My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 17

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All persons in this story are of legal age. No sexual detail involves any persons under the legal age.

### ### ###

We were back at the restaurant, a private room and a table set for eight; Carol, Ruth, Mum, Valerie, Roberta, Robert, Rupert and I. Things were a little tense but Roberta and Rupert helped ease things. Drinks helped. Mum declined, driver and pregnant. Rupert only had the one. Nobody argued.

I felt it was up to me to break the ice a little.

“Would you object strongly if I gave you a great big hug?” I asked boldly, “It’s just that I think you are the mystery woman I’ve heard about for most of my life and a hug would be very nice after all this time.”

“I am? You have? How? Why?” she replied in surprise, “but on the other hand I’ve never turned down the offer of a hug, or anything else for that matter, from a handsome young man. Hug me first and then convince me why I should succumb to your charms.”

Taking her into my arms I hugged her close and nuzzled her neck affectionately.

She groaned delightedly.

“Is that how you got into my Granddaughter’s knickers this morning?” she asked seductively.

“She wasn’t wearing any,” I murmured in her ear before nibbling on the lobe.

“Don’t blame her! You don’t waste much time do you? What with your Mum, Nan and my Grandchildren here an’ all?” she chuckled, “not to mention my Son.”

“‘s Okay, we’re all family and family can hug and cuddle and do things together, can’t they?” I suggested.

Valerie looked deep into my eyes. Hers sparkled with delight or maybe mischief.

“Can they?” she asked with a smile, “so what makes you think we are all family?”

“I’m thinking you are the Valerie that lived with Mrs. Rose Marples in Oak Tree Cottage, back in the ’40’s early ’50’s?”

There was a look of total shock on her face. It melted to a look of worry which faded into a gentle smile.

“Yes, that was me,” she admitted quietly, Rose was my Mother.”

Taking her hand I led her towards one of the big easy chairs.

“Sit on my lap, we need a great big cuddle.” I said with a smile.

Valerie turned and looked at the whole gathering.

“I think I’ve just been pulled!” she announced delightedly, “by the young buck that fucked my Granddaughter only this morning,” she plonked herself down on my lap and threw her arms around my neck, “It’s nice to know I’m not passed it yet but with all these beautiful women in the room, why me?”

“I’m pretty sure you and I are related and I like to cuddle my relation’s when I can.”

Roberta snorted back a laugh but said nothing. I’d explained everything to her as I drove her home but asked her not to say anything to anyone for the time being.

“So not an original chat up line then? Pity,” she said sadly with a giggle, “how do you make that out then?”

“Very personal bit, did Bob Martins make you pregnant? Did you run away the night you told him you were pregnant?”

She looked at me, stunned into silence. Nobody in the room said a word no one even moved. We waited. There were tears welling in her eyes when she looked at me.

“Yes, he did. I did and it was the very worst thing I have ever done in my life, running away!” she sobbed into my chest.

Everyone remained silent until she lifted her head and wiped her eyes.

“How does that make me your relative?” she asked.

Mum came over and held out her hand to Valerie.

“I’m Karen, Bob Martins made me pregnant, with my blessing I might add. Martin is his son. “

Ruth approached.

“Bob Martins made me pregnant, I virtually insisted on it, Karen is his Daughter,” she said putting her arm around Mum’s shoulders, so you two are at least half sister’s.

Carol walked up quietly.

“Bob Martins also made me pregnant,” she said, “our children could not be with us this evening. Bob Martins is also my Granddaughter’s Father. Are you willing to tell us why you ran away when Bob said that he wanted to marry you?”

Valerie was silent for a long time. Nobody hurried her. It had to be her decision…

“I was…”

As she began the waiter entered the room advising us that dinner would be served directly and would we care to take our seats.

“Mind if I tell you after we’ve eaten and I’ve had a few drinks?” she asked with a big, friendly smile.

### ### ###

Valerie’s Story

“Probably best if I start right at the beginning, then the hows and the whys of me getting into Bob’s little white roadster without any qualms, might make sense;

### ### ###

The war was coming to an end, a bad time for me, not that I think it should have gone on any longer, you understand? I was looking for work then the war ended. There was no work for unskilled women at that time. The menfolk were coming home. Nobody wanted to waste time training a woman when an experienced man might walk through the door the following day. Office jobs were already being done by women who had been doing them throughout the war. My Mum, Rose had a regular job and was able to support zeytinburnu escort us both but it wasn’t easy.

