My Cousin , Her Granddaughter

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To set the stage, I’m a normal guy sexually. While I am big (6’4″, 220 lbs., ex-defensive end), I have a normal size dick and libido, had only two sexual partners until my early 60s, and am no sex machine; I have never had more than one orgasm in four hours, or three within twenty four, in my whole life. I consider my sex life with my wife very good. But when I got into my early 60s, and started to see the variety of cunts on porn sites while the frequency of my erections lessened, I started to seriously wonder what feeling another pussy would be like before it was too late.

My original love was my first cousin Dana. We rarely saw each other because she lived in Southern California and I lived in upstate New York, but when we did it was clear that I had a crush on her and that she liked me too. We had a few intimate kisses when she was eighteen, but nothing more. At eighteen she was about 5’10” tall with a dark complexion, long and wavy brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes, a Celestial nose, legs long and shapely enough to be a model’s, a volleyball shaped ass, and a nice rack. When I started to come into my “curious” stage in my early 60s, she is the one that I thought of the most. I knew that she was divorced, had been married three times, and had had at least one affair, and I wondered if she ever thought about me.

I was looking for a non-obvious reason to visit Los Angeles and see her when her 90+ year old mother, my aunt Lillian, died. Aunt Lil’s death was expected and relieved many months of suffering, so Dana was fairly matter-of-fact about it when she called to tell me. I got the feeling she that was personally calling, though, because she wanted me to be there, so after discussing it with my wife I made arrangements to travel to L. A. alone to go to the funeral and to attend to “other business.”

Dana’s brother Nate was two years younger than me and we were always friendly, but I didn’t see him that much either, and when Dana was around I was probably always trying to pal around with her. Nate had a family get together at his house – which I had never been to – in Beverly Hills the day before the funeral and Dana told me to meet her there.

When I arrived at Nate’s unexpectedly large house I almost dropped to the floor when the first person that I saw, standing alone in the entryway while everyone else appeared to be in the back, was Dana. She either hadn’t changed even one bit since the last time that I saw her when she was in her early twenties, or it was her clone, although her rack appeared to be significantly larger than I had remembered (“unnecessary boob job” I thought). When I greeted her with a hug, however, I was met by an icy recoil and a “who are you” look (though not a stare). I didn’t think that I had changed that much – my hair was still naturally blond with only traces of gray, and I was the same weight as the last time that I saw her, and I had no facial hair.

After an uncomfortable pause, the woman I had hugged said “I’m Jill. Dana is my grandmother.”

I turned red, profusely apologized, held her hand gently, and asked her to forgive me. I told her that it was a wonderful complement to her that I had mistaken her for Dana since Dana was one of the best looking women that I had ever met. This seemed to please her, although her emotions were muted. We started to talk while I continually smiled, held her hand, and occasionally expressed joy at being there despite her great grandmother’s death. I noticed that she was dressed conservatively for a young woman, never looked directly into my eyes, and sometimes brought up unusual subjects. But she seemed to relax and even enjoy our conversation despite our age difference.

After about twenty minutes a striking women with long flowing silver hair with streaks of brown in it, bounded toward us with a big grin. This WAS Dana, dressed anything but conservatively. She had on an almost sheer sun dress with her slim olive legs seemingly sticking out six feet from her hem, and likely no or skimpy bra and panties since no demarcation lines were clearly visible. Although her face was weathered and her hair a completely different color from the last time that I saw her, her body still looked magnificent, including the same volleyball ass.

“Maddy, I see that you met my darling twenty two year old granddaughter Jill,” she said, coming up to give me a squeeze and a soft peck on my cheek. [“Maddy” was my unfortunate nickname in high school and college supposedly because I was a “mad dog” on the football field]. I told her that Jill was essentially her clone, and that appeared to please both grandmother and granddaughter. Dana entreated both Jill and I to come to the back of the house to be with everyone else.

