My Motherly Duties Ch. 03 – Brad

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The red light turned green and the bus started moving forward. I gripped the bag of groceries that Cass had wanted. I turn my head to look out the window and catch the curious brown eyes of a classmate sitting next to me.

She stared at me for a second before recognizing me

“Hey,” she said. Her voice sounded similar to Mother’s.


I was instantly reminded of the way she made me cum this morning before the exam. Just thinking about it and I felt my cock stir. I watched as it grew from flaccid, to semi, to hard, to throbbing. My tight black athletic shorts left little to the imagination.

I heard a gasp to my right; it was that girl again. She had an eyebrow raised and a wanton grin on her flushed face as she openly ogled me. Well, not me. More like, ‘it.’ She then snaked her hand across my lap and onto my erection and started doing whatever she pleased.

I tensed, shutting my legs. I just sat there helplessly as she took advantage of me: squeezing and rubbing me, and measuring me with her hand as she bit her lip. I didn’t know what to do.

“Next stop, Wallaby Way,” said the monotone feminine voice over the bus’s PA system. My stop. Suddenly empowered, I stood up, pressing the stop button and moving out of her grip. This cock’s not for you, I thought as the bus’s doors opened.

I smiled excitedly, forgetting that girl as I stepped out of the bus and saw the house of my family a couple of doors down. Making my way home, I put my hand into my pocket and rubbed my erection through the material. This cock is reserved for my family and my family alone.



by FerOzera

This is the third installment of the “My Motherly Duties” series – it’s recommended that you read the first two chapters before you read this one for the optimal experience.

All individuals involved in sexual activity are consenting adults aged 18 years old or older. All events and people within this story are fictional and created solely as a work of erotic entertainment.

I ring the doorbell with the groceries my sister wanted. Given that I already had an enthusiastic blowjob from my mother less than three hours ago, I was still surprisingly hard as my erection strained in my skin-tight shorts. Any normal man would have been satisfied with such sexual treatment for at least half a day – but not me.

Not in this house.

The door swung open and I was greeted by my loving, naked sister: Cass.

“Oh f- Hey, Brad!” she said with a step aside, shielding her body from the eyes of the outside world.

“Hey, miss me?” I smirk, stepping inside and closing the door behind me.

“Well, yeah, no shit. But I can see that you’ve missed me.” Both our eyes look down to the bulge in my shorts.

We both laugh.

“You caught me,” I concede/

“So how was your day,” she asked formally.

“Amazing so far: Mom was amazing, the exam was amazing, you’re amazing- Oh! There was this creep that felt me up on the bus. I felt so violated,” I retold as I put down the bag.

“Oh, shit, are you ok? I know how you feel, trust me.”

“Yeah, I’m good, but like, at the time, no. I just thought about you at home waiting for me and that cheered me right up,” I chuckled.

She giggled, causing her young, perky boobs to jiggle a little.

“That’s good! I’m glad you’re alright.”

“Me, too.” I took off my shirt.

“Woah, woah, woah, what?”


“You’re hotter than I remembered! Nice tits, man.”

I looked down at my chest. “Oh, you mean these?” I ask as I flex my pectorals.

She blushed as she wordlessly parted her shapely thighs to give her hands an easier time finding her drippy sex. Almost instantly, she starts plunging a finger in and out of her depths as her other hand’s thumb drew circles around her love button.

I gulped as I felt myself throb. I changed my pose every few moments, some eliciting different responses than others. My sister was using me as porn right now and I enjoyed every second of it.

Suddenly, she closed her eyes, sighing, before exhaling and removing her now-glistening fingers from her sex. She opened her eyes and locked on to mine with an unrelenting gaze.

We held this eye şişli elit escort contact for several silent moments before I chuckled, breaking it. “What is it?” I asked.

She grinned back and brought her masturbating hands to her mouth with her eyes glinting. One by one, she sunk each of her pussy-juice-covered fingers past her lips and sucked them dry. She smacked her lips and exhaled before leaning in towards me with her arms spread.

“I don’t know, just come here,” she sighed opening her arms, and who was I to not comply?

I spread my arms wide and leaned in. Her tummy pressed against my cock. Our chests met, her boobs splaying themselves across my bulging pecs as we wrap our arms around each other and started teetering side to side, not loosening our grips in the slightest. I held on to my sister’s naked body tightly against mine, only separated by the small layer of my shorts. Her chin rested on my shoulder as I let my head rest against hers.


I closed my eyes as I’m sure she did too. We cherished meeting up with each other.


Since she went to university and me to college, we rarely got to see each other. But now that exam season was coming to an end, we’d be getting a lot more time for each other – especially when Mom wasn’t around.

Eventually, the swaying slowed. The grip loosened. My hands run themselves over the curve of her back. They hold her by her small waist. They play with her hair. I watch my fingers run through the long, silky locks, loving the feeling. “So,” I say, breaking the silence. “Did you and Mom have fun without me?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she started.

