My Gothic Angel

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Hi, this is devils_dragon and this is a true story. Sorry about the missing paragraphs, I missed them during submission, so I have edited them back in. This is my first story for Literotica and I hope you won’t be too hard on me. I’d love to receive feedback and votes so that I can improve my writing. Although it’s a true story I’ve changed the names and a few minor details to protect those who were involved. I also had ‘Angel’ read this story and she has agreed to let me post it. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it..


I was sitting on the couch at my mothers place feeling shitty because I’d had to break up with my girlfriend who’d I’d been engaged to for the last 4 or 5 months. God that breakup was a shitty affair. Her name was Jenine and God was she hot. She had beautiful shoulder length blond hair, piercing blue eyes a nice ass, and tits any man would drool over. Anyway it turned out that for the last 2 and a half months she didn’t want to be with me, but didn’t have the balls(no pun intended) to break up with me herself, so she treated me like shit until I finally got tired of trying to salvage our relationship and decided to end it myself.

My phone ringing startled me out of my memory of that.

“Hello,” I said as I picked up the phone, “who is it?”

“It’s TK. Josh what’s goin’ on man?”

“Nothing much just feeling shitty about having to break up with Jenine.” I replied thinking that my best friend was about to start in on me again. Guess what.I was right.

“Why in the Hell are you still thinking about that,” He started in on me with a tone that said ‘you are a dumbass’, “It’s been almost a month already, why does it still bother you?”

“Because I loved her, and the sex was pretty damned good.”

“Well I’m tired of hearing you complain; get over her, because she’s over you. I mean you are a good looking guy, at least better looking than me, and you could probably get just about any girl you want. You know what you need?”


“You need to go to the club with me tonight and get drunk. I can guarantee that it will make you feel better.”

“OK, what time are you gonna pick me up?”

“7:30 OK? I’ll get ready to head out there to pick you up. Peace.”

“OK, peace out bro,” I said as I hung up the phone.

As I looked in my full length mirror, I decided that I needed a shower and a shave if I was going to the club that night. I also decided my friend was right. ‘I am good looking’ I thought looking over myself. I have nicely toned legs, arms, and chest. Although at 5’6″ tall I was a little short, but my sandy blond hair and sea-green eyes made up for that, and the girls were always grabbing my ass whenever I went to the club. Yeah, I thought, I am a handsome son of a bitch. About my only physical flaw was my penis. At only five and a half inches my cock is considered by most women to be too small. That is why I’m used to relying on my mouth and my fingers to keep the women happy. I’m not saying that I’m bad in bed; it’s just that most women that have seen it usually laugh at it at first.

Anyway I took my shower, shaved and decided that I would get something to eat before TK showed up. I chose to wear my loose fit dark blue jeans, a black shirt that said ‘You say psycho like it’s a bad thing’, my dragon pendant necklace, my gothic style skull and cross bones watch, and my silver dragon head ring.


At 7:30 TK picked me up and we headed out to the best club in Knoxville. When we got there it was pretty early so the club wasn’t busy yet, but after an hour it started to pick up. TK and I sat in the front corner of the club so that we could see the dance floor and play a few games of pool. At about 10:15 I decided to get some alcohol in me, some liquid courage, if you will. I went up to the bar and said hello to the bartender. She was a hot girl that everyone called Trip. I know her and the rest of the workers at the club because I used to work there until I got into a fight with one of the bouncers and got fired. Anyway I got a couple of Jager Bombs, because they were my favorite drink, and then I went back to the table to shoot another round of pool.

It was about 11:30 when I first spotted the girl, and when I did my first thought was ‘what in the hell was a girl like that doing in this club.’ I mean she was dressed like a Goth in a club that plays only hip-hop and rap music. God was she hot. She had long jet black hair with crimson red bangs, was about 5’1,” had tits and an ass that I would give my left nut to fuck, and it looked like she was here alone. She was wearing a short black leather miniskirt, fishnet stockings, and a low cut top that showed off her wonderful cleavage. She also was wearing a lot of makeup including some black eyeliner. I looked over at my best friend and pointed her out to him.

