Melanie R

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“You are such a dork for watching this crap” it was a typical response he had when it was time for Melanie to choose what they would watch on tv.

“This stuff is boring” He always complained when watching her television shows “Oh shut up, you might learn something from this shot and plus the guy hosting it is hot.”

Ronnie just rolled his eyes and stared at her smiling. They had been dating for over a year and everyday that he spent with her just seemed better than the last. They had both just started college and he had never been so in love with anyone in his life. He rolled over onto his back and just stared intently at her watching her shows.

Melanie was absolutely gorgeous. Long dark hair, a beautiful face, and the greatest legs he had ever seen. He reached out with his fingers and ran them across her face which caused her to giggle.

“Quit touching me while I am trying to watch my hot british guy” she always liked to agitate him.

She played hard to get but she loved when he touched her. Her body always responded to his touch. She smiled as he pulled her face close to him and began kissing her. Her breathing got quicker as there tongues met.

She squealed as he quickly got on top of her and began kissing her again. Her hands ran up and down his sides as they kissed. Her body tensed as his hands found her breasts and began fondling them. She could feel herself start to get wet as he teased her nipples with his thumb.

She broke the kiss and stood up beside the bed. She walked over and locked the door to her room. Her parents were at work but she wanted to make sure just in case. She slowly walked over to the bed and could see by the bulge in the front of his pants that he was excited. She smiled her sexy smile and then slowly pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it on the floor.

“Mmm baby” was all he could say as he stood up and grabbed her and pulled her to him.

Melanie tensed as he ran his tongue up and down her neck. She loved when a guy showed attention to her neck. Ronnie made sure to run his tongue slowly so that she purred in enjoyment. She tensed as his hands reached around and squeezed her ass through her skirt.

She moaned into his mouth as he kissed her deeply and squeezed her cheeks as hard as he could. Her hands found the front of his pants and gripped his hardening cock through his pants. Ronnie moaned as he felt her hand squeeze his cock this only helped to reinforce cebeci escort his efforts on her neck. “Mmmm your cock feel so hard baby” his body felt weak as he heard his soul mate say this to him. He got even weaker when she dropped to her knees in front of him and began rubbing her face on his cock through his pants.

She shocked him by starting to run her tongue over the outline of his cock on the outside of his pants. He had waited for this moment for so long and now it was happening.

“I love you baby” was all he could say as she reached inside his wind pants and pulled his hard cock out.

Melanie couldn’t help but moan as she pulled his thick cock out of his pants. Her mouth was watering she had never wanted something in her mouth in all of her life. She looked up at him and without breaking eye contact, gave the tip of his cock a kiss and then a lock lick causing him to moan out loud.

He looked down at his beautiful angel as she ran her tongue all over his cock. She focused her attention on the head at first using her hand to stroke his cock before she started taking more and more of him into her mouth.

“Oh God baby that’s soo fucking good” he moaned as she slurped all over his hard cock. “You suck my cock so good baby I love you so much” is what he kept saying over and over as she caused him to get closer and closer to climax.

He reached down and began running his fingers in her hair. He pulled her off of his cock and looked into her eyes.

“You want me to fuck your face baby?” he said it with a growl in his voice, a growl that made her pussy drip.

“Mmmm yeah baby fuck my face! Fucking ram your cock in my mouth and make me gag!”

He gripped the side of her head and began to thrusting himself into her mouth. He knew she loved to be manhandled and he violently thrust 7 inches of his 10 inch cock into her throat causing her to moan and gag all over his cock.

He grabbed her by the head and pulled her up to him and kissed her. Tasting himself all over her as their tongues met.

“Turn around and bend your ass over baby” was all she needed to hear before she did what she was told.

She loved when he took control. Her pussy was dripping and she knew that any minute he was going be pleasing her. He dropped to his knees and pulled her skirt up over her ass. He bit her ass cheek over her panties causing her to moan loudly. He then yanked her panties down quickly cebeci escort bayan to her ankles and held them as she stepped out of them.

