Mother’s Confliciton Pt. 05

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A few days have since passed after the group hook up at Johnny and Shelly’s house. Jason and Michelle are starting to hit a stride in the new dynamic of their relationship. The salacious wife has happily settled into her role even more so now than before. Michelle wears her barely-there clothes with increasing regularity at home, showing off her body and her role as property to Jason.

Jason works late on a Tuesday night as Michelle clad only in a white corset top and matching thong finally takes a moment to rest. She feels worn down from performing her daily routine as she sets down on the couch for a breather. The regular chores the housewife does having become more physically taxing as she learns to perform them in less than ideal outfits. Michelle, however, feels satisfied with the new arrangement, she feels sexually fulfilled and thinks she is meeting Jason’s needs as well. The married housewife is proud as she previously believed she was failing her husband. In a short time, she has experimented in many different sexual niches and has found some level of enjoyment with them all.

The only question marks that still plague Michelle and stir her inner demons are her own children. The night her son spied on her looms heavily over the conflicted mother’s head. Michelle knows what she did was over the top teasing her son the way she did, but she feels little to no regret. In fact, regret was one thing Michelle never felt about anything she has done so far. A plethora of emotions did fill the salacious woman from arousal, humiliation, and embarrassment to worrying if she had possibly crossed too many lines, to ever go back to quote-unquote normal.

Michelle sighs deeply as she reaches out and picks up a small silver-framed photograph from the end table. A family photo a little out of date but still recent enough that everyone looks about the same as they did currently. She smiles as she traces her finger across the faces of her family. Jason, her husband, the one Michelle thought she changed for. He has been supportive and has openly embraced everything, including a brief bi-sexual tryst.

Ryan, her son and oldest child, a physical specimen to say the least. He gained all of the attributes that made Michelle attracted to her husband and just improved on them. Ryan is the one she worries the most about, he still has not said a lot about the new dynamics in the house, but she knows he has at least a hint of a mommy fetish buried in himself.

Gwen, her daughter, and youngest child, who also happens to be the other question mark in the mother’s life. Michelle shakes her head slightly as she thinks about her little girl and the day in the dressing room. A day that Michelle does not feel any remorse for but does worry about. A day she still has not fully informed her husband of, and a day she learned her daughter could dominate her. The brash request or demand of her daughter still present in the mother’s mind. Michelle knows that Gwen will only wait so long before she comes looking for her daddy request to be satisfied.

Michelle finally traces her finger across her own face in the family photo. She is happy seeing that her slightly dated photo shows her with a few pounds heavier than what she currently is. She playfully twitches her thin eyebrows up and down as she sighs, the thirty-seven-year-old mom/wife wonders if all this change was indeed for Jason or was in for herself.

“Hey, momma,” Gwen says as she enters the family home, breaking Michelle’s moment of quiet introspection.

Michelle quickly places the family photo on to the end table as she smiles at her little girl. “Oh, hey Gwen,” Michelle responds to her daughter. A small stirring in the pit of Michelle’s stomach begins as her daughter enters the room and takes a seat next to her on the couch. The uneasy mother still feeling a slight bit nervous since the day in the dressing room.

“I need to talk to you.” Gwen scoots in closer to her mother, taking a moment to admire the barely-there outfit.

“Sure sweetie, anything,” Michelle says as a feeling of dread starts to fill her body. The inner voice that haunted the mother of two already starting in questioning what the daughter could possibly be wanting.

Gwen’s ruby red lips curl slightly to an almost evil grin as she playfully twirls her blonde locks. “So…Did you tell daddy everything?”


“Yeah, everything how in that dressing room you and I and then you and that random guy. You know everything.” Gwen looks at her mother with an almost stern expression as she speaks.

Michelle’s stirring in her stomach grows as she wonders where her daughter is going with this. “Well, no Gwen, I didn’t tell him about that. I shouldn’t have done it.”


“Why? Why what? Why shouldn’t I have done it? Because just because I am okay with Daddy cheating doesn’t mean I had his permission to do the same and what we did together, that’s a door I should have never opened.” Michelle says as she feels almost as if she is the child, and Gwen is her mother questioning kartal escort bayan her.

“Momma, why though? As far as I could tell you liked it.”