I was walking through the park on the way home after another day spent looking for work. There were loads of GI’s in our area waiting to be demobilised. This GI walked up to me and offered me a cigarette. Ciggies were hard to come by in those days! I accepted. It made me cough.

“Too strong?” asked the man as we wandered through the park side by side. I had somewhere to go, home. He was just wandering.

“I could get used to them,” I told him, knowing that a packet of fags was worth money.

“Walk with me a while?” he suggested, so we walked.

I headed us towards the trees, it was the way home, while I got used to the Lucky he had given me. Just inside the little wood he stopped.

“Getting used to it, now?”

“Yeah! It’s quite nice,” I agreed.

“Stroke my cock and I’ll give you a new, fresh pack. OK?”

I thought about it for less than a couple of seconds. A whole packet of fags for my Mum? “OK,” I told him, “you’ll have to show me what to do.”

He got his cock out and pointed it straight at me. It was big and hard. He put my hand on it and told me to hold it like I was holding a baseball bat. It didn’t help, not knowing what a baseball bat was much less how to hold one. He showed me. I copied him. Took a firm grip and stroked just like he told me. It felt great. His cock was growing and I was enjoying the feeling of playing with it. He was liking it too going by the words he was saying and the way he was breathing.

Suddenly he told me to stop. To take my hand off and let him rest a moment or two. He said it was called edging. His cock went a bit softer but then he told me to start again, just like before. Twice more he stopped me and by then I was loving it. Loved the feel of his cock getting hard by my touch. Loved the look of agony on his face just before he stopped me. This grown man, soldier who had been to war and probably killed people was like putty in my hands.

After the third stop he closed his eyes, breathed deeply and fished in his pocket. He pulled out the Zippo.

“Use you mouth and suck my cock and I’ll give you this Zippo. It’ll light your Lucky’s for the rest of your life! It will always work!”

So I got on my knees and sucked and stroked his cock. He made a lot of noise, really enjoying it. I could tell he was getting to the point where he had previously told me to stop. I went just a tiny bit further then edged him again. He groaned really loud and looked down at me. I just smiled up at him and licked the top of his cock and waited. By the time he reached the third time with my mouth he was way out of control. Telling me I was the best fucking cock-sucker he’d every known and if he died then he’d die a happy man. He didn’t die. He came, spunked in my mouth and I instinctively swallowed it all. It felt good. Very good. My first time smoking a fag, my first time stroking a cock, my first time sucking a cock, first time I’d pleased a man, everything! I was a woman!

When we’d finished and I’d put his nice cock back in his pants he said;

“You suck cock real good, young lady. Same again tomorrow? Same time, same place?”

I liked that. I was pleased with myself. To be told that I ‘sucked cock real good!’ on my first time made me feel real good too.

“What time is it?” I asked him as he was tucking his shirt in.

“You ain’t got no watch?” he asked in surprise looking at his own watch, “fourteen hundred hours! Two o’clock,” he paused, “the hell with it!” he exclaimed.

He took off his watch.

“Here,” he said, passing me the watch, “present from Uncle Sam for special cock-sucking services. Y’all look after it now. That’s a Bulova A-11, The watch that won the war! Does hacking,” he told me proudly. “Two o’clock tomorrow, here? OK?”

I smiled up at him. Patted his trousers where is cock was and told him, “Here, 2 o’clock, tomorrow!”

“Good girl!” he said smiling happily, “better wait ’til I’m outta sight before ya leave here, unnerstan’?”

“That doesn’t matter.” I told him, “I have to walk through the woods anyway. No one will see me.”

“You walk through the woods? But that’s outta town. Lemme see,” he reached in his pocket and pulled out a grubby handkerchief and spread it on the ground at my feet.

“What’s that?” I asked interestedly.

“It’s a map of the region, so we don’t get lost before we go home. Good ol’ Uncle Sam, thinks of everything. So,” he said turning the map this way and that. “We’re here, you’re going up that path, north, where d’ya go from there,” he said pointing at the edge of the wood on the map.

“Across that field,” I pointed, “to the road, here then up the road. That’s my house about there!”

“My Jeep’s about here,” he indicated, “I’m gonna drive around here and up that road, straight passed your house to the base!”

“Yeah, I know. I see you and your mates driving up and down the road all day and most of the night. There’s not aksaray escort many other vehicles in this area.”

“OK, so why don’t you walk to here,” he pointed on the map, “it’s a lot nearer and I’ll pick you up and drive you home?”

“My mum will be home,” I told him.