My hands glide over the small of her back and onto the curve of her ass. I grab each cheek and squeeze them. While Mom was soft, Cass was so firm, yet almost the same size. All those sessions at the gym were paying off.

As she took a deep breath, I spread her cheeks, exposing her little rosebud.

“She used the 9-incher on me,” she revealed. “You know the vibrating one?”

“Is that the one that cums?”

“Bingo. She used that one. And then, she put it in strap-on mode and fucked me mish and… holy shit, she looked hot doing it with her huge breasts bumping into that dildo when she pulled out,” she shook her head as I saw her asshole pucker: the telltale sign that my baby sister was flustered. “Heather’s amazing.”

“Woah,” I say, visibly startled. “What?”


“Did you just call Mom… Heather??”

She paused. “Well, yeah, that’s kinda something we do now,” she giggled. “It’s just that when we have sex, and I call her by her actual name, it’s more like we’re just lesbian lovers.”

“Wow.” I was speechless.

“Yeah,” she laughed. “She hates it too, you’re not alone.”

I feel her hands sneak onto my back, now tracing my muscles making my still-hard cock throb against her. “So… did she use my cum on you? I know she saved some of it from the blowjob she gave me this morning.”

She let out a giggle. “I don’t know, why don’t you check?” she suggested, arching her back, making her pussy come into view, framed by her still-spread buttocks.

I complied; keeping her ass spread with one hand, the other felt around for her pussy before quickly finding it: it was hot and wet; the lips were parted, but only slightly. Knowing my sister the way I did, her pussy was the tightest sensation known to any part of me, this idea further reinforced by how much my lone finger struggled to traverse her tunnels. I was about two knuckles deep when I felt a thick liquid that I knew to be white. I smile.

“Well now that your question’s answered, let go of me,” she ordered, though her arms stayed tight around me.

“Why? I can’t hold my horny housemate in a wholesome hug?” I alliterate, pushing my finger even deeper into her.

She gasped as I felt her heart’s pounding speed up against my chest.

“No,” she gulped, catching her breath. “You … you can’t. Mom’s going to be back by 5’o’clock but until then, we gotta make the most of the time we have,” she stated as she snuck her hands under the waistband of my shorts to squeeze my bare ass, a surprise, yet a welcome one.

I looked down the hall at the analog clock hung şişli escort on the wall. It was about 12:45. As much as I just wanted to hold my loving sister, she had a point.

“Agreed,” I said, pulling away from her.

Immediately, I see her hand venture south on her own body once again. Her fingers filling where my single-digit had just been.

“So,” I start, bringing my pussy juice coated finger to her lips which she casually accepted into her mouth. “Did all of my cum end up in your pussy?”

Her lips closed around my finger, gently sucking it. I felt her tongue lather my finger in her spit. It was cute. Kitten-like, almost.

“Hm,” she thought before pulling my wrist from her face, yet, holding on. “The jar’s on the breakfast table over there,” Cass answered pointing behind her before giving my finger a broad lick. Her eyebrows furrowed. “Why, did you want some?”

“I don’t think I need any,” I say, releasing my hand from hers. “Thanks but…” trailing off, I hook my thumbs under the waistband of my shorts.

Her eyes fall to my bulge. Her fingering speeds up as she gulps.

As slow as I can, I peel the waistband over my straining boner, begging to be exposed to my baby sister’s needs. Inch by inch, my erection comes into view. Cass’s eyes don’t falter as she bites her finger, her muscles bunched in her jaw. And just as the final inch meets the afternoon air and my cock bounces free, I swear I see her eyes dilate.

“…I’ve brought my own.” My tight shorts hug my thighs as my completely exposed cock stands perpendicular to my body, coated in my precum and pointing straight at its destination.

Instantaneously, her non-fingering hand wraps itself as far as it can around my thick shaft and started tugging it. My little sister let out a long, content sigh as she admires my manhood, almost starstruck by it, realizing how much time she had to catch up with it. Her wet hand idly circled her erect, inflamed clitoris, smearing it with her juices.

She blinked a few times as she got down on a knee, whispering “I love the fresh stuff.” Using the fingers that were two-knuckles deep in her pussy mere seconds earlier, she pushes some of her long black locks behind her ear, slicking them with her juices.

Fuck. I love it when she does that.

Cass’s face was now level with my cock: lips parted, eyes focused and in her own little world.

My erection simply bobbed in tune with my heartbeat, riddled with anticipation as she tickled my balls by her warm breath. She then took the first few inches of me into her mouth and sucked me harder than ever before as her cheeks caved making valleys on her face.

She felt great, especially after she started bobbing her head up and down my length. Her mouth was heavenly tight, and I just loved her effort and determination- I’d have to teach her to deepthroat like Mom later, though.

As I felt my cum bubbling in my balls, ready to plaster the inside of my sister’s face with my seed, she leaned forward and poked the back of her throat with my cockhead, sending shivers down my spine and a jolt of electricity through me. I was right on the edge of cumming, right on the edge of ecstasy when suddenly, she pulls her head back entirely. Her lips left my cock, breaking the suction with a audible pop. All that connected us now was a thread of saliva, which she was quick to gather on her fingers.