“DAMN, she’s fucking hot,” TK said after a whistle, “What do you think a girl like her is doing in a club like this?”

“I don’t know, but I bahis firmaları think I’ve had enough liquid courage to go find out brother,” I said as I walked over to the table she was sitting at.

“Hey, you look a little lonely sitting over here all by yourself,” I said to the raven haired beauty.

“I’m not here by myself. I’m here with some of my friends.” She replied as she was looking me over, “They’re out on the dance floor.”

“I’m sorry I just thought you looked like you were bored. By the way my name is Josh.”

“Well Josh my name is Angel and you’re right about one thing. I am a little bored.”

“Really, why aren’t you out there dancing with your friends?”

“One, I hate this song, and two, I don’t want to be here,” She said with an annoyed look on her face.

“Then why are you here,” I asked.

“Because I just broke up with my boyfriend and my friends decided that dragging me to the club and getting me drunk would make me feel better.”

“What a coincidence, that’s the same reason I’m here,” I said smiling.

“So you just broke up with your boyfriend, huh,” She said with a giggle.

I groaned, shook my head and said, “No, I just broke up with my girlfriend, and my best friend thought bringing me here would cheer me up.”

I sat their and talked with her for a while, while her friends danced. I found out that she had caught her boyfriend Trent cheating on her with some ‘blond headed bimbo’ as she put it, and that she had kicked his ass before breaking up with him. I told her about my relationship with Jenine and how that ended.

“Sounds like you loved her, and it also sounds like she’s a cold hearted bitch,” She said after I told her everything.

“Yes and yes,” I replied.

“You know you’ve got really pretty eyes and their looks to be a violence or darkness that has nothing to do with that woman you were dating.”

“Really? I’ve never heard that before,” I said thinking that there went any chance I had of getting this girls number.

“I kinda like that in a guy. I feel like the eyes are the windows to the soul and that I can see what a person’s really like by looking at their eyes. I also love your necklace, dragons are my favorite they really turn me on.” She replied with a kind of a seductive sound in her voice.

Just when I thought this conversation couldn’t get any better, her friends walked back to the table.

“Who’s this?” A tall read head asked Angel with a kind of venom in her voice.

“This is Josh and he has been keeping me company while you girls were out there dancing with any random guys. Unlike you Trisha I don’t dance with just anybody.” Angel shot back at her friend with a glare in her eyes that just dared Trisha to say something else.

“Sorry, he just doesn’t look like the kind of guy you usually talk to,” Trisha replied apologetically.

“If you must know, I saw something in his eyes that I like. Now if you ladies don’t mind I’m going to go dance with Josh.” She said as she grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We danced for a while until it was about 12:45 am, and then Angel looked at me with her amber eyes and told me she had to get going because she had work the next day. Then she kissed me with her luscious lips while she grabbed my ass.

“Good night Josh, it was nice meeting you,” she said as she walked back over to her table.

‘Damn’ I thought slightly crestfallen, ‘She didn’t give me….’ Before I could even finish that thought I hear.

“Hey Josh I almost forgot,” she said as she ran up to me and slipped something into my back pocket as she kissed me goodbye one more time. When she walked away I reached into my pocket and pulled out a napkin with a note written on it.

“So what’s it say Bro,” TK asked me as I read the note.

“It says; I was bored until you came over to talk to me. Thanks for making my night, here is my number give me a call tomorrow at 10:30 pm.”

“Wow dude way to go man. First try of the night and you’ve got a hot chicks number,” He said to me with a huge grin on his face, “So are you going to call her or what?”

“Hell yes I’m going to call her, what do you think I’m stupid. The note says call her and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” I told him with a bit of excitement in my voice. “Now let’s get out of here so I can go home and get some sleep.”


Over the next few days Angel and I talked a lot. I learned even more about her like the fact that she was only 19, and that she had snuck into the club when the bouncers weren’t looking. She worked at a shop in the mall that sold gothic type clothes, jewelry, and music. What was funny is that I went to that store sometimes and I had never noticed her. What really got me was when she started talking about her sex life. I mean this girl was insatiable. The way she talked I knew I was going to get laid I just didn’t know when. Then she told me she wanted to hang out some time at one of her favorite places downtown and I told kaçak iddaa her no problem.