While I mingled with other guests and was graciously greeted by our host, I made sure to go and talk or bring drinks or snacks to Jill and/or Dana every chance that I got. I noticed that Jill really didn’t mingle much, and the only people she seemed to enjoy talking to were Dana, me, and şirinevler türbanlı escort Jill’s cousin (Nate’s granddaughter) who was about fifteen. I made sure to sit between Dana and Jill at dinner and hoped that neither my attention toward them, nor the bulge in my pants that I was continuously repressing, were too obvious. During the meal I got good shots of Dana’s silky thighs and distinct cleavage – in addition to looking her deeply in the eyes during parts of the conversation. Though not much of Jill’s skin was visible I marveled at her enormous breasts, which had to be the largest and most distinctly shaped of any I had ever seen live for someone with the small waist that she had.

When the evening was coming to a close, and everyone agreed to meet about two p. m. the next day for the funeral, Dana commented to me that her fun-loving mother Lil (aunt Lil truly had been a bohemian) would like to see me enjoy myself if I came all this way to pay my respects, and asked me to accompany her at one of her favorite activities; dancing. I tried not to be too eager in accepting (I probably failed), and with Jill standing next to us asked if she was free to accompany us. Dana seemed a little stunned by this, though certainly not angry, but became completely flabbergasted and gap-mouthed when Jill accepted. Since Jill had come with her mother, and Dana with her youngest brother Ned, I drove them in my rental car and promised to drop them both off at home when we were through dancing.

The dance place that we went to was totally bizarre; perhaps only Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Las Vegas could be that strange. There were people of all types, dress, and ages, with two bands in two different wings, with an admission charge and only waitress-served drinks. We asked Jill if she wouldn’t mind if we went to the more conservative (if you could call it that since it was wild) wing where the band was playing 1960s, 1970s and 1980s dance songs, and she was more than willing to go along.

Jill became fairly animated during our outing, which seemed to greatly surprise Dana, but that Dana was happy to encourage. While Jill refused to dance with anyone but me, or twice with her grandmother, and while her motions on the dance floor were far from fluid, she seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself. I danced many dances with Dana, and she with many others there while Jill and I danced or talked. The evening ended with a wild rendition of YMCA which the three of us danced to together, and then I danced the last, slow, dance with Dana to Van Morrision’s “Have I Told You Lately.” I hoped the fact that Dana’s head was on my shoulder and her right leg between mine in contact with my unmistakable boner, meant that my trip would at least partially live up to my dreams.

I dropped Jill off, walking her to the door to make sure that she got in OK. When I got back in the car I asked Dana if she wanted to come to my hotel room for a drink. Her flippant response: “I know you don’t drink, so you must be asking me back to fulfill a fuck fantasy about me that you’ve had since you were MUCH younger.”

While totally shocked inside I was proud of myself for coolly and calmly responding “As much as I loved Aunt Lil, I didn’t come here just to lay flowers on her grave. I’m glad that you know how much I want to fuck you, and I’m hoping that you’ll be really pleased with the result. I’ve been waiting for more than forty years!”

Fortunately my hotel was only about two miles away as it appeared that she was as eager to figuratively rip my clothes off as I was hers. I hope there was no camera in the elevator. When we got to the room there was no small talk, just decades of pent up passion. Unfortunately I literally did rip her dress off (and found no bra and the smallest thong that I had ever seen), and thankfully I really didn’t need my shirt or pants zipper again either.

To my overwhelming joy Dana has thick cunt lips, primarily shaved but with a landing strip, and a nicely prominent clit. My wife and my only other lover both have almost lipless pussies and hard to find clits. Neither had a G-spot that I could find despite many hours of searching, and I hoped that Dana was different in this regard too. After several minutes of passionate kissing and embraces, we got into a 69 position with me on top and I simultaneously licked and fingered her pussy lips and clit with as much aplomb, yet passion, as I could muster. That was better than I had ever dreamed – and that’s saying something!

I then went on the quest for her G-spot, almost oblivious to the loud sucking Dana was doing and the effect that it was having on my rock hard cock. Eureka! I found the G-spot right where it was supposed to be on the first try. I rubbed it with two fingers as friskily as I could, and only after starting realized that I should have warned her and that I was lucky that she didn’t bite my cock off because my rubbing instantly moved her into such a rigid yet squirming posture şirinevler ucuz escort that she easily could have instinctively clenched her teeth. Her scream of ecstasy was muffled, but long and intense. I didn’t stop rubbing her G-spot – while simultaneously sucking her clit – until her sounds stopped and she went almost totally limp.

