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I had a lousy day today. It started with me getting laid off work. Then my so called boyfriend, well I caught him fucking my friend. When I got home I close and lock the door not wanting to talk to or see anyone. I needed to find a job my rent was due in a two weeks. I look in the refrigerator for some thing to eat. I decided to go out and grab a newspaper and some food. Opening the paper, I saw lots jobs for waitress’s and clerks, but nothing for a writer. I was about to give up when my eye caught an unusual ad. Looking closer I read it.


“I read it again, and saw that it had an address to, so I sat down and wrote a letter.

“Hi, I’m 25 years old, have long waist length hair, am about 5I’3I’, and a little on the chunky side, but have been told I am very sexy. My breast are 38 D I think. I like most things and I do know how to keep a house clean. ” and I sign it WAITING. I put in the mail and off it went. A week later I was still looking for a job, with no luck I went home and found a letter under my door. I went inside and open it and read it.

“Hello WAITING, I live in the remote area in the mountains, in a cabin with just my dogs. I wrote this ad as a joke, not thinking I would get an answer. To my surprise you wrote me. I’m 45 years old and love being outdoors. I’m looking for someone to share time with. I’ll send you a picture if you send me one, I’d love one of you nude, if it’s okay with you. write back right away, use the serves I used, don’t worry it’s paid for. Oh I should tell you I’m in town for two days. ” I was interested, so I wrote him back and sent and picture I had taken for my X’s birthday.

Not even an hour later my door bell rings. I open the door and the lady says she has a message for me to please sign. I told her to stay I might need to send one back. I opened it and found a note and a picture. I read the note. ” If you would like to met please come to the hotel and it gives the name and the room number. I glance at the picture. I wrote a quick note telling him I would like to met and I would be there at 8, but to please call me and I gave my number. I put it in and enveloped and gave it to the lady. I took a quick shower and was just sitting on my bed when the phones rings.

“Hello, Oh Yes Thank you for calling. Well I was wondering why met in your room, and not the restaurant? Oh I see, yes I can understand that, yes I’ll met you in your room. Oh, yes I did, I think your a very sexy man. goodbye for now. ” I said. I look at the clock and saw that I had an hour an half before 8. I walk over to my closet, looking for something simple. I found it. I slip it over my head and look in the mirror, yes this would do. I took it off and finished rubbing my body lotion on. I laid back on my bed thinking about him, I reach over and pick up his picture. He was indeed nude but he didn’t show his cock it didn’t matter. He was graying a little but he made him look even better. I figured he is about I’ or close to it. I glance at the clock and saw it was 7:30 I got up and slip the dress back on, grabbing my coat and purse I left.

I knock on his door at 8. I was scare but excited too. He open the door.

“Come in Miss. . ” he stops. We both realize that we didn’t tell each our names.

“Well dam” we both said. Then we were laughing, after the laughing had past.

“Hi. my name is Byron. ” he told me.

“My name is Samantha. I’ I told him. We sat down on the couch.

“I must be honest with you I’m lonely at home and there is no younger women around and in the town I live in. so the men got together and wrote ad to get them there. My best friend and I was drinking one night and he talk me into writing that ad for myself. I didn’t really think any one would write me back. When I got your letter I was on my way into your town. I couldn’t believe you live this close. ” he said.

“Well It sound like you’ve had a bad day too. I wrote because I had had a bad day to. I bahis firmaları got laid off from work, then I came home to find my boy friend fucking what I thought was my friend. I came across your add by accident. ” I said.

“I have a some questions to asked, but I think it would be better if you just wrote your answers down. ” he said handing me the paper. I look over the questions, they were very explicit and intimate.

“I answer them only if you answer them for me. ” I told him.

“Okay” he said.

“Oh may I didn’t know he ask this uh uh you don’t. . . . ” was all he got out.

“Wouldn’t you want to know?” I asked.

“yes, but. ” he said.

The first question asked if I like having sex? I love having sex very much, but with some one who turns me on.

# 2, asked if I like having sex with someone watching? I never tried it before. I think it would have to be some one I trust.

, asked if I would like living in an isolated place where no one but the two of us were? Yes I would like that I’m not happy living in the city anymore.

asked if I would get married and move with him? { I look up at him and smiled. } Yes I would marry you and move to your cabin in the mountains.

The last one asked if I was open to enjoying different ways of having sex? Only if there is no pain, I’m not into hitting or hurting for my pleasure and I wont do it to someone for theirs.

I put the paper down on the table and walk over to the window looking out over city. He look up, watching her he thought she was the most beautifully sexy lady heI’d seen in a long time. He walk over to her.

