My Mom was the Best Ch. 02

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This is another student’s drunken bragging, if any of it factual or his wild fantasy is unknown to me. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein are not condoned and should not be duplicated. All characters are over 18 with false names.


After I took a shower, my Mom and I headed downtown towards the interstate where she pulled into a little diner. A pretty red streaked brunette college girl named Angela that I knew from school took our order of bacon and eggs, toast, orange juice and coffee. My Mom commented on how pretty and wholesome our young waitress appeared. I told her that the waitress couldn’t even begin to compare to her. That made her huge smile beam like a floodlight across the table towards me. After we finished our breakfast, she drove on the interstate for an hour headed for home. By the time we stopped at a rest area to use the bathroom, the snow had completely disappeared and the sun was shining brightly.

I told her that I would drive the rest of the way home as we walked out of the rest area. We both put on our sunglasses and I drove slightly above the speed limit for the next hour. Every time I glanced over at her, she gave me this huge loving smile that spread from ear to ear.

“You sure seem to be in an unusually great mood today, Mom,” I commented.

“Maybe it has something to do with this morning’s early exercise routine, something I haven’t done in a very long time,” she replied with a huge grin.

“I think it’s an exercise routine that we should try to implement daily,” I stated with a huge grin.

“I’m sure you do, Adam,” she responded with another wide smile. “But I’m a little bit tender down there right now from all your youthful enthusiasm,” she added.

“I tried to be gentle with you, Mom, knowing that it has probably been awhile,” I said.

“You were fine, Adam, I’m just a little older for a strenuous activity like that,” she grinned.

“We are still nearly 2 hours from home, Mom, why don’t you lean over here and suck my cock for a while,” I urged her with a wicked smile.

“I’m not very good at that, plus you’re too big for my little mouth, remember?” she replied.

“Yes, but I also remember telling you that you did fine earlier, Mom,” I stated.

“We can’t do that while you’re driving, Adam, we might get in an accident,” she said as she lightly nibbled at her thin lower lip.

“Sure you can, Mom, I’ll slow down and drive in the right lane,” I coaxed her.

“I don’t know, Adam, it’s kind of risky. We could have an accident or someone might see me,” she reasoned.

“We both have our big sunglasses on, Mom, so no one will recognize us, plus I’ll drive extra slow and cautious,” I urged her. I could see that she seemed to be seriously considering doing what I requested.

“Well, maybe I could suck on it for just for a little bit,” she said with a lingering smile crossing her lovely face.

“Okay, Mom, grab my towel out of the backseat so we don’t make a huge mess on your upholstery,” I directed. She turned and pulled my towel from the backseat. I unzipped my pants and slid my pants and underwear below my knees, before lifting my butt so that she could slip the towel under me.

“What happens if we get pulled over by a cop, Adam?” she asked.

“We simply fold the towel over my lap while I’m pulling my pants up,” I responded. “Slide your shoulder harness to the side and unbutton your blouse, Mom, I want to see and feel your lovely 34C tits while you suck on my dick,” I added.

She slipped the shoulder belt away from her chest as she smiled at me. She licked across her thin pink lips enticingly with her pointy tongue, looking so very sexy and arousing. She slowly unbuttoned her pink blouse, one button at a time while looking over at me like she was a sexy dancer doing a strip tease. My grinned widely, which made her smile even more, while we drove along the interstate. I kept stealing looks over at her as she leaned towards me while unbuttoning her top to show off her black lacy bra.

“Undo your bra, Mom, and let them beautiful twins out,” I pleaded. I glanced as she unhooked the front of her bra and saw her soft tits with her erect nipples were already standing up. “Nice tits, Mom, and your nipples are already hard for me too. I wish I could suck on those beauties, but it would be a little tough driving.”

I was surprised to hear her laugh at my statement. “You can suck on them when we get home, Adam, if Jack isn’t around,” she giggled. “Now it’s time for me to suck your cock better than Erin or Chris ever thought of doing.”

She leaned across the console of her car and took hold of my erect cock. “MMMmmm, I’m making somebody really excited already,” she stated as she looked from my lap with her big brown eyes and a huge smile.

“Lick around my tip, Mom, and slather it with lots of your saliva,” I directed. She slowly licked around my tip while gently stroking my hard length. She then trailed a line with her pointy halkalı escort tongue from my balls to my tip along the underside of my cock before trying to push the tip of her tongue in my open pee hole.

