My Daughter Eases My Pain Ch. 5

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Well, if you are still following along in my little tale you know that Cindy, Becky, Teresa (my new girlfriend) and Sue (my daughter) all took it upon themselves to ‘save’ me from loneliness two years after my wife died.

They are all college girls and they have actually shown me more about sex than I, the old man, knew before this all started. Sue had even had sex with me several times, much to my shock. I still had some problems with me having sex with my daughter, even though her friends thought nothing of it.

Teresa and I had begun to date and honestly, we were in love with each other. On the last weekend, after having met her parents and surviving, we had guests at our home. Sue had brought Cindy and Becky and two new ladies (Cindy’s mom and Becky’s aunt Kathy.) They were both my age and very sexy looking ladies.

Teresa had a slight problem with the perceived threat from two ladies my age offering themselves to me. I had reassured her several times through the night to make sure that she knew that I only loved her. All of the sex from numerous women was starting to wear me down, and even though I loved it, I just wanted to get the numbers down to two. Teresa and I.

I think that Teresa was thinking the same way, but neither of us knew how to politely let the other young ladies know. It seems that Becky had decided she loved me too. After that first weekend my emotions were worn thin and my body tired from the marathon sex sessions.

This last weekend had brought changes. Becky had pulled away and now had a boy on the line. Sue was thinking that perhaps they should all quit expecting Teresa and I to be ok with them fucking me all the time. Teresa and I were in agreement.

The girls and I had a meeting in the kitchen the morning after my ‘captive’ sex marathon. Our talk ranged from how much all the last weekends had meant to each other to the planning for Teresa’s and my wedding.

You might think that we were rushing it, but deep in my heart I knew that Teresa was meant for me. She felt the same way. There were no doubts in my mind that we should be and would be a great couple together. How long does it take to fall in love anyway?

My late wife and I had known in a matter of minutes after meeting, but we dated for quite a while before we made it a formal arrangement. With Teresa I had known my feelings were more than usual for a woman about four hours after we first met. I had noticed her beauty of course, but there were many other things that had triggered my feelings.

Teresa has, and had shown a certain matureness and sense of humor that I liked. Her thoughts had been so much in alignment with mine that I had been initially unsettled. I guess that I had some leftover issues with having lost my late wife like I had and Teresa had caused them to surface then to evaporate like steam from a teapot.

We had been in sync with our sex to the point that we seemed to have knowledge of each others bodies that led us to ‘knowing’ what we each wanted, without saying much at all. I know that it wasn’t the great sex, although the sex hadn’t hurt, because I had thought long and hard about ‘us’ several times.

Today would be a wonderful day for us since everyone decided to call the weekend short and they had left. Teresa and I had the house to ourselves that afternoon and we sat and talked about our life and us in the future. Teresa had definite ideas on certain things and I had to agree with her on much of what she thought.

“I don’t want us to continue this weekend sex thing Dave. I want you all to myself. I know that is selfish of me, since you have enjoyed it so much, but I really have had some jealous feelings, especially this weekend.”

“I know Teresa. I was going to talk to you about this very thing earlier. I have been thinking about our lives and us from now on. I know that you have shared me with your friends and two other ladies. You have shown that you love me very much at the same time. I have felt almost like I was cheating on you, even though you have been right there and going along with everything.”

“Yeah, I did have those feelings, but only when you were with Cindy’s Mom and Becky’s Aunt. They made me feel, well, inadequate, or lacking somehow.”

“Inadequate? Lacking? You are not either of those things to me Teresa. You are, matter of fact, more woman than I have ever had before. You are loving, decent, beautiful, intelligent, funny, did I mention beautiful?”

“Do you think so? I have had so many emotions since we have become boyfriend girlfriend. I know that I love you with all my heart Dave. I also know that you are the most sexy, loving man I have ever known. You seem to know what I am thinking and what I am about to say, even before you say it. It is almost spooky in a way.”

“I wonder, you have shared me with your girlfriends, would you like to have one or several men? I am asking because I want you to know that I would be willing to share you if you wanted to try that. It would be the fair thing to do you know.”

“Don’t ever say that or ask that beşiktaş escort again Dave. I love you. I am NOT interested in other men. I have the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with right here in front of me. I don’t need any other man to make me feel good, or sexy, or loved. You are that man.”

