Michelle: My Good Friend

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Michelle is a great friend of mine and we have on occasion gotten together and had a few drinks. Our conversations would turn to a sexual nature after a short bit. I have been attracted to Michelle for sometime and always wondered what it would be like to get together with her sexually but she was married and I stayed within my boundaries. Sex with Michelle was a common fantasy I had even though I knew that would never happen. One night, she called me at work and wanted to know if I wanted to go and have a couple of drinks with her when I got off.

Hell Yeah! was my reaction to this. I always enjoyed my time with her and cherished what little time I could with her. More than anything, Michelle is a very dear friend that I would do anything for. She arrived at my work and I ended up working much later than I had hoped for but she did not seem to mind and patiently waited. Once I was done it was very late and I thought she might give up and decide that it was too late and head home. To my surprise she suggested that she go and get us some drinks and that we could go to my place for a little bit.

Once at my place I turned on my computer to check my email. Michelle watched from the sofa as I deleted all the spam and replied to friends who had sent me messages. I was feeling a little nervous thinking here this woman was that I lusted after and I also considered a very good friend. I did not want to do anything to jeopardize my friendship with her but on the other hand I wondered in the back of my mind if maybe she might be thinking some of the same thoughts I had. After we finished our first drink I suggested that I could show her some things about my computer if she were interested. I knew she did not have one but she might like to try her hand at it. After a little harmless surfing and a couple of more drinks down, I decided to test the waters a little. I told her that I had written a few erotic stories in the past and asked if she might be interested in reading one of them. Michelle said that she was interested and I showed her how to open the files.

I traded chairs with Michelle and she began to read. I got us more drinks and sat next to her as she read page after page. My stories are generally graphic and at times pretty vulgar but that is how I like to write them. We sat close to each other and I was reading along with her to a degree when I realized her body was radiating a certain amount of heat. I knew that she must have been getting really turned on by what she was reading. I then realized just how close we were sitting next to each other and watched her as she moved about in her chair and cleared her throat in a nervous sort of way.

I wondered exactly what she was thinking about as she read. Hell I thought how nice it would be if she suddenly turned to me and told me to do the things from the story to her. I was so horny at that point that I had an erection to end all. I finally had to watch and wait till I knew she could not see anything so I could stand up and go to the kitchen so I could adjust my cock so it was not sticking straight out. When I was finally able to subside I went back and sat next to her again as she finished reading. I could tell she was worked up, her skin was flush and I could smell a distinct aroma of her sexual desire. I wanted her so bad.

Michelle cleared her throat trying to speak and her voice cracked slightly as she asked what time it was. I told her and she exclaimed that she was going to be in serious trouble and that she had to get home. She got up and gathered her things and I walked her to the car and wished her a good night and apologized for keeping her out too late. She chuckled a little and said that it was ok. Michelle said she had fun and wanted to do it again soon. I watched as she drove away and wondered what would have happened if that had started earlier. The next day she called and said that when she got home her husband was real mad. She told me that she fucked him hard to make up for it and he forgave her. I wondered did she do that to make up to him or was it because she was so horny from the story. I chose the later and grinned to myself that I could actually work her up so much with one of my stories. I was pleased.

A few days later Michelle phoned and said that her husband was going out of town in a couple of weeks. She said that she was wanting to go out and get totally drunk and asked if I would be her designated driver. She said that way I could take her home to sleep off the drunk and take her car back to her the next day. I agreed and asked if she thought she could trust me cause I might want to take advantage of her while she was incapacitated. She chuckled a moment and said that she trusted me and teased that maybe she should take someone along with us to make sure I did not. We both laughed and I assured her that I would not do anything that she was not willing to do.

For days I thought back to the first encounter that we had at my place. I fantasized about escort ataşehir how beautiful her body was. More so out of her clothes. I thought about how nice it would be if she decided to just stay at my place that night so we could fuck over and over again all night. We talked several times before the upcoming night and tried to decide what we were going to do. We thought about playing pool, just go to a bar and most interesting about just staying in and playing adult games while we drank. I gave her ideas about different games that I knew of and a couple we had even played before. Now this really got me thinking about how I wanted her and I to stay at my place for the evening. Shortly after this discussion, Michelle came to me and said that since I was short on cash and so was she, how about just drinking at my place and playing some games.

The night came and we decided that I would cook some dinner and she would bring some kind of snack. Once she got there she brought a couple of bottles of booze and some eats. I started cooking our dinner while we talked about things in general. I watched as she took a band out of her jet-black hair and let it fall in a somewhat messy state. Damn she looked sexy like that. She came to the kitchen and began mixing drinks for us. She was standing very close and I could feel the temperature rising around me. I realized that she was the reason for the heat. I swear I thought I was going to combust. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and feel her pressed against me. I wanted to put a hand around the back of her head and kiss her hard on the mouth so I could feel her hot breath and moist tongue.

