Lori’s Hidden Lust

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Jonas and Lori were nervous but excited as they walked up to the nightclub. This would be a change of pace from their normal night out for a few drinks and an appetizer. Jonas and Lori had been married for 8 years. On this particular night they were out in Vegas for Jonas’ work. Lori tagged along so they could have fun and explore the city. Jonas was excited for the opportunity to possibly spice up their sex life. Lori and Jonas had dabbled in mild fantasies at home. Jonas liked roleplaying sex somewhere in public or with a stranger. When it was Lori’s time to fantasize, she would sometimes mention someone specific like her fitness trainer at the gym or a boss. Maybe a wild night out in Vegas could step up their fantasies a notch and help take them to the next level.

Lori had been excited for this trip and spent time finding the perfect dress that made her look sexy. She was wearing a white short dress, much shorter and revealing than she would normally wear back home, but they were in Vegas! The top was a tie front revealing part of her stomach and cleavage. Tonight, she was not wearing a bra, taking the sex appeal up a notch. White was a perfect color for Lori in the summer with her tanned skin and black hair.

“Well, here goes nothing,” said Lori as they walked up to the bouncer.

The music was loud inside and it was dark with strobe lights beaming all around providing glimpses of people dancing and having a good time. There was a DJ up front with bars lined up on either side of the room. The bottom level was very crowded. There was a second level accessed by a staircase in the back of the room that provided privacy for “VIPs” and overlooked the dance floor. All of the excitement was a lot to take in.

“Let’s go get a drink,” said Jonas as he led the way to the bar.

“I actually have to go to the bathroom, why don’t you get me a vodka tonic and I will be right back.”

Lori headed for the bathroom and Jonas continued to get them some drinks. There was a mob of people all around the bar but Jonas managed to squeeze between some people and grab a seat at the bar. He waited patiently for several minutes until he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Hey pal, you are in my seat.”

A large brute stood over Jonas glaring at him rather intimidatingly. Jonas was caught off guard and at first didn’t know what to do.

“Did you hear me squirt? You need to move.”

Without thinking Jonas backed up awkwardly out of fear and bumped into another guy behind him, spilling his drink on the stranger and floor.

“What the hell are you doing? You just ruined my shirt you little punk.”

Jonas turned around and found another massive figure bigger than the last. He had to have been well over 6 feet and 220 pounds looking down on Jonas, who was 150 lbs on a good day. The guy had a tight muscle shirt showing off his guns in a rather douchey way and a big stain right on his chest from the spilled drink.

“Nick, what are we going to do with this guy, first he steals my seat and now he is trying to make you look like a chump spilling your drink all over you?”

Jonas stuttering was trying to get out an explanation, “look… guys, I didn’t mean…” and before Jonas knew it, he was gasping for air on the ground. Nick, with the stained shirt, had just punched Jonas right in the stomach.

“Stop it! What are you idiots doing?!” Lori had returned and was attending to Jonas on the ground.

“Oh hey princess, are you with this loser? When you are ready to be with a real man come find me, I will show you a good time.” As Nick said it, he also took the opportunity to look down Lori’s cleavage as she was bending over on the floor to help Jonas. He even had the nerve to continue staring as Lori looked up, catching him. It made Lori feel very uncomfortable that he was so blatantly hitting on here and checking her out, especially after he had just hit her husband. Nick turned away in a cocky matter and walked away as a club manager came to see what was going on.

“Is everything okay?” asked the club manager.

“No, that idiot over there just socked me in the stomach out of nowhere and walked off! He needs to be thrown out!” Jonas pointed to Nick out to the manager.

“Ahhh… Nick, yes he is a regular here… and he isn’t someone I can really throw out…, his uncle owns the place. Let me try to make it up to you, we have VIP tables upstairs and I will get you bottle service on us.”

Jonas didn’t like the idea of letting him off the hook but what could he do. After some reluctance he looked over at his sexy wife and decided he just wanted them to have a good time and put this behind them.

“What do you say Lori, let’s go for it.”

They walked upstairs and when they arrived the waitress showed them to an area with a couple love seats facing each other and a table between them. The waitress put down a bottle of vodka, glasses and various tuzla escort mixers.

“Alright, here you are, I hope you two enjoy.”

