Mother in Law in Need Ch. 02

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My wife Jackie was asking me to do the one thing I had always wanted to do, have sex with her mother. My mother in law was the picture of amazonian beauty – long legs sliding up to make an ass out of themselves, hips made to hang on to, an ass that wouldn’t quit and her tits? Jeee sus please us. Top that off with a thick south american accent, to go with her thick dark hair. She was 48 years old, still looked 28. In fact Jackie and Madelyna looked more like sisters than mother and daughter.

Maddie was about 5’11”, had hard abs and a shapely ass, but what made her stand out for me was her big brazillian tits. She had to have been a 38DD, and I knew she had never had a boob job, and I knew they didn’t sag because some of the bathing suits she wore would not have held these big boys up. How she had such firm natural tits I don’t know, but I did know that I was gonna get my chance to play with em. Those big tits, matched up with my big, wide dick, were about to make beautiful music together. I couldn’t wait to see her the following weekend to test the waters.

Jackie and I spent the rest of the week planning our ‘attack’, formulating ways to get her Mom to agree, and then usually screwing each other silly for hours afterward, turned on by the prospect of my encounter with her mother.

“Honey?” I said to her the night before we left as she eagerly deep throated a good section of my prick.

“Mmmmm?” she said around the beefy cock she was busily slurping on.

“Does it turn you on to think of me with other women?” I asked innocently. Honestly the thought of another woman had never entered my mind until Jackie had mentioned her mother.

She pulled her lips away from my hard cock. “No, so don’t get any ideas there, Mister” she said with a wicked grin, positioning herself to impale her cunt on my rod. She slid down inch by inch, the juice from her wet cunt mingling with the saliva still on my cock. “Nnnngh” she moaned when she finally sheathed as much of me in her as possible. That was the other thing about Jackie – her pussy was deep, but about an inch too short. I laid her on her back and began thrusting as she spoke.

“It’s a turn on knowing that this big fucker is going to impale my Mom. You gonna fuck my Mommy, baby? You gonna stick this big prick in her cunt?”

“In her ass too, you bad girl. You’ve been very bad! So bad that I’m gonna have to take it out on your Mom’s ass, thrusting my big pole in and out of her butt hole.”

“Aye Dios Mio!” she wailed, rolling over onto her hands and knees. I thrust deeply into her as she moaned “pegúese el dedo adentro! Stick your finger in!” spreading her ass cheeks apart. I licked my middle finger and thrust it roughly into her butt. It proved too much for both of us, the intrusion into her anus, the clenching of her cunt around my cock.

“Aye YES!” she screamed as I roared, thrusting deeply into her cunt. Doggy style was the only way I could get rough on her without bruising her cervix. The position elongated her, allowing me to thrust roughly into her, spraying her insides with hot ropes of cum.

We fell asleep that night, waking up early and having another session before checking out. Arriving esenyurt otele gelen escort at my in-laws, I saw that once again, my father in law was not home, leaving Maddie alone with my kids. They came running out the front door to meet us, completely ignoring me and running right for Jackie. This gave me the opportunity to hug my gorgeous mother in law.

She was wearing loose white shorts, a tennis shirt that left little to the imagination, and sparse amounts of makeup. Still, she was stunning. I walked to her smiling, giving her a kiss on one cheek, and then going for the other. I managed to bring both kisses so that I hit the corner of her mouth with both. Normally, she is big on the double cheek kiss, but I figured that if I was going to seduce her, no better time like the present. The hug I gave her was with my whole body and I held onto her for a few seconds more than necessary, marveling in the perfect globes pressed into my chest.

“Aye Chico, it’s good to see you too!” she said, giving me a wink and a smile, moving away to hug her daughter. Her ass was heart shaped, her long shapely dark legs tapering slowly down to her feet. I had to hold back the image of her naked in front of me because my kids were hugging me. We all went inside, the kids busy with opening the presents we brought back for them. I excused myself to use the restroom, coming back several minutes later. Jackie met me in the hallway, nodding twice as I passed.

“Okay, he’s not here, and he’s not going to be here for the rest of the weekend. Good.” I thought to myself. “Now, how the fuck do I get her to let me stay here overnight?”

“Anyone want to go in the pool?” came Maddie’s voice from the kitchen. Seeing the possibilities, I shouted “ME!” along with the kids. I went out to the car to get our bathing suits, but Jackie shook her head when I came back in.

“Just started my period” she said loudly. It took me a minute to realize Maddie was right behind me. “Oh Jaquelenya, no pool for you today!” she said, hugging me from behind. I could feel her big boobs encased in a small bikini through my shirt. My cock started getting hard in my pants. I reached around behind me to tickle her, turning quickly as her arms loosened. I hugged her tightly to me, slightly grinding my shaft into her. A sharp intake of breath told me that she felt me through my pants. Letting go and moving towards the stairs, I walked slowly up, keeping her gaze over my shoulder as I went to go change into my swim trunks.

Jackie smiled and Maddie’s jaw dropped as I pulled my shirt off slowly, like a strip tease. I saw my wife lean over to whisper in Maddie’s ear as I walked through the door at the top of the stairs.

I went into the spare bedroom at the top of the stairs, leaving the door open enough so that if she wanted to see me change, she could see from her own room. Two minutes later I heard someone padding up the stairs. Turned away in case it was one of the kids, I was rewarded with the view of Maddie pointedly not looking in the door to my room. I heard my wife call out that she was taking the kids in the pool from downstairs as I slowly esenyurt rus escort turned towards the door.

