My First Tan Ch. 02

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My first tan: 2 days later

I simply could not stop thinking about my fun at the pool with my own son. I know I could have, and should done more, but I was so sexually needing.

Around the house has been quite the quiet. My son has been so good about our agreement of not saying anything. My husband has been home from his last business trip, but tells me that he must go out again, this time for three weeks.

My son and some friends of his were at the house doing some school project and my husband informed me that he must be at the airport tommorrow night. I was a little saddened since he just came home, but it is his job.

The boys must have overheard this conversation, being so close, in the next room. After that my husband went upstairs to back his bags for the trip. I sat and watched a little tv, and I heard some conversations that the boys were having.

“Your mom’s such a hottie” one said

“I’d love to have in my bed” another said

“Hey, if she wasn’t your mom….would you? one asked my son

“Would I what?” he asked

“Would you fuck her?” he replied

“Hhhmmm, I bet you would if you had the chance” one said

I began to chuckle a little bit, if they only knew. My son must have thought the same thing, I saw him adjust his pants area around his cock.

Then they seemed to quiet down about the whole topic, and left for sınırsız escort their own homes. My son went straight to bed, I swear I thought I heard the sounds of the springs in his bed bouncing, must have been masterbating. I laughed to myself.

The following day came, and I drove my husband to the airport and kissed him goodbye. On the way home, I wondered what the next few weeks would bring.

I arrived home and started some cleaning chores that needed to be done. After a few hour of that, my son and his friends came back into the house.

“Hey mom, dad off on his trip?” my son asked

“Yes he is, for three whole weeks” I answered

“Well your not so alone now are you, with three guys with you now right Mrs. Kerns” said one of the boys

“No, it’s quite a nice feeling having such attractive young men with me, protecting me from any harm.” I replied

With that, they went to work on their project and I went upstairs to take a shower and lay down for a bit before I started dinner.

The warm water on my body felt so good. My shaven pussy became wet with every passing of the soap and towel. I felt myself getting a little worked up, wanting some hot sex.

After I got out of the shower and went in the bedroom, I laid down on my big bed with only shorts and a tee shirt on. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I taksim escort didn’t seem as if I was out to long when I felt something on my leg. I opened my eyes to see that it was one of the boys. Behind him was my son and the third boy.

“Can I help you with something?”I asked pulling away

“Oh yes you can Mrs. Kerns. You can help us become men.” He answered

“I don’t think so” I replied

He with that moved closer to me up the bed and started to touch me roughly.

“Oh sorry you think that way, cause we do” the other friend said

The two boys each held me while my son started to remove my shorts and tee shirt. It was startling but excited, I couldn’t believe that this was happening.

I was totaly naked, fresh and clean, they began to paw at my body with eager curiousity. I must say it did feel quite good.

With their naked bodies in front of me, their cocks were not hidden from view, three erect cocks, nice.

With one holding my legs spread wide and my son holding my arms the third began to fuck me deeply.

“Holy shit Mrs. Kerns, you have a tight pussy for an older woman.”

I couldn’t help myself from moaning, his cock felt so good in me. He fucked my pussy for like 15 minutes, and then he put his cock in my mouth, cumming down my throat. Wow it tasted so good.

He then told my tesettürlü escort son’s other friend that it was his turn. They carefully switched positions not to let me go. This young stud went right to me, fucking me deeper then the last.

Saddly he didn’t last as long as the last friend and came on my tits telling me to scoop the cum with my fingers and eating it all up. I had no problem with that.

“Come on Alex, you know you wanna.” one said

“Yeah come fuck your mom.” the other replied

“Mmmmm alright” he said They cheered like they scored a touchdown in the big game.

“But I can’t in the pussy….I’ll fuck her ass.” my son stated

With that the boys flipped me over and onto my belly. Their hot hands held me down by pushing my back to the bed and with their other hands holding my ass cheeks apart.

With my ass spread wide for my son, he lubed it with some spit and went to me. God his cock felt so good in me. He pumped my ass hard and deep. I couldn’t move but then again I didn’t need to, I was in heaven.

“Oh my god! I’m gonna cum!” he said

“Cum in her asshole” one friend said

He pumped hard and faster, I felt his body tense up, and then it happened. I felt a hot stream of cum rush deep in my ass. God that felt so good.

“Now Mrs. Kerns, I think that it would be best if you didn’t say anything about this, you wouldn’t wanna be know as a slut would you?” one said

“No your right”I answered pretending to be saddened and shocked, yet secretly joyous.

The boy left the house and I smiled in the experience that just happened. I couldn’t wait for my son to return so I could suck him off for the nice gift.

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