Lori sat down and eagerly started pouring herself a drink. “This is wonderful, I’m sorry we got this on such bad circumstances honey.”

Jonas was starting to feel better. He could feel the music pounding in his chest as he was overlooking the excitement going on downstairs. “Hand me that bottle, we are VIPs tonight!”

With the bottle soon half gone Lori decided it was time to head downstairs. She was feeling very tipsy at this point and was turned on by the atmosphere. The looks she had gotten by others in the club, even Nick, had given her confidence and made her feel sexy.

“Let’s go down stairs and dance, but first I want to get a little more comfortable,” Lori said in a flirty voice.

She then started taking down her panties and they fell to her ankles. She bent over and picked them up, letting her tits dangle right in Jonas’ face. With her fully bent over he could see the edges of her nipples in her loose top. Normally if Lori knew she was exposed it would shame her but not tonight in this atmosphere and the drinks were adding to her boldness.

“I normally don’t like to dance but you are very convincing. How could I pass up that offer?”

They headed downstairs and onto the dance floor. They danced for several songs. Lori was getting more and more sensual and began to grind on Jonas. It got her some attention and soon several guys were checking her out and that got Lori even more turned on. With Lori backed up to Jonas he looked over her shoulder and down at her chest, glistening from a light sweat from the hot dance floor. He too enjoyed the attention they were getting and was tempted to pull at the loose tie keeping Lori’s breasts together to expose and grab them as they danced. The thought got him hard as a rock and soon Lori felt it pressing into her as she pushed her ass up and down his hard shaft. She reached behind her and grabbed Jonas’ hand, moving it up her body and forcing him to give her tits a little squeeze as discretely as possible while dancing to the music.

Lori put her other hand around Jonas’ head and pulled it closer to her to whisper in his ear, “let’s go back upstairs, I don’t want that hard cock going to waste.”

Jonas didn’t need to hear anymore. He led her back to the stairs and they headed up. But, before they even got to their seats, they heard a familiar voice.

“Hey, it’s little squirt!”

Jonas turned around with dismay as his fears were confirmed, Nick was coming up to their table.

“I just wanted to say your welcome for providing you and your sexy girl here this VIP treatment.”

As Nick was talking, he hung his large arm around Jonas’ neck and leaned on him in a demeaning way. Jonas struggled to stand up straight with Nick leaning his weight on him. Nick then looked over at Lori and grinned, and while staring at her told Jonas, “Why don’t you get your slutty girl here and myself a drink?” He then turned his focus down to her chest giving her tits a long look and then walked over to one of the love seats and sat down.

Nick once again putting his attention on Lori, “Hey babe, come sit down next to me,” and patted his hand on the seat directing her where to sit. Lori hesitated and didn’t move. She looked over at Jonas.

“Don’t test me again, you two don’t want to piss me off twice tonight.”

“Hmm okay, but after this one drink you need to leave us alone,” Lori said as she reluctantly sat down next to Nick.

Jonas was fuming at this point, but he didn’t want to escalate the situation. He just wanted to get rid of this guy. Jonas poured a double vodka in two glasses for Nick and Lori and asked, “What do you want it mixed with?”

Nick reached over and put his hand on Lori’s upper thigh, giving it a squeeze and without even looking up told Jonas, “just give it to me and my girl here straight.”

Lori’s face was blank, she was uncomfortable and didn’t know what to do. Jonas could no longer hold in his anger and before he could think it through, he threw the vodka from one of the glasses right into Nick and yelled at him, “You have taken it too far now! Get out of here you creep!”

There was a short silence and everyone was still. Nick slowly stood up, and took off his shirt, now soaked with vodka. Jonas and Lori both couldn’t help noticing that there wasn’t an inch of Nick’s body that was not pure muscle. The man was built. Jonas quickly knew he had made a huge mistake.

“Now you have fucked up son.”

Nick grabbed Jonas by his shirt collar and began to pull his free fist back to strike him. Before Jonas was obliterated Lori jumped up and leaped onto Nick’s arm.

“Please stop!” Lori screamed as she hung onto his arm hoping to stop her husband from being beaten up by this brute.

