Long-Time Acquaintances

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This is a true story. Happened the night of December 8, 2008. For some reason I felt the need to switch the point of view when it gets to the sexier part. Meh, I dunno. It’s just a whole lot easier to write about it without talking about myself, and I personally think it’s a whole lot more fun to read that way. So… Deal with it.

“You don’t have sex with someone you’ve known since first grade.” This statement made by Seth Rogan in Zack and Miri Make a Porno only added to the sexual tension between the two who giggled at this statement in the theater, not to mention foreshadowed an event that both saw coming.

To start off with, I am a high school senior in a small town in Washington, just outside of Seattle. Standing at a grand height of 5’4″, I’d say I’m a bit prettier than your average Jane. With straight shoulder-length reddish-blonde hair, large blue eyes, and rosy lips and cheeks, I’d actually say I’m pretty cute! Well at least that’s what Dylan thinks. Perhaps my 36C breasts and matching hip/ass area which are the basis of my slender yet curvaceous hourglass frame help a bit too.

Dylan and I had known each other since I was in kindergarten, he in first grade. One of those people you don’t really talk to or consider a friend, but in a small town you’re bound to run in to one another, know a bit about each other’s love and social lives, and make the knowing eye contact and twitchy half-smile when you see them at school, in the mall, the park, etc. That’s what Dylan was to me. With soft, medium-length and colored brown curly hair, the palest shade of hazel-green eyes you’ve ever seen, a pale complexion with matching supple pink lips, and a prominent nose, chin, and Adam’s apple, one can’t help but have somewhat of a crush. The boy should become a goddamn model for Christ’s sake! Six feet tall and with the long slender body of a saint… it’s just not natural, I tell you!

Fast forward. Dylan and I met up at a party—we had thrown a surprise 18th birthday party in late November of my senior year of high school for my best friend at the “party house” (the first in the group of friends to get their own place is seemingly always plagued with the apartment where parties seem to happen every weekend, regardless of their own planning). Just a few people were to show: we had a bottle of vodka and a few bowls of ganja to share, and the best times are among fewer friends anyway. Now seeing as this was the party house, of course people were bound to show up after a few hours.

Intro Dylan. Though we didn’t talk for the first few hours after he randomly showed up at the party, it’s not like we were ignoring each other either. We were comfortable enough to make a few comments and some flirty looks at first, but later that night is where it all began.

“Hey, wanna come out to the back porch with me for a cigarette?” bursa escort he asked me.

“Sure, I’ll meet you out there in a minute,” I smiled, slightly taken aback.

The 10 minute cigarette turned into hours spent out in the chill, freezing but enjoying the company of one another and the endless and deep conversation that tends to issue after the consumption of alcohol and the use of marijuana. We felt as though we’d been friends the whole time we’ve known each other, not just mere acquaintances finally talking 12 years later at a party. The night ended in the exchange of phone numbers and a warm goodnight embrace.

Over the next week, the two spent as much time as possible together—texting randomly throughout the day, spontaneous picnics at the marina, going to parties together, hanging out at the mall, seeing a movie at the new theater. We quickly escalated from awkward goodnight kisses to full-on make-out sessions which always ended in him being the gentleman and stopping before he couldn’t anymore. For you see, both felt the need to take it slow and savor one another, basking in the glory and sunshine that is young lust. However, one night after chilling at the mall, they drove to the usual make-out spot a block from her house, and things took a different turn…

“What time do you have to be home?” he gasped, breaking the trance they had been in for the last half hour due to their most passionate make-out session to date.

“9, it’s a school night…” she said, disappointed herself in the fact that they had but a half an hour before it was time to leave the sacred place.

“Damn, well I might as well just take you home then, and we should probably stop anyway,” he said with the same sad tone of voice he always had when admitting that he was close to the point where he would get too carried away. He reached for the keys which were already in the ignition, but she softly placed her hand atop his the second his hand reached its destination.

“Wait… Don’t you want to make the best of the time we still have?” she asked, with a smirk and a flicker of something dark in her icy blue eyes.

“Are you sure? We did want to take things slow…” he said almost inaudibly, his eyes giving away the fact that it killed him to ask such a question at a time like this, when he wanted and needed her so badly. The growing lump in the front of his jeans was also a pretty good indicator that he didn’t want the night to end, though he had no idea she had seen anything.

With a smile and more of her devious look, she grasped his hand, upon which hers was still resting, and moved it from the ignition to her right breast.

Dylan didn’t need her to say anything more—he was pressing intensely toward her in the passenger seat while he kneaded her breast roughly. He pressed his lips to hers as she bursa escort bayan ran her tongue along his upper lip, leading to the opening of his mouth and the wrestling of their tongues. Pulling away, he tried to bite her lower lip between his teeth, a battle-like game that turned them both on immensely. But ha! Thwarted in his attempt—she had managed to keep her lips safe from his bite, only to frustrate him and cause her to laugh.

