Muslim Aunt Sheen’s Naughty Nudity

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Hi all, its Ali here!

I’m back with another long, but incredibly detailed memory. This time I’ve decided to make a post of the top five times my widowed, Muslim Aunt Sheen boldly showed off her nudist nature at different places. I have tried to put the events in a chronological order and included as much details as I can remember from all those years ago, so I hope you like these short posts as much as you did the earlier ones I uploaded.

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A little background first…

I am Ali. Fair and tall, I stand over 5’10” and have sharp features with straight, dark hair. I have a naturally trim and muscular physique from playing soccer since I was little.

I live in one of the large cities in central India and belong to a very strict Muslim sect. My huge, extended family of my father and his seven brothers is strictly religious and extremely conservative. We are quite well off but prefer a simple lifestyle. My home is in a large gated compound spread across a couple of acres, along the northern outskirts of my home town. We all have spacious apartments in the three 3-storied buildings within the compound which also has a large common parking lot. Despite being loaded, we live fairly simple and religious life. We are discouraged to mix with strangers from the opposite gender from very early on. Hence, we were very close with our siblings and cousins. Still, girls in my family always had to wear a Burka to cover their body and a Hijab or headscarf whenever stepping out of the house.

The highly strict and ultra-conservative atmosphere at home eventually led a few of us to rebel against it secretly by starting taboo, sexual relationships.

Aunt Sheen is the widow of my father’s eldest brother, a mother of two and was in her late 40s at the time. Aunty is your typical India Muslim MILF. Aunt Sheen is dark and plump, with a noticeably dark complexion that was in contrast with the rest of my family who are all fair-skinned. Aunt Sheen stands around 5’6″ tall, with big brown eyes and thin severe lips on a round face. Sheen is extremely voluptuous, with enormous, soft D-cup breasts that are still remarkably round for her age. Aunty is curvy on the sides, with well-rounded, motherly hips. Aunt Sheen’s best asset has to be her huge, round globe-like ass cheeks. Being short and thick, Aunt Sheen has a wonderfully prominent, fleshy booty which always stood out proud behind her and shakes incredibly when she moves.

Aunt Sheen had seduced me a week after her husband passed away after an illness. Since then, Aunt Sheen and I have had a discrete but regular sexual relationship. Aunt Sheen is credited for having taught me a lot of things about sex and introduced me to some weird and exciting kinks down the years.

One of the very first and more prominent kinks of Aunt Sheen is being nude. Aunt Sheen, the seemingly straight and severe matriarch widow of our huge family, turned out to be a natural nudist as I found out to my shock, initially.

Here are the top most memorable times when my mature, Indian Muslim widowed Aunt Sheen showed off her forbidden desire to be a nudist.


First Night of Nudity at Home

(Monday 8 PM — Tuesday 8 AM, March 2006)

I remember I had just finished soccer practice when I got a call from Aunt Sheen on my new cell phone.

“Hi Ali!” Aunt Sheen greeted me cheerfully.

“Hi Aunty.” I replied, panting.

“Where are you, sweetheart? You sound as if you’ve run mile.” She asked.

“I just finished soccer practice, Aunty.” I explained.

“Mm… That means you’re hot and sweaty right now, hmm?” She said in a flirty tone.

“Umm… yeah…” I confessed, looking down at my muddy and sweaty soccer tee and shorts.

“Hmm… Ali, I heard your family is gone for the day?” she asked, suddenly changing the topic.

“Yes. Jazmine and Amna went with mom and dad. I didn’t feel like going.” I replied, sure that Aunt Sheen already knew this.

Being the elder of our huge family, Aunt Sheen knew a lot of things that happened in our extended household. I was sure my mom would have told her about the trip long before.

“So how about having dinner at my place?” Aunty asked, adding “You know it’s still a few days till Dee comes back from Mumbai.” She said, “And yes. Please bring a packet of smokes for me, son.” Sheen insisted.

“Okay. Sure Aunty!” I replied as I started feeling increasingly excited.

Whenever Aunt Sheen called me like this, it meant that she wanted to fuck. Ever since she had seduced me a few weeks ago, Aunty hadn’t lost a chance to suck or fuck me at home. We had even managed to sneak away for a weekend of fuck to a beautiful lake-side resort last week after my birthday. I had discovered some honestly shocking things about my otherwise severe and strict Muslim widowed aunt.

I had planned to eat out with a few friends as my own family had gone topkapı escort to my mother’s father’s place, a couple of hours from our town. Now, the dinner invitation from Aunt Sheen was immensely tempting.