Teresa’s eyes had fire and a bit of ice in them. Her words were direct and she left now doubt about her feelings in that particular area. I was a bit relieved, since I had been a little fearful of her wanting to have ‘equal time’.

I knew before I asked, but I had to ask. You know what I mean, if you have been in a relationship headed in the direction ours was going. Sometimes you need to get the hidden things out there in the open. Then you can both deal with it before it becomes an issue to hard and large to deal with love and patience.

We went for a long walk together, hand in hand. Teresa had so many interests and really had some great ideas for the house. I encourage her to tell me about them. I wanted her to feel that it was her house as well as mine. She needed to make her mark on our house.

Towards the end of our walk she began to get a bit playful and started to grab and feel me up in an escalating drive that soon had both of us hot to trot. I ran after her, chasing her down the road to our house and she began to shake of her clothes as she ran. I stopped to pick them up as we went along.

By the time we got to the front gate, she was totally naked and I could see her juices shining in the sunlight. Her nipples were hard little buttons sticking out like long round pencils. I caught up with her and grabbed her around her waist. She struggled briefly and then turned herself around in my arms and threw herself at me in a feverishly hot lunge.

Her tongue entered my mouth like a hot hard little dagger and it sought out my tongue. I let her lead in this embrace and kiss. I was so happy that she was so free and open with her body.

Teresa was so much more of a Godsend than the other women I had dated last year. I loved the fact that Teresa was open for anything, at least once. I knew that our relationship would be a learning and loving one from this time forward.

She pulled me down onto the grass in our front yard. Her hands busy undoing my clothes and kissing wherever I became exposed. Soon with the grass tickling my back, she was voraciously sucking my cock and using her hands and fingers to still keep up the exploring.

I had my hands on her breasts, rolling her nipples around between my fingers and pulling them gently outwards time to time. Her mouth was hot and wet on my cock and I felt her throat as she swallowed me all the way down. Her motions became like one of those big-armed oil pump you see out in a field. Her head was bobbing up and down, in long full strokes. I could feel her tongue as it licked and moved around my shaft on each stroke.

Her soft hands cupping my balls and a finger in my asshole topped off the feelings of impending orgasm. I put my hands on her head, trying to stop her so that I could repay the favor before I shot off, but she just looked into my eyes and I could see the little ‘devil smile’ in them.

I couldn’t stop her ministrations quickly enough and I shot a huge amount of cum straight down her throat. She swallowed it several times, and then licked and sucked me some more.

I never got completely soft, and she kept on my cock until I was hard once again. With a cock bobbing around loose after I pulled it away from her hot mouth, I grabbed her and rolled over on top. I slid down and began to tease her like she had just done me.

I found her pussy to be sopping wet, juices literally running out of her. I rolled her legs up and over her head, holding them slightly spread. She took them in her arms and spread them some more, and also pulled them back even farther than I had them.

Her pussy lips were opening up with each pulse of her heart. I could see them throbbing as I brought my mouth down close to it. I started my tonguing at the bottom of her crack, below her asshole. It was there, exposed to me.

I rimmed her tender bud several times, and then started to fuck her ass with my stiffened tongue. I spread her ass cheeks more with my hands and that caused her to open up. I pushed my tongue into her and reveled in the heat and tightness. Her moans told me that she was enjoying this far more than I probably was.

I tongued her ass for quite a bit, almost until she came. Then I moved up slowly and softly. I soon had her pussy lips opening with my fingers and my tongue began to explore the ‘new’ hole in earnest.

Teresa was shaking a bit now. I had her on the edge of cumming and I decided to keep her there for as long as I could. I went from her pussy to her ass and back again in short timed licks and long timed travels. Her need grew with each change of area under my tongue.

Soon she was shaking and crying out for me to let her finish off. I pulled back and began to play with her pussy beşiktaş eve gelen escort and asshole with my fingers. I watched for her signs of coming close to cumming, and then would back off. It was torture for her. I was being an unrelenting source of pleasure and then a bit of pain (from not being able to get off)

Her cries became louder and louder, until I could not resist anymore. I moved up and plunged my stiff cock into her pussy and then started to ram it in and out in a fast jack hammering style. Her orgasm swept us both up and I came almost at the same time as she did, even though she had the head start.

