My Family Ch. 03

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Chapter Three (Getting What She Wants)

I had never been on a date; this is considered extremely odd for a girl of eighteen that looks the way I do. I am a cheerleader at my high school and naturally have guys drooling over me left right and centre, I usually ignore them but when Tom asked me out I couldn’t refuse.

He wasn’t like the other guys; he was hot but didn’t act smug. He had messy brown hair and a fairly good body and the best part was that he was in a band. Like many girls, a guy that plays an instrument is a turn on.

He’d come up to me one lunchtime and told me how beautiful I was etc. I wouldn’t have usually said yes but I had a feeling that he really liked me and didn’t just want to fuck me, I don’t know whether I could give myself to someone other than my father. Anyway, I told Tom that I would go out with him if my daddy said that it was okay.

I walked into the living room where my dad was sitting and showed him a big smile. He immediately knew that I wanted something and paid me full attention. ‘Daddy,’ maltepe escort I began, ‘this guy at school wants to go out on a date with me…’

‘What’s his name?’ he interrupted.

‘Tom, he gets good grades and he’s in a band.’

‘I’ll think about it.’

I wanted an answer tonight, and I wanted that answer to be yes. I walked over to the sofa and kneeled before my dad. I slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his soft dick. It began to grow a little from me holding it. I played with it for a while it got harder, looking at the veins and the now purple head.

I licked the tip in circular motions, making bigger circles as I progressed until the head was in my mouth. I took my mouth away and licked at the shaft for a little while before wrapping my lips around the head again.

I slid my mouth up and down my daddy’s cock, each time getting more of it into my mouth. I had completely lost myself in this act until I felt a large hand caressing my bum cheeks. My skirt was bunched up around mecidiyeköy escort my waist and my panties were slid down my thighs.

I didn’t take my mouth off of my daddy’s cock, not even to look at who was now flicking their tongue over my intimate area. I figured that it must be my uncle; there are no other men in this household after all.

I let out a muffled moan as a thick cock was thrust into my pussy. I was being rocked back and forth, making my daddy’s cock go further down my mouth and into my throat. He let out a loud husky moan at this new sensation and the cock in my pussy began to plunge harder and deeper. With every thrust his hips hit my backside and balls slapped against my clit.

My dad was obviously getting more and more excited because his hips began to buck and he let out an earth shattering moan. Just at that moment my father tensed up and spilled his cum down my throat (I didn’t waste a drop), the cock in my pussy flooded jism deep into my womb and as I bucked back on merter escort the ejaculating cock I felt my cunt contracting greedily sucking all of the cum into me.

I released my mouth from my dad’s cock and looked around expecting to see my dear uncle Ian. It wasn’t, it was Tom – the musician. I sat on the floor speechless for a few minutes.

‘I suppose the two of you could go on a date.’ My father patted me on the head.

‘Thanks daddy.’ I said, still in a bit of a daze. I had no idea that my daddy was so eager for me to fuck other men. But I suppose that it fixed the problem, now I had three cocks that could satisfy my desires.

I stood up and straightened my clothes.

‘Thank you Mr. Ashmore.’ Tom stood too and followed me to the kitchen.

I was just about to ask Tom how all of this came about when he cut in with a reply. ‘Well, when you said that you would need your father’s permission to go on a date with me I thought that it would be a good idea to ask him myself. I came around here after school and we had a chat about it. He said that he would love for you to go out with me, but there was just one stipulation…’

‘Okay then.’ I sat on one of the stools on the kitchen. ‘Well, I guess that it’s a good thing. I really didn’t know whether or not he wanted me to date. Seems like he couldn’t wait.’

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