It was just after sundown on a hot late March evening as I said goodbye to my teammates and rode on my new Royal Enfield Bullet back home from our high school ground after our daily soccer practice.

It was 8 in evening when I reached home and my cell phone rang as I parked my motorcycle in the huge common parking lot on our property.

“Hi Aunty.” I said, picking up Aunt Sheen’s call, “I just reached. Let me get clean up and change and I’ll come right up.”

“I heard your bike come in. There’s no need to go to your place to get a shower. You can do it here too.” Sheen Aunty said.

“Okay. But I got to get a change of clothes, right?” I said as I grabbed my soccer kit bag and walked over to our apartment building.

“No. Come right up. We’ll see about that later. Okay?” Aunty insisted.

“Okay… all right.” I said, wondering what she had planned as I took the stairs to the first floor.

Aunt Sheen and my family shared the first and largest of the three buildings. We lived in the expansive apartment on the ground floor while Aunt Sheen had a duplex apartment on the two floors above. I walked up to the iron-grill door of her apartment when it opened suddenly.

“Come on in, son.” Aunt Sheen greeted me with a wide smile.

“Mmpphh!!” I exclaimed in surprise when Aunty Sheen suddenly pulled me in for a hard kiss.

I felt her lips wrap over mine and her tongue immediately dart in my mouth. I responded by parting my lips and letting her play with my tongue for a whole minute.

“Mmm…” Aunt Sheen moaned, breaking the kiss and licking her wet lips quickly before she turned around to lock the grille door behind her.

The small drawing room at the front of her apartment was dimly lit but my eyes went straight to her clothes and I checked out her sexy, mature body with rising excitement.

Aunt Sheen wore a flimsy, white-colored sleeveless sleeping gown that came down to just below her knees. It had thin straps that showed off her lovely, brown shoulders. I felt my cock jerk as I glanced lower. My eyes lingered at her deep, dark cleavage which was visible at the low neckline of her gown. I watched her turn around and waited with bated breath for the best part. Aunt Sheen locked the door and beckoned me to follow her into the large living room. I grabbed the crotch of my track pants and adjusted my hardened cock inside it as I watched her enormous, round and dark bubble booty visible clearly in contrast with the white sheer fabric of her night gown. I shook my head in desperation as I watched her sexy, large butt cheeks sway from side to side when she walked through the living room and the kitchen before stopping in the hallway to the bathroom.

“Keep your bag here, son.” Aunt Sheen said, pointing to the ground in the hallway as I followed her in a trance to the bathroom.

“Let’s get you cleaned up real good.” Sheen Aunty said, turning to smile wide before stepping into the large bathroom on the first floor.

I followed her mutely and watching her lovely, large ass cheeks swinging wildly under the sheer night gown. I was still wearing my black-colored Reebok sweat-suit and had on my dirty soccer Tee and muddy soccer shorts underneath. I stopped just long enough to take off my cleats and socks before I hurried into the bathing room behind Aunt Sheen.

“Let me get those dirty clothes off, son.” Aunt Sheen said softly and made me stand against the tiled wall.

She reached out and flicked on the switch for the small light bulb over the large bathing area. The yellow bulb overhead was perfect to highlight the contrast between Aunt Sheen’s dark curves and her sheer white night gown. It was when I noticed the large black areolas in the light that I realized she was not wearing a bra underneath. My tensed up noticeably in my tight soccer shorts.

I was staring at Aunt Sheen’s dark, monstrous tits as she began to strip my jacket and track pants off. She hurried to take off my dirty soccer Tee but slowed down when she began to peel off my muddy soccer shorts. I watched her cleavage get wide as she knelt down in front, pulling my soccer shorts slowly down my muscular, smooth legs. Aunt Sheen ran her hands up my sweaty thighs and reached for the waistband of my underwear next. I leaned back and rested against the cold bathroom tiles as she slowly pulled my underwear and stripped me completely nude.

“Aunty…” I moaned out with a sigh of pleasure as I felt her run her fingertips up my fair, strong legs as she stood up slowly.

“Mmhh…” Aunt Sheen moaned softly before coming close for a kiss and started to lick my sweaty neck.

“Ohh…” It was my turn to moan when she caressed my eager, hard cock lovingly.

“Yes… I love it.” Aunt Sheen whispered when she broke the kiss and licked my sweat türbanlı escort off of her lips.

I watched her enormous tits jiggle under her sheer night gown when she reached up and turned on the shower.

“Aaahh…” I groaned with pleasure when I felt the cool water falling on my bare, sweaty hot body.

