Muslim Widow’s Anal Adventures Ch. 02

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with another post. Today, I’m going to narrate a few other times when I and my slutty widowed Muslim aunty Sheen had the most memorable anal sex. I hope you guys enjoy this post as you’ve loved my earlier posts.

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A little background first…

I’m Ali. I’m tall, a little over 5’10”, fair with sharp features and long, straight jet black hair which I usually wear long. I have a naturally lean and muscular physique because I’ve been a serious soccer player since I was in school.

I live in a popular city in central India and come from an extended family of ultra-conservative rich Muslims. Although I’ve started living in Mumbai from some years I used to live together with my huge family, which includes the families of my father and his 8 brothers. We are well-off and own a large piece of gated property on the northern outskirts of our city. There are three 3-storied buildings inside the gated and walled compound with spacious apartments for each individual family. It was an extremely strict and conservative upbringing for me, as the women in my family would cover themselves in Niqab and Hijab whenever stepping out of the house. We would follow our religious tenets to the word and are still renowned for being one of the most well-off but conservative Muslim families in our huge city. This ultra-strict lifestyle is what I think prompted some of us in the family to rebel and this lead to the forming of taboo sexual relationships with members of my family.

Aunt Sheen is the widow of my eldest uncle and in her late 40s back then. Sheen aunty is short, barely 5’6″ and plump. Aunty is significantly darker than the rest of my family who are all fair-skinned. Sheen aunty has a round face with big brown eyes and severe, thin lips. She had wavy black hair. Aunty Sheen has huge D-cup boobs that are firmly round even at this age. Her large chest gives way to a curvy waist that flares out to a pair of wide, motherly hips. Aunty Sheen has an enormous brown and round booty. I simply love the way Aunty Sheen’s gigantic round ass swung side to side whenever she walked.


Wonderful Anal Quickie at Wedding

(Wednesday 7 PM – 11 PM, April 2007)

Aunty Sheen and I had flown to Mumbai for her friend Vandana’s daughter’s wedding. I had just finished my exams and aunty didn’t have to convince me to accompany her for a 3-day long trip. My folks had no problem by now whenever Aunty Sheen asked me to take her anywhere. They were glad that I was eager to help aunty even more after her husband’s death.

Aunty Sheen and I had reached Mumbai in the afternoon and her friend Vandana had booked us a room at a classy luxury hotel in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. After checking into the hotel and having an uneventful lunch Aunty Sheen went off to the nearest beauty parlor to touch up for the evening wedding. The parlor was right next to the hotel and I had returned to the hotel room.

I had spent the time cleaning the awesome stuff I’d scored for the trip. It was only a few months ago that I and her daughter, my cousin Dee, had experimented with Mama Roanna for the first time. Aunty Sheen was introduced to the good green herb a month later and she had instantly taken a liking to it.

I rolled up around 10 small but thick Js and kept them neatly in the sunglasses case.

It was a little after 7 in the evening when Aunty Sheen knocked on the hotel room door.

“Hi Aunty!” I greeted her and looked her up and down in admiration.

Aunty Sheen had styled her hair short, with streaks of dark brown highlights running through it. But my eyes were pulled down by the large swathe of her dark chest which could be seen through the extremely low-cut sleeveless dark blue blouse she wore. I could clearly see well over 4 inches of Aunty Sheen’s dark, deep cleavage and the prominent swell of her dark, D-cup breasts was barely held back by the thin strip of the blouse underneath. Aunty had draped a sky blue transparent silk Sari that highlighted her round, voluptuous figure.

“Hi, son!” Sheen aunty smiled wide.

She stretched up to kiss me quickly, and brushed deliberately against me as she passed me on her way inside.

“Wow! You’re looking really pretty!” I commented.

I locked the door, turned around and followed her into the large hotel room. I watched her enormous round booty sway and jiggle as she walked in the black high heels to the bedside. As Aunty Sheen bent to put her purse on the bedside table I felt my young cock twitch under my shorts as my gaze landed on her wide, motherly hips which protruded out noticeably in the flimsy fabric of her Sari.

“What have you been doing, son? I hope you didn’t get bored.” Aunty asked with concern in her voice.

“I spent my time cleaning up the dope and rolling it into Js so we don’t have to waste pendik escort time later on.” I explained and pointed to the black case of my sunglasses on the bedside table.