“Even better, make friends with the locals! I’ve got a pack of coffee under the seat. That’ll help I bet. Tell her I saw you walking and gave you a lift? No need to mention you sucked my cock, is there?” he grinned at me. “Got somewhere to hide your ciggies? Figure your Mum don’t know you smoke.” he fished in his pocket. “here, have a piece of gum. It’ll hide the smell of smoke a bit.”

It took five minutes to walk to the meeting place. He drove up less than a minute later. I loved the watch! I climbed into the Jeep like a girl that hadn’t ever been in a Jeep before, and smiled with excitement. I loved the openness of it all. No windows or roof, even the front screen folded flat. I’d never been in anything other than a bus so I was very excited.

“Thought of somewhere where you can hide your smokes? What about the Zippo and the watch? Was thinking you’d be able to hide ’em in your room but if your Mom’s home…” his voice tailed off.

“Got an idea,” I told him, “can I have another look at your map?”

“There,” I said pointing, “that’s an old barn. Hasn’t been used in years. No one goes there and it’s out of sight from my house.”

“What about here,” he stabbed at the map with his finger, “looks like a small place in the wood?”

“That’s an old wood-man’s shack. Dilapidated. Gotta roof but no doors or windows. Nothing much inside now and nowhere to hide things.”

“OK, the barn, that’ll do just fine,” he agreed, “I’ll pull over and you can stash your loot while I wait, OK?”

### ### ###

“Hi ma’am, name’s Chuck,” said Chuck as he opened the gate and strode straight up to my Mum, “saw this young lady walking and gave her a lift. Gotta daughter ’bout her age back home. Hope y’don’t mind?” Chuck held out his hand in a very friendly manner.

“Hello,” said my mother taking his hand, “Rose, very pleased to meet you, Chuck. Very kind of you. Valerie loves to walk into town but it is a long way. Kind of you. I’d offer you some tea but…” My Mum ground to a halt.

We didn’t have any tea.

“No worries Ma’am! The US Army runs on coffee. I just happen to have a bag in my vehicle. Hold on there, be right back!”

He returned with a big sack of coffee tucked under his arm.

“This’ll last a week or two.” he announced cheerily following Mum into the kitchen, “Coffee for Mom and I found this, for you Valerie,” he handed me my watch, “never be late for work or an appointment ever again eh?” he winked at me when Mum wasn’t looking.

“But, you shouldn’t…” said my Mum, all of a fluster, “it’s not…” and she dried up not saying what it wasn’t.

“Nonsense, Ma’am, we got loads of ’em. Drop one just like it in tomorrow, on my way into town, just for you! Now, Valerie, let’s show you how it works while Mom makes the coffee.”

We sat around, chatting with Chuck telling us about his home in America and Mum telling him about what it was like in England before the war. I fiddled with my new watch.

When it came time for Chuck to leave he gave me a quick hug and told me to look after my ‘Mom’ then winked. Mum gave him a quick hug and a peck on the cheek before saying,

“Thanks for the coffee, Chuck and Valerie’s watch, you shouldn’t’ve y’know?”

“Nonsense! Like I said we’ve got loads. I’ll drop yours in about thirteen thirty? You in then?”

“I’m at work then, Chuck!” said my Mum unhappily.

“No problem, I’m going into town anyway. You in around then Valerie?”

I told him I was and asked if he could give me a lift into town after.

I was waiting for him the next afternoon. He arrived exactly on time. His face lit up when he saw me waiting at the front gate. He hauled a large bag out from under the front seat, looked up and down the road then picked me up and gave me a big kiss. I kissed him back, just as big. I took him into the kitchen.

“Here,” he said opening the bag, “sweets for my Valerie.”

He handed me a wrapped bar of chocolate. Chocolate was as rare as hen’s teeth back then. I unwrapped it and took a big bite before he changed his mind. Yeuk! Arrrh it was horrid. Sooo sour! I couldn’t help but pull a face.

“Not to your liking?” he grinned, “back in the States Hershey bars are considered to be the best. They can’t get enough of ’em! Nice mouthful of spunk more to your liking eh?”

I didn’t know what spunk was, back then, but assumed it was what came out of his cock.

“Yeah! A mouth full of spunk is much, much nicer,” I said starting to undo his belt.

I got his cock out. Wanked him ’til he was nice and hard then put it in my mouth. I stopped before really getting going.

“Why does the watch need to be able to hack?” I asked innocently wanting to delay his release as long as possible.

While he tried ataköy escort to explain that hacking was how a group of soldiers synchronised their watches before going into battle I set about sucking every drop of spunk out of his body. I really did enjoy it, even after only one previous go! I edged him four or five times before letting him explode into my mouth. It was fantastic! I gobbled it down as fast as he pumped it in.