Her door was mostly open, but she wasn’t there. I slid the pants down my legs slowly, realizing that the movement behind the door was Maddie hiding there, peering out through the crack. I bent over, giving her a good view of my underwear covered ass, pulling my pants from my ankles very slowly. Once I had kicked free of my pants, I turned to face the door and pulled the shirt over my head. My cock was plainly visible through the thin material, the head and heavy scrotum sack making it plain that I was very hard. I heard her gasp loudly.

Dropping the shirt as well as the act, I stared directly at her through the crack in the door. I said softly, “I could use a hand or two..” smiling at her.

I waited for several seconds, while she made up her mind. The door moved slightly as she came from out behind it. Her eyes were glazed with lust as she stalked towards me across the hallway and through my door. I gazed down her heavenly body as she leaned her back against the door, hearing the click of the lock. She wore a white bikini top that barely held in her ample cleavage, a short tennis skirt across her swaying hips. Every inch of this woman cried out for sex, right down to the long red nails that slid between my skin and the waistband of my underwear.

“Are you sure?” she whispered, her mouth very close to mine. I could smell her sweet breath, practically taste her lips with my own. “Pull em down Maddie, and we’ll find out.” I whispered, reaching up a hand to caress her breast. My thumb ran across her nipple, causing her to shudder. She lowered herself pulling my underwear slowly down, exposing my cock, inch by inch. “John, you are beautiful!” she gaped, as the long hard shaft finally fell forward, hitting her in the cheek. Pre-cum had already coated the head partially, leaving a smudge of it on her cheek.

Her tongue snaked out, sliding over and around the head of my cock, the large purple head disappearing between her lips. She inhaled inch after glorious inch, her lips, tongue, and finally throat working wonders on the long fat cock. She worked into a rhythm of hand jerking while she sucked on the head and cupping my heavy scrotum when the shaft disappeared down her throat.

“Maddie, I’m gonna cum soon if you’re… oh god, what are you… oh MY GOD!” I moaned loudly as her long red fingernail moved from teasing my balls to slipping inside my anus, humming deep in her throat. The combination of her pulsating throat, and the sensation of her finger fooling with my prostate, I blasted away into her throat as she moaned loudly around my cock. Jerking her head up and down several times, she came up for air finally, breathing heavily. Her hand continued to jerk my penis, keeping it hard as a railroad spike.

“I hope you have more than one, John,” she cooed, her free hand unsnapping the front clasp of her bathing suit, allowing her huge tits to spring free. I cupped one breast in each hand and lowered my face to lick around and over her nipples. They were hard as a rock and tasted like flowers. She continued esenyurt türbanlı escort to jerk her hand in long strokes up and down my cock, pausing briefly every few times to cup my balls.

I turned her around and pushed her backwards on the bed. She pulled the top completely off as I quickly slid the bottoms down her thighs, and feet, exposing her shaved pussy. She had absolutely no hair on her crotch as my mouth met the lips of her labia. I wanted to make sure she was wet because I wanted her fast and hard. I almost drowned in the liquids oozing from her pussy, her hands pushing my face into her snatch.

“Si! Oh God, it’s been so long since someone licked my cunny… OH!” she wailed as I licked her clit. I ran my tongue up and down, thrusting it inside her, working her pussy so that she writhed on the bed. Her hands gripped my hair, refusing to let me go until she at last exploded on my face with a rush of warm, musky juices. While Jackie tasted pretty good, Maddie’s juice was like nectar. I lapped it up as her gyrations slowed on the bed, leaving her breathing heavily and sweating.

Leaving her no time to recover, I positioned the head of my cock at the opening of her pussy. Pushing forward, I parted her labia with the dark purple helmet of my dick, her eyes opening and her legs coming up and opening. “Si John, Mmmmm, put it in me. Mmmmm” she moaned loudly, licking her full lips, as a few inches disappeared inside her.

The walls of her pussy writhed and undulated around me, feeling like a massage up and down the length of my dick. She grinned wickedly, pulling her nipples and licking her lips. “Give it to me Chico… Fuck my pussy… that’s it… Mmmmm fuck it good Si!! Oh Si! Aye!” she wailed, biting her lip.

I put my finger to her lips to shhh her, and she sucked my whole finger inside her beautiful full lips. It gave her something to do as I pumped my cock in and out of her cunt. Her legs wrapped around me and pulled me in deeper, my crotch rubbing across her clit, driving her wild. Rather than scream out loud, she grabbed a pillow and began screaming into it, her hips bucking back and forth to the strokes of my cock.

I could honestly say, without any feelings of guilt, that my mother in law was better than my wife. And with that realization, I really started letting her have it. Dragging my sticky dick almost all the way out on each backstroke, I slammed it all the way back in without even touching her cervix. After several strokes of this she tossed away the pillow, grabbed me with surprising strength, and jammed her tongue down my throat, moaning loudly. I felt her body go rigid as my nuts exploded, sending hot jets of sticky cum into her. Stream after stream of hot liquid exploded from me, into the waiting pussy of my mother in law. After several minutes of her gyrating and jerking around through her orgasm, she went still, but breathing heavily.

I slipped out of her finally, semi-rigid, and laid next to her. I kissed her for several minutes and moved to her beautiful tit, taking the nipple in my mouth. She caressed my hair and reached down for my cock.

“I can’t take anymore if I have to be quiet, and I want this thing in my ass, and I can tell you right now, I am not quiet when I get a big dick in my ass. I tell you what we’re gonna do.” She purred as she turned over to face me and for several minutes she told me her plan as she licked all of the stickiness off my joystick. Finishing off with another amazing blow job, I knew my night was not going to be one I would ever forget.

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