My Birthday and Halloween

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Big Dicks

My grades weren’t all that good in high school so I registered in the local junior college and agreed to remain at home with my mom. Some guys make make fun of me, but hey if they had a mom like mine they would want to stay home too.

Mom is such a tease. Everyone says mother is a very pretty woman. Short blond hair and beautiful eyes. Like most guys she was the first one to give me a hard on and the first that I jacked off too. I would sneak looks at her cleavage and legs whenever I could. And when she hugged me and those lovely big tits pressed against me I got turned on. I couldn’t help thinking naughty things about her. What her tits looked like, what it would be like to kiss and touch them. And what her pussy looked like.

I am sure that mom must of noticed my cum stains on my briefs and sheets. And I once found a picture of her taken at the beach that I jacked off to. However I later found it in a different place than I had hid it.

It was October and my birthday and Halloween were both on the same day. Mom said that if I didn’t go out and party with the other guys that she would make it a very special birthday. I was disappointed about not going out, but the idea of spending a night alone with my mom sure made up for it. She told me take a bath and just put on my robe and that she would lay out my costume. I told her since we weren’t going out that I didn’t need one, but she said that was part of the fun, both of us dressing up.

I take a shower and soap up my cock making it nice and stiff. I thought of mom in something sexy and my hand moves up and down my thick shaft. As I get out of the shower, my cock drips water and precum, when I see my mother standing in the door way. She is wearing a school girl uniform. Very short dress with black suspenders. The skirt was so short that it barely covers her black panties. Her blouse was shear white buttoned up the front, but only the bottom two were closed. With white socks and short heels she is a real turn on.

“Ummm, it looked like you were having fun. Who were you thinking about as you touched yourself?”


Coming inside the bathroom she reaches and takes the towel I am holding in front of me and drops it to the floor. “Umm such a nice cock my little boy has. And you were naughty touching it like that. But boys do that. So do girls.”

“Girls? You mean …..”

“Yes, my sweet. Even mommy touches herself thinking of doing forbidden things. Taboo things. Is that what you were thinking? Doing nasty things to your mommy?”


“Be honest and I’ll reward you. Lie and I will punish you.”

“Yes mom. I was thinking of you. Your body. What it would be like to touch you. To kiss you.” By now my cock was stiff and pointing straight out. I didn’t even realize till I saw her looking with what could only be called lust at my cock that I had my fist around it.

“Umm, do you like my outfit? I’m one of those nasty little school girls you see every day. I bet my little stud looks at all that pussy at school and comes home and jacks off. But it is nice to know that you think of your lovely mother too. Such a pervert. You know what they call boys who put their cocks in their innovia escort mother’s pussy?”

“Mother Fuckers.”

“Yes. Would you like to be a Mother Fucker? Would you like to fuck you mommy?”

By now my cock is throbbing and I was moving my hand up and down it. Mom came over and slapped my face. This cooled me real quick. “Listen, don’t ever waste your cum jacking off again unless I am with you. From now on that prick of your belongs to mommy. When you cum you will cum on or in mommy. Do you understand?”

“Yes mom.” (She was talking to me like I was a little boy, but I wasn’t and it just made me harder.)

“Good my little fuck toy. Let’s go to mommy’s room and you can touch me like you want to touch those little whores at school.”

Naked I take her hand and she leads me to her bed room. The room is low lit and her TV is on but nothing is on the screen. Her bed is covered in shinny sheets (later she tells me they are silk) and some candles are lit. Mom pushes off the suspenders from her shoulders and then undoes her blouse. Slowly letting it slide off I see her large breasts in a black half bra that just covers her nipples. “You like mommy’s titties?”

“Yes.” I can’t take my eyes off them, waiting for what I hope comes next.

“I use to let you suck them. I let you suck them till you were four. Now my baby is going to suck mommy’s titties again just like you did as a baby. With that she undid the front clasp and the bra joined her blouse on the soft carpet of the bedroom floor. They are so soft looking and big and the nipples are brown and stiff. I licked my lips and could feel my prick throbbing with a life of its own. She holds out her hands, palm up and wiggles her fingers in an invasion to come to her. As I got close she put her delicate fingers in my red hair and pulled me to her breast. She buries my face in them and a more lovely pillow I never knew existed.

“Kiss them my fucker. My Mother Fucker. Kiss mommy’s tits and suck hard on my nipples like you did as a baby.” I do as ordered and opened my mouth and take in her right one and bring my hand up and fill it with her left boob. Ummm so soft and nice. I suck and lick and kiss like a puppy. I heard her moan and she almost sits down. “Ohhh fuck. That feels good baby. Let mommy lay down and you can suck on them as long as you wish.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and gives me a gentle push. As I stand there she removes her skirt. Only a pair of black panties are now the only protection she has from my cock. She lays on the bed, spreading her legs, the thin material of her panties digging into her slit. Holding her arms in the air I lay beside her and resumed sucking on those mounds of flesh. It is me moaning now, short grunts and sounds of sucking. I bite her tit once and she cries out and as I am afraid of hurting her I try to lift my head up, but she holds me tight and says in a soft voice, “Keep sucking bastard. Suck hard.”

I move over her to get at the far tit and I feel my cock rubbing her leg. Then I feel her fingers on it, squeezing it. “Ohhhh, damn my boy has a nice prick. A mommy fucker. Ohhh, baby please. Mommy wants to taste it. Please my baby. Let istanbul escort mommy suck your cock.”

I roll onto my back and mom moves and changes position so she is facing the foot of the bed. I feel her hands on my legs, moving all over them and then pushing them apart. Then moist sweet lips touched my thigh. I can’t help but moan and I close my eyes for a few seconds as touches my balls with her mouth and then her hand on my shaft as the tip is between her lips. She has on red lipstick and later I saw the smudges of lip stick all over my hips, and cock and legs.