I told him not to get dressed yet. He grinned happily and sat at the table and rested while I made coffee. We sat and drank while he told me more about his home.

He asked if I’d smoked all the Lucky’s. I laughed and told him I’d only had one, when I walked back across the field from the barn.

“Well you have enough smokes for now, you don’t like Hershey bars, guess you’d better have these then.” he handed me three packets of nylon stockings, “and this,” he said handing me a big pack of gum, “You got somewhere better than the barn to hide ’em?”

“I’m working on it.” I told him.

“When I was a kid I hid my stash under the bottom drawer in my bedroom. That work for you?”

“Don’t know, come upstairs and show me what you mean.” I said artfully.

I led him upstairs to my bedroom.

“See what you mean,” he said as soon as he walked in the door, “your chests of drawers are on fancy legs. Nothing under the bottom drawer. Any loose floorboards? Under the wardrobe looks good.”

“Never mind for now. It’s more comfortable here than in the woods. Lay on my bed.”

Mum wasn’t going to be home until nearly six, eighteen hundred hours, so we had a long time to play. I just loved edging him. Watching his excitement build and retreat then build again. I’d have done it forever if I didn’t know how much better it was if, after edging him mercilessly, I made him cum and fill my mouth and pump it down my throat. We stayed in my bedroom for over two hours. I’d sucked him off twice upstairs and once more down in the kitchen.

He found a loose floorboard in the linen cupboard and showed me how to lift it out. Somewhere to put my hoard, he said.

Back in the kitchen he emptied his bag; more coffee, some tinned meat, tins of fruit, butter, gum, perfume for Mum and her watch and more stockings.

“Does your Mum smoke?”

When I said yes he pulled out a big pack of Lucky Strikes and another Zippo, just like mine.

“You reckon your Mum’ll let me stop by tomorrow for coffee?” he asked very naughtily.

### ### ###

“Any problems yesterday?” Chuck asked as soon as he walked in the back door. “Did your Mom like her watch and stuff?”

“Yeah! She loved it all!” I confirmed, “said she really should thank you personally.”

I could see by the look in his eyes that he liked that thought. I didn’t wait for him to respond.

“S’pose I tell her you’ll be round tonight about eight,” I checked myself, “twenty hundred hours. Just to make sure? I’ll go to bed early. Let her thank you properly?”

He grinned, not slow on the uptake obviously.

“You sure?” he asked, looking more than a little worried.

“Would you stop coming to see me?” I asked plaintively.

“Stop seeing you? Hell no! I told you, you give the best head I’ve ever had. You drain my balls every time!”

I know he’d said it before but hearing it again made me feel real good and knowing he’d still want me if he was fucking my Mum made it even better.

“How long have we got?” I asked mischievously.

“Well, if I’m gonna be back for twenty hundred I’d better show my face sometime. A couple of hours?”

“Great! Where do you want to go? Upstairs, downstairs or outside? It’s a nice day.”

I was feeling much more confident. Much more in control despite Chuck being big and way older. Probably older than my Mum.

“Is outside good? Nobody would see us?”

“No, no problem. There’s a high hedge. We can stay behind the house or go right up the back by the veg, behind the runner bean strings.”

He grinned happily.

“Outside would be great if that’s OK with you? There’s something a bit special I’d like to ask you to do, if we’re gonna be outside today.”

I looked at him hard. That could only mean one thing and that was definitely not going to happen!

“You can ask me here and if I agree we can go outside, if you like.” I told him.

He grinned at that.

“Smart! Good girl!” he chortled, “didn’t put it very well, did I? OK, here goes. Once I’ve spunked in your mouth could you take it out and let me spunk on your face?”

WOW! Just the thought of him spunking all over me got me excited. My turn to grin!

“Oh I thought…” I dried up before I’d really got started.

“You thought I was gonna ask to fuck you, didn’t you?”

“Well, yes.” I admitted in a very small voice.

“Would you have agreed?”

“NO!” I replied emphatically, “no fucking way! I’m much too young to be saddled with some fatherless baby!”

“Good girl,” he chuckled again, “Sweetheart, my daughter was about your age, I reckon, before I left the States. She gave great head, just like you but there’s no way I’d fuck her. You’re both legally old enough to fuck and some would love to but getting pregnant before your life has started just ain’t right, in my book. No problems with wanking and sucking cock, praise the lord! So, can I spunk on your face?”

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