Monsoon on the Mountain

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The rain started. We still had hours to go before we’d reach the bottom of the mountain. It was a tough climb. We had gone off trail and ended up going straight down the face of quite a formidable mountain. Studded with nasty cacti and other thorny things, jagged rocks, the possibility of coming across an unpleasant critter, and steep drop offs, it was already a challenge without the onset of a classic Arizona monsoon storm.

“I just knew this was going to happen! We should have known better,” I yelled down to Gregg.

“Well stop complaining and let’s find ourselves a place for shelter. This is only going to get worse. Hold on, stay there.”

A flash of lightning was followed immediately by a breathtaking crash of the thunder. We were right in the middle of the blasted thing. I always liked lightning storms, but being in the middle of one was another matter.

Gregg had climbed back up to where I was. “I remember a place a little while back that had a nice covered ledge, we should be fine there. But be careful, these rocks are loose and will fall right out from under you. They’re slippery and soft from the rain.”

“What kind of idiot do you think I am Gregg? I’ve only lived here all my life.” I was mad because he always insisted on doing something dangerous and I should have stopped him, knowing the rain was coming. Gregg was the sort of man who had no sense when to play things safe. He was known for his dangerous antics, and it was one of the things I liked about him, but I should have insisted on taking the same route today.

“Calm down April, I just wanted to remind you. These things have a way of floating out of our heads under these sorts of circumstances.”

The next thing I knew, Gregg was right next to me, and I looked up to him. I could see in his eyes that he had said it as much for himself as he had me. He knew how dangerous the situation was that we were in and he was mad at himself for getting me into it. Our eyes locked for a moment before he broke away to find that ledge.

“Follow my movements, I don’t want you falling out from under me because you make a bad footing and have a rock fall out from under you.”

Our progress back up the mountain was painfully slow, and it was near impossible to get a grip in the rain that was only falling harder by the minute. Thankfully Gregg’s memory served him correctly and we reached the ledge in about 15 minutes. It was a tough maneuver up to the ledge, so he climbed in then took my hand to pull me up with him.

I looked around at my new surroundings. We were beyond lucky to have come across the little alcove in the mountain. It was big enough for us to feel quite safe from the storm. I looked out. The rain was coming down in sheets and made the world outside look like a white blanket of wetness.

“God, I’m soaked, and so are you,” Gregg pointed out, and indeed it was true.

He took off his shirt and rung it out to the side so the water from it joined the deluge outside.

“Well, thankfully it isn’t cold,” I returned, not being able to help myself from eyeing his muscular chest, glistening from the rain.

I had always found Gregg attractive, but had never done anything about it. We were friends through an ex-boyfriend of mine. They had been best friends at the time, but my ex had moved away quite some time ago and I wondered if it would be wrong of me to let something happen.

Gregg really was striking. marmaris escort He had dark brown hair that looked even sexier now that it was wet; a lock of it fell across his dark brown eyes. He had strong masculine features and sensual lips that would part to reveal a pearly smile that I knew was responsible for disarming many a girl. He was tall and tanned from all of his time out in the Arizona sun.

“It’s going to be hell climbing down after this,” I said, peering out into the downpour.” I was exhausted from the climb so far, and it was daunting to think of what was to lie ahead.

Gregg could see my unease and he said, “Look, it’s going to be fine. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”


I jumped at the lighting and thunder, now simultaneous. “Jesus! I’m glad I’m not out in that anymore.” As I moved closer to Gregg, he put his arm around me.

“Well, we need to get you as dry as we can for now, Cami. Just because it’s not cold doesn’t mean that you should be sitting there soaked.”

I smiled up at him wryly. “Of course, and you wouldn’t have any other reason to want to get my clothes off.”

Gregg’s face reddened as he tried to defend himself. “I just wanted to make sure you are safe.”

“Oh calm down you goon, I’m just giving you a hard time.”

I took off my shoes, now covered in mud and weighing me down, and he did the same. I could feel the tension between us. It had always been there, but the electricity between us was almost as intense as that outside. I could see him looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I all of a sudden felt self-conscious. I knew I must have been a sight. My long golden hair now only vaguely resembled the french braid I had put it in that morning. I could feel tendrils plastered to my face. I had scratches and streaks of dirt scattered around my skin, sun kissed by the late summer sunlight, and I knew I was flushed from the climb and my angst. I took heart in the fact that I had gone without any make up so I knew my face was free of mascara streaks. I usually didn’t wear much make up anyway because I didn’t really need it.

I felt his gaze on me as I kept my head down, fumbling with my shoes. My heart began to speed up as I felt his eyes take me in, his eyes moving across my feminine profile, down my long neck, resting on the curve of my breasts. I cursed myself for wearing my black sports bra under my light blue top, knowing very well that it wasn’t leaving much to the imagination. I could feel my nipples become erect from the cool of the rain and from the knowledge of his gaze. His eyes trailed over my shapely hips, ass, and legs, all very visible in my tight black spandex capris. I moved my eyes to meet his, and this time he sustained my gaze, searching my depths. My pulse quickened.

“There’s something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time,” he murmured, leaning in as he brought his hand to my cheek, tilting my chin up towards him. His warm full lips met mine, and I felt as though time itself had stopped for a moment, it was as if the earth had fallen out from under me as I sunk into his kiss. He released me from it and I looked deep into his eyes, knowing he could see my hunger for him. He looked incredibly sexy and I knew that I had to have him.

We kissed again, more ardently this time, our tongues entangling, passion surging through my body, my appetite for him insatiable. His arms wrapped around me pulling me close to him, and my hands marmaris escort bayan were in his hair. God he was a good kisser, I felt intoxicated. Nothing outside our little alcove mattered. We were alone in the world and existed only for that moment. His lips moved to my neck, kissing and nibbling, and I moaned softly, my head spinning.