I then slowly withdrew my fingers from her foaming cunt, licked her clit a few more minutes, and then turned around.

I stroked her face gently, massaged her hard unbelievably perky tits and nipples, and when I saw her face returning from her ecstatic trance gave her a light kiss on her lips, smiled, and said, “Now I get to do what I have been waiting to do for more than forty years.”

A big grin came across her face, I turned her over onto her hands and knees, then slowly and methodically inserted my dick between those pulsating pussy lips. I then started pumping her doggy style like I had never pumped before, holding onto her firm breasts for leverage as well as pleasure. When I blasted a load inside her larger than I had spewed in twenty years, she gave the same muffled, long, intense scream of ecstasy I had heard when I was rubbing her G-spot. After making sure that every last drop of cum had been expelled from my dick I let the glow of pleasure and satisfaction that was quickly rising engulf me, and wrapped my arms tightly around her as we both fell into unconsciousness.

We lay in our hedonistic stupor until about eight the next morning. When we looked at each other Cheshire Cat smiles covered our faces. I simply said “WOW.”

She smiled even more and said “Which do you think I liked more, the G-spot obliteration or the doggy pounding?”

“The clit-suck was right up there with them, wasn’t it?” I responded.

We showered together slowly and gently. I observed that her cunt was really red, but to my surprise – because it hadn’t happened like this in at least ten years – after just five hours of sleep (coma?) my dick saluted as I washed her nipples. She immediately noticed and said with a fake disgusted tone “Him again?” She then gently kissed me and said “My pussy is more than sixty years old and can’t handle him again right now after what you did to it last night. But if you want you can use the back door.”

Neither my wife nor the only other sexual partner I had ever had liked anal, and made that very clear the few clumsy times that I tried. I was not, for anything, going to turn this down, and simply said “Another fantasy to come true?”

We dried off then she shooed me out of the bathroom while pulling a long white object, and a tube of gel, from her purse, and said she’d be right out. After about ten minutes she was true to her word, and as she came out the light from the open drapes of our top floor room bathed her naked body with a warm amber glow. In my lust the night before I hadn’t noticed how nicely sculptured her pelvis was, and her tits looked even bigger and more shapely than they did in the shower just minutes before. My dick noticed too; it was now harder than ever.

Dana pushed her silky body against me, her right hand at the side of my face with her left hand gently massaging my balls, gave me a long gentle kiss on the lips, and said “Let’s do this standing up”. She then turned around, bent over, put her hands on the back of the padded chair in the room, turned her smiling face toward me and said “Let me have it, no prisoners”.

It was evident that she had cleared her anus and lubricated it, and despite the small size of the orifice my dick slid right in as I gripped her beautiful bulbous ass with both hands. She let out a mild groan, stiffened her pelvis and started moving it back and forth, sideways, in circles, in fact in all different ways. I tried to time my thrusts and retreats to correspond to her movements with some success, but she was like a wild woman. I then saw her move her left hand off the chair toward her pelvis – presumably to gently touch her clit – after which her movements became more regular, only back and forth. These movements I timed perfectly and after much hard pounding from me and many soft moans from her, she again uttered that muffled scream of ecstasy that I had heard twice yesterday as I blew my wad in her ass. We stood there cooing for at least fifteen minutes, my hard dick still in her and occasionally my PC muscle contracting to move the tip of my dick up into her asshole roof and evoking a sigh from her each time. It seemed that neither of us wanted this to end, but alas about ten a. m. I finally extracted myself from her.

After my first ass-fuck ever, courtesy of my stupendous cousin Dana, I was emotionally and physically drained, as was she. However, we knew that we had lots to do that day. Since her sun dress had been unceremoniously torn off of her by yours truly, I helped her safety pin it together so that we could have a shred of dignity as we went down the elevator and to my car, and then drove to her şişli escort house so that she could change into clothes suitable for the funeral. Since she lived relatively far away from the rendezvous at Nate’s house, we had to hurry. We got to Nate’s right on time, offered Dana’s granddaughter Jill a ride, and caravanned with the other relatives to the funeral home.