I controlled my urges and we continued to chat while dinner cooked. At times she stood so close to me that I thought she had something different in mind other than dinner. I pushed the thought aside as the food was finally done and I served our plates. After dinner we decided it was time to play a game or two and that I would show her a little bit about how to play poker. I explained about the hands and what beats what. We played a couple of hands and I remember I had a card that showed winning hands in order. I retrieved the card and told her it was part of a set of Adult Poker cards I had where the winner got to have the loser perform a command that they wanted. The commands were printed on the cards themselves and the winner picked the one they wanted from the winning hand. Michelle began to read the different cards and said how they sounded fun to try sometime. We played a few more hands of poker and she lost every hand. She then laughed and said that she would be naked if we were playing strip poker. I told her that I would literally be beating the pants off her. We both agreed that some time that might be fun.

We clowned around for a little bit and I reminded her of what we were there to do and that was to get drunk. She said “hell yeah”. I suggested that we play quarters at that point and she agreed to my house rules for the game. Each person would only drink if the other made there shot and that whoever made the quarter land in the glass got to make a rule. Whatever rule they wanted! A couple of rounds went by and soon the Adult Poker cards were brought back out and I made a rule where the winner got to pick a card and have the other do what it said. It all stayed pretty tame as it was mostly telling each other about fantasies, truths about each other’s lives and things generally sexual about each other. Many different rules were made. Some were discontinued and some were kept the entire game. One in particular was where a couple of ice cream toppings and whip cream was brought out. They eventually got to where they were spread onto each other’s necks and then licked off by the other.

As we got more and more drunk and I was so horny that I could hardly stand it. I began to push a little a head to see just how far Michelle would. We were both asking each other about sexual desires and what made us excited about sex. What we liked, didn’t like and some very personal issues that I think only two friends could really reveal. It got to the point where I was making almost all the rules and she kept missing. We were both laughing and playing and telling the quarter to go in for her so she could win and make me do things for her. Granted she won many times and I really liked what she would do and have me do for her. I wondered who enjoyed it more but I certainly was not complaining. It got to where it seemed she was taking longer to lick the toppings and whipped cream from my neck. Each time she got slower and was driving me crazy. I commented every time to her how erotic it was to feel her tongue on my neck, licking all the stuff from my neck. I too began to take my time and wanted to tease and please her as much as she was doing to me. It got so hot finally that I thought what the hell. I put the coin into the glass and as normal she spread the toppings and whipped cream on my neck and licked me clean. kadıköy escort bayan I was imagining how her tongue would feel in other places on my body and wishing we would go further. While she drank her shot I drew a card and decided on one. I knew Michelle would either decline as it was going to far or she would eagerly do it.

Michelle asked what I had decided on and waited for my reply. I looked straight into her eyes and read the card. “Fondle partner through clothes”! She stopped laughing and returned to look I was giving her and said, “OK”. I think I was actually surprised and stood up. I asked her how or where she wanted me so she could do what she wanted. We walked to the sofa and she told me to sit down. She got on her knees and began to kiss my chest while one hand massaged around my stomach and nipples. She used her other hand and began to caress my right leg. Making large circle over my knee and thigh. Her kisses turned to light biting on my nipples as her hand made even larger circle on my leg moving up closer to my cock. Suddenly she ran her hand up and then down my dick. I heard her make soft moans as she did this a couple times while still lightly biting at me. She raised her head and asked how long she was to do this and I told her she could stop whenever she wanted to. Michelle made a couple of more passes around my cock before stopping and said that she needed to win one now.

We went back to the table where sure enough she won one. I went to spread the tasty treats on her neck and she stopped me saying she wanted it on the back of her neck this time. I complied and took my time licking her over and over. Her breathing was notably heavy and labored. I asked her to draw a card and find what she wanted me to do. She looked for a few moments and discounted a few before she decided. She said that I had to massage her back. As told I knelt down behind her and began to massage her shoulders and back. After a few moments she complained about her shirt and raised it to her shoulders so it would feel better. I worked her muscles for only a moment before unhooking her bra. I reached around and brushed the sides of her breasts. She did not complain so I moved my hands completely around her chest and massaged her tits. Feeling her nipples were already hard, I squeezed and pulled them till I heard her moan out load. I knew she was enjoying what I was doing and so I pulled her shirt and bra off to give me complete access to her.

Michelle was now dropping her head forward and backward, moaning with desire to be touched. At one point her hands covered mine as I kneaded her body. She would lean back so hard into me that I thought we were going to fall. We finally stood up and I began kissing her shoulders, neck and ears as I continued my work on her tits. She turned and we both kissed passionately. I gently bit her lips and sucked her tongue into my mouth. Her hands were all over my chest and back as she tugged my shirt off over my head. The entire time I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy wafting toward my nose. I had to taste her right then and told her how much I desired to please her by doing that. Michelle continued to kiss, bit and feel my entire chest while I desperately worked my hands and mouth over her body. I was able to finally get my mouth on her nipples where I licked and sucked them as much as I could. We moved like this to the bedroom where we fell to the bed.