She looked up at my face and asked me with a huge smile, “How did I make such a beautiful big cock like this on my baby boy, Adam?”

“I don’t know how you made me, Mom, but you sure seem to like my cock now,” I responded with a big smile.

“Keep your eyes on the road, Adam,” she said before she engulfed the tip of my cock in her mouth. I felt her tongue slide across my blood-engorged tip several times before she licked at the underside of my crown. She slowly slid her mouth down my length until she had several inches of my dick in. She started to slide her mouth up and down my stiff rod bringing a loud moan from my lips as she sucked.

“That feels so nice, Mom, but open your lips a little so that your mouth doesn’t pull all the saliva off my dick,” I instructed her as she softened her grip. “MMMmmmm, nice Mom, now your mouth is sliding up and down my cock on a heavy coating of your spit.”

“MMmmm,” she mumbled past my dick as she nodded her head. Her head started bobbing up and down on my dick while adding some extra saliva. I moaned out my approval at her technique, while reaching under her to squeeze her tits and tug at her nipples. She lifted her mouth off my cock long enough to look up at me and ask, “How’s that, Adam?”

“MMmmm, you’re getting really good at cock sucking, Mom,” I answered with a grin. I rested one hand on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down on my boner. I leaned back in my seat to relax as I drove down the interstate, one hand on the steering wheel and the other one on the back of her head.

I was totally relaxed while she did a wonderful job sucking on my cock. I kept a vigilant look out for cops or any other potential traffic problems as I drove less than the speed limit in the right lane, letting the other cars pass me on the left. An 18-wheeler pulled up along side me to pass and then drove along at the same speed as I was driving. It took me a minute to realize what was happening. I looked over at the driver to see him staring at my Mom’s head sliding up and down my dick. Excited by the thought of an uninvited viewer, I said to her, “Lift up for a moment, Mom.”

“What’s wrong, Adam?” she asked. She lifted her sexy mouth up off my cock and began to raise her torso when I put my hand in the middle of her back as she rose nearly to the level of the window.

“You have an uninvited admirer, Mom,” I stated as I glanced to confirm that the truck driver could now see her sunglass covered face and tits hanging loosely from her open shirt. I was totally surprised when she waved her hand at the truck driver and then lifted a soft tit upwards so that he could see her erect nipple. The truck driver blew his air horns a couple of times, waved to both of us and then drove on past.

She glanced around and then lowered her face back into my lap to get down to business. She sucked on me for a couple minutes before she lifted her head to ask me, “Did you like having somebody watching me sucking your cock, Adam?”

“Yes Mom, it was so nasty and exciting to know that truck driver enjoyed watching you suck my cock,” I stated. “And with your big sunglasses on, he wouldn’t be able to see enough of your face to recognize you or tell your age to realize that it’s my own Mom sucking my dick as we drive along.”

She laughed and said, “You are a such a pervert with a very big cock, Adam.” She resumed her action of sliding her wet mouth up and down a couple inches of my stiff dick as I moaned out my contentment. I watched as several big rig trucks pulled up quickly behind me. They followed fairly closely until a number of cars passed me, before pulling out to my left. Like the first trucker, they drove alongside me to get a good look at what my Mom was doing. Once again she lifted up to flash her tits to both truckers.

“We better finish this up, Mom, because if the truckers have broadcast your antics out on their radios, the cops may come looking to see too,” I told her. “Is your pussy getting wet while you’re sucking my cock, Mom?”

“Yes, it is, Adam,” she replied before she lowered her head back in my lap to resume sucking. I reached over to squeeze my Mom’s tit, as I let out a soft moan while I pushed myself towards an orgasm.

“Finger yourself, Mom,” I moaned as her short brown-haired head bobbed up and down to gobble on my man meat. I glanced over to see her slide her hand down to unsnap the top of her dress slacks, before her fingers disappeared past the lacy top of her black panties. “Rub your clit and finger your tight pussy, Mom,” I told her.

I stole another quick look away from the road ahead to see her fingers moving underneath her dress slacks and inside of her panties. She was slobbering more excitedly on my prick as her fingers distracted her from any other thoughts. Watching her finger harbiye escort her panty clad pussy quickly pushed me to the edge of my own ejaculation. “Suck me harder, Mom, I’m going to cum in your mouth,” I informed her. “I’m almost there, Mom, get ready to start swallowing my love juices.”