Michelle nods yes but does not answer, as she looks deep into her daughter’s green eyes. The incestuous mother knows her daughter is right. She knows she loved it; she loved how dirty and wrong it all felt just like how dirty it felt putting on a show for her peeping tom son.

“Don’t nod; answer me, mom.” Gwen’s tone becoming increasingly forceful.

“Yes Gwen, I did like it.” Michelle huffs.

“Liked what?”

“I liked licking your pussy.” Michelle begrudgingly admits to her daughter.

Gwen smiles as she enjoys hearing the words come from her mother’s mouth. “I’m glad momma because I liked it too. However, if you remember correctly, I told you that I wanted to not only show I appreciate your lifestyle, but I wanted to be a part of it.”

“And you were that day in the store.”

Gwen nods yes to confirm her mother is correct, but at the same time shows a blatant look of annoyance on her young face. “No momma, I said I wanted Daddy to fuck me.”

The stirring in the mother’s stomach now graduating to a feeling like someone has gut-punched her. She can visualize in her head a replay of the day in the dressing room. Gwen did say that to her, her daughter professed she wanted her own daddy. “I’m sorry sweetie I don’t think daddy will be into that.”

“So daddy wouldn’t want to fuck a piece of eighteen-year-old ass?”

Michelle tries her best to control her frustration with her daughter. “You’re his daughter, not just some random piece of ass.”

“Well momma, I want it, and I want you to help set it up for me,” Gwen says as she pulls her cellphone out of her small black leather purse. “I want you to tell daddy everything momma, and I mean everything I want you to explain how much of a whore you were that day.”

“I’m not sure that is a wise move,” Michelle says as she lowers her eyebrows, confused as to what her daughter is plotting.

Gwen sticks out her bottom lip, forming a slight pout. “Well, I want daddy to know. I want him to know it all, I want him to know what you did to that little manager and me at the store.” Gwen says with a youthful innocence to her voice as if what she is saying is reasonable.

Michelle’s pale blue eyes widen as her daughter’s words register in her head. She can feel her pulse quickening as her palms become clammy “Gwen, why on Earth?”

“Oh my God, listen to me whore, I want to be with daddy, I want to feel him inside me.” The innocent tone shifting to anger as Gwen glares at her mother.

“I’m not sure he will do it, we haven’t really discussed taboo things such as that. Young lady, what has gotten into you?” Michelle questions as she feels her quickening pulse transition to a thundering at the idea of Jason and Gwen together.

“I am like my momma. I want to explore things, and I want to explore my daddy.” Gwen says as she pushes the photo gallery app on her phone. “I’d hate to show daddy this little manager pumping his cock into you momma,” Gwen says as she holds her phone up to show the pictures she took from the day of shopping.

“What the fuck, you bitch!” Michelle erupts at the sight of the pictures on her daughter’s phone. The images generating a feeling of anger, humiliation, and arousal all at the same time.

“I am a bitch, and you’re a whore momma, I love you, but I want what I want. I told you this a couple weeks ago, and I have waited patiently. I have waited and watched as he has fucked you. I watched as he fucked that little slut Kayla and even while you two got freaky with them new friends of yours. I am tired of waiting I want what I want, so get to work or I will.” Gwen says with a smile as she walks towards the stairs to her bedroom.

Michelle sits on the couch, trying to slow her heart rate as her thoughts run rampant. The words of her little girl echoing in her mind. “I did this…This is entirely my fault.” Michelle says aloud in the empty living room, as she sheds a small tear. As for the first time since it all started, she finally feels a slight hint of regret. “Maybe Jason will? Maybe he won’t be mad about the guy, I mean he’s seen me with Johnny.” Michelle continues to speak to herself as she attempts to find a rational solution to an irrational issue. As she dwells on the problem longer, the small twinge of regret gives way to feelings of shame for what she has done. The feeling of shame entering her mind and body also in turn creates a growing feeling of arousal.

“Jason, what time will you be home tonight?” Michelle asks as she clenches her cell phone tightly.

“Why?” Jason answers the question with a question of his own as he holds the telephone receiver pinned between his head and shoulder.

“I am in need.”


“Yes, Jason, I need you. I need it badly.” Michelle pleads with her husband over the phone. “Please come home and make me your whore.”

“I was going to see Kayla after work.”


“No? escort maltepe Did you tell me no?”

“I am sorry sir, I know I am not supposed to say such things. However, sir, I need it, please.” Michelle’s hands quivering as the exchange with her daughter ignited a flame that has grown out of control.

