My Grandmother Teaches Me About “Life” Ch. 08

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This is the eight in a series of chapters of how my grandmother and her friend/ friends instructed me on the ways of PLEASURING older, oversexed, ladies. All people / charters in these stories are older than 18 and younger than 75. Any resemblance between real people and ones in these stories is just a coincidence.

List of charters for this chapter;

Grandmother Dee, age 63 (average build for a 62 year old lady with 42DD breasts) 5′ 3″, always horny with a hairy pussy and arm pits. (Love those “hairy areas” on her and her friends).

Grandson Larry (Dee call him Herman – get it her “man”), age 21 (for the time of these chapters is 1983) 5′ 11″ in tall and 195 pound. Penis = 10 ¾” long {8 ½”hanging when soft} and 6 ¾” in circumference.

Mother Cheryl, age 45 (a little over weight with a set of jugs to cream on) 5″ tall with a set of 38 F’s and nipples that look like they want to be sucked all night long.

Sister Judy, Age 19 ½ (eighteen months younger then myself) 5″ 3″ tall with a 34 C cup bust x 21″ x 30″ body. Small nipples that are perky and pink and puffy.


As a reminder, Granny and her friends are “casual” NUDISTS and when they are in each other’s house, they run around naked and “letting it all hang down” as the wording goes about sexy old ladies and their pendulous breasts. Being in this WARM area of the country (Arizona) they could get away this romping around NUDE and not get their “older” bodies cold. (I do like to see them “CHILLED” as their nipples stand out so nice hard and looked so suck able)


After cleaning up and gathering our luggage, Granny and myself went down stairs and I put the luggage in Jeans jeep.

We all got into the Jeep and headed off for the airport.

About ten minutes into the drive we got zeytinburnu escort “bussed” by a Cessna 172 flying directly at the Jeep.

Jeans cussed and came to a stop as the plane turned and landed on the road in front of us.

We got out of the jeep and stood looking as the plane pulled up and turned to face away from us.

The engine shut down and as the door opened we saw it was Dave.

The looked at us and said,” I did not have any other passengers today, so I thought I would use my own plane and come pick you up to save the drive.”

We threw our stuff into the plane and after kissing and hugging all around, climbed into the plane and off we went.

Dave told us that we would be able to go directly to granny’s place and land on her one third mile long driveway. (The Cesena 172 can take off in as short as 300 feet depending on load, but takes more to land) Also Betty had given him a package to deliver to granny and she would know what it was for.

Granny said, “Yes!, I know about the package BUT what about my car at the airport in Flagstaff?”

Dave said, “Your surprise package called yesterday with a message to give you when he picked us up, that they were getting there a day early via the train, so they would get the car and drive to your place.”

Dee smiled and said, “OK!”

With all these changes, Dave figured we should be home by 3:00PM instead of 8:00 PM.

Granny asked if Dave wanted to stay for dinner, but he declined as a storm was due later and he wanted to get home and put the plane in the hanger before it hit.

We got close to Prescott and Dave called into to the airport (Love field) to let them know he was going to land at granny’s place and not get upset if the plane went off the aksaray escort radar and then reappeared when he took off heading home. (Remember back then they had no homeland police and drug problems to be scanning the skies for)

As we landed and taxied up to the house, I saw my mother and sister standing on the porch waving to us.

Granny just smiled and said, “There is your surprise for the rest of your training.”

They of course ran out to meet the plane and as Dave unloaded the luggage, we kissed and hugged each other.

Granny told Dave to wait a minute and she would go get him his money for the flight.

She returned a couple of minute later and thanked him for the good service and asked if he would be available in two weeks for another SPECIAL flight. He said sure, “just to call to set up the time of day and where he was flying to.”

With that he got back in the plane and took off north.

We four went into the house and that is when I got the shock of my life.

The three gals pushed me down into a chair and started to strip in front of me.

Mom was first to unbutton her blouse and remove it, throwing it on a pile on the floor.

Next off came her skirt and ½ slip.

She stood there in front of me in just her mammoth bra stretched to its max and her pink panties with their wet crotch.

Sis was the next to strip to her bra and panties.

Granny was last, but of course you all know she had no panties on as she never worn any, but her sheer bra was such a see thru style you would have thought she did not have one on.

At that time my cock was getting so rock hard it hurt in the confines of my pants.

Mom & sis came over to me and mom opened my belt and sis unbuttons my pants.

Sis ataköy escort reached into my pants and gently raised my cock so it was free of damage from the zipper, and she screamed when she saw how huge my cock was.

Mom said to be careful it did not get that MONSTER caught in the zipper, as they had plans for it all tonight long.

Granny laughed and as she reached down and tugged at the pant legs to pull my jeans off me, she told my sister, “just wait till you fell that tool inside of her tight virgin pussy.”

I looked that the three of them and said, “You are going to let me be to be one to make JUDY a woman.”

Mom just smiled and said, “YES and we all are going to be using you for the next two weeks nonstop, as I am horny as hell.”

I looked at her crotch and saw a big wet spot between her legs.

Sis was removing mom panties as I was looking at mom and she tossed them in my face and said, SMELL my pussy juices big boy.”

Mom reached behind her and undid her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts swung free and her nipples were huge.

Granny just took a finger and inserted it in her pussy and wiped it under my nose to remind me of all the times I have licked and smelt her love juices in the last couple of weeks.

With this over mom turned around and with my sister holding my cock tight, she lowered her wet love tunnel (that I was born through) onto my cock as I sat in the chair.

I reached up and grabbed hold of her monster breasts and flipped her nipples with my fingers as she lower herself completely onto my waiting cock.

She stayed in a full squat position for a minute or two and then started to raise and lower herself the full length on my almost 11″ long cock.

Sis just stood there and was playing with her nipples as granny walked up to her and lowered her head and started to suck on her left nipple.

Sis just about lost it at that moment and mom just giggled and said, “Enjoy the moment and be ready for your time on the monster in the morning.


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