I felt my cock swell and then release a huge spurt of thick creamy cum into my Mom’s mouth. She started to lift her head, trying desperately to gulp down my first gusher before the next one erupted. She quickly pulled her fingers out of her panties to lift the towel that I was sitting on and wrap it around my spurting dick. She stroked my prick roughly, as it continued to gush its liquid treasure into the fluffiness of the towel. As my eruptions began to wane, my Mom lowered her mouth over my tip again to suck and swallow my smaller spurts until I was finished.

She licked all around the purple tip of my cock to clean up every drop before she moved back to sit up in her seat. She clasped her bra together and buttoned up her shirt while I lifted my butt upwards to drag the cum-soaked towel out and drop it on the floor. I quickly pulled up my shorts and jeans, before reaching down to roll the towel into a ball and toss into the backseat.

My Mom sat up in her seat all prim and proper, with her seat belt and shoulder strap on before she slid her fingers back down inside her panties. She licked her lips enticingly as her fingers started moving inside her dress slacks again. There was no doubt what she was doing as she took off her sunglasses, leaned back and closed her eyes. I took my sunglasses off too, half watching the road as I drove between glancing over at my very sexy Mom.

I saw the cop come flying down the passing lane and told Mom, “A cop is coming.” She slid her fingers out of her slacks and zipped up as the cop pulled along side of me and glanced over. I glanced over at him and then my Mom looked over too. The cop must have figured that a mature Mom and her teenage son would not be the nasty culprits he was searching for and sped away down the fast lane.

I slowed to let him disappear from sight before she unzipped her slacks and her fingers slid inside again. “If you want to drive, Mom, I can finger your lovely pussy while you do,” I told her.

“No, I’ll do this myself, Adam, just drive the speed limit so we don’t get pulled over while I’m busy,” she stated with a quick smile.

“Okay, Mom, but I’ll lick you to an incredible orgasm when we get home, if Jack isn’t there,” I added with a grin.

“Okay, Adam, you got a deal,” she said with a huge smile. “You taste really good, Adam, your cum is sweet and not salty. Plus it’s getting easier to suck your longer cock. How did I compare to Erin and Chris with my blowjob?”

“You did great, Mom,” I replied. “And I think you swallowed more than either Erin or Chris could without choking too. Thanks, Mom, for a great blowjob.”

“You are most welcome, Adam, it was fun for me too,” she said with another big smile. She reclined her seat slightly and lay back to relax, pushing her tiny fingers back down inside her panties. I glanced over several times at her soft moans, watching her fingers moving under her slacks against her tender pussy. I looked over more often as I heard her breathing become coarse and ragged. “Oh God, Adam,” she moaned louder as she neared her impending release. “Oh God, Adam, I’m going to cum again,” she purred as she moved her ass around on the seat. “Oh God, oh God, oh Adam,” she growled and then whimpered. She made little hip thrusts as she cooed out in glorious satisfaction. She smiled at me sexily and whispered, “I’ll still let you lick my wet pussy when we get home if you want, Adam.”

“I’d love to lick you, Mom,” I replied. “Only a few exits to home.” I could tell she was becoming tense as we closed in on home. Her demeanor changed from soft and smiley to harder and grim. We pulled in the driveway and I immediately started carrying my dirty clothes into the house. I was bummed to see my 18-year-old brother Jack sitting on the couch playing video games.

She called to me louder than was necessary, “Get your clothes downstairs to the washer, Adam, and I’ll start a load before supper.” I brought my dirty sex stained sheets and towels down to the washer as she started a cold-water load. She turned, smiled at me and said, “I think these might need to soak for a while to get rid of our stains from last night, Adam.” I leaned in to kiss my petite Mom, before I pulled her tightly against me while reaching down to squeeze her tight rounded ass. Our tongues danced around each other before she broke our kiss to grin and ask, “Do I still get a rain check on that licking since Jack is home, Adam?”

“You know you do, Mom, unless you want to hop up on the washer and I’ll lick you to an orgasm right now,” I replied.

“I don’t dare, not with Jack right around the corner on the couch,” she grinned.

“X-mas is right around the corner, Mom, and I have some very special presents for ikitelli escort you,” I stated.

“Yes, but I hope we can still get a little quality time together before X-mas, Adam,” she replied.