Jason sighs heavily as he contemplates how to deal with his wife’s needs, and take care of what he wants to do at the same time. “Michelle, I love you, but this is the world you created, and I made plans with someone else, I guess you can call Kayla to ask if you can join us,” Jason says as he hangs up his desk phone without another word.

Michelle stares at the floor, as she knows what Jason said was right, she did create this. “I am so fucked up!” Michelle howls as the idea of calling to ask another woman’s permission to have sex with her own husband, feels as if someone has poured fuel on her already raging emotions.

Michelle scrolls through her phone looking to find the number of her husband’s lover; her hand trembles as her finger hovers over the name of Kayla. The sexually tense wife inhales deeply to calm her nerves. Michelle’s finger nearly presses the screen as suddenly her thought process is broken by the sound of her oldest child arriving home.

Ryan White, the nineteen-year-old son, did little if anything quietly as he tossed his boots into the corner of the entryway. “Oh, hey mom, sorry,” Ryan says, as he knows his loud mannerisms often irritate his mother.

“Oh sweetie, it’s okay,” Michelle responds as she places her phone on the end table next to the silver-framed family photo.

Ryan can feel his teenage cock growing hard as he stares at his mother’s barely covered body. A pink hue forms on the young man’s cheeks as the growing taboo erection gives him a feeling of shame. “I need to go to my room, Love you mom bye.”

“Okay sweetie, if you need to go, then go,” Michelle says as the tone to her son’s voice puzzles her. Michelle briefly wonders if this is all too much for the nineteen-year-old, and if she is doing some kind of damage to her eldest child with her blatant sexuality. Michelle sighs deeply as she watches her son walk towards the steps, before opting to call him back. “But, at the very least, come here and give your old momma a hug. I am going to go out for a bit, and I am not sure when I am going to make it back home.”

Ryan freezes in his tracks, his large size twelve foot already having been placed on the bottom step as he moves it back to the stone tile floor. The older teen wiggles his toes as he pauses; he can feel sweat forming on his brow as he nervously walks towards his hedonistic mother. The young teen’s dark eyes lock in on the corset, which makes his mom’s already ample chest even more pronounced. The pair of black cotton boxers feeling as if they could rip apart from the growing piece of meat inside them. Ryan’s eyes scan the room as he searches for anything to cover himself, but alas, he finds nothing to aid him.

Michelle knows her son harbors some illicit feelings towards her. Still, he has never said anything, nor has he made a move towards her like his younger sister did. Despite knowing that her son had taboo feelings for her. The nearly nude mother is still oblivious as to what effect her outfit is having on him as she stands from the couch to greet him. The mother of two wraps her arms around her six-foot four-inch son. The oblivious mother, soon feels what she has done to her son as his taboo hard-on pushes against her. “Oh my…” Michelle mumbles under her breath as she detects the rocket in her son’s pants, pushing against her. The pink hue on Ryan’s face is nothing compared to the now crimson cheeks of Michelle as their embrace lasts longer than a typical mom/son hug.

The long embrace fans the flames of Michelle’s sexual desires as she finally releases her hold on her son. The thirty-seven-year-old mother watches with less than motherly intentions on her mind as her nineteen-year-old son quickly leaves the room. The small white thong that matched her corset no longer simply moist, but now downright drenched as her juices poured from her. “That is my son…I can’t do that.” Michelle says to herself as she tries to steady her frazzled nerves.

The all too familiar inner voice the proverbial devil on her shoulder immediately speaks up, “Why not, no worse than what you did with your daughter, and besides, you already gave him quite the show once.” The inner demons of the married mother had been quieter than usual, but now they were screaming in her head again as they seemed to attempt rationalizing the idea of the mother and son hooking up.

“No, I don’t want to do that!” Michelle screams at internally screams in her head, trying to quell the thoughts that were tearing at her.

“You wanted to the other day, and obviously he wants to do it, so why not? You can have your son while your daughter has your husband.” The voices that plague Michelle the inner thoughts she has put so much effort pendik escort into controlling are now arguing with her. The angst-filled mother slaps forehead almost as if she is trying to knock them out of her head.