“That’s really sweet!” Aunty beamed, “You’re so helpful.” She commented and smiled before asking, “Well, we have to reach the venue by 8 because Vandana said the wedding starts half hour later. So I think we have enough time to try one.”

“Yes! You’re right!” I agreed excitedly.

I selected a thick J from the case, grabbed the lighter and followed Aunty into the big balcony attached to our 5th floor hotel room. I stepped into the dimly-lit balcony and caught Aunty leaning on the chrome railing. The small, golden bulb that glowed on the ceiling was enough to see her lovely, plump form.

“Okay, light up.” Aunt Sheen said excitedly as I joined her on the humid balcony.

I didn’t need to be told twice and I immediately lit the small, stocky J. I remember the way Aunty Sheen was excited. I saw her bright teeth shining in the semi-darkness as she grinned with excitement. I took the first puff and offered it to aunty. I watched her close her eyes and take the first hit. She held the smoke in till she swayed a bit where she stood and she immediately exhaled hard.

“Whew!” Aunty sighed, “This is very strong!” She said through half-closed eyes and took a step towards me.

Aunty Sheen ended up leaning against me. I felt her wonderfully voluptuous tits resting lightly against my abs. I steadied her with a hand and took the J she offered back. As I took another puff I felt aunty pull my arm around her shoulder and she stood leaning against my side. My left arm rested casually over her dark, smooth rounded shoulder. I kept my eyes closed and held the smoke in. Aunty took the J from my hand without a word and I heard the sizzle of the rolling paper as she pulled a long puff.

It was then that I opened my eyes and the cityscape swirled around for the first few seconds. I felt disoriented for a few moments. Thankfully, I came to my senses when I felt Aunty Sheen nudge my side. I looked down and took the nearly-finished J from her hand. Aunty Sheen had started swaying by now. I had to catch her tightly around the shoulder to steady her and noticed her grinning through half-closed eyes. I took one last pull on it and crushed it carefully in the potted plant at my side. I leaned over and dumped the butt in the small ashtray on the coffee table behind Aunty.

Despite buzzing hard by now I remembered I had to get ready for the wedding. I’m lucky it doesn’t take long for me to get ready for any formal event.

“Are you okay, aunty? Why don’t you take a seat here and I’ll get ready. Then we’ll just have to wait for the car.

“Oh, okay.” Aunty Sheen said reluctantly, “Get ready and come back fast.” She said and pulled me down for a sloppy kiss.

I immediately felt my hungry cock twitch noticeably in my shorts. I ended the kiss as quickly as I could politely and left Aunty sitting in one of the two cane armchairs at the coffee table in the balcony.

I ran water over my face and checked myself in the bathroom mirror. I was swaying a little but I knew the swaying would go down once I relaxed. It was the light-headed horniness that always engulfed me when I was high. I shook my head and stepped out of the bathroom. I pulled on a light blue shirt and a pair of slim, black trousers. I checked my hair once in the full-length mirror beside the bathroom door and left my black tuxedo on the back of the sofa near the balcony. Walking out quietly into the balcony I noticed Aunty Sheen staring out at the view of the hot and humid evening with the half-smoked cigarette in her hand.

“Wow!” Aunty Sheen exclaimed when she I came into her view. “You’re looking so cute.” She teased.

“Thanks, Aunty.” I mumbled, playing along and stood leaning on the balcony handrail.

Aunty Sheen was quite high. She started acting giddy. As I leaned to take a cigarette from the pack on the coffee table, Aunty suddenly reached out and grabbed my crotch.

“Whoa!” I cried out softly, “Aunty the car will be here any minute.” I half-joked half-pleaded with her.

“I don’t care.” She teased.

Aunty caught the thick shaft of my flaccid cock from over the trousers and literally pulled me closer with it. I immediately stepped closer till I stood against the hand-rests of her armchair. Aunty Sheen crushed her cigarette out in the ashtray and immediately pulled down the zipper. She reached inside and expertly guided the thick, long semi-aroused cock out through the fly. I immediately felt the somewhat cool breeze brushing against it and my stoned brain negated any thoughts of caution. I lit the cigarette and stood leaning against the armchair and let her do whatever she wanted.

“Damn! I can never get enough of your lovely cock, son.” She whispered fiercely as her hands caressed it with experience.

My sensitive cock immediately responded and started to grow hard tuzla escort as we looked on. It rose up and began to throb gently as it reached its peak. I began taking pulls on the cigarette and felt myself get higher.