Nick paused, did not throw the tuzla escort bayan punch and started to relax his grip on Jonas and then pushed him away, making Jonas fall backwards onto the ground. Lori still hanging onto his large arms could feel his power as he lowered his raised fist. Lori was amazed with Nick’s physique; she had never felt arms so large before. Even though she despised this bully she could not help but notice how attractive he was without his shirt on. Nick turned to Lori.

“If you want to save this weakling you are going to have to do something for me,” said Nick as his grin reappeared.

Lori responded, “What do you want me to do? Anything to stop you from fighting.”

Nick looked down once again at Lori’s chest, still grinning and said, “Lose the top.”

Jonas still watching from the ground chirped in, “She is not giving you a show asshole, it is time for you to leave!”

“No, it is fine Jonas, I will give him a quick flash and this will be over.”

Before Jonas could protest anymore Lori pulled one string from the tied top and it came undone. Her breasts spilled out showing her big milky white tits that contrasted next to her tanned skin. Nick had lust in his eyes and Lori saw it. She was almost enjoying seeing this stud want her. She tried to hold back her attraction to Nick but the sexual tension was apparent. Nick felt in control now and it made him even bolder. He took a step closer to Lori and grabbed one of her exposed tits. Even in his massive hands Lori’s tits were more than a handful. Jonas was horrified by the sight and even more surprised at Lori’s complacency with what was happening.

“I changed my mind,” said Nick. “I want a lap dance.”

This commanding voice, large physique and domination was something Lori had never experienced. It caught her off guard and she didn’t know quite how to react to him. She hated how he treated her husband but she was also feeling levels of excitement and sexual desires she had never felt before.

“One dance?” Lori asked.

“Lori, no way this is going to far! You are not giving him a lap dance, lets get out of here.”

Nick answered, “You aren’t going anywhere until my slut gives me a lap dance. Now shut up squirt.”

Nick walked over to one of the seats and sat down. He looked back at Lori and motioned her over with his finger.

Lori looked at Nick. “Don’t worry baby, it will just be one dance and then it will be over.”

Lori looked back over at Nick and walked towards him. Her tits free and perky slightly bouncing as she walked over to him. Lori turned away from Nick and sat on his lap. The DJ was playing a slower song with a strong beat giving Lori direction on how to move her hips into Nick. She could feel his strong legs under her thighs. Nick had a strong grip on her waste, clinching her exposed skin from her untying her top. Lori could feel his powerful chest on her bare back. Jonas could not believe his eyes as he saw his wife grinding on the very person that had beaten him up that night once, and threatened him twice! He felt helpless, not knowing what he could do to the dominant man taking what he wanted from him.

Nick started moving his hands up and around Lori’s body as she continued to grind on him until he had both of her breasts in his hands. He squeezed them tight and it caused Lori to let out a quiet moan. Next Nick moved his hands back to her ass and gave it a quick spank. A little grimace went over Lori’s face and she let out another moan.

Jonas was trying not to watch but he thought he noticed Nick unzipping his pants which caught his attention. Surely not, they were just going to do a lap dance and it was going to be over any second.

“Now turn around,” demanded Nick.

Lori stood up and did as she was told. Lori’s dress had slightly worked its way up during the dance and was now slightly revealing her ass. Jonas did not see her panties and then remembered Lori’s flirting earlier when she took them off! As Lori was standing up to turn around something else was revealed. Nick’s hard cock was now out of his pants, all 9 inches! It was only a short glimpse before Lori sat back down on Nick’s lap, now facing forward, but Jonas could see he was much bigger and thicker than he was. This night had turned into his worst nightmare.

Lori returned to the lap dance, grinding up and down on Nick, with no reluctance at this point. Jonas could tell she was into it at this point. It crushed him to see these events unfold and how far this had gone in a matter of moments. His wife was now grinding on another mans bare cock with no panties on.

Nick’s hands had worked their way under Lori, cupping her bare ass, as she moved up and down on him. Lori looked down and saw Nick’s massive cock, she had never seen one so big before. Lust was starting to take over her and she found her self wanting to grab and stroke his cock but she restrained escort tuzla herself.

The next thing Jonas knew Nick was lifting Lori up, once again revealing his massive cock. Lori was leaning into Nick with her hands resting on his chiseled chest. Her ass was in the air. Nick lowered her down right onto his cock and the tip inserted into her pussy.