It was a Friday night when she took me to a club that played rock and heavy metal music. When she picked me up she was wearing the exact same outfit she’d been wearing at the club except for her shoes, tonight she was wearing what I can only describe as leather Goth style mid calf high boots with 3 inch spiked heels. My God she was smokin’ hot.

As we were driving down the road I couldn’t help but notice that her skirt had ridden up her thighs and the crotch of her red laced panties were just visible enough to make my cock start to rise. I couldn’t help but stare at her, her luscious lips with shiny black lipstick, her black nail polish, and looking at the way the material of her top was straining to keep her breasts in, and that was when I realized she didn’t have a bra on.

When she noticed me staring she just smiled winked and said, “You look like your getting horny.”

“Angel,” I said, “There is no man in the world who could possibly look at you and not feel horny.”

She just giggled a little bit and turned her eyes back to the road.

When we finally got into the club I could understand why she would want to come here because almost everyone in this place was dressed in gothic style clothing to some degree or another. To tell the truth I kind of felt out of place even though most of the time the way I dress isn’t too far from the way these people was. The club itself was dimly lit except for the stage where a new band was playing. Angel dragged me off to one of the back corner booths and sat down next to me so we could see the band.

“This band is one of my favorite ones that play here,” She said to me excitedly, “They’re called ‘Death to the Civilized World’ and they have been playing here for about 3 months now. Aren’t they great?”

“Yeah they’re pretty damned good.”

We sat there for about half an hour talking and listening to the music before Angel suddenly scooted closer to me and hugging on me. At first I thought she was just getting more comfortable with me, but after a few minutes of it I was wondering what she kept looking at. Whatever she was looking at it was making her look uncomfortable.

“Is something wrong?” I asked looking in the direction she was.

“It’s Trent,” she said in a low growl, “And he’s brought that blond headed bimbo with him. He’s been looking over here at me and I’m trying to make him realize I’m here with somebody as more than just friends.”

That’s when I first saw him. Trent was a tall guy with a pale complexion and a tall multi colored spiked Mohawk, and what looked to be half of his face was pierced with spikes and rings. What happened next was something I didn’t expect; Angel moved herself up onto my lap and started to kiss me with a passion. As her lips touched mine I felt her tongue try to gain access to my mouth, and I was in no mood to deny this chick anything, so I kissed her back snaking my tongue into her mouth. God it was one of the hottest make out session I’d ever had and it was making my cock stir in my pants. What I hadn’t noticed was Trent walking over to our table.

“So Angel I see you’ve found some random guy to drag in here and make out with to try to make me jealous.” Trent said in a haughty tone of voice and a sneer on his face.

“No I didn’t just drag some random guy in here,” she replied staring him down.

“Yeah like any guy could stand to be with you for more than a few hours,” Trent snapped back as quick as a snake. “You always were a little slut, but this guy is a new low even for you.”

At this point she stood up and started yelling at him about his stupid blond bimbo that he had cheated on her with and how she had always been faithful to him, so how did that make her a slut. The argument went on like this for a few minutes and it was getting real heated and then Trent did something that made my blood boil, he slapped her so hard that she fell to the ground, and what was worse was he was laughing about it.

Now normally I’m not a physically violent guy unless I’m angry and it usually takes a great deal of shit to push me that far, but when I see a man hit a woman I always step in. I jumped out of the booth so fast he didn’t even see me. I punched him right square in the jaw so hard he stumbled backwards a few steps before trying to see who had hit him. I didn’t give him a chance to defend him self and I tackled him to the floor and started beating the shit out of him.

“You never hit a woman you fucking low down, rotten piece of shit,” I screamed at him as I punched him over and over again.

It took 3 bouncers and Angel to pull me off of that asshole.

“If you ever touch her again I’ll hunt you down, cut your balls off and shove them down your fucking throat!” I yelled at him as the bouncers were dragging me out of the club.