I closed my eyes and looked up, letting the water run through my long, dark hair as Aunt Sheen softly rubbed my bare, firm chest. I opened my eyes and looked down to see her night gown was completely wet too. I immediately felt my cock jerk hard at this.

I watched her white, flimsy night gown sticking to her dark, plump curves. She pushed out her huge, dark tits and I saw her large, black nipples straining against the thin fabric. The water droplets splattered her and I watched my mature aunt’s lovely round hips visible under the wet night gown.

“Mmm… Ali…” Aunty Sheen moaned my name softly as she grabbed my hands and placed them on the thin straps of her gown. “Take this off, son.” She whispered urgently.

I didn’t waste time and slipped off the thin straps off of her bare, wet shoulders. Aunt Sheen put her arms straight down and stood still as I stripped the transparent wet night gown slowly off and revealed her lovely, curvy body. Aunt Sheen stepped out of the night gown and I let it lying on the wet floor as she moved to stand under the shower now.

My thick, stiff dick was aching hard now as I enjoyed a full view of Aunt Sheen’s sexy, wet mature body. The yellowish light bounced off of Aunt’s wholesome, huge tits. I watched the water stream down the expanse of her dark, enormous tits before dribbling down her large, black nipples. Sheen aunty turned around to get her gigantic bubble booty wet. The water slipped between her deep, dark ass crack and I watched it flow down her smooth, brown, thick legs.

“Come here, son.” Aunt Sheen reached out and pulled me under the shower with her.

“Hug me.” She said, putting her smooth, bare arms around my neck and pulling me into a tight, wet and warm embrace.

“Put your arms around my back first. Go on, son. Don’t feel shy.” Aunt Sheen coaxed me softly.

I reached around her plump, naked body and bent down as I wrapped my arms around her curvy, wet waist.

“Yesss…” Aunt Sheen moaned as my chest touched her lovely, large breasts.

I felt her hard, thick nipples poke into my chest as she began rubbing her body on mine as we stood under the shower. I felt her slight paunch rub against my thick, hard dick as she pushed herself harder on me.

“Go on, touch my ass. I know that’s what you want, son.” Aunty whispered in my ears and stood on tiptoes.

I immediately slid my hands down her enormous, slippery wet booty and began caressing it slowly. I felt my cock begin to strain against Aunty Sheen’s naked, soft wet belly as she continued to rub herself on me as she held on to me.

“Yesss son…. Feel it… touch my big ass, baby. Oh yes… I want you to be assertive, son. Do what you want with my ass… Aaahh!” Sheen aunty moaned and encouraged me to feel and fondle her wet, wide ass and she cried out when I slipped my hands between her deep butt-crack and teased her tight asshole.

“Oh yes, baby…” Aunty moaned when my hand slid down low and touched her warm, clean-shaven cunt.

I shifted to the side and suddenly cupped her thick, large labia in my hand and kept teasing her butthole with the right hand and began to rub both her holes. Aunt Sheen loosened her arms around my neck and reached out to grab the shower knob for support. Standing to her left as she leaned forward under the shower, I bent down and rubbed my hard, wet cock on her thick, soft ass cheek.

“Ohh… aaahh… oh, yesss… Aaaahhh…” Aunt Sheen moaned harder and pushed out her enormous round ass cheeks for me.

I began to rub her thick, large clit with my left hand while I rubbed my fingertip over her pulsating, wet anus. Aunt Sheen’s plump, naked body shivered and I watched her lovely, large tits dangle and jiggle harder and harder gradually. The water from the shower overhead kept streaming down her wide, nude back and her dark, wet hair was plastered around her face.

“Ali… Yesss… Oh… oh… ohh… Oohh… Oh, fuck!” Aunt Sheen moaned encouragingly and suddenly swore when I pushed a fingertip in her tight, warm asshole.

“Ohh.. ohhh… I’m coming….Aaahhhhhh…!” Aunt Sheen announced right before her entire body was wrecked with spasms of an intense orgasm.

I was surprised when I felt the warm gush of her warm, sticky cunt juices squirt against my palm. Her anus clenched tight around my fingertip and I let it twirl around a little and felt her react noticeably to this.

“Fuck! Ali… Aaahhhh!” Aunt Sheen swore and groaned hard as another intense orgasm hit her and she suddenly stood straight, leaning against the shower wall.

I watched her grip the shower knob tightly for support, as her wet, dark body heaved with the effort to catch her tüyap escort breath. I stood in my place, with my hand slowly caressing my throbbing, thick cock under the shower and watched my aunt trying to recover from her multiple climaxes.

I wanted to shove my thick, throbbing dick deep in Aunt Sheen’s creaming, mature cunt from behind but decided to wait.

