My Friendly Neighbors Pt. 02

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Body Cumshots

To Readers: There is some wife sharing involved with absent husband’s approval. If this upsets you, DON’T READ! If derogatory ANONYMOUS comments are posted concerning cheating wives, they will be DELETED!


I got off the phone with Lisa’s husband, Al Nottingham and was smiling from ear to ear. She hurried over to me; “So tell me, what did he tell you, I was right huh?” I nodded to her; “Oh yeah Lisa, he told me to have my way with you. He told me to keep you hot and satisfied, but not to wear you out!”

She giggled as Lisa, Jan and I made our way upstairs to the bonus room. I led them around the pool table to the window at the back of the room. I pointed to Jan’s backyard and when they both bent over to look at what I was pointing to, I stood back and stared at the two gorgeous, lush asses staring me in the face.

Jan rose and turned towards me and when she saw what I was staring at, she smiled; “Tell me John, did you have us look out the window just to get a look at our asses? I know what my pool area looks like!”

“Listen Jan, if I wanted to look at your asses, I would have kept you both in the bedroom and just flipped you over. Just give it a minute or so, keep your eyes on you pool and believe me you won’t be disappointed!”

Jan leaned back over and just to tempt me, she wiggled her ass from side to side. She turned towards Lisa and grabbing her head, she planted her lips on Lisa’s. All of a sudden they were no longer looking at what was happening next door. Their kisses grew more passionate and Lisa cupped one of Jan’s large tits and strummed the nipple with her thumb. Jan moaned into Lisa’s mouth and sucked even harder on her tongue.

I peered over the two of them and now saw Chelsea and Abby frolicking in the pool. They were splashing one another and I could hear their laughter all the way up here, but Jan and Lisa were so involved with each other that they ignored what was happening in the pool. Abby and Chelsea settled down and just like their mothers, they now had their arms locked around the other’s neck and their mouths were working from side to side on each other.

Abby’s hand slid down Chelsea’s slender back and I watched as she tugged at the string holding her bikini top secure. She pulled back slightly and tossed the wet top to the pool’s edge and her hands were now playing and squeezing Chelsea’s ample breasts. They were firm as can be, just like Abby’s, but with two differences. They were lily white, it was evident she was a true redhead and the second thing was that they were about a cup size larger.

I had to share with their mothers and tapping the two women, who were locked in a kiss that would melt frozen butter. They broke the kiss and looked up at me with those smoldering eyes and I just pointed to the pool next door. I chuckled when I heard both women suck in their breaths and let out tiny groans.

They were they were locked in an embrace feasting on one another’s mouth, they were now had their eyes locked on their two daughters in the pool. In the pool the two water nymphs were naked and their hands and heads were traveling all over each other. The water was making waves in the pool as their activities became more active.

Chelsea pulled away from Abby and letting out a loud giggle, she pushed Abby on the shoulders causing her to fall backwards into the pool. Chelsea hurried from the pool, laughing all along and when she came to the lounger, she sat back into it. She swung her legs up and drawing them up to her chest, she hugged her legs tightly.

Abby came up spitting water and letting out a growl, she followed Chelsea from the pool and standing over Chelsea, she shook her hair all over Chelsea, just like a dog does when it runs out water.

Chelsea let out a shriek and grabbing Abby by the arm, she parted her legs and I caught a brief glimpse of her hairy red snatch and she drew Abby down to the chaise lounge between her spread thighs. Chelsea’s arms encircled Abby’s slender body and as their two bodies pressed against one another, their lips meshed and they kissed for what seemed like forever. Chelsea’s legs were wrapped around Abby’s lower body and we could see them grinding against each other.

Abby slowly pulled away from her and began planting kisses about her neck and shoulders. When she reached her firm, high standing tits, we saw her arch her back. She was feeding her alabaster mounds of flesh to Abby.

Jan let out a moan as she watched Lisa’s daughter attack her daughter. I came up behind Jan and slowly inserted my cock into her incredibly wet pussy. She let out a louder moan as I sank into her and she pushed back to allow even more of my stiff cock to slip into her. I looked over her shoulder and watched the pair of teens one who was eighteen and the other just turned nineteen locked in a heated embrace. I felt my cock stiffen and I had to slow my pace as I saw Abby breakaway and slide down Chelsea’s body. She licked at her tits and I wish I could have seen her lips close around bahis firmaları her nipple, but her stringy wet hair covered Chelsea’s upper body. She slid lower and we all watched her arch her back as Abby settled between her legs.