Ryan White quickly but quietly shuts his bedroom door as he leans against it trying to catch his breath. The older teen’s sweats bulge as his cock aches for freedom from them. “What the fuck, momma has got to stop doing this to me.” He says to himself as he unties his sweat pants and pushes them and his boxers to the floor. The teenager’s cock points straight forward as he reaches down and grasps his swollen meat. Ryan’s sizeable masculine hand gripping tightly around his flesh stick as he pumps himself furiously. “Fuck…fuck…yes…mommy.” Ryan groans as he works his hand up and down his long thick member. The teenager’s cheeks burning with embarrassment as his taboo thoughts fuel his jerk off session, exploding in streams of cum erupting from his swollen cock head and crashing to the hardwood floor.

Michelle stands before the red wooden front door of Kyla’s house. The frazzled mother inhales and exhales deeply as she balls up her hand to knock. “Why the fuck am I nervous?” Michelle questions herself as she feels like it has been minutes since she knocked, and still, no one has answered the door. “Come on, what the fuck is taking so…”

The large red door opens, cutting off Michelle’s sentence. “Oh, hey Michelle, I wasn’t expecting you.” Kayla Long saus as she looks at the woman clad in what could only be described as a trench coat standing on her front porch.

“I know… I know you were expecting Jason.”

“Well yeah, we made plans.”

The feelings of humiliation rage through Michelle at the idea of her husband making plans with another woman when she needed him. “Jason told me you two had plans, but I told him I needed him.”

“Yeah, so…” Kayla replies as she shrugs her shoulders dismissively. “I don’t care. Hell, I am sure he doesn’t care. He will be home after he’s done here.”

Michelle bites down on her bottom lip in frustration. “I can’t wait that long. Please Kayla, let me join you two tonight.” Michelle pleads with the other woman.

Kayla rolls her eyes as she listens to Michelle’s pleas. “Does Jason know you’re here?” The dirty blonde mistress asks as she lets her hazel eyes wander Michelle up and down. She can tell that something is off about the other woman as she reaches out and grasps at the woman’s coat.

“Please don’t do that…” The trench coat wearing woman desperately pleas as she tries to pull her coat away from Kayla’s grasp.

The desperation in Michelle’s voice only accelerating Kayla’s curiosity about the coat. She tightens her grip and pulls the needy woman’s coat open, revealing the sexy white outfit. “Take off your coat.”

Michelle stares at the floor of the porch, her face burning as she stands before Kayla. “Let me come in, and I will.” Michelle nervously replies as she shifts her head to look behind her at the street.

Kayla’s eyes wander up and down Michelle’s nearly nude body. She licks her lips slightly as she takes notice of the tightening and toning Michelle has done since the start of everything. “No, take it off here.” Kayla coldly replies as she violently pulls at the brown coat overpowering the other woman easily. “We never have much traffic on this street, what are you worried about?”

“Kayla please,” Michelle says as tears form in her eyes, her coat nearly entirely removed now. The married woman knows that one way or another she will lose it her on the porch

“Bitch, take off the fucking coat.” Kayla is unrelenting in her demand as she relinquishes her grip on the coat, allowing Michelle to remove it the easy way.

Michelle feels helpless as she looks into Kayla’s hazel colored eyes peering into them; they appear cold to the desperate woman as she begins to comply. Michelle allows her long brown coat to drop onto the floor of the porch. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Oh my…You are such a whore.” Kayla says in delight as a smile forms across her face.

Michelle feels her cheeks burning as her emotions ride an all too familiar roller coaster. The married mom of two knows traffic is light on their street but cannot help to feel like as if a thousand eyes currently are focused on her near-naked body. The words of Kayla calling her a whore when Kayla herself basically served as Jason’s whore angers Michelle, “How dare she judge me.” She thinks to herself as her body quivers. The thought angering and exciting Michelle at the same time.

Kayla steps forward, leaning down as she places her hand onto the other woman’s crotch. The flimsy white material of the thong absolutely soaked as a smile curls on the controlling woman’s lips. “What has you so horny, slut?”

“Please, just let me come in, and I will tell you.” Michelle pleads as a car driving by honks its horn.

“No, tell me now,” Kayla says, her tone still just as cold as before. “If I am going to share my time with Jason with you of all people, I want to know what has driven this need. Tell me, Michelle, what has you so worked up that you’re here begging me to let you join your husband and me.” Kayla’s tone drips with condescension as she folds her toned tan arms in front of her sizeable double D breasts.

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