“Wow!” Aunt Sheen exclaimed as she turned around, “That was amazing, son.” She smiled wide and said before taking a step close to me. “Now, sit down on this stool so I can bathe you, sweetheart.” Sheen said, pointing to the small, plastic stool kept on one side.

“Aaw…” I groaned softly in disappointment, but obliged her.

“Sshhh..” Aunt Sheen shushed me, “Have some patience, sweetheart.” She said as she turned to get the soap before kneeling down in front of me.

I sat naked and wet on the low stool as Aunt Sheen began to soap my tired body. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of her loving touch as she gently lathered my neck and my shoulders before moving down to rub my chest.

“Hmm…” I sighed in approval and enjoyed the soft, loving way that my mature aunty was bathing me.

“Aunty…” I whispered as her hands moved down my chest and began to rub round and round my crotch.

I felt my semi-erect cock again getting hard. I opened my eyes and saw Aunty Sheen staring mesmerized at my thick, soapy wet cock as she absentmindedly soaped my strong bare thighs and lean, muscular legs. I rested back against the cold wall of the bathroom and let Aunt Sheen bathe me slowly.

As Aunt Sheen smiled while staring at my cock, I ogled her wonderful, naked body. I watched her dark, large round tits as they jiggled when she soaped me. I could clearly see her long, black nipples standing tight in the dim yellow light. Her thick, brown thighs were wet and glistening with the water as she knelt on the bare, wet bathroom floor.

“Lovely…” I heard Aunt Sheen comment and saw her ogling my naked, soapy body with open lust in her eyes.

My cock began to rise noticeably at this and Aunt Sheen raised her eyebrow.

“You are going to have to wait, son. I need to shave you now.” Sheen said, smiling and winking at me before she stood up and turned around.

“But I trimmed my pubes just last week, Aunty.” I said, looking down at the slight week-long fuzzy growth of pubic hair on my crotch.

“So what?” Aunt Sheen replied as I watched her gigantic, round and wet bubble butt while she rummaged around on the large bathroom shelf. “I got this just for such an occasion.” Aunt Sheen said triumphantly as she turned around with a brand new razor blade in her hand and switched on the large light of the bathroom.

“Okay. If you want to…” I said glad to have Aunt Sheen touch my cock for any reason.

“Lie back and stay still, son.” Aunt Sheen said as she knelt between my legs again with the razor in her hand and reached out to open the behind me. “Spread your legs nice and wide, son.” She said, looking up and smiling at me lovingly as she settled on her knees closer to my crotch on the bathroom floor.

I complied immediately and spread my clean, soapy legs as wide as I could. The bathroom was now flooded with bright white light and Aunt Sheen’s bare, brown body glistened looked even more arousing now. My cock agreed and twitched suddenly when Aunt Sheen grabbed it.

“Aaahh…” I groaned as Aunt Sheen wrapped a warm hand around its thick, wet shaft and held it upright.

I wanted her to jerk my cock and suck it till I climaxed inside her lovely, warm mouth as usual but I had not yet reached that level of comfort at being assertive with Aunt Sheen, despite her having made it clear in the beginning of our sexual relationship that she liked me being dominant and demanding.

“Ooohhh…” Aunt Sheen cooed and bit her lower lip as she began to shave my pubes slowly.

It was an exciting experience for me to have my pubes shaved by someone else. Being a Muslim, I was careful to keep my pubic hair short and would shave at least once every two weeks. A clean-shaven crotch feels smooth, comfortable and extremely clean so I was always careful about my grooming. However, as I watched Aunt Sheen keeping my stiff, wet cock straight while she ran the razor blade up its base softly made me feel extremely pleased. I wondered if I could ask her to do this every time but didn’t say so aloud because it felt awkward at the time.

“Okay, stand up, turn around and bend over this stool now, son.” Aunt Sheen said as she moved back a little to give me space.

“Mm… Okay…” I agreed in a pleased daze and did as she asked me.

“Oh God!” Aunt Sheen exclaimed softly from behind and I immediately felt a warm, wet hand caressing my wet, bare butt. “I could eat your ass right now, Ali…” She hissed before grabbing my tight butt cheek and squeezing it hard once.

“Aahh!” I cried out softly, feeling my thick, erect cock dangle down as I bent forward with my hands on the low stool. “Aunty…” I moaned in desperation, dying for a release and watched my hard, wet cock throb with great anticipation.

“Mmm…” Aunt Sheen moaned as she spread the soap all over my bare butt before soon her hand slipped between my tight ass crack and I felt her cool, wet finger brush gently over my anus.

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