I continued to feel her soft tits as I was totally taken by them. I just could not get enough of them. I had fantasized about running my hands over them, sucking the nipples and feeling the taut points against my tongue. Michelle and I snuggled together for while just holding each. I was feeling stupid and not sure if she really wanted to have sex or was she just enjoying the teasing. We both had a lot to drink and were very drunk I did not want to jeopardize going any further for fear it would destroy the friendship we had. Then I felt her hand start to move around up and down one of my legs. She moved up to my waist and forced her fingers into the elastic around my lounge pants and then under my underwear. I think that because of how much I had to drink, I was only half-erect. She ran her hand down my cock and back up again. Damn that felt wonderful knowing she was actually touching my dick. I waited a moment to see what would happen and she did it again. I decided at that point she wanted my cock and I was going to give her what she wanted.

I rolled Michelle over onto her back and opened her pants enough to allow me access to the treasure I had been wanting for so long. I reached down and felt her pussy through her panties, massaging her with my palm as I listened to her moans and felt her both writhe next to me. I sat up and began to pull her pants and panties off at the same time while she helped. I rolled over on top and paid some more attention to her titties with my mouth as I moved down to her stomach. She spread her legs wide for escort bostancı me as I made my way down to her pussy. I felt her hands on my back and then my head, as I looked down to the most beautiful pussy I had seen in a very long time. Her pussy looked as if she had been shaven recently but her hair had grown back to a short soft length. I dipped my head and took in a full breath of the completely sweet aroma of her sex before touching it with my tongue. Lightly touching my tongue to her pussy lips I licked every inch of it. I could look up and see her head turned to the side with her eyes closed. Michelle’s arms spread out across the bed.

I got onto my knees and got comfortable as I started licking inside the folds of her opening. As I did I felt her hands touch the top of my head and face. She must have been enjoying what I was doing. At least I hoped so cause I was. I slowly worked a finger inside her opening and was totally amazed as to how wet she was. She was completely flooded, I thought for a moment that she must have cum already. I have never been with a woman so wet. It only took a moment for my finger to be totally lubricated and I slid inside her so easy. As I pushed in she pushed back. She was pushing herself down on me so hard that I could hardly move it around. She relaxed a bit and moved her legs up and allowed me deeper into her cunt. I licked as I fucked her with my finger. I found her clit easily and moved back and forth over it while still fucking her with my finger. She rocked back and forth a few times before pushing down on me hard and moving back to hold my face with her hands. I kept doing what I was and then felt a rush of her cum swirl around my finger. My tongue got a fresh dose of her heavenly fluid. I slowed my pace to almost a crawl until her orgasm subsided. Slowly I licked the outside of her vagina while I searched for her g-spot.

Michelle relaxed and began to play with my hair and face slightly and the pressure she was forcing on my hand let up. I knew I could eat and enjoy her pussy more. I tenderly touched her g-spot to test her sensitivity. Once she was ready I went back to work. I repeated what I was doing earlier and quickly felt her moving around the bed again. Her breathing was harder than it was previously, her moans loader and she quickly took hold of my face again. I did not want her to cum too quickly so I slowed my pace and concentrated on making it last as long as I could. I took my time moving in and out of her; feeling every inch of her inside, all the bumps and ridges. All of a sudden Michelle clamped down on my head and pushed forward. Once again I felt the familiar flooding of her pussy and eagerly licked and sucked every bit of her I could.

I stood and looked and the beautiful body lying in front of me. This was the first time I fully saw her complete body. I had always seen her with work clothes on and not dressed in a sex manner except for one time when she wore a dress to work. Even then I wanted to help her out of those clothes and ravish her. As I looked and marveled at her gorgeous body I removed my pants and dropped them to the side on the floor. I began to climb back into the bed trying to lay beside Michelle hoping for her to take hold of my hard cock and stroke it. I wanted to feel her hands hold, squeeze and caress my dick. I had hoped in the back of my mind that maybe she would even wrap her lips around me and lick some also. Thinking back to how nice her tongue felt on my neck and chest I could almost feel it on my stiff and throbbing manhood.

Michelle had something else on her mind. As I started to get into bed. She turned a little and spread her legs under me, I knew she wanted me to slide my hard cock deep within her aching pussy. I positioned above her as her hand and mine both reached to guide my staff to her willing hole. She raised her knees up as I slid easily and totally into her with one thrust. Michelle arched her back and put both hands on my chest. I pushed in as hard as I could and remained still as I could feel the head of my cock trying to push through to her cervix. She was so warm inside and the feeling of her pussy walls all around me was incredible. I knew that if I moved at that moment I was going to fell her with my semen. That was something I did not want to happen yet. I wanted to enjoy her for as long as possible.

Once the feeling past I moved out to the tip of my head and then back in as far as I could go. I took my time moving in and out and soon she matched my rocking with that of her own movements. We rocked back and forth as she kept her knees pulled up and feeling my chest and shoulders with her hands. I held her legs against me for awhile as I felt my balls begin to tighten up. I sensed my body tensing up, as I was about to erupt deep inside her pussy. Finally I pulled out and shot my load over her belly and on the little bit of hair on her sexy pussy. As soon as I finished I forced my dick back into the warm velvety softness that made me feel so comfortable. I raised her legs up to my shoulders and pushed back to open her more. I wanted to get as deep as I could. I looked at Michelle’s face and watched as head turned side to side with her eyes closes. Her arms spread out across the bed again.

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