“Here, I hope you can read it, my writing is not good. ” he said.

“I left mind on the table over there” I told him. We each read the others. For

he wrote he hadn’t had any in so long he wasn’t sure if he knew how.


he wrote no I want her to myself, at least for a while but only if my friend was the one who watch.

he wrote that’s where I live, because I don’t like the city, to much noise.

For he wrote yes I would marry you, but I couldn’t move.

For the last one he wrote I would do anything just so I could have you in my bed every night everyday I’d even go without sex if I had too. But I’d rather not, I think your the most sexy hot looking lady and I’m hard just thinking about you.

I was just as hot by the time I finished reading his.

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“I’ll walk you back to your place and help you pack and I’ll take you home. If you’d like. Would you marry me, and spend our lives together.?” he asked

“yes I will. ” I told him and lean over and place a kiss on his lips. He pulled me to him and kiss me back in a hungry, hot kiss. It left me feeling like I was floating on air. He pulled back.

“Byran. . . ” was all I said. the phone was ringing. I walk over to the window while he talk on the phone. I felt him standing behind me, his hands on my shoulders pulling me to him. My hands rested on his legs, his were caressing my arms. He took my hands in his and move them between to the bulge in his pants. He moaned as he kiss my ear. His hands move to squeeze my tits.

“I wish we had more time for this, but I have to leave early, there’s a emergency at home. I don’t want to leave. I’ll call as soon as I can. ” he said. He turn me around and kiss me. He walk me out.

When I open the door I saw that my X was sitting there.

“Where have you been, and who is this?” he asked showing the picture of Byran. I grab the picture and told him to leave he wasn’t welcome here any longer. A knock came at my door I open it to find a huge looking man standing there.

“yes can I help?” I asked.

“Byran sent me to help you. I’ was all he said.

“Good the first thing you can do is get this bastard out of my place, he wont take no for an answer. ” I told him. In two steps he was standing and holding my X by his shirt collar and helping him out.

“What’s kaçak iddaa going on Miss Sam?” the landlord asked.

“Hi, Mr. Swift I loss my job and I’m moving. Could you please get my boxes and luggage from the basement. ” I asked. Mr. Swift left and I went and got all my clothes dropping them on the couch. I went and got my personal stuff, and put them it an overnight case I kept in the closet.

“Here’s you stuff dear. ” the landlord said. I grab a box and headed for my room to put everything from the drawers in the box, dropping the box in the living room I headed for the bathroom and boxed that up.

I look around the room and saw that I had everything boxed or packed.

“What about the kitchen. ” the big guy asked.

“I’m giving the food to Mr. and Mrs. Swift. Oh wait there is on e thing I can’t leave without. ” I ran and got the box that held my Moms dishes.

“They are the only thing I have left of my moms. ” I said.

“Okay lets go. ” he said. I went down and waited for him to load the truck. We were on the road and leaving the city behind.

“Are you Byran’s best friend that talk him into writing?” I asked, He nodded.

“Thank you. ” I said. I close my eyes and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I was asleep, but I woke because I was being bounced around the truck. When I got back in the seat I buckled up and look around, It was to dark to see anything but I saw a light in the woods and it was getting closer. We turn the corner and stop in front of a huge cabin with a big porch.

“He left you a note and I’ll take all these inside, and I’ll see in a few days. ” he said. I went inside. I watch him bring in everything and drop it on the floor, except the three boxes that held glass, and the one box of my moms he put it in the middle of the table.

“I think your going to make him very happy. ” he said and left. I found the note from Byran.

“Samantha, I’m writing this on my way back here. I think I’ll call you Sam for short if you don’t mind. I already miss you. I I’m not sure when I will get home please make yourself at home. I will see you as soon as I can get there. P. S. Don’t be surprise if I wake you with a kiss when I get home. Byran. ” I read it again.

I was tried so I undress and climb in his big bed and fell asleep. When Byran came home about 5 in the morning that’s where he found her. He was so tried, he took a quick shower and laid down. He took a deep breath and smell her, it sent a jolt to his cock. He pulled her to him and kiss her neck, leaving kisses as he travel to her mouth. He slip his tongue in and kiss her awake.

“Mmmm, what a wonderful way to be woke up. I missed you Byran. I’ I said.

“I missed you to Sam, Lets get some sleep and when we wake up I’ll show around. ” he said.