“Oh… Aunty.” I moaned when Aunty Sheen’s soft, wet tongue ran around the bulbous head of my thick, circumcised dick.

I looked down in a daze and watched her looking right up at me as her firm, thin lips carefully wrap at the top of my thick shaft.

“Aahh…” I exhaled the smoke and moaned with pleasure as Aunty expertly licked the engorged head of my cock while she stroked its long shaft casually.

I closed my eyes and readied myself for a nice, long head when suddenly Aunty Sheen’s mobile rang in her purse.

“Oh shit!” Aunty swore, “It must be the driver.” She said, gesturing for me to get her purse from the bed.

Dejected and fuming I walked into the hotel room and grabbed her purse. I pulled out her mobile phone and saw an unknown number calling.

I walked out with her purse and phone and handed them to her.

“Hello?” Aunty Sheen said in a somewhat normal tone into the phone.

It was the driver of the car that Vandana had sent to bring us to the venue of her daughter’s wedding. Aunty had said that we could catch a cab but Vandana cared and she were close so Vandana insisted that she should come in the car.

I heard her tell the driver we would be down now. Sighing hard, I crushed the half-smoked cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table and walked into the hotel room adjusting my semi-around cock. The pants were quite tight at the front and the shape of my trouser snake could be seen clearly. Luckily, I had my tuxedo and I carried it over my arm in the front as I followed aunty out of the hotel room.

Aunty Sheen apologized profusely because she could see I was kind of dejected. She whispered that she would make up for it soon. She promised to let me have my way with her and I perked up a little at that. Grudgingly I nodded my head as we stepped into the car.

After a few words of greeting, the driver started the car and we were on the way to the convention hall that Vandana had booked near Sector 17. Aunty sat close to me throughout the short but slow journey to the venue. She pressed her enormous, soft tits against my arm and consoled me with naughty promises.

Fortunately, I had been able to get my cock normal again. The driver left us at the entrance and Aunty Sheen took a moment to adjust her slutty blouse and flimsy Sari before she caught my arm and walked in with me.

It was a few minutes past 8 when we walked into the wedding hall.

“Nice!” I commented, admiring the décor and the lavish wedding which had been planned.

It was a grand affair. The huge hall was decorated lavishly with flowers, streamers, colored bulbs and whatnot. The buffet had almost 50 different items and we could see the huge throng of guests who had already arrived. It was a high-class event. Almost every adult, men and women, had a drink in their hands. All the women were dressed in similar outfits as Aunty Sheen. I was now trying not to stare at the different shapes, sizes and colors of half-hidden boobs that I could see anywhere I turned my head.

Instead, I ogled Aunty Sheen’s enormous jiggling ass cheeks as we walked towards the stage where the bride and the groom sat to greet the guests.

After congratulating the bride and groom, Aunty Sheen began catching up with Vandana and I stood to the side. I was still buzzing from the J and just gazed around at the surrounding lights and colors as we stood on one side of the stage. Vandana began asking me about my plans for the future, the usual stuff that Indian aunties are curious about the younger ones at such events. I managed to hold myself together and answered her as politely as I could. After a few minutes of chit-chat aunty excused herself.

Vandana went back to join her daughter and husband on the stage. Soon, the ceremony started and the priest began chanting the mantras. Aunty Sheen and I hung about for a while before she caught my hand and gently pulled me away.

As we didn’t know the other guests, Aunty Sheen guided me to the drinks table at the far end of the hall. Sheen and I took a stool at the deserted bar and she ordered a glass of wine for her. She raised her eyebrows in query at me but I shook my head because I was enjoying my high. I ordered a Breezer for myself. After a couple of glasses, Aunty began to regret having the wine after the J. I became a bit worried when Aunty began giggling audibly and was noticeably drunk. Aunty Sheen must have also realized it because she consciously looked around and slowly took something out of her dark blue purse.

“Those aren’t the hotel keys, right?” I asked, perplexed at the couple of keys Aunty Sheen dangled in front of me.

“These are the keys for a room upstairs, sweetheart.” Aunty Sheen whispered excitedly and got off of the stool slowly. “Vandana kartal escort said in case I wanted to rest my feet.” She winked as she said this.

Before I could react Aunty had caught my arm and was slowly making her way through the sparse guests over to the staircase at the back of the hall which led upstairs to the gallery. Thanks to the other guests engrossed in the wedding ceremony Aunty Sheen and I managed to sneak up the stairs unnoticed.