She pulls her lips away just long enough to tell me to rip her panties off. They are so shear and I am so damn horny that I pull and rip and them. I don’t pull them off, but they are no longer a wall between me and her cunt.

Mom returns to my cock. More and more of it slides into her mouth and I open my eyes and raise up on my elbows so I can see her sucking me. It is so beautiful, so sexy and feels wonderful. She lifts a leg over me and raises up on her knees, her face still buried in my crouch. I reach up and caress her full round ass. Running my hands all over it and then between her legs. My fingers drip with her moistness, guiding over her pussy hair and then her wet slit. I run my fingers up and down it and then push a finger into her hole. She pushes back on me driving my finger all the way in to her velvet cunt. I feel her sucking harder, moving her hand around the base, jacking me off as she sucks me off. Then I hear a popping sound as she slides her warm mouth off it. Leaning back so that her ass and pussy were in my face she cries out in a voice I didn’t recognized for me to lick her pussy. To run my tongue up and down it and put it inside her.

My finger is already trapped in her and I move it around as I push my tongue in and out tasting her juices. The thought kept crying out in my mind. ‘I’m eating out my mom’s pussy.’

Mom squeezes her legs sitting back onto my face. I keep licking and kissing her cunt. Then she moves back down to sucking me. My balls are near exploding and I am afraid she will get mad if I cum in her mouth, but I can’t pull away from her lip lock.

Then I feel her shake. She is still wearing her shoes and I am a little afraid that she might kick me, but she just pushes back hard and lets my cock slip from her mouth and cries out. “Ohhhh fuck. I’m cumming baby. Ahhhh, mommy is cumming in her boys mouth.”

Her hand is on my balls and I know she can tell I am about to follow her and she whisperer’s in a lustful voice. “Cum in mommy’s mouth. I want to swallow your cum.”

The warm sucking machine returns to the almost painful act of swallowing my cock. I lift my ass off the bed, driving my prick as deep into her mouth as I can and explode. Over and over again. She keeps her mouth on me till I cant take it any more and then she releases it. Holding my wet cock she licks my cum and her saliva from it. Then turning around lays next to me. Kissing me on the lips, her tongue goes into my mouth and her hand on my chest, pinching one of my nipples. I put a hand on her ass and rolled her on top of me feeling her large tits smash against my chest. kadıköy escort Both her hands slide through my hair as her mouth opens to receive my tongue. She grounds her moist cunt against me and my cock semi hard starts to respond to it.

Mom and I hug and kiss, her tongue licking my face and playing with the inside of my mouth. My hand cups her right tit and then she takes my ear in her lips and licks and sucks on it. Moaning as I pull on her nipple and pinch it. “Ohhhh baby, yessss, squeeze mommy’s titties hard. I like that. Ummm, fuck you are a good boy. My little mother fucker. Ummm.”

My cock is throbbing and I move myself, dry fucking her, my prick moving against the flesh of her thigh and then her stomach. I kiss her neck as she throws her head back and then her shoulder. “Yes baby, kiss Mommy. I’m yours. Do anything you wish to me. Please baby, I’m your lover, your slut, your fucker…..Ohhhhh, suck on my tits.”

Moving down her soft velvet skin, leaving a wet trail with my tongue I open my mouth and cover her left tit. Taking as much of her breast as I can in my mouth I dry fuck her leg, my other leg pressing against her mound. I can feel the wetness and now we are both rubbing off against each other. I bring my teeth to her nipple and bite it causing her to cry out. Then I lick it and flick it with my tongue. I feel her hand moving between us. Her fingers touch my cock and she moves to her side and I we move apart and her hand grips my wet prick and squeezes and rubs it. Jacking her son, her lover. And her body rolls on top of mine and she pushes herself up laying a leg on either side of my waist.

“Ohhhh my mommy fucker. My sweet pervert. I’m going to fuck my boy. A mommy should be a boy’s first fuck. Mommy knows what is best.” With that she reaches down and takes my stiff warm flesh and holds it straight up. Then I feel her slit, her wet cunt as it slides over the round head of my cock. I lean up on my elbows so I can see it disappear into the folds of her vagina. I take a deep breath as she lowers her lovely body down on me. More and more sinks into the warm hole that I came from. I fall back on the bed, my eyes staring at the ceiling as my balls feel the hair of her cunt. Her hands go to my chest and her fingers pinch my nipples. The pain feels erotic and I can feel the inside of her pussy as she rides me. Fucks me. My eyes move back to her swaying tits. Reaching up I fill both hands with them, digging my fingers into the soft flesh.

Mom throws her head back, her mouth open and eyes closed as she pushes herself up and down my shaft. I feel the wetness, the wonderful feeling of a cock being caressed by a woman’s cunt. I feel my mother press down on me and she lets out a loud sound, part moan part scream. I follow her shouts with my own as I feel my balls fill with the sweet cum and explode up deep into her twat. Wad after wad leave my prick and flood the inside of mommy’s pussy. My breath comes in gasps and mom lays down on top of me, her large soft tits pressing into my chest.

For a long time we lay together, mother and son, lovers, fuckers. After a while I fall asleep. When I wake mom is dressed in a red teddy and tong pantie. She sets on the bed and leans down and kisses me. Sitting back up “Darling, go to the bathroom and clean up and take a shower. When you are finished mommy has something for you to eat.”

Seeing me smile she reaches down and pats my cock. ‘I mean dinner you little fucker. But after mommy will let you eat me for desert.”

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