‘what about Tommy?’

Still following her helplessly, Stella replied ‘don’t you worry about him, just come with me, you are going to be mine, and you will do just as I tell you ok?’

A whimper escaped moms lips as she realised just what Stella was saying to her, and she also now knew she couldn’t deny her either, it was Michelle’s first experience of being dominated by anyone, let alone a 19 year old beautiful black girl who now had her in her power.

Pulling Michele behind her up the stairs and into her bedroom, she let go and ordered mom to strip immediately, hesitating a little too long, mom suddenly found the room spinning around her, but it wasn’t the room spinning, it was her!

Stella had taken hold of her arm and forcefully spun her on her feet, pushed her down onto the bed, pulled up her skirt and proceeded to spank her and saying you have to learn to obey me when I tell you to do something, mom was stunned, putting her hands behind her in a futile attempt to protect her ass, this enabled Stella to gain complete control of her by grasping her wrists and holding her down with her one hand

Mom begged for mercy and pleaded with Stella, but Stella was determined this valuable lesson would be learned, and learned it was in double quick time.

Pulling mom up, she demanded, ‘what did I tell you to do!’

‘Undress,’ whimpered mom.

‘WELL?’ Stella growled, ‘do it!’ mom undressed in record time, ‘get into bed’, Stella ordered, she immediately obeyed her.

Stella took her phone from her purse, and fiddled with it, muting it, explaining to mom, but really sending me the text saying, Mission Accomplished, I was to wait the agreed 2 hours from that time before I returned home, so she would have time to completely and utterly seduce mom, undressing she climbed into bed with her, raised herself above her and taking her in her arms kissed her passionately, pressing her fantastic body against hers, saying how good mom felt,

‘Yes’ mom whispered, ‘but Tommy?’

‘You have nothing to worry about Michelle’ she told her, ‘it’s all in hand’ her fingers finding mom’s clit drove her onwards and upwards to orgasm.

Something that I didn’t know was, Stella had bought a black strap on dildo, and in a short while would use it on mom sending her into orbit. Mom told me weeks later it was the single most exhilarating thing that had ever happened to her. And the amazing contrasts of Stella’s skin and her own were so irresistibly otele gelen escort arousing. And, fitting on the strap on she proceeded to fuck mom, in the missionary position, her mouth eating at her neck, and clamping down on her throat with her teeth, just as a lioness would with its helpless prey, which my mom now was, and later, she was forcefully fucked on her knees. And to our benefit, it brought my mom willingly into complete submission and compliance, in the following 2 hours Stella and my mom had mind blowing sex that gratified them both completely, I sent a prearranged text to Stella, ‘that I was in the building,’ good that hey?

So Stella arranged herself around her, mom was on her back, Stella had her right arm around her shoulders, holding her right wrist, mom’s left arm safely tucked under her Stella’s body, her left leg entwining mom’s left leg. It was then I made my entrance into mom’s bedroom, the look of confusion, shock and horror on her face was a sight to behold, her immediate instinct was to break free, but Stella, being younger stronger and fitter, was ready for such that, freedom was not to be had this day.

‘Hey Stella,’ I said, ‘It looks like you two are having a real good time there.’ Laughing Stella said, ‘well, yes baby we are, want join us?’

Mom was speechless to say the least.

‘Mom’ I said, ‘I have to be honest with you, Stella and I have planned all this.’

While I was speaking, I was undressing, then naked and stood next to her bed, with an undoubted hard on, mom just gaped and gaped at me and then Stella, I climbed into bed and easily tucked mom’s right arm beneath me, she was now well and truly captured.

She found her voice and squeaked ‘Tommy’! I ignored her forth coming pleas, leaned across her and kissed Stella murmuring what a great thing she had accomplished. Stella smiled and said ‘honestly baby, its great to be a part of your love,’ and that she loved me totally.

We both set to work on mom, both of us kissing her, fiddling with her, fingering her, tweaking her nipples, kissing her ears, tonguing, clit, and even in her ass, mom just had no way of resisting, and succumbed, she responded in kind, it was then that I indicated for Stella to move away, she rolled to one side, got up and left us alone, she didn’t leave the room, but sat on the floor at the foot of the bed to watch, I knew she was there but mom didn’t.

‘Mom,’ I whispered in her ear, ‘I love you so much, we both do,’ and with that I raised myself above her, and pushed my cock into her for the very first time, it was a good job I had jacked off earlier, or I would have shot my load before I’d got my dick in! We made out for a good hour before Stella reappeared!

I was in absolute heaven, here I was making love to my ultimate woman, her response to me was magical, as if it had been ordained by God himself, whilst beside us now was the woman who would become my wife, my lover, my best friend, and my mothers lover, witnessing my mothers submission to me, as she had just submitted to Stella so soon before.

Stella had been dead right when she had said mom was a submissive, and she would willingly obey her in everyway, I became the alpha male in our household, so I held the ultimate control over them both, the sex was fantastic, but the love was even better.

I taught both of them to take it in the ass, and Stella and mom both did it to each other with the strap on, so every one was more than happy, we didn’t know it at the time but we had found our own utopia. We grew into a loving stable relationship, Stella moved in permanently, we moved house, to a larger one with 5 bedrooms, 2 en suite, huge gardens.

To all intents and purposes it was me and Stella living with my mom, no-one had a clue as to our real status, we shared the same bed, me and Stella shared a bed, mom and Stella shared a bed, me and mom shared a bed.

We all shared each other, and even on occasions, one of us slept on our own, no jealousies, and no disagreements.

Stella and I continued our educations, returning home after college each day, mom would have dinner ready. I still saw my friends, who still drooled over mom! Stella still saw hers, but her going with other women wasn’t on her list of things to do now, and we live as normal a life as any happy loving couple’s could, of course there are always minor altercations here and there but nothing that mattered. And can you imagine how good life is for me? I have the love of two beautiful women, and we all have the love of each other.

Mom still gets propositioned from males when she is out, which is great for her ego, as if she was still available! Much to our amusement.

One of the most erotic things I have ever seen, and still do to this day, and I still get rock hard when I watch it, was the day I came home from being somewhere, no one downstairs, so I thought, Hmmm? I made my way up the stairs, and stopped outside mom’s door, I heard soft moans, and endearments, I gently pushed the door wider so as not to disturb them, and looked through the crack in the door, there on the bed was mom, on her back, arms above her heard, Stella right on top of her, her own arms under mom’s shoulders, and pushed through mom’s arms, holding her wrists, thereby pinning her down, mom’s feet were in the air over Stella’s back, Stella was pounding her pussy like a jack hammer with her new double ended strap on.

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