It had been only half hour since the ceremony started and I knew it would take another hour to get over. I was glad that Aunty could take a nap and sleep off the wine by the time the bride and groom left. As Aunty Sheen and Vandana were very close friends Aunty felt it impolite to leave before the wedding ceremony was over completely.

As I followed Aunty Sheen upstairs, my eyes were as usual locked on to her huge, round buttocks. Seeing her wide, curvy buttocks sway under the flimsy Sari made me get hard. I began hoping that Aunty would find the time to relieve me soon.

I took the keys from Aunty Sheen unlocked the door at the end of the gallery to the left of the stairs. The room was quite large, with tall windows on the wall opposite the door. Although there was only a small white light bulb switched on inside I could make out the large double-bed beneath the large windows. A door to the left led to the bathroom apparently. The room had a couple of chairs and a low coffee table at the foot of the bed.

Aunty Sheen leaned heavily on me as we walked inside. I paused to lock the door from inside and guided Aunty Sheen towards the bed, where I thought she would rest for an hour or so.

Instead, Aunty Sheen asked to smoke a cigarette. So we took seats on the low, cushioned chairs at the coffee table and I lit a couple of smokes. I handed her one after lighting it well.

Aunty Sheen nodded her head in thanks and took a long drag on the cigarette. I watched her smoke a couple of puffs in silence, still not knowing what to expect. Aunty Sheen caught me staring at her.

“What? I’m not too drunk. I can handle myself son. Don’t worry.” Aunty Sheen smiled and said through the smoke and leaned forward to pat my knee.

“Okay. If you say so coz I was really worried there.” I said, shaking my head in relief.

“Oh you..” Aunty Sheen said and laughed, “Look at you, getting all worried for me.” She teased me and I smiled too.

“Trust me. I wouldn’t get sloshed until I know it’s only me and you around, okay?” Aunty Sheen smirked before she laughed out loud and I joined in.

We continued to smoke our cigarettes in silence. We could clearly hear the drone of the mantras from out in the hall below. After crushing her cigarette butt in the ashtray on the coffee table Aunty Sheen reached for her purse.

“Look what I have.” Aunty Sheen triumphantly held a small, slim J.

“How did you..?” I started to ask but Sheen aunty explained.

“I picked it up on our way out of the hotel room, son. I knew the wedding would go on and on.” She raised her eyebrow.

“Awesome! You think of everything, Aunty!” I exclaimed excitedly.

Aunty Sheen smiled wide as she handed me the J and the lighter. Aunty Sheen moved up on the bed. She sat resting an arm over the low, wide window sill behind the bed. I stepped over to the window and opened it. Standing with one knee on the soft bed I looked out at the bustling streets of Vashi and lit the J.

I instantly felt lighter as the first drag went in. I quietly passed it to Aunt Sheen who sat on the bed. She watched me as she took a drag herself. We both held the smoke in for a while, looking at each other and listening for sounds outside the room. A few seconds later we both blew the smoke out of the window and sighed. Aunty took another pull before passing it on to me. Sheen aunty then moved closer to my end of the bed. She sat now with her huge boobs almost touching my crotch. We whispered about getting caught smoking up in the room but then convinced ourselves that everyone was too busy with the wedding ceremony downstairs to bother checking for us upstairs right now.

By the time I had the last drag on the J Aunty Sheen was pulling me on to the bed. I quickly glanced down to check and flicked the butt out of the window.

“Whoa!” I exclaimed when Aunty pulled me down on the bed.

I half-lay on the bed, with my feet resting on the ground. I felt incredibly lightweight. My sense of touch was extremely heightened whenever I was high. I could hear extremely small noises clearly too. As the chanting droned on down in the hall I lay back with half-closed eyes, loving the peculiarly musky scent of Aunty Sheen’s body. A second later I heard her gold bangles tinkle as she moved. I suddenly had a close-up view of her thick thighs when I turned my head to the side.

The next moment I felt aunty fumbling with my belt. I grinned to myself in the semi-dark room and half-turned to pull at her Sari. Aunty Sheen lifted her knees enough for me to carefully pull her Sari all the way up to her waist. I draped the Sari upside down over her back and lay back down on the bed. By the time Aunty Sheen had undone my belt and swiftly opened my fly.

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