Moulin Rouge Fun

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Josh Wyler, a 23 year-old struggling actor with a touch of James Dean was all excited after he did an audition for a film role. He knew that he was the right guy for the role and he felt that he’d done it right.

Walking out of studio in his practiced Hollywood stud walk, he bumped into two dare-to-bare babes who obviously had the hots on him, all tits and white teeth flashing. “Hey, how’s it hanging Mr. Hotshot? Wanna hang around with us for a drink or two in the bistro?”

Despite his meaning to rush home, he obliged. No harm for a little feeling of triumph especially with two girls with pairs of bazoombas any guy could get lost with. Besides, he was feeling inspired and in high spirit.

In the dark corner of the bistro the two babes began manhandling him brazenly. One nibbled his ear while the other ran her hand over his thigh. “We could make a good threesome,” suggested Wanda, the blonde one.

“Oh, ah girls. It’s interesting but I’m already married,” he lied.

“We don’t mind at all? We’re just trying to have some fun, aren’t we?” said the red-headed Luba.

“Yeah, we’re good. Truth of the matter is we can give you the best blow job in the world,” whispered Wanda as she stroked the insides of his thighs.

However Josh refused to be seduced. He thought of his live-in girl waiting for him in his pad. She was Gidget Faran, a stunningly pretty babe who models for Maybelline cosmetics and who’s got the future of Giselle Bundshen or Heidi Klum. They’ve been together for just a month but with her, he didn’t need to fool around. She’s cool enough to last a lifetime.

When Wanda reached over the zipper of his bulging crotch, that did him to spring on his feet. “Not this time little darlings, some other time perhaps” he said and stood, left $10 on the table and left.

“Faggot!” blurted Luba.

Gidget was in the bedroom about to paint her toenails when she heard escort kartal his motorbike sputtered along the driveway.

“Gidget! My angel!” He called out.

“Honey, right in here,” she cried out and jumped up to meet him, clad in a tummy baring top and short shorts.

Soon as he entered the door she hurled herself into his arms. “Good to see you back in time.”

“Hmmm you smell sooo good! Do we have time for a little bonking?” he said holding her waist and feeling around her bottom.

“Honey we should be getting ready for the play you promise us to watch. Save it later. What’s the news about your audition?”

“Oh, I love it. I think I’ve a great chance!” patting her butt.

“That’s nice to hear.”

“Watch me Gidget! I’m gonna be a big star!”

“I love you Josh,” she said hugging him and feeling his erection poking against her.

“Can we do just a quickie. I feel energetic and excited,” he said reaching for her breasts underneath the teeny top brushing the growing nipple under his thumb.

“Ow, come on not now, after the show. Take your shower now. Otherwise we’ll be late. Besides I’ve got a surprise for you tonight,” she said pushing his hand away.

“Oh yeah, what could it be?”

“Oh, it’s nothing like a red Ferrari, but something that’ll make a difference from our past steamy nights.”

“Sex delayed, always makes me a tiger in bed, so watch out,” he said as he stripped off his clothes and padded to the bathroom.

When he came back she was sitting cross-legged on a dressing chair painting her toenails. Josh plopped the clothes he was going to wear on the bed and got an eyeful from between Gidget’s legs. Josh felt that his poking erection could bore a hole on the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

“I have a confession to make: I’m a nail-polish picker. I can barely let two coats dry before I’m chipping maltepe escort off the color. Now, as if sent from heaven to satisfy my habit, comes Nail a ‘Peel, a polish you’re actually supposed to peel…”

“Cut the commercial, honey and let me in, I’m on fire,” he said whipping off the towel and revealing his pride and joy.

“C’mon hon. I told you to behave. Save the horsepower. Tonight’s the night.”

Finally they were dressed up and sped away in Gidget’s Nissan Altima to the musical play they were going to watch.

After the play their desire for each other were boiling up that Josh driving surpassed the speed limit. While he was driving Gidget groped between his legs and found him hard as a stonehenge. When they reached home they dropped off their clothes on their way to bed.

“Wait, Josh I have to show you my surprise!” she said rushing to the night table and taking from the drawer two red-tinted light bulbs. She exchanged these to the regular bulbs in the lamps and the effect when she turned them a fiery red glow bathed the room. What’s more she had sprayed these bulbs with her Red Cologne.

“Is this the surprise?”

“Yeah, a Moulin Rouge effect, can’t you see?” she said, “Our skin tones became flushed red. Isn’t the color sexually exciting?”

“Wow! Red all over huh? “Brilliant idea!” Josh exclaimed.

“Hey don’t touch that stuff. It’s got a dead worm inside,” Gidget warned as he reached for the bottle of Del Maguey and two jiggers.

“Hah!” Josh laughed. “Holy smokey, I forgot to tell you that this drink always has a worm inside.”


” I don’t know –something of an old belief by the Mexicans to ward off evil spirit. For whatever reason, it tastes good. This is moonshine baby. Unregulated so probably the worm was put there as the regulator. Take just one shot. It tastes like Tequila only it’s worm-blooded,” he laughed pendik escort bayan at his wit.

Gidget took the shot. “Hmmm, good.”

“Let’s have some music and you dance. Tonight’s the night as you said.”

Gidget put on arousing sax music into the CD player and she began hip swaying and stripping off her lacy bra. Josh was always in full admiration of her firm, perfectly-shaped tits.

When she slid off the thong off her legs, she stretched it with her fingers and sling-shot it at Josh, hitting his dick. The wispy thong looped itself around the shaft. She giggled gaily like a child scoring in a carnival fair.

Josh walked up to her with predator grin, grabbed her, and whipped her up with frenzied kisses. She leaned back and Josh bent his head to kiss, lip, and suck her boobs and nipples. Her hand groped for his cock rubbed and squeezed it with her thong. “Gosh, you’re wielding a tire iron here.”

Gidget tugged both sides of the thong and began rubbing the head of his cock like polishing a shoe. “This is really hard, hard as an advance Calculus,” she chortled.

“Suck me Gidget,” he said. Gidget sank on her knees and went to work. Josh could feel the sting of Mescal in her mouth and it was utterly fantastic. He drank another shot and told Gidget to lay down on the bed. As soon as Gidget did so, Josh poured Mezcal on her boobs and proceeded to lick up the fiery liquid on her skin. A moment later, Josh was on her pubes, knocking his tongue at her heaven’s door,

“Oh God, its…ahhhh…. Oh so utterly good,” Gidget wailed like a quail. The alcohol stinging her damp sheath was a new experience. Gidget went up, up and away.

When Gidget was up in cloud nine, Josh entered his pride and joy into her sticky paradise. He moved with long slow thrusting, fast, then slow, pausing at the entrance then sliding fast inside. With pent-up lust building for the past 24 hours, the two orgasmed pretty much together with a wham bam pow that was utterly the best in so far as the time they had spent together.

As the night wore on, they decided that they would fuck till the break of day. And she had come and come and come.

* * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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