Morning Seduction Ch. 01

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Ruth woke up in her most typical fashion: a lethargic lift of the head to check the time, a hand to cover the bleak sun from shining through the curtains, and dampness between her legs. Like clockwork, she thought, before lazily turning over to watch the tangle of chest hair and limbs sleep next to her. The man was average height, dressed in just black athletic shorts and issuing a soothing snore as his chest rose and fell. Ruth smiled, running her hands through his thick curls. He was never awake before nine unless he had to work, and a lackadaisical Saturday meant she had the pleasure of doing whatever she pleased while he slept. Ruth gave a gentle kiss to his chest to gauge how deep of a sleep he was in, but he didn’t stir. A mischievous grin appeared on Ruth’s face; a prime opportunity awaited her.

She got on her hands and knees, her healthy-sized breasts hanging with pert nipples—she had the loveliest dream only moments before, and intended to make it a reality on this lazy morning. She kissed his curls once more, but added a hand on his chest and slowly moved it down his navel. Her small, pale hand reached past the elastic band and wrapped around his limp dick. Afraid at first that she’d be unsuccessful, Ruth slowly stroked the man. Her fears were dashed the minute she felt it grow rigid against her palm; soon it would throb, driving him to her the minute he woke. She gave his sleeping form one last peck on the cheek, bahis firmaları stood up on the messy wooden floor and attempted to find her bra and pants. She elected for red lace, which held her pale breasts in a way she knew drove him wild. She left the bedroom and rushed to the living room, where she closed the door just loudly enough to hopefully stir him from his erect slumber. She sat on a cushy chair, her moist libs rubbing up against each other as she adjusted her seat. She attempted to resist rubbing herself—masturbation was nice, but being taken by her desperate lover in the morning was preferable.

Predictably, it didn’t take long. The cramped space of athletic shorts and the dreamy reverie of a Saturday morning made the man wander, hungrily, into the living room, where Ruth’s creamy white skin glowed in the morning sun. Morning, was all he could say, his turgid dick sticking out in an obvious direction from his shorts. A bold grin across his face made her pants even damper. A rush, a wet, tongue-laden kiss: her vision became clearer as her pussy leaked sweetness, and his hands traveled to feel it. She shuddered as he laid gentle kisses and bites along her neck, shoulder blades, and when he occasionally paused suckle a bruise to the top. His hands roamed across her bra—Ruth smiled, knowing how much more aroused the lacy exterior made him—squeezing her gently, kissing at her exposed flesh.

Then, the unexpected: kaçak iddaa she was thrown around, facing away from him. Initially, she was disappointed. She didn’t want doggy, and had hoped for something a bit more intimate. She was surprised then, when she felt her pants slide out, and felt his kisses travel up the back of her legs. What was he planning, a barely cogent thought that became less so as his mouth and tongue traveled closer to her most sensitive bits. Her pussy vibrated at the thought of a tongue, but he simply kissed the lips, traveling just a bit higher. Oh, the last thought of surprise until a burst of pleasure erupted from her asshole as he wrapped his hands around her thighs, sliding his tongue into her. It was unexpected, but wholly welcome. His hands rubbed her clitoris gently as he slowly worked his tongue in and out of her asshole. She moaned, loudly, suddenly grateful for the benefits of an empty house and a warm tongue. A few minutes of slowly gyrating his hand against her clitoris while exploring her favorite sensation made the predictability of the explosion easy. She tried to stop him, to prolong the heavenly feelings, but she had made him starving in her morning seduction. Her pussy clenched, spilling sweetness that fell onto his chin and chest as her ass tightened around his tongue. She breathed heavily, but was invigorated by the action. You get yours, she said, threateningly. He looked bewildered, kaçak bahis which only gave her greater enthusiasm.

She pushed him onto the seat, a reversal of roles as she got on her knees and kissed up his thigh. He surprised her, so she wanted the chance to do the same. She covered his thickness with her wet mouth, kissing from his sensitive balls to the very tip, where she engulfed it in warmth. She had perfected this from the beginning of her relationship, taking the majority of his cock and issuing him the greatest bliss he said he’d ever receive from the act. The praise made her wetter, though she was focused on the act at hand, alternating between sucking the entirety of his cock, allowing him to thrust in her mouth, kissing the tip, and rubbing it with her soft hands. She stopped when she felt him get bigger, smiling in anticipation at his weak smile. Oral gave both of them control, but she wanted something extra for him this morning. She finally discarded the red bra, and took her glowing breasts and wrapped it around his thoroughly soaked cock. He gave a surprised laugh. She winked, tightening her assets around his hardness. It made him weak and she knew it, which only drove her madder with pleasure. His breathing intensified until she knew what to expect: a violent jerk and sudden growth, the outpouring of seed that she greedily licked directly from the source. She missed a few strands; some had glazed her breasts and glistened in the sun. She licked up what should good, and made him clean her breasts with his mouth.

I’m not done yet, she whispered in his ear. His cock twitched, and she still wore the same devious smile.

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