“No, we can’t, we have to stop here,” said Lori. She now had her knees on the couch, preventing Nick’s cock from penetrating her any further. Jonas had a small sigh of relief, that his wife was putting an end to this.

“Get the fuck off my wife scum bag, you had your fun, now leave us alone,” said Jonas with a little more confidence now that his wife was showing constraint.

Nick, completely ignoring Jonas as if he wasn’t there, looked Lori in the eyes and then pulled her closer to whisper in her ear, “I know you want to know what a real man’s cock feels like. I’m going to fill that pussy up, now sit down on my cock.”

Jonas could not hear what Nick was saying, and was confused why Lori was still sitting on top of him with his cock still partially inserted into her pussy.

Now, with a louder, more commanding voice, “I said sit down on my cock!”

Without looking back at Jonas Lori slowly began to ease onto Nick’s lap. The massive cock had no problem sliding into Lori’s tight wet pussy as if it was opening up just for him. Lori was in a trance and couldn’t help but take every order commanded of her by her conqueror. Nick’s hands, still cupped around Lori’s ass began pulling her up and down sliding his cock in and out of Lori’s pussy. She let out a moan as she pressed harder against Nick’s chest, arching her back and moving her hips to help with the motion of Nick’s lifting and lowering. Soon Nick moved his hands back to her waste and Lori was riding his cock up and down completely on her own.

“How does it feel riding a real cock? You like me fucking you don’t you slut?”

“Yes, fuck me Nick!” cried Lori, now completely lost in the moment.

Jonas couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His wife was totally into it. She looked like a porn star riding up and down on the chiseled stud that had humiliated him that night. She looked like a girl from a fantasy, enjoying the large cock filling her up. He was powerless to what was going on. As thoughts of anger, jealousy and helplessness continued to build Lori continued to ride Nick’s cock up and down. She was now quickening her pace, moving her hips and twerking her ass up and down a way Jonas had never seen her do.

“You are mine now, I’m going to fuck you whenever I want.”

Lori’s eyes were closed, moans periodically coming from her, now more frequently and louder.

“Yes, you can fuck me, your cock feels so good!” moaned Lori as she again quickened her pace, bouncing her ass up and down on Nick’s thighs revealing his large cock as her pussy swallowed it whole over and over.

“Oh god!! Ummmmmm, ummmmm,” moaned Lori as she orgasmed.

Nick held Lori by the waste tight and instantly put a stop to her bouncing, pulling her to him tight, keeping his cock fully inserted in her pussy. Nick shot his load into Lori, filling her up. She no longer had her hands extended, pushing into his chest with her back arched. Lori had melted into Nick’s strong arms as they both orgasmed together. She leaned in and kissed Nick as he finished pumping his load into her. She continued to kiss him, inserting her tongue in his mouth and kissing him as he gripped her ass cheeks. After a long embrace and make out session Lori came out of here trance stood up off of Nick’s cock, pulling her dress down to hide her cum filled pussy. She tied her dress top back up and went over to Jonas without saying a word.

Lori whispered to Jonas, “I’m sorry baby, I couldn’t help it, it was as if he had complete control of me.”

Jonas held her without saying a word, not knowing where to go from here. Nick stood up and threw a card on Lori’s lap with his phone number on it as he walked by and he left without saying a word.

Jonas was so angry at Nick and now Lori too. Fortunately for Lori she knew his weak spot and she had noticed Jonas had become hard from watching her fuck Nick. It surprised her but offered her a chance to get out of this. She put her hand on Jonas’ smaller cock and rubbed it through his pants.

She whispered, “I can see you liked seeing your wife being naughty, did you like the show I put on for you,” as she continued to rub sensually. As mad as Jonas was his lust was for this sexual goddess he had just seen fuck a stud in front of him clouded his mind. Jonas couldn’t help it; he was so weak. “Let’s just get out of here and go back to our hotel room,” he said.

Lori knew she would fantasize about that night in the future, maybe even that night while being with Jonas. Maybe she could take some of that dominance from Nick and start using it on Jonas to continue satisfying her new found sexual fantasies. She quickly took Nick’s card when Jonas was not paying attention and put it in her purse, she never knew when she might want to relive that night again.

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