We held each other for a long time after that very hot and satisfying fuck. I hadn’t even thought about being caught naked, fucking in our front yard at all. Amazing, simply amazing.

After a bit I squatted and then gathered her up in my arms. Standing, I walked us into the house as she held onto me and kissed my body wherever she could. I left our clothes scattered on the lawn, thinking that I would get them later.

I took us into the master bathroom and started the tub filling. I laid Teresa on the padded bench and massaged her body until the tub was ready for us. Putting her gently into the tub I climbed in and, sitting behind her I proceeded to wash her body from top to bottom.

When I finished her, she turned us around and she washed me in the same fashion. It was romantic, yet sexy at the same time. When we finished our bath, I carried her to the bed and laid her on it, in the middle. I ran and got some wine and glasses. We drank a bit of wine and just held each other.

Our glasses empty, I began a light massage on her again. She lay there as I ran my hands over her back, kneading and pressing in all the right places. I then had her turn over and massaged her front too. I soon had her breasts, with those hard nipples in my hands, and from there we went back at it.

This time she wanted to have me in a different area. As I moved up to put my cock into her pussy, she rolled over doggie-style and spread her ass cheeks.

“In my ass Dave. FUCK MY ASS.”

Knowing that she was dry back there I went to go get some oil when she stopped me.

“NOW, I want you there now. Lube me with my juices, or your tongue, but get it in me now.”

I leaned down and began to tongue her ass. I soon was eating her ass out and loving it. Teresa loved it too. I fingered her pussy, bringing up those juices to help lubricate her and soon I was positioning my cock at her asshole.

Teresa spread her cheeks as wide as she could and groaned as I pushed forward. Her hips held stiff and then she began to push back against me. In a matter of a minute or so I was fully in her ass.

She froze, as did I, until she was able to relax enough for me to begin to stroke in and out of her. I was being as gentle as I could, not wanting to hurt her in any way. Teresa had some other ideas on that and soon let me know all about them.

“FUCK MY ASS. HARDER. You can fuck me a lot harder than you are now Dave. Come on honey fuck my asshole. I need you to get me off.”

I was a bit surprised by her directions, but I wanted to please her as much as I could. I began to plunge in and out a bit harder and faster. Her hips were pounding back. I was going at a pretty good clip when she started to cum.

I continued to ram my cock in and out at the pace we had just built to and as she started to cum, I soon followed. We came together and collapsed on the bed, still joined. We slept, spoon fashion, and when I woke up it was to Teresa lightly licking me.

I felt her hand guiding me onto my back. Her legs straddled my head and her mouth was on my cock. I took her hips in my hands and began to lick her as she sucked me down to the base of my cock. I had her asshole in position to tongue and as my tongue entered her ass her pussy ran a stream of liquid down her legs.

I kept my tongue playing in her asshole and used my fingers for catch those juices up. I then fed them to my mouth as I continued to lick and fuck her ass with my tongue. This whole day had been wonderful and so sexy. I loved doing all of these things with Teresa, and I loved her for allowing me to do them too.

As my hands were scraping up those juices running from her pussy, I got the idea to give her a bit of fingering too. I slipped in three fingers to start with and added the fourth soon after.

Her pussy was so wet, and so hot. I could hardly keep from shooting off in her mouth as she sucked me. I began to stroke in and out of her and suddenly I heard her ask me to put it all in. Knowing what she meant, I folded my thumb in along with my fingers and gently pushed my whole hand into her. She was soon rocking on my hand and moaning loudly.

My blowjob forgotten, she was soon grasping at my hand to fuck her faster, and harder. I let her have control and I just went along for the ride. It was a wild, unforgettable ride too. I was just over my wrist into her as she shuddered in beşiktaş grup yapan escort her orgasm, and as she went limp, I continued to stroke in and out of her pussy.

Each stroke brought out a small orgasm and I kept going for a while. About ten minutes after her first orgasm with my fist, I stopped and let her get back down. Her body shuddered and shook for a bit after I quit then I was able to remove my hand. She turned and took my hand into hers and licked it clean. She then took my cock into her mouth and as she looked into my eyes she swallowed me fully to the base of my cock. I shot off almost right away.