He placed tiny kisses all over her cheeks before starting to nibble. He spread her legs and leaned down and slowly ran his tongue over the lips of her pussy and tasted her sweetness. Her breathing was quickening as he sucking and licked all over her pussy, and she screamed loudly when his tongue entered her. He stuck his tongue into her pussy and began licking all of her sweetness up.

He could feel her pussy contract all over his tongue and he felt her juices dripping off his chin.

Her cries and moans of “mmm baby oh fucking eat my pussy” only caused him to push his face deeper into her pussy.

He then turned her over and as she threw her legs on his shoulders he wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked as hard as he could. This caused her body to tense and she came all over his face. She moaned as she heard him slurp her juices as she came.

He loved her taste. She was as sweet as syrup and he never got tired of eating her pussy.

In her breathless haze she screamed “Oh God get your fucking cock in me!” as he stood between her legs and pushed his pants down.

She wrapped her heels behind his ass to bring him closer to her pussy. He gripped his cock in his hands as he stood over her

“You want this cock inside of that tight pussy baby?” he teased

“I want every fucking inch of it inside my pussy papi” she knew he loved being called that and she smiled as she saw his cock throb at the mention of that name.

He slapped his cock against her needy pussy causing her to moan loudly “mmm fucking tease my pussy baby” came from her mouth as he slapped his cock against her lips,

“You like to be teased baby?” he questioned.

“I like your big cock inside me better baby. Fuck your pussy! Fuck it hard and fast and make me cum” as bad as he wanted to he continued to rub the head of his cock all over her clit.

She was thrusting her pussy up at his cock now, she was out of control with want, she needed him inside of her worse than she ever needed anything and she let out a loud squeal when she felt the head of his cock pressing between her wet lips. “Oh gooooood yeah” was all she could say as he sunk the first 4 inches of his cock into her.

“Fuck your so tight” He grunted back.

He loved how tight escort cebeci her pussy was, no matter how many times he had been inside her , it always felt like the first time. Her breathing increased as he inched more and more of his cock inside of her. She closed her eyes as she felt his balls come to a rest on her pussy, because she knew that she had ever single inch inside of her, he filled her up more than anything she could ever imagine would, she loved his cock and she loved what was coming next even more.

With one motion of his hips he pulled the entire length of his cock out of her and after a pause slammed it back inside of her.

“Oh fuck yeah Ronnie. Oh fuck yeah” was all she could say as he increased his efforts.

He was fucking her faster and faster, he knew she liked it hard, and he liked to fuck her as hard as he could everytime they fucked.

“yeah take it baby! Take my big fucking cock” was what came out of his mouth as he pounded the pussy of the love of his life.

“Fuck me baby, fuck your pussy, its all yours! Fuck me! Fuck me!” was all she could get out in between strokes.

He was fucking her so hard that her bed was hitting against the wall. His thrusts were so hard that the loudest sound in the room besides her moans was his balls slapping against her ass.

“Your pussy feels so fucking good legs I love you so fucking much” he told her as he looked down at her.

She was moaning and he could feel her pussy spasm around his cock each time he made her cum.

“Shut up and keep fucking me” was her response and that caused him to attack her pussy with even more force.

This caused her to start to scream “fuck me” over and over.

He could feel the familiar feeling of explosion coming from his balls and knew he was nearing climax.

“I am gonna cum baby where do you want it?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“Cum fuckiing inside me papi! Fucking cum deep inside me! Fill me fucking up with your hot cum!”

He began fucking her so hard that the slapping was hurting his balls.

“Fuuuuuck I love you” was what he screamed as he began shooting shot after shot of hot cum deep into his angel’s pussy.

“Oh my goooood” was all that came out of her mouth as each shot of hot cum shooting inside of her caused her to cum harder and harder.

As her pussy clamped around his cock he collapsed on top of her.

He lay there staring at his gorgeous prize as they tried to catch their breath. He felt her squeeze his cock.

“I love you angel” came out of his mouth as naturally as breathing.

He rolled to the side with his cock still inside her and wrapped his arms around her body as they lay there staring into each other’s eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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