“Now, let’s get you out of these wet clothes,” he said, smiling with that dangerous smirk. I looked at him, eyes smoldering, as I raised my arms to let him lift off my shirt that had been clinging to me uncomfortably. The cool humid air felt lovely against my newly bare skin, damp from the rain and my sweat. He moved in, kissing my stomach and I giggled. He lifted my bra off in one swift motion, releasing my breasts from their binding. For a brief moment, Gregg paused, just looking at me. I could see the yearning in his eyes; I knew he had been waiting for this moment since we had first met. He lunged at me, moving me to my back, his mouth on my breast, hands exploring my body. The heat from the two of us emanated, entrapped in the cove, creating a sort of sauna.

The cool, smooth, damp rock pressed against the back of my body contrasted to his heavy warmth pressing over me. I felt like he could swallow me whole. I could feel his growing hardness press against my hip, and I wrapped my arms around him, my fingers kneading into his muscular back, pulling his face back to mine. We kissed again, as though to consume each other. I reached down his back, my fingers slipping under the waist of his shorts and boxers, grabbing his ass, pressing him firmly against me. He moaned, kissing me harder, then sat up abruptly, his eyes smoldering.

He peeled my pants down as though they were smothering him, depriving him of oxygen. He kissed me above my panties, and slipped them off me, overtaking my hips and thighs with his lips, and gliding over my legs with his strong hands. I gasped, and he looked up at me, smiling mischievously, then began to devour me, selfishly and lustfully. I whimpered, my body quivering under his command. I was overpowered from the culminating sensations of my surroundings and his passion. My head was spinning as I looked out into the white rain, blurring everything outside our little world. He was relentless as he felt my body begin to buck, my moans coming freely.

I wasn’t ready to lose control.

Not yet…

I collected myself as best I could, and grabbed his arm, pulling him up to me. He looked confused at first, but didn’t protest when he saw the determination in my eyes. I pulled him back up to my face and kissed him forcefully, tasting myself on his lips. I sucked his bottom lip. I couldn’t get enough of him.

I sat up, pushing him to sit with me, and nibbled his ear, sucking on the lobe before moving down to gently bite his neck. I pulled back, looking at him fiercely, with uncontrollable desire. My hands moved to his shorts, quickly undoing the button and zipper before firmly pulling them down. He sat there, stunned for in instant by my forcefulness. I then grabbed his bulge aggressively through his boxers.

“JESUS!” he exclaimed, jumping at my movement.

I smiled at him wickedly. “Calm down, Gregg, I’m not going to hurt you,” I told him, the desire in my voice coating it, making it thicker and deeper. I kept my hand on his cock. I could feel it pulsing, and it only made me hungrier for him.

I cocked my head to the side, a sly half smile escort marmaris on my face, and shoved his boxers down, watching his stiffness spring to life. Before he had a chance to react, I had straddled him, pushing him back, squeezing his torso between my strong legs. I was determined to have a taste.

His body tensed under mine, slippery from the rain. “Nice try, but I don’t think so,” he growled, smiling. He grabbed me, moving himself over me.

“Hey!” I protested, my eyes blazing. I dug my nails into his muscular arms, beaded with sweat, creating little marks.

He ignored my protestation, and flipped me back as if I were nothing. “Did you really think you were going to get away with that?” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath against my skin sent shivers down my spine. I was breathing hard; my heart pounding in my ears overpowered the sound of the storm outside.

He grabbed the back of my head by the base of my braid, now even wetter from sweat. I glared at him with a mixture of anger and lust as he positioned himself over me. “You Bastard!” I snarled.

He laughed, and pressed his hand between my legs, feeling my wetness. “You know you love it.”

“Fuck you!” I yelled at him, glaring.

He just smirked. “No…fuck you!

And with that, he thrust himself into me to the hilt, biting my neck just hard enough to pinch. I held my breath, trying not to cry out. I closed my eyes as a wave of pleasure convulsed through my being. He pressed his body aggressively against mine, pinning me to the cool rock underneath. He continued plunging into me, delving into my deepest depths. I reached behind him and assaulted his back with my nails, knowing the vibrant red streaks I’d be leaving him with, but this only drove him on, making him thrust into me harder, plowing through me, splitting me in two.

I grasped the back of his head, by his hair, and held it still, looking at him deep in his eyes, boring a hole into his existence. He stopped for a moment, frozen by my intense stare, then I pulled his lips into mine, kissing him with an unyielding force, and I thrust my hips against him, matching his energy.

Our heat built, making our bodies slick from rain and sweat, and in that little crevice in the mountain we made out own microcosm, in which we were the only things in existence. He delved into me, consuming me body and soul.



He was like a madman, and I held him close to me, his chest pressing against my breasts, feeling our hearts beat against one another, wildly. The waves surging through be became more intense and I gasped, my body bucking, the wet tendrils of my hair flying everywhere, as I came so powerfully that I felt as though I would lose consciousness.

As my body contracted around his cock, he let out a moan. I felt his body tighten, his breath catching as he closed upon the point of no return. With one last deep drive into me, he filled me up completely as he came, his chest heaving as he collapsed on top of me.

We remained still as our hearts calmed and we began to recover from what had just happened. He looked at me gently, and brushed a damp lock out of my eye.

“God, you’re amazing, April,” he said softly.

“Are you sure I didn’t hurt you too much when I scratched your back?”

He grinned. “I think I’ll survive.”

I raised one eyebrow at him, saying, “You might not want to get ahead of yourself. We still have a long haul to the bottom of this thing and it’s only going to be worse because of the rain…But don’t worry,” I added, “I’ll make sure to protect you.”

“Whatever you need to tell yourself to help you sleep at night, you silly girl.”

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