“Wanna move to the back seat?” he asked urgently, “There’s a lot more room.” And so they did.

And the battle of the tongues continued. This time, his left hand snaking up her shirt and under her bra to tease the nipple beneath—making her squirm less due to the physical feeling, and more to how much the idea of what was happening turned her on! However, the squirm did not go unnoticed. In two quick moves her belt and jeans were no longer an issue, and he had two fingers curling roughly into her g-spot. This phenomenon both shocked and greatly impressed her, and she let out a surprised moan, the look on her face only encouraging him to keep going. Slowing up on the fingers inside her hole, he began to move his thumb in slow but steady circles around her clit—this drove her to a whole new level of pleasure, all the while with his other hand pinching and tweaking at her nipple. As she began a whole new set of moans and uncontrollable writhing beneath his touch, his pace and pressure increased both on her clit and in her cunt, quickly driving her to a scream of, “Oh my God… Dylan!” and a huge gush of juices all over his fingers. He then removed them from her cunt and proceeded to suck them clean, knowing that sometime soon he would likely be able to taste the juices straight from her dripping cunt to is eager mouth… He really loved eating a girl out.

Next thing he knows she’s struggling at his belt buckle. Cute little thing’s having trouble. He helped her out with the belt, only to see her discouraged face when she realized his jeans were button-fly, rather than with a zipper. With a smile again at her adorable frustration, he pulled from the top button and undid them all at once.

She smiled. “Fancy.” And with that she reached inside his boxers and softly trickled her fingers up and down his shaft, causing him to leak droplets of precum from the tip. She then took her thumb and lubricated it, using her fingers to wrap around his girth and massage his head and ridge with her thumb. “Damn,” she said. “You might think I’m just saying this, but you really do have one of the nicest size cocks I’ve seen… It’s nice and wide… pretty long too.” She smiled sheepishly.

He smiled, this not being the first time he’d heard a statement similar to this. “Thank you babe, but remember the time…”

At this she immediately took to stroking up and down his hard member, applying escort bursa pressure in the best places. Using her other hand, she reached down to lightly massage his balls, being gentle but knowing not to ignore them. His ragged, short breaths were his giveaway that he was seriously enjoying her fingers. She continued this for while, and after a few minutes and more gooey precum, slowly reached her mouth to softly, tenderly nibble his earlobe and whisper warmly into his ear, “I want you to fuck me, make me scream.”

If he had any question before, now there was no uncertainty regarding whether he wanted to fuck the brains out of this girl. Having already felt her NuvaRing when he fingered her, Dylan whispered back, “Do you want to use a condom?”

She replied back with a slow shake of her head and a smile that said she knew he now wanted to do everything sexual he could to her.

Taking her pants off and pulling his down, they splayed across the back seat with him on top, cramped but cozy. He positioned himself with his head at the opening of her hole, making both of their bodies scream for the feel of the other. With a slow upward thrust of her hips, she allowed his cock to become enveloped in her pussy, thus beginning their animalistic ritual.

They started slowly, with tons of kissing and neck biting involved, but due to time constraints that quickly gave way to fervent thrusting and moaning, both looking into the others’ eyes and seeing every reaction to their movements—one of the most erotic ways to experience sex might I add. Soon they were fucking in a fast rhythm and nearing closer and closer to orgasm all along. With a stroke of genius and thanks to her flexibility, she maneuvered under him to open up her pussy wider almost as if she were in the splits, allowing his cock to penetrate into the deepest depths of her swollen wet cunt. Yes! She thought, as this new-found angle caused his head to rub across her g-spot forcefully. She became aware of his equal appreciation by his intensified moans and newly-found energy as he began pumping her harder, feeling his load ready to shoot any minute. As she sensed his arousal, the combination of his reaction and the rubbing of her most pleasured spot combined to give her her most intense orgasm of her life. As her pussy muscles squeezed his dick, he let out a final moan and came inside her, finally coating her inner walls with his warm thick sperm. The remainder of her orgasm was spent milking his cock for every drop he had in him, both of them panting after such a perfect release. After a few minutes he pulled out of her and they cleaned up, resuming their seats in the front for the 5 second journey to her house.

After sharing a rushed goodbye kiss, I got out of the car and ran into the house, already 15 minutes late and bound to be in trouble. But what did I care? I just had the most amazing sex with the boy I’ve found to be ridiculously attractive for the last 12 years. The best thing about it? I know we’ll be making many more memories soon—a sexcapade like that mustn’t go without a sequel. 🙂

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