I was fuming mad as Angel led me to her car. It was obvious she was trying to get me out of there as fast as she kaçak bahis could before the police could get there. As we drove away I could tell Angel was surprised at how quickly and fiercely I had reacted at the club.

“No one has ever defended me like that Josh. That wasn’t the first time he’s hit me, but no one has ever hit Trent. Everyone is always afraid of him because of how big he is.”

“Well than what I did he had coming for a long time,” I said looking at her face surprised to see that her face still was red where he’d hit her. “And I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d hunt his ass down if he ever hits you or any woman again.”

“You’re lucky he didn’t hurt you.”

“No I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t press charges,” I replied for the first time realizing how bad it would be if he did.

“He won’t. His ego is too big. I’m more worried that he might come looking for you,” she replied sounding worried.

We sat in silence for the rest of the drive home. I was surprised when we pulled into the parking lot of her apartment complex instead of mine.

“What are we doing here,” I asked.

“Well I thought you could stay here for the night,” she replied, “And if Trent comes here trying to get me too tell him where you live you can deal with him here instead of letting him find out where you live. I’d also like the


When we walked into her apartment I could see that she lived like she dressed. All off her furniture and her other things were dark colors like black and red. I didn’t get much of a chance to look around because she led me into her bedroom and sat down on the bed.

“Come sit down with me,” she said quietly patting a spot on her queen sided bed right next to her.

I sat down next to her and looked into her eyes, and then it happened; she started crying on my shoulder. I knew to keep my mouth shut and just hold her. She cried for a few minutes and then she told me she loved me for standing up for her. I just looked into her eyes and wiped the tears from her eyes. Then she pulled my head down to hers and started kissing me passionately and undoing my shirt. My hands started roaming up her body towards the zipper on the back of her top and slowly I unzipped her top. She stopped kissing me and took my hands away from her zipper.

“Here let me give you a show for helping me with that jackass,” She said seductively as she stood up.

She turned on her radio and started to dance to the song while slowly taking her top off. She looked so sexy dancing there in front of me. When she got the top over her head she turned around to face me and my heart almost stopped when I saw her tits. They were perfect. They had to be at least a small D cup and they were perky. I took in their beauty, her nipples were a delicious shade of pink and they looked hard as rocks, so she must have been as turned on as I was. As she kept dancing she slowly undid the zipper on her leather miniskirt throwing it over her head behind her, she turned around showing me her beautiful ass. Then she spread her legs bent over and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Doing this caused the red material of her panties to disappear into the crack of her ass.

At this point my dick was the hardest it had been in months and it was straining to get out of my jeans. Angel could see this and smiled at me as she kept dancing. Then she started inching her panties down her creamy white black fish net stocking clad legs. She was still facing away from me and as she pulled them down she bent over spreading her legs again and giving me a perfect view of her shaven slit. As she spread her legs her pussy lips spread showing me the pinkness in between. Now not only was I hard as a rock, I was ready to just throw her onto her bed and fuck her until she forgot her name, but I had a plan forming in my head that would have her begging me for sex.

As she turned around I saw her puffy lips spread and I could see her clit sticking out slightly, and just above her shaven mound I saw a tattoo of a dragon breathing flames down to her clit. Then she walked over to me and started dancing on my lap. I groaned as I could feel her wetness dripping onto my jeans as she rubbed herself on my still trapped cock.

“I can feel your cock twitching, and it feels so good,” she purred into my ear.

At this point she got me laid down on her bed with her on top of me with her tits pressing into my chest. I was glad that I am naturally able to last along time otherwise I would have blown my load right there in my pants. We started kissing again as I reached in between us to fondle those wonderful tits of hers, all the while she was grinding her hips on my crotch. She stopped and sat up and looked into my eyes once again.

“Why don’t you get naked too? I mean now you’ve seen me and I want to see you.” She moaned as I pinched her nipples.

I didn’t need to be told twice as I slipped my pants and boxers down my legs. When my dick first popped out I thought she was going to laugh, but she didn’t. Instead she looked at it for a moment like it was her favorite toy. Then she surprised me.

“It’s not all that long, but it’s a lot thicker than anything I’ve ever had inside me.”

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