I pounded faster and faster into Jan’s pussy and she stiffened and watching her daughter being eaten by another woman sent her over the top. She rose up from the window sill and pulling her sloppy cunt from my cock, she spun around and planted a hot kiss on my lips and whispered into my ear; “I have to go down there and break it up, have fun with Lisa while I’m gone!”

She was gone before I could stop her and Lisa stood beside me; “I don’t think this is going to end well John, but we might as well make the best of it till she returns!”

I drew her into my arms and felt her lush body mold against mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck and when our lips met, she groaned into my mouth. My stiff cock; still covered in Jan’s pussy juice scraped across her ample thighs. I lifted her to the pool table and placing her on the felt tabletop, I drew her legs up and throwing them over my shoulders, I lowered my head and began lapping away at her luscious pussy. I couldn’t believe I had gone so long without eating and fucking pussy. I was sure making up for lost time and couldn’t believe how these gorgeous women literally fell into my lap.

I felt a presents in the room, but I was way too engrossed in eating the tasty pussy before me. I let out a groan when I felt my legs being shoved apart and a very hot and wet mouth envelope the head of my cock. I immediately began eating Lisa faster and slowed when I suddenly realized the mouth on my cock couldn’t be Jan’s. It was way too eager and inexperienced. Don’t get me wrong, there is no such thing as a bad blowjob, but this one was sloppy and way too rushed.

I lifted slightly from Lisa’s pussy and glancing down I let out a loud grunt. I was staring down into the emerald green eyes of the luscious redheaded teen that lives next door. Her eyes were twinkling up at me as she licked her lips; “Gee Mr. Humphrey, you sure have a very tasty cock!”

I groaned down at her; “It sure must be Chelsea, it just came out of your mother, how does she taste to you? I know when I ate her earlier today; I thought it was one of the best tasting pussies I’ve ever tasted.” I looked up at Lisa and she caught my eyes between her heaving tits and I was smiling from ear to ear and made a quick save; “You’ll have to try Lisa here, it’s nearly as good as your mother’s!”

Lisa smacked me on the top of the head and giggled; “Nice save John, a horrible liar, but I’ll take it, but quit the yapping and please resume the lapping!” She giggled when I lowered my head and made a motor boat sound with my lips on her pussy.

Things immediately turned serious as I began licking and sucking on her pussy in earnest and Chelsea once again began licking and sucking her mother’s cunt juices from my cock. I tried to concentrate on eating her pussy, but the way Chelsea was sucking my cock, I couldn’t do my best. All I could hear was the loud sucking, slurping and constant moaning and groaning coming from beneath the pool table. I have to admit, I was impressed with her enthusiasm. If I was grading her the way they do figure skaters, I’d give her a 5.0 for technique, but a 9.9 for performance and execution. I resumed eating the pussy before me and she squeezed my head so hard I thought she was going to pop it like a balloon. She loosened her hold of my head just as she started cumming and her fingers pulled on my hair. Just as I was leaning back, I felt Chelsea begin to suck harder and using her hand, she stroked me harder and I lost it too.

The first shot hit the back of her throat and she started coughing. She pulled off my cock and I couldn’t stop and I painted her alabaster skin with my cum. It shot into her gorgeous, still damp hair and it dripped down onto her forehead and she smiled up at me. Seeing that I felt a second wind, three more blasts hit her and it covered her face and dripped to her large conical firm tits.

Lisa slipped to the floor and kissed her with such passion, I started getting hard again. The two of them kissed and licked all of my cum from her face, neck and chest. They were glistening in sweat and cum. Lisa took her by the hand and led her out of the room. I followed and they hopped into the upstairs shower. I was about to join them, but Lisa pushed me back and giggled; “John, we girls need some alone time, we’ll meet you downstairs!”

I went back to the bonus room and looking out to Jan’s pool area, my semi-erect cock was now stiff as a board. Abby, Lisa’s nineteen year old daughter and Jan were on a chaise lounge chair, they were in a sixty-nine position. I couldn’t see what they were doing, but it was evident. Their two bodies were locked together, their limbs were squirming around and their heads were buried between the other legs.