I was a little bummed and irritated with my younger brother, Jack, on the weekend before X-mas. He seemed content to just hang around the house, doing absolutely nothing except watching tv and playing video games. I could tell that my Mom was getting irritated with him too, as she mentioned that he should get outside or go do something with his friends. It made for a long 3-day weekend.

When I had a quiet alone moment with my Mom, I asked her if she could go into work an hour late on Monday. Her huge smile gave me the answer that I was hoping for, so I patted her ass while giving her a long passionate kiss. Her tongue slipped out to greet mine and seal the deal.

Finally, Monday morning arrived. My Mom was up early at 5AM to shower before Jack and I did. The clock on the kitchen wall seemed to be moving in slow motion as I waited for the Jack to finish his cereal. Jack yelled out, “Hey Mom, can Adam take your car and get me to school earlier this morning? A couple of my friends are trying to complete an extra credit assignment.”

“A little notice would help, Jack,” she replied. “Adam, can you get back here quickly, so that I can leave for work?” she asked me slyly.

“I’ll be right back, Mom, I wouldn’t want you to be late for work,” I answered. I picked up a couple of Jack’s friends and dropped them off at the high school. I hurried back home and into the house.

“Mom?” I called out.

“In my bedroom, Adam,” she answered. I went up the stairs 2 steps at a time, headed to the master bedroom. She was lying in her bed totally covered up by the sheet and cover.

“Hi baby boy, I’ve been missing you, ” she softly purred as I walked over to her bedside. “And I’m waiting here just for you, Adam,” she cooed as I slowly slid back the covers to exposed her totally naked body.

“MMMMmmmmm, you’re wearing my favorite outfit, Mom,” I whispered before I leaned down to kiss her thin pink lips. She kissed me back passionately for a few seconds as she slipped her fingers into my hair to hold my head. A second later, she plunged her pointy tongue into my mouth for me to suck on. I slid my hand down to squeeze her soft breasts, noticing that her nipples were already hard. Our tongues danced around for a few seconds before I pulled away, lowering my mouth to suck on her stiff nipples.

She moaned out her contentment as I slid my hand down to her crotch while I sucked on her nipples. She opened her legs wider, giving me full access to her forbidden treasures, which I softly caressed to the sounds of her light purring. She cried out loudly as I slid my finger across her swollen clit.

I stood up and peeled off my shirt, pulling back the covers to enjoy the look of her naked body lying in her bed. I moved lower and gently eased her slender legs wider apart as I prepared to pleasure her lovely pussy with my tongue.

“Oh yes, Adam, that’s what I need,” she cried out as I trailed the tip of my tongue along the inside folds of her puffy labia. I spread her dark swollen lips apart with my fingers to rub across her clit with my tongue. She lifted her little ass up off her mattress and ground her fragrant pussy against my face, as I rolled her very sensitive nub around with my long tongue. “Oh God, Adam, I’m not going to last very long, I’m so fucking horny for you,” she moaned loudly.

I concentrated on her distended clit to quickly push her towards a much-needed orgasm. I occasionally pressed the tip of my tongue against the entrance to her pussy, softly and gently spreading the opening. I started to work my tongue inside her pussy, before moving back up to her sensitive clit. I didn’t pay any attention to the time, but soon she was lifting and grinding her hips roughly against my face and tongue.

“Oh God, Adam, oh Adam, you’re going to make me cum,” she cried out as she reached down to hold my face against her bucking hips. “Oh Adam, I’m going to fucking cum,” she cried out again an again. I reached up to cup and lift my Mom’s tiny ass as I waited for her sweet nectar to flow like sap from an early spring maple tree. My mouth was glued to her lovely pussy as I drank the sweet wine of my own motherly goddess.

She flopped her head back on the pillow as she relaxed in total contentment. “You’ve really spoiled me, Adam. You know that right?” she asked softly.

“I want to spoil you, Mom, and make up for all the bad days you endured with Dad,” I replied as I lifted my face from her wet pussy.

“Take your pants off and get into this bed, Adam. I want to suck on that beautiful big cock I created in my belly,” she demanded.

She didn’t have to ask me twice as I peeled my pants and underwear off to leave in a pile at the foot of her bed. She pushed back the covers and invited me to lie back in the middle of the bed. As soon as I was in bed, she leaned over me and started licking my already erect cock. “I love sucking this beautiful big cock, Adam Brown,” she declared loudly before she engulfed the tip of my cock in her warm wet mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down on my rigid pipe, coating it with a healthy layer of her slippery saliva.

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