At the funeral home, rather than sitting with her parents or siblings, Jill insisted on sitting between Dana and me, each of her hands clinging to one of ours. The service was primarily uplifting, not sad, for aunt Lillian had led a full and happy life, but Jill didn’t seem to know when to laugh or when to cry. After the visit to the cemetery, we could see that Jill was still perplexed, so Dana and I asked her to have dinner with us. Before we left for the restaurant, while I chatted with other relatives Dana pulled Jill aside and seemed to have an intense heart-to-heart talk with Jill for at least fifteen minutes. We then left.

After a very pleasant dinner at a restaurant on the beach, I dropped Jill off at her home, again walking her to the door to make sure that she got in okay. When I returned to the car Dana had a big smile on her face and said, “Well I guess you want to fuck me again, don’t you? But this time don’t rip my clothes, they’re too fancy.”

I replied “Well aren’t you the presumptuous one,” to which she retorted “You better treat me exactly the same way as yesterday, that was all time!” Since yesterday was definitely one of the ten best sexual experiences of my life, I readily agreed.

As we 69nd again, I fingered and tongued her clit, but this time before rubbing her G-spot I gave her warning so that if she went rigid again there was no possibility that she would inadvertently sink her teeth into my dick. She seemed to like my simultaneous G-spot rub and clit suck even more than yesterday, and she lasted longer before she went limp. This time it took her longer to recover, but once she did I pounded her doggy style even harder than yesterday, twisting her nipples as I held onto them while at work. We repeated our passing out, awakening at about eight a. m., and then the shower and ass fuck from yesterday (two in two days, zero in my first 60+ years). If Thursday was a 9.999 on the sexual satisfaction scale, Friday night/Saturday morning was a 10!

It was now Saturday morning, with a holiday Monday. After breakfast we took a walk and a few blocks from the hotel Dana sat me down on a park bench and said “Maddy, these last two days with you were two of the best of my life. However, now I have a really big favor to ask of you. Before I do, though, let me give you some background.”

Dana then explained that I had been the first adult male she knew of in her life that her granddaughter Jill seemed to be comfortable with. She said that Jill accepting my invitation to join us for dancing, and then actually dancing with me, totally gobsmacked Dana. The reason was that Jill had Asperger’s with all of its typical symptoms.

Jill’s actions were now clear to me. I knew much about Asperger’s because I had a teenage nephew with it, and he and I had always gotten along fabulously, and I instinctively knew how to make him comfortable. For readers who don’t know much about Asperger’s, it is a mild form of autism. It is not a mental illness, those with the condition do not have any mental limitations, nor do they lack intense feelings. Most people with Asperger’s are above average intelligence to genius (like Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory” TV show), have sever intimacy issues and intense social awkwardness, rarely look people in the eye, and fixate on some subjects almost to the point of obsession. Jill was no exception.

Though just twenty two, Jill already was a CPA and worked for the top accounting firm in L. A., had a genius IQ, and knew as much about numbers, horses, and astronomy as anyone that I ever met. However, her Asperger’s, combined with the fact that she had skipped grades and was a gangly “ugly duckling” when in elementary and high school picked on by boys and girls alike, made it so that she never had any intimate relationships with anyone (not even her parents) except Dana and her younger cousin, nor any sexual experience, despite the fact that now she was among the most beautiful “swans” in the world.

One other typical characteristic of those with Asperger’s – they like to know what is going to happen before it does, otherwise they are extraordinarily insecure. Since Jill had never been to a funeral before, that explained her clinging to Dana and I during the service.

After Dana’s explanation and my epiphany, I told her of my familiarity with Asperger’s and asked how I could help.

Dana swallowed hard, and then blurted out “I want you to have a sexual relationship with Jill. Otherwise I’m afraid that she may never have a meaningful sexual relationship with anyone, and I so want her to be happy – after all you’re not the only one who thinks that she looks like my clone, although she may have some surprises for you.”

I was floored – gobsmacked ten times over. I stammered “But I’ve never investigated the sexuality of those with Asperger’s and don’t want to do anything to hurt her. Besides, she may be repulsed by me and totally confused because she doesn’t know what to expect.”

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