I headed downstairs where I dressed and began fixing dinner. kaçak iddaa One by one the four ladies came into the kitchen area. Although I was willing to go again, the mothers dressed and their daughters headed back next door to dress. I fixed steaks on the grill for the five of us and after a couple of hours they all headed home.

I changed sheets on the bed and threw the soiled ones in the washer. I climbed into bed and although it was one of the most sexual gratifying days I’ve ever experienced, I went to bed thinking about my wife. I fell asleep dreaming of her, but when I woke, I knew she would want me to move forward. I’d always love her, but I knew I had to move on. I had the support system around me; luckily most of them were gorgeous women.

Things returned to normal after that night. I returned to work on a daily basis, although not a full day every day. A couple of days later I was getting ready to leave for work and there was a knock on the door, opening it I was surprised to see Chelsea standing there. She smiled broadly at me and spoke up; “Morning Mr. Humphrey, how are you?”

“I frowned when I heard her; “Not too well Chelsea, I thought I told you to call me John, not Mr. Humphrey!” I smiled at her and she knew I was pulling her leg.

“Sorry John, I’m a little uncomfortable about coming over here. I have a favor I’d like to ask you.”

My cock began to stir when I heard what she just told me. I thought she was going to ask me to have sex with her, boy was I wrong; “Oooooooookay Chelsea, what is it? I have to get to work soon!”

“Oh I’m sorry for keeping you; I guess it can wait till later.” She turned to leave, but I stopped her.

“”Hold on Chelsea, I didn’t say no, I just wanted this to speed along. What did you want to ask me?”

“Well John, I was talking to Abby and she told me you got her an interview and a job as a beverage cart girl at your golf course. I was just wondering if you could get me an interview. You can ask my mother, I’m a hard worker and wouldn’t let you down.”

I looked her up and down; “I tell you Chelsea, my partner does the hiring, but I can get your foot in the door, but to be honest with you, I know he’ll be reluctant to hire you. You’d have to wear something more flattering for you to catch his eye. Don’t get me wrong, he won’t sexually harass you, but he has to know you’ll be appealing to the golfers to sell beverages and to put it bluntly, flirt with the golfers to help sales and also get you larger tips. Didn’t Abby tell you she makes large tips because of how she wears tight outfits and flirts with the golfers?”

She looked depressed and didn’t look up at me; “I understand John, I was just trying something out of my comfort zone, sorry to bother you.” She turned to leave a second time and I stopped her again.

“Wait, wait a second Chelsea, I have to hurry, is it possible for you to hurry home and change into something a little more flattering. I’ll wait and take you in with me!”

“Don’t worry about it John, it wouldn’t do any good. Most of my clothes are frumpy and not what you would consider flattering.” She left in a hurry and I ran after her to stop her.

I led her to my car; “Get in Chelsea and I’ll remedy this!” She tried to protest, but I stopped her; “Hush now and get you pretty little butt in the car!” She smiled and did as I told her. I got on my cell and called the office and told my secretary to push back my appointments and that I’d be in about an hour or so late. I drove to the mall and nearly had to pull Chelsea along with me. I entered one of the stylish stores and finding a cute halter top and a rather short, but flared skirt that matched, I picked out a pair of form-fitting high heeled boots. I placed them all in her arms and led her to the dressing room and pushed her in; “Now don’t argue with me Chelsea, put these on and let me see how they look on you!”

She knew it was no use to protest and she did as she was told. She came out shaking her head, her long red hair danced about her bare shoulders in that high ponytail. I reached up and pulled it out and fluffed her hair. I got an instant hard-on as I gazed at the beautiful girl before me. The flowerily nearly see-through halter top although being slightly loose, it was evident she had taken her bra off. Her conical breasts molded out the halter. Her torpedo shaped areoules and nipples topping them off winked at me as she struck a nervous pose before me. The lacy pure white skirt ended at mid-thigh and it hugged her flat belly and molded her ass perfectly as she spun around when told to do so. She placed her index finger at her pink lips and pulled slightly on the bottom lip. I didn’t know it, but I let out a tiny groan when she did that. The skirt flared out and when she spun around her panty clad pussy winked at me. The boots made her look like a rock-star. They made her slender legs even shapelier and were accented by the heels, they made me drool. I couldn’t believe this sexy teenager was eighteen. I remember her kaçak bahis when she was younger, all peaches and cream, but now she had grown to a young adult and I had to look at her in a completely different light now.