I woke up feeling very frisky, and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. I sat up and look at him, his picture did him no justice. He was better looking in the flesh. I place a lite kiss on his lips. He didn’t move, so I kiss his chest and kissing my way down. The sheet covered his lower body, so I move it away and to my shocking surprise. I saw why the picture didn’t show everything. He was enormous. He must be at least 10 inches long, but I couldn’t get my hand around him. It reminded me of a tube of sausage. I also wasn’t sure if I could get him to fit in my mouth. I held him and lick the head, mmmm he tasted good. I open my mouth as wide as I could and put him in my mouth. I had him half way in my mouth when he woke up.

“MMMM, EASY BABY, I MIGHT NOT FIT THERE, BUT DON’T STOP SUCKING, I’M LOVING IT. ” he told me. I wasn’t going to, I was enjoying myself to much. I gently squeezed his balls, he was pushing my head away, but I took his hands and place them on his cock, showing him what I wanted him to do. He moved his hand up and down on his cock. I could feel his cock getting ready to cum. I took almost 3/4’s of his cock in my mouth when grunted and his cum shot in my mouth. I swallowed all his cum, and I laid down. kaçak bahis

“Oh sweet baby I enjoyed that very much, I’d like you to do that again sometime, but not yet I want my turn, then I’m going to slip my cock in and I’m going to take my time fucking you so you’ll never leave me. ” he told me.

“Oh Byran I wont ever leave you. The feelings you give me are so thrilling and delightfully wicked that I’d never give that up. ” I told him. I climb up on him and laid down. He kiss me and wrap me in his arms.

“I love you, Will You marry me today?” Byran asked.

“Oh yes I’ll marry you, and I love you too. ” I said.

“Come up here and sit on my face, I want to enjoy you like you did me. ” he said. I had to hold onto the headboard, because his tongue and fingers moving in my pussy. I knew I was going to cum and cum hard. I did to, I’ve never had an orgasm that intense before. I tried to move, but I couldn’t get my hands to let go.

“Byran I can’t move my hands. ” I cried. He lifted me up and slip out from under me. Sitting behind me He put his arms along mind. Caressing my arms.

“It’s okay baby, that was some orgasm wasn’t it baby. ” he said over and over again. Kissing me and slowly he loosen my hands from the headboard. I was crying because I was so happy. {a knock at the door}

“I’ll be right there. ” he yelled grabbing his robe. I ran to the bathroom. Byran came in while I was in the shower.

“The preachers here and my friends to see us get married. ” he said.

“Okay I’ll be out in about 20 minutes. ” I said.

“Great we’ll be outside. ” he said.

I walk out wearing my only white dress, I didn’t care if I was a virgin or not, this was the only time I was getting married. Byran looked up when he heard the door open. She looked spectacular, and luscious in that dress.

“My friend there is a statuesque, and provocatively lady your marrying. ” his best friend whisper. Byran knew that and she was also the most sensational woman he’s ever had in his bed. The winter nights were going to be very hot. He hard an erection that was throbbing. He needed this wedding to be over with quickly. He urgency needed to fuck her, but he knew his friends were going to make him wait till night time.

Byran watch his wife. She was getting to know everyone, laughing with them. When the music started he grab his wife and had the first dance.

“Byran, when will we be alone I want you inside me. ” I whisper in his ear.

“Soon baby soon. ” he told me. Byran look for his friend. His friend nodded his head.

“Okay everyone lets leave these two to their honeymoon. ” he said. Everyone pack up and gave their thanks and wishes, while Byran’s friend walk me into the cabin. Byran close the door.

“In my family there is a tradition of the best man. His duties are to undress the groom, then the bride. It’s his blessing on our marriage. Is that okay?” he asked. I nodded yes, not sure if I could talk. I watch he undress Byran. When he stood in front of me I looked him in the eyes, then looked at Byran. He unzipped my dress and slowly peeled it down my shoulders, dropping it to the floor. He walked in front of me and gave me a very passionate kiss. He turned to Byran.

“I see why you wanted to end the party early. I bless you my friend, and you my new friend. ” he sad and lock the door behind him.

Byran pick me up and carried me to our bed, he laid me down and move between my legs. He slowly push his cock in my pussy till he had all 10 inches buried deep inside.


“OH SWEET BABY YOUR SO TIGHT. ” he said harshly. He slowly pulled his cock out, and plunge back in me.


“YES, OOOOHHHHH, YEEEEESSSS, FUUUUUUUCK, MEEEEEEEEE. ” I screamed, as I climax. He gives me the most spectacular orgasms.

* * * * *

Hi, I had fun writing this one. I’m not sure, but I think I might write one including Byron watching his best friend fucking his wife Samantha. Let me know if you think I should.

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