I groan. My cock was left sensitive and pulsating; so close to cumming, yet so far. “You’re such a cock-tease,” I say playfully.

“Thanks,” she said smugly, standing up and turning around. “Besides,” she bent over and arched her back, exposing her sopping snatch. “I have better plans for that load,” she said, spreading her cheeks to enhance the view.

“And can you tell me what could be better than my cum down your throat?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Gladly,” she began. “Your baby batter jetting into my pussy, filling me up to the brim before overflowing down my thighs,” she slapped her ass, smiling at me. “Duh!”

I feel myself blush as I look up at her face to see her eyes glinting devilishly at my reaction.

“Fuck, babe,” I breathe. “I love fucking you soo much…”

Only as my sister blushed, flattered and şişli eve gelen escort said “Thank you,” had I realized what I had said.

I blink.

“No, I mean I-no. I- I meant I fucking love you!” I chuckle before looking down at my toes with my freshly-sucked cock taking up most of the view. “I wasn’t trying to say I love fucking you, no,” my cock jumped. “Wait, no!” I shut my eyes. “I do love- I do love fucking you! I was- I- I was just-” being the stuttering mess. And I would’ve continued doing so if I didn’t feel my cock get enveloped in a hot, wet and incredibly tight feeling.

My eyes open to confirm that my sister backed her pussy onto my cock with those firm ass cheeks pressed against my thighs. I would have blown my load right then and there if I didn’t spray my cum all over Mom just a few hours earlier. Regardless, I was in heaven.

“Better?” she asked.

I swallow. “Better,” I chuckled.

“You’re not you when you’re horny,” she quipped, making us both laugh.

“So what, your pussy is Snickers now?” I ask as she disappointingly pulled her ass off of my erection, leaving some of her pussy juice to mingle with her spit on my shaft.

“A sweet, savory snack? I guess so,” she quipped once more. “Anyways,” she begins as she slips her fingers wet with the saliva from the blowjob into her cunny, sliding them knuckle deep.

I watch as Cass closes her eyes, relishing in the feel of herself: twisting and pistoning her digits in and out of her depths. She takes her time, but I don’t blame her; I’d take her pussy over dessert any day- sometimes I do.

She then exhales, slowly withdrawing them – her fingers shining brilliantly in the natural light. They then tuck themselves back, between her legs, as she clears her throat.

“Anyways,” she starts for the second time, resuming her fingering. “I still haven’t had breakfast, so take off those tacky sandals and go back to the kitchen,” she ordered before turning on her heel and walking down the corridor, giving me a hypnotic show of her calves, thighs, and ass sashaying down the hallway like a perfectly-oiled sex-machine.

I even see a hint of her pink folds peek out from between her legs making my cock buck; the corridor silent aside for her delicate footsteps, her slick fingering, and my near-orgasmic breathing.

After she turns the corner, I blink stupidly and look down. Past my thick, perpetual erection are my black, open-toed, velcro sandals. My eyebrows scrunch. “Tacky?”

I think for a moment before shaking my head and kicking them off, and peeling off my shorts entirely. I leave my clothes by the door, pick up the groceries and walk to the breakfast table – it’s vacant aside from the glass mason jar. I look at it with fond memory. Just a few hours ago, Mom used it to save my cum after making love to me with her lips.

Filled quarter-way.

I looked at it and my mind wandered to Cass. She was so caring and funny and smart… Cass loved my cum and I haven’t been able to give it to her for so long. I felt so terrible that I just had to make it up to her some way.

My cock bucked at the thought and my mind swam just thinking about her. It had been too long since the last time I gave her an adequate pounding. Too long since she’d coaxed my cum in or onto her after a hardcore fuck session. Too long since we’d even had a face-to-face conversation just to catch up with each other.

“Where is that little vixen,” I thought out loud as I walked into the kitchen. My sister and I were going to hangout out and chat at first. But sooner or later, she’d be taking the place of that jar and was going to be filled with my cum.

Filled to the brim.


I hope you enjoyed reading Part A of My Motherly Duties Ch. 03

Sneak Peek at part B:

“Why is Heather so controlling?” Cass thinks aloud with a sigh.

“I wish I knew… but, hey,” I call, spinning around. “That woman’s not here right now, is she?” I ask her, looking into her eyes with my hands grabbing at her ass.

“No, she’s not,” Cass answers, giving me the cutest lil’ smile as she blushes.

“Do you know what that means?” I ask before giving her ass a sharp slap making her squeal excitedly.

She’s giggling like a baby at this point as her hands start stroking my cock. “Hmm…” she pauses. “Quiet reading time?” she laughs.

I smile – I love her so much.

“Wrong answer!”


Chapter 4 will be out soon!

Be sure to show me how much you want it by rating and commenting what you want to see!

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