I walked her over to the sales associate and handed her my credit card; “We’ll take the entire ensemble, please wrap up her other clothes.”

Chelsea sucked in her breath and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head; “Oh no John, I couldn’t, just the opportunity to interview for the job is enough, I couldn’t take the clothes too!”

I laughed; “Oh course you can and you will! Wearing this outfit, I can almost guarantee you’ll get the job.”

She was jumping up and down when she realized what I just said. I couldn’t react, all I could do was stare at the firm tits bouncing up and down before me, the nipples stiffened and my mouth watered just thinking about sucking and licking them. I suddenly felt like a letch and taking a deep breath, I took her by the hand and led her out of the mall, to my car and to the golf course management offices.

I introduced her to my partner and pulling Mike to the side whispered to him; “Listen Mike, Chelsea here is the daughter of my next door neighbor, she’s a little younger than Abby, but she IS eighteen and can sell liquor and beer from the cart. She has confidence issues and if she has any of the qualities to get a cart girl job, please give her some slack.”

Listen John, if she has half the qualities that Abby has, she has the job hands down, now please send her in and get the hell out of here!”

I went to my office and was so engrossed in what I was doing, I didn’t realize how time flew and I promised to take Chelsea home. She entered my office and was smiling from ear to ear. She threw her arms around my neck and plastered her lips to mine and all of a sudden I felt her tongue enter my mouth. She pulled back and raised her hand to her mouth; “Oh my god, I’m so, so sorry John. I was so excited, I got the job, I sort of crossed the line didn’t I?”

My arms were still around her tiny body, my hands on her hips, I nodded; “You think Chelsea? I understand your excitement, but what would your mother think?”

She giggled and shifted in my grasp; “Hell John, she can’t stop talking about you. She raved to all of her girlfriends in the neighborhood about that great night. I still can’t believe I sucked you off. By the way, how would you say I did for my first blowjob?”

I ignored her question and letting go of her slender hip, I guided her from my office and out to my car to head home. Once on the road she asked me again and I was forced to answer; “Let me tell you, for a man, any blowjob is a good blowjob.”

She tilted her head and her long red hair drifted off her shoulder and covered one of her large, firm breasts and she let out a sigh; “Aw come on John, I know it wasn’t that good. I watched a lot of Tom and my mother’s porn and I tried to imitate what I saw, but I was just so excited. I got a little too exuberant, tell me I’m wrong?”

I let out a long deep breath and looked at her pleading gorgeous green eyes; “Alright, you are not wrong…!”

She interrupted me; “I KNEW IT!” she cried; “I’m such a loser, I’ll never be able to do it right!”

I raised my voice; “Now STOP IT Chelsea! Tell me have you ever ridden a bike?”

In a meek voice she replied; “Yes.”

“Tell me, did you ride it right away or did you fall a few times before going on your own?”

She smiled weakly; “Oh I fell over and over again before I got the hang of it.”

“You see, everything takes practice, I can tell you, without a doubt, you fell over and over again when you first started walking, sex is just like anything else, it gets better and you’ll get better with practice.”

“I believe you, but how I am I supposed to get better? If I go out with boys my age, they’ll just laugh at me and I’ll just die of embarrassment!”

Suddenly I got very uncomfortable, I knew where this was going and I really liked Jan and didn’t want to fuck it up with her daughter getting in the way. She scooted up in the car seat and reached over and planted her hand on my thigh and slowly ran it up and down my leg. She came in contact with my cock and her tiny, slender fingers closed around the stiff shaft and she squeezed gently.

She looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes, they were sparkling with excitement. She licked her bright pink lip and whispered huskily; “Please John, please teach me, I swear to keep in on the down low and no one will ever hear about it from me!”

I was totally conflicted, but my resolve was quickly dissolving when I looked down and she was tugging down the zipper on my khaki Dockers. I placed my hand over hers and barely whispered; “Please Chelsea, stop!”

“Don’t you find me attractive John? Don’t you like how I look in the clothes you purchased for me?”

I let out a disgusted chuckle; “Are you kidding me? Do you have any idea how gorgeous you look right now? Your legs, your tiny waist, your magnificent breasts and your gorgeous red hair and your porcelain white complexion. All of those put together, any red blooded man would give their eye teeth to possess you!”

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