We slept for hours after that. A banging on my door waked me up. Getting up, I covered Teresa with a sheet and grabbed some pants. I went to the door to see two of my buddies from work. They had Teresa’s and my clothes in their hands, and huge smiles on their faces.

“Look at what we found in the front yard. The grass looks kind of funny out there too. Looks like the imprint of a body in it or something.”

“What do you guys want?”

“Wow, stop by to see a buddy and this is the treatment we get. Shit man, you should be a bit nicer to us since we brought you your clothes.”

“Thanks. Now, what do you want?”

“WHOO WEE, look at that beautiful vision behind Dave.”

Turning, I saw that Teresa had gotten up and pulled on her shorts and a T-shirt. Her nipples were showing and the shorts were cut pretty high. She did look so beautiful standing there, her hair messed up and those big blue eyes looking at me.

“Who is this goddess? Where the hell have you been keeping her Dave?”

“Man, she does look a bit young for you. What have you done, robbed some fathers cradle?”

“Gawd Damn! If she isn’t the best looking little lady I have ever seen in my life. What the hell are you doing with this old fart anyway baby?”

Teresa now knew that these were ‘friends’ of mine. She also was a bit upset with their crude comments about our age difference. The thing that set her off, and I knew it the minute he said it, was the comment ending with BABY.

“FIRST of all, I am Dave’s girlfriend, if that is any of your business. SECONDLY, I am not BABY. MY NAME IS TERESA, AND DON’T YOU FORGET THAT FOR ONE SECOND BUSTER.”

My friends looked contrite and were stepping back.

“Oh wow, SORRY MA’AM. We didn’t mean anything bad or nothing. We were just teasing Dave a bit. Teresa. Honest.”

“Yeah, Teresa, we didn’t know…I mean we weren’t aware that you…uh help me out here would you Dave?”

“I don’t want to. I am enjoying this quite a bit guys.”

Teresa looked like a firebrand. Her hair all messed up, eyes flashing, and her words clipped. She had turned the table on them in seconds and they didn’t know what to do. It was amusing in a real big way.

“Uh well, we were just leaving. Nice to meet you Teresa, MA’AM. See you at work Dave. LATER.”

“Yeah, uh nice to meet you Teresa, see ya Dave.”

They ran like cowards, getting in their truck and taking off in a cloud of dust. I was laughing pretty hard and Teresa had a look of bewilderment.

“Those men were your FRIENDS?”

“Well, in a way Teresa. They are coworkers who were curious about my new girlfriend. I guess they know now, huh?”

She started to laugh with me. The looks on their faces when Teresa went off were priceless. I knew that I would get some mileage at work over this. We giggled about this for quite a while afterwards. I knew that they would have a bunch to say to me about the age of my new lady friend, but I didn’t care.

We had supper and then we went out to a movie. That night in bed Teresa asked me if I still wanted to get married to her. I took her in my arms and told her to just set the date. I would be there with bells on. She gave me a funny look on that old saying, obviously not knowing about it. I just kissed her and then we went to sleep.

The next day at work I was besieged with co-workers wanting details and information about my new girlfriend. I was a bit reserved around them and soon they gave up and went about their business. I could hear them talking time to time and I knew that Teresa and I were the subject of the day.

“Did you hear how old she is? God! Dave, a cradle robber, who would have thought?”

“Man. I’ll bet she keeps him worn out all the time. What a lucky dog.”

“What could that little dreamboat see in such an old man? He has to be twice her age.”

I was amused and a bit hurt by their comments, but I knew what was waiting for me at home was so much better than they could imagine. I actually felt a bit sorry for them and their narrow beliefs of relationships. I was still a bit upset with myself though. I had actually had sex with my daughter, and it had been great sex. I had also been unsure and a bit doubtful as to the way our relationship had gone. I still believed that fathers and daughters shouldn’t have sex at all and this whole issue was a cloud over me.

I knew that Teresa was all right with what we had done, having even encouraged it a one point. I also knew that I was done fucking others. Teresa was all I was interested in from now on. That night Teresa and I set a date for getting married. It was quite a ways off yet. Teresa wanted the time mostly for me. She felt that I needed to be absolutely certain about us and wouldn’t back off on that date.

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